Before you take out a specialist electric bike insurance policy, check your home insurance to see what cover you have for pedal cycles. Based on our findings above, you’re going to get the exact same coverage no matter what company you use. Looking at reviews online, it seems that Velosurance has few, but generally positive reviews, including a number of positive reviews from users on Reddit. Pedal cover is a pocket size insurance for cyclists that provides a lump sum benefit in case of death/permanent partial … Cover for any accessories and personal possessions which you have on Everything that applies to Markel, above, will apply to Spoke. Select the value of your bike for an idea of your fixed monthly or annual Comparing cycle insurance policies can be a complicated and frustrating task. If you prefer the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered in case of accident, then it’s a fairly cheap way of getting that peace of mind. They don’t have a BBB profile, but they have a 4.2/5 star rating on Facebook, which is quite good. We can now offer you our fantastic bicycle insurance, designed to keep your pedal bike insured at home or away, against theft, damage and accidents. amount each month so you’ll always know how much you’re paying. If you’re injured and cannot work, we’ll provide a weekly payment. Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct This could be because they are a much bigger company, and it’s hard to say whether most reviews are coming from upset customers, whereas Velosurance seems to have more of a fan base of cyclists, since it is a company started by avid cyclists. Up to 60 days cover for overseas adventures and the transit to get Can you afford to buy another one if you got in an accident? To help with the process of cycle insurance … This is the main company behind the insurance offerings of the other companies on this list. The Spoke website and sign up process is virtually identical to Markel’s, and is hosted on the same website. We’re using a $500 deductible in all cases, although you chould choose $200 or $300, which would slightly increase your premium. Our pick would be Velosurance, since they’re cyclists at heart and truly understand our issues. We found 3 main insurance companies that clearly offer eBike insurance online, although they are all underwritten by the same company. Most contents insurance policies that include bikes have … With our home insurance you can choose from a range of additional cover options. Registration Number 2522730 Cover Section 4 In addition to providing damage, injury, liability insurance for bicycles, the Pedal Power program can also extend coverage for competitive bike … This includes everyday riding, training, racing, and participating in cycling events or activities organised by Pedal Power or any other organisation – unless you are riding for work. by AmTrust Europe Limited. We’ve been dedicated to cycling insurance since 2014. This is doubly important when it’s your only means of transportation and you use your bike to commute to work. It’s really easy, and we were able to do a bunch of quotes for this article in just a few minutes. Most standard travel insurance doesn't cover you for racing abroad or if you are on a cycling holiday. Unless you bought a very cheap electric bike, chances are you shelled out a couple thousand dollars…or more. Again, if you can afford the fallout, then it may not make sense, but otherwise I’d recommend getting a quote from Velosurance. Physical Damage to Bikes. Our smart insurance provides cover for outstanding value, at a fixed amount each month so you’ll always know how much you’re paying. The website in Whether you are a commuter or a seasoned triathlete, there’s no need for specialist mountain bike insurance, eBike insurance, or road bike insurance … We wrote the program! ), so why would you risk it with an electric bike? One quote was for the bare minimum, with no additional coverage for liability, medical, or vehicle contact protection. If you're one of those unlucky enough to find your bike damaged in a collision or stolen, bicycle insurance could prevent you having to cover the cost of repairs or replacement yourself. As part of the Blue Insurance Group, we have proudly … there. If you love to cycle a lot, then it makes sense to have a pedal insurance in place. Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, We believe we can’t be beaten on price, cover and service, Rated Excellent by cyclists across the country, We’ll cover and pay out faster than anyone else. Pedal Cycle Insurance cover is a must if you have bought a costly cycle along with expensive gadgets fitted into it and plan to go on a long road trip. Bicycle Insurance This tailor designed product covering all bicycles (excluding downhill bikes), extends to include incidents of general theft as well as hijacking. That's where Pedal Power can help, and it is why OASIS Outdoor Adventure and Sports Insurance Solutions Inc. created the specialized Pedal Power bicycle insurance program for your pedal bike. You … In contrast, John Lewis Finance includes accidental damage to bikes when you select their bike insurance add-on. We’ve been dedicated … premium. That’s all we You probably wouldn’t drive your car without insurance (if it was legal to do so! They’re serious cruisers, too, which means you can do some real damage if you hit a pedestrian, other cyclists, or a vehicle. Get in Touch with us at +91-938-9-938-938 You’ll be covered for theft whether at home or out and about. liability covers you. Our bike insurance includes cover for theft and accidental damage, as well as … You want to make sure then, that you and your wheels stay safe and bicycle insurance … The cover does not extend to bike couriers or people riding for fare or reward. If someone else is injured or their property is damaged our public do and we know what it takes to offer the most comprehensive cover We’ll sort your claim in less than 24 hours, Dukes House Insurance Limited is a company registered in the Bailiwick Your email address will not be published. Maximum budget certainty at a fair price. Good value too, Several Insurance … 66539) and is authorised and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Maximum budget certainty at a fair price. If you’re looking for a better experience dealing with people who think like you and ride like you, I’d recommend going through Velosurance, simply because they’re a company by cyclists for cyclists. for the most competitive price. Compare and Buy Pedal Cycle Insurance This policy covers loss or damage to pedal cycle and liability to third party. $1,000 Deductible. Therefore, pick the one you resonate most with. Pedal assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 20 mph; Throttle assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 20 mph; Pedal assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 28 mph; Electric bike motors … That makes sense, as they’re all being underwritten by the same company. An amazing experience from start to finish. This means that there wasn’t a lot of difference when it came to getting a quote, in our experience. Not only do premiums seem to vary significantly between suppliers, but it can be hard to compare the cover offered by different policies. Motor Insurance Policy . A Pedal Power policy keeps your bike insurance coverage separate from your Homeowners/Condo policy protected your claims free status while provide a lower deductible option than applicable on … The best bicycle insurance offers comprehensive cover for serious cyclists, have good customer feedback online, accessible quote processes and are more competitive than other cycle policies. Wiggle Cycle Insurance is designed specifically to protect cyclists. Our pedal cycle option covers the cost of loss or damage to bikes and bike accessories belonging to you or your family. ), but they are a large insurance company and likely more “faceless” than you’d experience at Velosurance. However, it might be a good idea in some cases. We went through the process of filling out the online quote forms for Velosurance, Markel, and Spoke. Toffee Insurance provides accessible and affordable insurance policies contextual to the user's lifestyle. Amtrust Europe Limited are authorised by the If you cycle, you don't always need bike insurance – but lack of cover could put a nasty spoke in your wheel if the worst happened. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Bicycle Insurance Quotes for Pedal Cycles. PedalPub, Party Bike, Beer Bike Insurance with very generous coverage and limits. I certainly think so. … Unless your state classifies your bike as a moped or scooter, then you do not need eBike insurance. Bicycle or pedal cycle insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your bike if stolen or damaged outside the home. It is powered by the Marsh & McLennan Agency but backed by Markel. If your bike is accidently damaged or vandalised, we’ll cover the They don’t do anything but bike insurance, and I’d trust a targeted, niche expertise like that over a larger company. Liability Limits Starting at $1 Million. Markel may have a great product (good enough for Velosurance to use! Here’s a table from Velosurance’s site, comparing homeowners insurance vs. a dedicated eBike policy: A couple of important notes from the Velosurance quote web page that may alter your quote: They offer payment plans so you can pay one year upfront, 2 payments per year, 3 payments per year, 6 payments per year, or monthly. PEDAL CYCLE INSURANCE SECTION I – LOSS OR DAMAGE The Company will Indemnify the Insured against loss or damage to any pedal cycle described in the Schedule hereto (including its accessories … Paying upfront will save you a few dollars, but not much. service across all my bikes, I would recommend them to anyone. We found no difference in quote price when we went through the process of acquiring a quote. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As mentioned above, we found that each of the following three options were actually part of, or underwritten by, the same company: Markel American Insurance Company. At Bikesure, one of our biggest strengths is that we aim to say yes to everyone; whatever you ride or drive, we will try to help. For instance, some of the best pedal bike insurance policies include cycling liability cover, meaning the insurer could cover the cost of legal fees and compensation payments if the cyclist injured a … They have partnerships with bike shops across the country to get your damaged bike fixed as soon as possible, and offer discounts to members of a variety of cycling organizations. Pedalsure provide me with an outstanding level of cover and Click here to get your quote. of Guernsey under the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 (Company number We promise quick purchases and hassle-free claims. Markel has an A+ BBB rating, but generally lower reviews. Quote Example 1: The Bare Basics, $8000 eBike, Quote Example 3: The Bare Basics, $2000 eBike. the bike. While some local insurance companies may offer a policy that covers your eBike, very few are advertised, and many insurance companies are not prepared to offer this new service, mostly because the laws around electric bikes are either non-existent in some states, or new and untested in others. Cycling Travel Insurance We offer travel insurance for cyclists that covers you no matter what. (Cyclist’s Legal Protection) – This cover section is underwritten 100% If you are a member of Pedal Power ACT and you have suffered an injury whilst riding your bicycle at any time, anywhere in the world, you are covered by our insurance. more … About At, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, low- cost bicycle insurance for you and your bicycle. With the recent spike in bicycle sales during the … We then ran the same calculations, one with no added coverage, one with all the coverage, minus roadside and worldwide coverage. Another quote was for the full protection, minus roadside assistance and worldwide coverage. Services Commission. Depending on your needs, our home contents covers your bikes in the home and … Your email address will not be published. And for a more affordable eBike, we used the same parameters as above, but said that our electric bike was worth $2000. The website and quote experience are better, in my opinion, than Markel or Spoke. Accidental damage can be important to pedal bike owners due to how the bike is used and transported - carrying it on bike … Our smart insurance provides cover for outstanding value, at a fixed It may be especially important if you don’t have a big savings account in case you run into trouble. From the freedom of riding along the UK’s roads to saving money on train fares and petrol, cutting down on pollution and improving your health and fitness, pedal power sure is attractive. Required fields are marked *. The benefits of cycle insurance from cycleGuard Whichever type of bike you ride, we can help provide the cover you need. Bicycle liability (if you hit/hurt/damage something/someone, they will cover up to $100,000), Medical payments (this can help you pay medical bills, up to $10,000), Vehicle contact protection (if you hit a vehicle that isn’t properly insured, this can help cover your costs, up to $25,000), Worldwide physical damage (up to the cost of your bike), Roadside assistance (towing services, administered by Nation Safe Driver approved service providers), Throttle assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 20 mph, Pedal assist e-bike with top assisted speed of 28 mph, Bicycle Physical Damage (Including Theft), Competitive Event Fee Reimbursement (Free). Just the transaction fees, typically. Health Products ; Network Hospitals ; Empaneled TPA ; Hospital Empanelment ; Online Products . Whether you cycle for work or pleasure, our pedal cycle insurance … Optional Liquor Liability. If you don’t like the idea of paying a substantial lump sum in case you are at fault for causing an accident or injury, then paying a small monthly or yearly fee for insurance can seem like a no brainer. Very easy to set up insurance for my two bikes. Licensed in ALL States! costs. There can also be limits on whether accidental damage cover applies in the home or outside it too. eBike insurance is a new and sometimes confusing industry. Mediclaim Insurance … Electric Assist or Pedal Powered. Two Wheeler ; Four Wheeler ; Personal Accident Policy ; Janata Personal Accident Policy ; Shopkeeper Policy ; Householder Policy ; Nagarik Suraksha Policy ; Health Insurance Policy . They offer coverage for: Here’s a table from Markel’s site, comparing homeowner policies vs. a dedicated eBike policy: Markel now offers coverage for three classes of e-bikes: Electric bike motors must be 750 watts or under. Velosurance seems to be an independent company, although their policies are underwritten by Markel. particular is exceptionally good and is very well crafted. … Covers bodily injury following an accident whilst cycling.