Please be aware that this spreadsheet has been edited with Excel 2010; and, sorry for that, I tried to open it with Google Sheets and it doesn't work there, half of the images are missing... so I'm afraid you'll need Excel to have it correctly displayed. Barriss Offee. 2020/12: Kylo Ren: 2020/11: Boba Fett: 2020/10: Royal Guard: 2020/09: IG-88: 2020/08: Stormtrooper Han: 2020/07: Clone Wars Chewbacca: Threepio & Chewie added to the game: 2020/06: Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker added to the game : 2020/05: Darth Traya: … Answer: Random Number Generator. I said you could mod him with CD/CC to benefit from his leader, as I think having 30% more critical damage is better than having 10% critical chance (given by two sets of CC). Open for requests on any character in SWGoH that anyone needs help with for mods. Recommendations for how to mod each character and why, mainly focusing on 2 set bonus stats per character. Each color level will cause the mod to appear with an extra secondary stat. Please let me know if I forgot other multi-uses characters and I'll add them! 86 also isn't too shabby when it comes to defense and armor. I'm sure some will be up for debate, but this is by far the most complete and easy to navigate mode sheet. Below is a summary of the monthly login characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. For P3, you'll probably run either Chirpatine (in which case you'll need more potency on Palpatine), TFPalp (in which case you'll need more potency on both Palpatine (around 50% should do since he's in lead) and TFP) or Teebo+TFP+Palp (you'll need all three of them having around 75% potency). Sub-forums: Tools ; Threads 18 Messages 564. Mods Master List Helper - Find the best mods for each character Which mod for every character in SW:GoH Based on the work from redditor Skelturix ( Click here for original content ), I did a little upgrade to his spreadsheet, transforming it in a searchable and filterable list … Please add "SW:GoH" in the title of the sheet ... makes it easier to search for it. Data Files. Be a beast in the arena! Mods Optimizer for SWGOH Welcome to Grandivory's Mods Optimizer for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™! For this reason, I made my own crystal hack that generates unlimited credits into any Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. I contributed! Based on the work from redditor Skelturix (Click here for original content), I did a little upgrade to his spreadsheet, transforming it in a searchable and filterable list directly accessible below.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'crouchingrancor_com-box-3','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); Please find the newest version of the list in the "Mods Advisor" section of our platform : That's not all, this bot has a set of tools to manage raids and share the rewards. Those are mods optimized for non-raid purposes, so PLEASE be aware that they would differ if you used some of the characters inside a raid, in the following way: Rancor raid: you will want to get more potency on Teebo, Rex (forget about the tenacity), QGJ, Tusken Raider, 5s, and any other TM remover I can't think of right now if you use them in that purpose. I can't thank Peempo enough." Hope I've been clear, feel free to ask me if I've not! Farm location: Event. Grandivory's Mod Optimizer for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™ is a web based tool that helps you best optimize your mods for SWGoH. Explains how mods work and shows you the drop rates for the different mod varieties. Edit 2: if you want to use Jawas in AAT raid: JE and Nebit are for p2 and should get as much speed as possible (so speed x4, health x2 with speed on arrow + speed secondaries), some tenacity on cross can be good on Nebit to avoid exposes. With new filters, updated content, and the user interface not limited by the blog's layout. Mod Guide; Squads; Must Have; Must Have. Anmelden Abmelden | Bearbeiten. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In addition, do not miss our Relic Amplifiers section where we review and analyze Relics for key SWGoH characters. This tutorial will explain how to set it up so that official SWGOH game updates will be automatically posted to a channel of your choice on your Discord server. Calculates unit stats for EA's Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes based on player data. Thanks! … I see a lot of players constantly asking themselves what are the best mods for this or this character, so I made this spreadsheet with one (or more) possible set of mods for each character in the game. The data includes over 800,000 equipped mods from every character in every member's roster for 35 Guilds including the top 15 largest GP guilds in the game as of June 25, 2020. Skip to content . I'll do the first one mentioned and try to hit 2-3 more today.... jump to content. A (darker) blue mod will at least grant you two chances to increase whatever secondary stat bonus – say speed again – the mod had that made you want to make the investment, but if you really want the most for your credits hold out for purple or gold mods. Jan 11, 2021; Sacras; MTG Official. For most of the mod challenges to get through the tier 3 challenge you will need 2 high leveled characters at level 85 and gear 10 your supporting crew will need to be at minimum level 75 at gear 8. all characters should also have mods, of course the better the mods the better the result. Want to hang out with me on a monthly basis ? Aayla Secura Admiral Ackbar. Features → Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Security; Team management; Hosting; Mobile; Customer stories → Security → Team; Enterprise; Explore Explore GitHub → Learn & contribute. For specific character mod guides scroll down to see each character’s page. Sub-forums: Tools; Server Content; Betas; Swaps; Archived; Threads 155 Messages 1,885. is it better for droids/jawas on a JE team wherer the JE keeps healing? This application will allow you to equip the optimum mod set on every character you have by assigning a value to each stat that a mod can confer. Check out my Patreon! Swgoh Best Mods For Each Character Crouching Rancor related files: 7dc2b70133e23f0f405fd4 5254bfc2a5 Powered by TCPDF ( 1 / 1. Edit: I haven't unlocked all characters yet and certainly haven't them maxed out, so for their modding I based myself on what I saw of the characters ingame, as well as the profiles of the top50 in collection score on He is very effective in … Question: What is RNG? This tool has checked the top 1000 player collections from the collection leaderboard and 83698 characters and their mods used - all this data is present at Mods. However, I believe a focus on gear before leveling will produce the desired results most beginning Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players are looking for. Credit to u/NinjaGamer1337 on Reddit The Playbook. OF ALL TIME. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Jimdo. Because this game puts such an emphasis on Speed, push her speed number as high as possible. He is a good alternative to the Ima Gun Di squad! Footage Room: Damage Mod Farming/Sorting . AAT: for P1, getting more tenacity on Jedis is strongly advised. The extra health won't help her last as much as a single stun might. ;-). We started SWGOH.GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and Events in the game, but quickly learned that connecting players with their guilds, other players and the community was the true meaning to our work.