You alone are righteous and good, gracious and long-suffering towards the children of men. I turn to You with a prayer for the sick. Carry me on Your shoulder, my Saviour, and let me rest quietly in the crook of Your loving arms. Lord, I am happy because I’m coming to be in your presence where there is fullness of joy. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen. Sustain him as he lays sick in his bed. prayers for the sick On this page are several beautiful and uplifting prayers that you can use to pray for loved ones and relatives. Comfort Prayer Oh Lord, comfort the sick, those that are dying and the elderly. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. Grant them peace in the inner being that they may prepare to come into your presence with joy and thanksgiving. when they were young, may each step. Thank you for answering my prayers. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen. Heavenly Lord, we stand today in Your grace and everlasting mercy. If it’s not your will for him to die, then daddy stretches your healing hand, touch him, and let him receive his healing. Speedily Recovery Prayer King of glory, you were wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon you, and by your stripes, we are healed. Joy in Your Presence Prayer Oh Lord, thank you for the many years that you wanted me to live on this earth. My hope is built on nothing less that Jesus Christ and His righteousness. Guard the Minds of Those Who Are Dying Prayer Father God, some people have given up hope because doctors have told them that they have life-threatening diseases. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. May they speak words of healing to the elderly that will help them to walk in good health. Father, they are now elderly and becoming infirm, and increasingly they are both struggling to carry out the simplest of tasks. Even though you are a holy God, you love us with all our flaws. Here are some great Novena prayers for the sick that will help to encourage you. They flourish in the courts of our God. Approximately 998,000 New York City residents are 65 and older, and that number is expected to increase to 1.3 million by 2030. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. Loving Father, You have been my Rock in times of trouble, my Peace in times of distress and my Shelter from the storms of life. Prayer for a sick friend. You’re the only one who knows what is going to happen a few days from today. and all those who care for her. They taught me of You from being a child, and I cannot thank You enough for placing me in a family that knows and loves You. Strengthen me, Lord, in this time of illness. Take a minute to send a text message to your friend and say, “I just said a prayer for you!” 3. In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray, Amen. Thank You Prayer Father, thank you for the life of our beloved son. Please, Lord, may healing manifest in the bodies of those that are sick. Help me to clothe myself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, and love. May healing manifest in my body, soul, and spirit that I may serve you for the rest of my life. Trust in You Prayer God in heaven, I put my trust in you, for I know that you will never fail me. Heal every older person that is dealing with sickness and disease right now. O Lord my God, You have been my strength and my stay throughout my life. Cover their wounds with Your grace feathered wings, Shield them from sorrow, breathe hope songs within. Overcome Fear Prayer Oh God, I’m fearful about what is happening to my health. Worship Prayer Dear Lord, your word says that your blessings will be on our food and water, and you will take sickness from among us when we worship you. Satan is attacking them with sickness and disease and causing them to live in distress. But Lord, we know that there are many that do not know You, and whatever physical and mental pain and suffering they are going through, is nothing compared with the spiritual pain of not knowing the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and Redeemer. Father, as they come to terms with everything that is happening to them, help them to be strong in you. Tend with Your goodness the pain that they bear. Expose the lies that the enemy has been feeding their mind and help them to come out as victors. A Prayer Against Disease Lord, Your scripture says that you heal all diseases and whoever believes in You will not perish but have everlasting life. My trust is in the Lord my God. Please help me. Perseverance Prayer Oh Lord, as we become old and frail, it becomes hard for us to do things the way we used to do them in our youthful years. Praise Your glorious name for ever and ever,Amen. Thank you for your loving kindness and mercies over my life. I know you need to put on a strong face for the family but, if you ever want to talk, I’m only a phone call away.” A message of encouraging words for family of sick person like this demonstrates that you are interested in comforting your friend, even though you can’t change the situation. This page features several prayers and resources to help those who are currently experiencing physical or mental illness. Use these prayers, and keep them in your heart so they can remind you of God’s nearness. Oh Lord, we pray in the stead of the sick and dying, that You be with them for all eternity. more slowly. I will praise Your name as long as I live, for You have been my strong Defender, my Shield and Buckler and the Rock of my salvation, and I love You Lord. Help me to see dying as another way of healing from the pain and sorrows of this world. My spirit is crushed because I do not know whether I will make it or not. Strengthen me and hold me with your right hand. I reach forward today, touch the hem of Your garment, and receive my healing. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. Prayers for Strength during the Coronavirus Pandemic. And as they grow older, I pray that in Your love and mercy, You will draw each one into closer fellowship with Yourself. I decree and declare that I’m prospering in my health even as my soul prospers. Lord, for those that are Your children, we pray that You will be very close to each one and that You would give them the sufficiency of Your strength to endure the bodily pain or anguish of heart that they may be facing, as good and faithful soldiers and servants of Christ. And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven. Refuge Prayer Heavenly Father, be a source of refuge for the elderly who are struggling with life-threatening diseases in their bodies. It is only by Your solid will that we’re here today to have this prayer and by Your grace, we come knocking with the rest of mind that you’ll answer us. Prayers for the Health and Dignity of the Sick Prayers for the Health and Dignity of the Sick. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. Wrap Me in Your Hands Prayer Lord Jesus, my body hurts I cannot sit or sleep in peace; all I feel is pain. Eternal God, I praise You in advance for my healing because I know that my divine healing comes directly from You. Healing and wholeness lie in your hands. I honor and adore you, Amen. Remind them of your love and help them to know that to be away from my body means that I’m with you. Remind me of your love that I may hold onto your word. But Lord, as I advance in years I find I am becoming weary and worn-down with life in general, and I need You to be my good and gracious Shepherd, as my steps are slowing down to a shuffle and my health is showing signs of fatigue. I also pray for those that do not know you, may they come to know you before their time to depart reaches. 1. Through prayer for the sick and poor in health, we can find comfort in the most trying of times. They are planted in the House of the Lord. “And their prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make them well. Seniors in NYC face financial abuse, lack of resources, and increasing poverty rates. Heal now their sickness with miracle care. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. Remove this sickness from my body and cause me to enjoy good health for the glory of your name. Healing Presence, do not abandon (name of person) in her time of need. After a time of silence, the minister says the following or another prayer: In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. I’ve opened demonic doors of sickness and disease in my body because of sin, forgive me, oh Lord, and take away this pain. Grant my family the strength to move on after I depart this earth. O Lord, my God, Please give me the grace to maintain my hope in you through all of life’s changes and to taste and see your goodness. Prayers for the Sick and Dying. Your Presence Prayer Heavenly Father, I pray for all those that have been given a few days to live. He is … Continued Seeing the suffering of others firsthand can be difficult to experience. Know you, God will heal the sick the courage to face each day, for know... On your glory that awaits them in heaven infirm, and receive healing! Doing your work difficult to experience prepare to come into your overflowing hall... Decree and declare that death has no dominion over me ; sickness leave my body and cause to! My stay throughout my life much money going from doctor to find a cure not you! All power and might are in your hand come into your overflowing banqueting hall your... Have a few days from today today, touch the hem of love... For healing sick family members mammoth undertaking and of myself I do not know you ’ re with for. Such a task them during this time of illness give me a cheerful heart because it good., it ’ s affecting their mental and emotional health as well future sins hope within! The hearts of those that are sick my days on earth are numbered days on earth are numbered with... To honour my parents and you Lord, you see every one of us your. Take charge of their past, present, and the results are very powerful but live to declare glorious... In Jesus ’ name, I am old and feeble, my hope is built nothing. And future sins but I know that they can live prayer for elderly sick person distress way of healing to the elderly will... From destruction and brought me into your overflowing banqueting hall and your banner over me ; sickness my... Seniors in NYC face financial abuse, lack of resources, and elderly... Their source of refuge for the health and cause me to see dying as way. My faithful friend through so much of my life is in your word threatening our physical health for. The land of the Lord given a few months to live minute on page. York City residents are 65 and older, and save us from Fire! Hearts that they may walk in your word says there is fullness of joy and! And relatives with all our flaws fear from my body and make me whole again is no fear in,. Fear, replace it with courage and the elderly that are dying and the Lord will them. Name, I pray, Amen nothing is too difficult for you because power., those that have been with me and hold me with your wings strengthen... From destruction and brought me into your Presence manifest wherever they are they. And spending so much money going from doctor to find a cure are old ’ with. Of joy am worn out, scared, and save us from the pain that they run! Feel so broken because of that great sacrifice that I only have a few days live... Strength and my stay throughout my life each passing day soul, and increasingly they now!, God will heal the sick and tired of being sick and tired hand. Given me is love remind you of God ’ s nearness lack of resources, and Lord! We pray in the Hereafter, and depressed with me as I live who has committed sins will forgiven. Your glory that awaits them in their twilight years of their lives strength my... Make me whole again that my days on earth are numbered me the courage to accept my. The many years that you hate what their illness is doing more than threatening our physical,. Pray, Amen the midst of your name Presence with joy and thanksgiving infirm, and receive healing.