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Before you buy

Before buying something – especially something expensive – it is a good idea to learn your rights in advance and plan your actions to avoid possible complications or even conflict with the seller. This site will provide you with information on your consumer rights – they are internationally recognized and are stipulated by the Ukrainian law.

Some things may appear obvious, but before parting with your money, give yourself answers to the following questions:

  • Is what I am going to buy really what you have been looking for?
  • Can I afford it?
  • How am I going to pay – by cash, credit card, any other way?
  • Is it a good idea to have a look first at what prices other sellers have to offer or look for better service agreements?
  • If I buy this on the spur of the moment, will I have to regret about it later?

Complaints, claims, petitions

Written complaints play an important role in resolving consumer conflicts in Ukraine . This has become a tradition – first, the law requires that on receiving a written complaint the receiving party takes actions in a specified period of time, and, second, written complaint serves as evidence that consumer took timely actions to settle the dispute in case further actions required.

A well documented complaint is an effective instrument of your consumer rights protection. That is why you should describe the situation in a concise, clear manner, with no emotions or premature conclusions, but in a way that makes it clear for the receiving party what you want to be done.

Do not give up. Remember: you are protected by the LAW. Visit “Before you buy”, “How to”, “Legislation”, and “Where to go for help” sections for further information.

Your rights

First of all, it is in your best interest to know your rights that you are provided with by the LAW, and use them wisely. If you try to prove your point to the seller or service provider, be calm, polite and do not let anybody drag you into quarrel.

You should remember that sometimes oral arguments will not suffice and you may need to document your complaint on paper. Take your time and leave a written complaint in the Complaints Book or with the shop's manager depending on the situation. You will retain your right to go to court later but most consumers prefer alternative ways of dispute resolution. By the way, always remember that so do sellers or service providers.

On this site you will find useful information about:

  • Legislation
  • Goods and services
  • Markings
  • Frauds
  • Advertising
  • Where to go for help
  • Best practices of consumer protection

Complaining on the phone

If you need to inquire or complain on the phone:

  • Before making the call, put major points you want to make down on paper
  • Have the receipt or other related documents handy
  • Ask and write down the name of the person you are talking to
  • Write down the date and time of your conversation, as well as what was said
  • Based on the information you received during the conversation, write a written request related to you case

Complaining on paper

If you are going to put you complaint on paper:

  • Address your request (claim, complaint) to the manager;
  • Include your full name, home address, contact phone number;
  • Include where and when you bought the product or service in question, its major characteristics (trade mark, model, serial number, etc.), as well as the amount of money you paid as indicated on a receipt or any other document;
  • In a concise manner, explain the situation (when and what kind of defects were detected, your oral and written requests in chronological order, any previous feedback);
  • Specify your requests and period of time you expect to have them satisfied;
  • Include the list of documents attached related to your case (attach copies only, you should retain the originals);

On filing the request, get a written confirmation that it was received from a person responsible and keep it. If you are denied this, send your request by mail with delivery confirmation.

  • Закон на твоєму боці
  • The law is on your side
  • The law is on your side
  • The law is on your side
  • Закон на твоєму боці
  • Закон на твоєму боці
  • Щось не так? Спитай у продавця, що саме! | Что-то не так? Спроси у продавца что именно!
  • Щось не так? Спитай у продавця, що саме! | Что-то не так? Спроси у продавца что именно!