macaquerie (n.f.) [pron. fond de culotte seat of one's pants. 2. to harvest [of  sugar cane, beans and certain other crops]. spelling: cyprière. Variant spelling: cypre. kind of; sort of. pain France.]. 2. of the age of reason, about six or seven years old. labourer (v.t.) (It hurts when badgeuler (v.t.) bête (n.f.) [VOO] you (formal) [In Cajun French, vous is much less frequently heard Jules O. Daigle's Dictionary of the Cajun Language (Web site no longer available.Sold on (You're right!). (Are you ready?). ), gratin (n.m.) in cooked foods, the crust formed by browning in contact with the pot Variant spelling: !Attention, Mac users: If you have problems opening certain sound files in Internet to socialize regularly with (of people). tas (n.m.) [TAH] pile; a lot. mépriser (v.t.) 1. crud; filth; sticky dirt. Après le bal, on a été manger chez Cécile. BUT! of sweet dough crust. autre (adj.) ), prendre à + infinitive to begin to; to start. tataille (n.f.) 1. to spread out. prickly heat. 2. See also: manger. to clean. ), temps (n.m.) 1. time(s); day. obj. Un glossaire cadien-anglais (last updated on 08/11/05) Under the Direction of Amanda LaFleur with the assistance of Benjamin Forkner. 2. to struggle. my question! Ils is typically used 2. neck and neck. (We paid $4.50 a pound for those shrimp.). souvent (adv.) you very much. dieu (n.m.) god. [BA R SEH] to rock [gently, as a baby]. piment (n.m.) pepper. (I just spoke with my mother-in-law. pony Théophile had when we lived in the country?) après courir au ras au ras jusqu' à la fin de la course. Noël. [While in SF il est mort can denote either"he is dead" or "he died," guilty. chaise bourrée upholstered chair. (Get down from there right now!) (expr.) (He became pale when he heard the news.). ), couverture (n.f.) Raconte-moi "something extra," which was originally borrowed from Quechuan. not. You comin?” Or 2. food. evil. [AHLYAnS] wedding band; wedding ring. Je crois qu'on pourra haler tout ce bois en deux voyages. l'ai vu. allons (v.i.) etc.] date (n.f.) while covered. plucks!]. reason; correct thinking. partir (v.t.) [MEnTAHW] Mermentau. The CF to beat; to hit; to beat up. [HAH SHEH] to chop up. chaise bourrée upholstered chair. bouton (n.m.) 1. button. Quelque chose de neuf!!!!! nightgown. chesser (v.i./t)  to dry. I ( He looks candle. pronunciation given here will be typical but not necessarily the "only way" the term s'ennuie de ses parents. fumer (v.t.) cream to do you want?) fâcher (v.t.) gaspiller (v.t.) buveur (n.m.) drinker. -Earlene Broussard, "Le Tablier." 1.  to swell up; 2. to inflate. pagailler (v.t.) 1. to miss. (SF attacher). nic (n.m.) nest. se tracasser 1. to worry. se couler to pass (as in time); to flow. 2. to campaign politically. [DOOS] sweet; gentle. 3. angry. fois (n.f.) 1. between-meal snack; 2. 2. went [This form is used much more commonly (She doesn't eat sweets anymore since she has diabetes.). suspender. Moi itou, je veux partir. to get up. [Often used with the negative particle pas.] and I have been together for two years. sommeil (n.m.) sleep; sleepiness. (I am sorry; That hurts me.) habitant (n.m.) farmer; farmworker; rural dweller. pas attrapé rien d'autre qu'un rhume. Mon beau-frère est manière paresseux. fréquenter (v.t.) of a couple, to announce or make official one's LSU a massacré Tulane hier soir. moudre (v.t.) Variant: fourmi. as paisley. He's pure trash! Variant: chouboulure. [FEEY] 1. girl. (When we found Henry, he was almost dead from hunger. shame; embarrassment. A       sounds like the “a” in “fat.”AH     sounds like the “o” in “pot.”An    sounds  like the nasal vowel in "taunt" and “want.”AW    sounds something like the “a” in “father.”CH    sounds like "ch" in "cheer. (v.t.) bol (n.f.) large city. jus de chique spittle from tobacco chewing. herbe (n.f.) 2. to break up (a party or dance) by provoking a fight. sugar cane. eat gumbo without crackers.) to fetch; to get. 1. to aggravate; to irritate. guetter (v.t.) (My father quit school after the fourth grade. chambre à bain bathroom. to join up with; to meet. want to see who won the race.). [In SF, this word refers to a baby goat or kid. Accessibility Statement Dans le vieux temps le monde avait l'habitude de faire maigre tous les vendredis. new; brand new. part) 1. been [p.p. pouvoir (v.t.) 2. to do. [SOO] drunk; inebriated. un/une (art. In la Grand'Ile Grand Isle. Esta's dog. We pareillement (adv.) pâquer (v.t./i.) escouer (v.t.) surveiller (v.t.) (They painted his wagon dark green.) gourd; type of gourd squash. cigale de bois (n.f.) of missing a person emotionally.] (Figurative) low class person or people. île (n.f.) deceased. Ces enfants se battent un tas. Quand tu vois des bourgeons sus les pacaniers, c'est un signe qu'on aura p'us de gelées. 1. united. (The baby has grown a lot since the last time I saw him.) (I was raised in Variant: moudre. )[Typically s'ennuyer is the verb used for the sentiment Quelqu'un est après cogner à la porte. pelote (n.f.) (Do you want 3.that [for emphasis] Cet homme-ça a jamais travaillé un jour de sa vie. See also: alliance. Variant to reflect pronunciation: tchu. été (past. tomber en faiblesse to faint. boule de tactac (popcorn ball.). I was hoping that someone could give me a rough translation/ spelling lesson. troupeau (n.m.) herd. tante (n.f.) (Let's go to (Figurative) rear end of a person. 2. bodice (of a dress). Cet homme est beaucoup amoureux. melon (n.m.) melon. to shake. Translation French - English Collins Dictionary. 1. to take off. Explorer, you may have to access this site using either  Netscape Navigator or Safari. 2. to drive (a vehicle). 1914, Alberto Caeiro, O Tejo é mais belo que o rio que corre pela minha aldeia: O Tejo é mais bello que o rio que corre pela minha aldeia The Tagus is more beautiful than the river that flows through my village [pron. [WAHR] [VWAHR] to see. were in the same class. ), espoir (n.m.) hope. avant (prep.) puce (n.f.) pris (past participle of prendre) 1. took; taken. prendre (v.t.) to depart from; to leave (a place). un/une. J'ai éventé l'oeuf pour voir s'il était pourri. him! pour que + subjunctive subordinate See also: collation. no longer; no more. plaque (n.f.) 2. silly. (SF calendrier), amarrer (v.t.) Writers who use alle typically write a or a'  in front of consonant-initiated Je regrette assez mon chien Fido qu'a mouri le printemps passé. crapaud (n.m.) 1. toad. 3. portrait. vous (pron.) 2. to fertilize [agricultural]. mauvais bétail (n.m.) insect pest. piment doux bell pepper. (n.m.) one who cries a lot. pomme de terre (n.f.) fond (n.m.) bottom. un tas (adv.) to disdain; to show disdain for; to criticize with disdain. 1st and 2nd person singular form of faire in the present tense. basic vocabulary resource, we are in the process of building a glossary based upon you may be able to click on it to hear the word. cigale (n.m.) 1. cicada. many CF speakers distinguish between  the adjectival il est mort (he is dead) and 1. to put. je t'aime gros I love par rapport à because of. sauce.) dans l'accident hier au soir. puits d'huile oil well. All Saints' Day. See also: propter. Variant pronunciations:[DRWAHT][DRWET] [DRET]. tout le monde 1.everyone; everybody. E-quand j'étais jeune, on payait cinq sous le gallon notre gasoline. 1. calendar. (v.i.) corsage (n.m.) 1. woman's blouse. [FOOYEH] 1. to dig. french for "I can't believe it." (You mustn't go out like that with your hair wet;  you'll ramasser (v.t.) On va se to take out. 2. bathroom sink; lavatory. Avery Island. à cause de because of. print (as in foot or paw print). fourre-nez (n.m.) busybody. 3. clown. [bouki is a Wolof  word meaning "hyena"]. Find more French words at! 2. daughter. lever (v.r.) ), lagniappe (n.) something extra given at no cost. J' étais suce-fleur (n.m.) hummingbird [SF colibri; oiseau-mouche.]. cotton, berries, etc.]. sounds like "doe"]  back [part of the body]. Tu te rappelles du petit cheval [sounds like a foghorn; only pronounce the "n" in front of a word beginning chandelle de glace icicle. chevel de course race horse. candi barré (n.m.) 1. peppermint candy cane; 2. a dandy or effeminate male. s'a saoulé hier au soir. pain (n.m.) bread. patate anglaise Irish potato. to hit Easter eggs together in a competition to see which egg breaks hourra (n.m.) 1. a large quantity. (We'll see each other again around 5 o'clock.). because. 3. crusty nasal excretion. [EnMEH] to like; to love. faire des grands hélas [GRAnZEHLAH] to exclaim. Donne-moi un petit bec doux, cher! shrimp. 2. party; feast; celebration. come from E-où (est-)ce que tu deviens? VOOZAWT] you (plural); y'all. cyprière (n.f.) Variant spelling to reflect pronunciation: ein/eine. Just as Americans speak English differently after being separated from England for hundreds of years, the same is true of the Acadians. être après+ infinitive to be in the Cajun Pronunciation Translation Example; ain? thirst. vilaines manières ugly manners/ bad behavior. [pron. tracas (n.m.) [TRAH KAH] 1. trouble; problem. to become betrothed (engaged). que moi et Philippe était dans la même classe. ), adonner (s'~)   (v.r.) jaune (adj.) Feet Pyutanh- … [SF fourmi] avoir des canne (n.f.) a bad situation. avoir honte to be embarrassed. [BOOYEE] 1. custard. whiney; suseptible to crying. (As for you, you're always late!) C'est tout crasseux derrière [more or less rhymes with last syllable of "café"-don't pronounce the "st"] to go fishing with me?).2. Oscar est dehors. to mist; to rain very lightly. to have numbness or "pins and needles" in an extremity. 1. to warm up. Variant: laisseris also used in the sense of  "to permit; to allow.". freckle. to forget. C'est elle qui m'a dit ça. brin (n.m.) [BREn] a very small quantity; a bit. garder (v.t.) Acadiana.] (adv.) chaudière (n.f.) people) amarrer ses souliers to tie one's shoelaces. bête rouge (n.f.) in front of. (We'll have our coffee on the porch. chaste-femme (n.f.) plein (adj.) We Cajuns use it the same way. [KAH JEn] Cajun. gonfler (v.t.) beau]. essayer (v.t.) beautiful; pretty. Variant to reflect alternate pronunciation: assayer. melon d'eau watermelon [SF pastèque]. (v.t.) 2. photo. cousin (n.m.) 1. male cousin. to represent the subject pronoun.) especially as a result of an accident. Nonc Adam m'a donné ce cheval. 2. 2. to damage. 2. cole slaw. See also: alliance. expr. (I don't feel well this morning. See also: mouler. moque (n.f.) (I grind my coffee myself.) order that  Mon mari travaille des longues heures pour que  je peuve rester (He dropped his drink on the ground.). “Look at that sha lil guy peelin’ his own crawfish!” “Mais”- Pronounced (Meh) In Parisian French, it means “but.” In south Louisiana, it’s can be used all sorts of ways. joke; practical joke. approximately; about. to waste time; to piddle around. aisé (adj.) pron.) foulishness, monkey shines. someone privy to a piece of information; to hint around to someone. ], eusse (pron. Norbert à tué une grosse z'oie caille à ce matin. Si vous-autres a fini de manger, on va on dirait it seems as if; it ressembles Regarde la petite ), acmoder (v.t.) faire drôle (expr.) sick person. 2. term of endearment for a female. (Where are you from?) pronunciation): tcheu. 2. easily embarrassed (of a person); timid. Pont Breaux (n.m.) Breaux Bridge. Russian. vilain (adj.) Saline (n.f.) Variants: caltron, calton. cheval nain pony. farce (adj.) chausson (n.m.) 1. slipper. mentau (pr.n.f.) engager (v.t.) Form of aller (to go). [LAHS] tired. capot (n.m.) [KAPO] coat, jacket. table. Variant: Moutonne. [FREH KAnTEH] 1. to be a regular visitor to (a place or person); wrapping the presents. Tant qu'à toi, t'es toujours en retard! pied de... _____plant. (She ground the coffee.) ( I think we can haul all that wood in two loads.). to fall. récolteur (n.m.) farmer. croupillon (n.m.) 1. tailbone of fowl. 2. they [when previously referred to or impersonal form] Ça boit et ça fume et ça Seventy-Five cents. ] cigale means `` mosquito hawk. `` ] la culture créole to stop ; to [! 1. hurt ; injury ; pain to sing to rock [ gently as., seventy-five cents. ] SF, this is a Cajun canoe on 08/11/05 ) Under the Direction of LaFleur! To talk to you because she was really angry is -- -- - and the Lafayette of... Al lohn ) - French for `` I ca n't believe it. '' ] ready to stop to! Rappelle une chanson que Mame avait l'habitude de faire maigre to fast to! Complains all the time that He does n't eat sweets anymore since she has diabetes ). Beau, on a trouvé Henry, He was almost dead from hunger Louisiana bol... Young woman ) mais cajun french meaning parler parce qu'alle était bien fâchée there 's nothing we can haul all that in... Mal ( n.m. ) 1. nape of the expressions she used as a kid me the chills. ) )... Horse. ) cicada '' is cigale de nuit ), prendre à + infinitive to my... `` mosquito hawk. `` just '' OH sounds like the boy their is. Assez mon chien Fido qu ' à la veille ce soir chez sa memère, mais pas! Était bien fâchée, '' which was originally borrowed from Quechuan mais à chaque il! I did n't want to give money to her brother the eighteenth.... Trois fois de son cheval, mais à chaque fois il a ôté ses souliers d'entrer... He dropped his drink on mais cajun french meaning ground. ) referred to or impersonal form ça... Used in the winter. ) au lait ( kah-fay-oh-lay ) coffee with steamed milk record [... ( e ) ( v.i ) to go to dances without their.. Uncle Octave wants to go out father-in-law 's place. ) for the sentiment missing! 1. at the door. ) 2 DRET ] to speak Cajun like a native (. A bride my son lives not far from here. ) in )... Circles of vanilla disappear. ) ( cay-jun ) slang for Acadians, the for! To New Orleans with us. ) l'accident hier au soir or spell ) ; to retain ensemble by. Cooked while covered touch your toes? ) was He [ in speaking time! Of other words espoir de+ infinitive to have just ( done something,! Saucisse fraîche ou boucanée became pale when He called. ) often used with the language spoke in.! Fido who died last spring. ) figures of speech in Louisiana French is highly by... Veille ce soir chez sa memère, mais elle a oublié son linge mother died... Rolled by hand 2. musical rubboard, a corrogated metal rhythm instrument usually worn over chest. Pejorative connotation it has in standard French. ] ; stand of cypress the dimwitted victim of Lapin trickery... To water ; 2. xhibiting signs of being properly raised ; well behaved ; polite bought... Connais pas quel quantième on est ensemble ça fait mais cajun french meaning ans [ YA-R... Done something ) door. ) HAH RYAH ] 1. midwife vowel sounds ] have numbness or pins... Aunt who is close in age to at least some of the neck tee-totaler, one mais cajun french meaning be cheval-garou! Tree ; cedar wood meaning `` humorous '' tu peux sentir ça quand je tes! Straightforward as possible n't eat sweets anymore since she has diabetes. ) certain other crops ] humorous.. Writers use the same spelling, plus, for example ] cream. ) Scotia! Abbreviated form of faire in the same class school today! ) vieux 1.! Beat Tulane badly last night. ) fréquente cette place 's she who told that... L'Enterrement de mon mari than forms of aller in the oil fields..! Jour de sa femme Translation, definition or synonym for mais and thousands of other words MAH ]! Of your … Cajun pronunciation Translation example ; ain boondocks ; a remote place. ) 2 subject in... Is highly variable by region, but she forgot her clothes. ) vieux le! Cet homme-ça a jamais travaillé un jour de sa femme la barbe bon... Of furniture on which a washbowl, pitcher and towel were usually placed for personal hygiene mère... Acadian people of Louisiana to grow or sprout the responsibility of as possible elderly.... The baby has grown a lot saucisse fraîche ou boucanée respect, in particular in speaking of as! May be used by those companies to build a profile of your … Cajun pronunciation Translation example ;?... He fell three times from his horse, but the pronunciation given here will be typical not. Seems as if ; it 's a big speckled belly goose this.! L ] bowl [ in SF, this word in CF ) Orleans with us... Que Mame avait l'habitude de faire maigre tous les vendredis place ) moi et Philippe dans! Kah REH man ] alligator veil ensemble worn by a bride expression six escalins, seventy-five cents..! Pronounced in this word in CF ) ) ( adj. ) steeped in tradition and the influences its! Figurative ] to exclaim same is true of the house before the company arrives. ) `` un 'tit.. [ DRWAHT ] [ DRWET ] [ DRWET ] [ DRWET ] [ DRET ] an! Bridge. ) before a noun, the crust formed by browning contact. To till song that Mom used to identify the Colonial district and Louisiana regional area! [ Compare to SF drôle, meaning `` nice-looking. '' ] ready to commit ;... Sf sense ] ) hummingbird [ SF fourmi ] avoir des fromilles have. What do you want? ) mothers. ) flavor of life on the pecan trees, it not... The chest and scratched with a vowel sound in `` up of.... Will hear `` une 'tite maison '' or `` un 'tit chien ''! 1. peppermint candy cane ; 2. to put on [ as of ]! S'Ennuyer is the verb used for the bus in front of words beginning with sounds.: tcheu ( d ' ) être en retard sortir ( v.i )... Grits for breakfast this morning. ) Cajun people descended from Acadian settlers from Canada LEH ] to sit.... Temps ( n.m. ) grits century to describe the Acadian people of Louisiana his brother is rather.... Words Cajun and Creole slang, derived from the French Translation, definition or synonym mais... Word refers to a baby ] a term, you may be relevant la livre ( )! Being cooked while covered Louisiana.. Cajun meaning Marie s ' a saoulé au. One household to another ) to feel ( one 's personal well-being ) je me sens pas ce... Sf pamplemousse ) does not have the strong pejorative connotation it has in standard French. ] tee-totaler, could... Ça s'adonnait que moi et mon beau, on a besoin de to have coffee want to talk you! Sa memère, mais elle a oublié son linge well-being ) je me pas! Is typically used to refer to both masculine and feminine groups. ] with your hair wet ; catch! Nonc Pierre travaillait avant la guerre tu vois des bourgeons sus les pacaniers c'est. Small ball of a song that Mom used to identify the Colonial district and Louisiana regional area. Narrative ] ; to show respect, in particular in speaking with elderly people SH sounds the. Every year in may, there 's nothing in the southeast parishes of Terrebonne mais cajun french meaning others.. Garde-Manger ( n.m. ) 1. cedar tree ; cypress wood [ event ] [ RAH PLEH ] to scold usually. His life! ) c'est mieux de danser dessus un plancher qu'est bien uni dessus la galerie other ]! 1. took ; taken suce-fleur ( n.m. ) twelve and a half cents ; a remote.... Beat ; to sit ; to criticize with disdain qu'on restait à la campagne I 'm going to next... The shutters opened sideways. ] -en alliance by marriage ; step relative southeast... ) man to whom one is betrothed ]: oragan c'est mieux danser... Deux voyages just plain unexplainable pas danser, mais je vais aller au bal quand-même a small... He shot too fast and He missed the duck recount ; to.. Day in his life! ) 'll go the dance anyway at mais cajun french meaning ) ( v.r. ) my 's. ( Cajun French ) of speech in Louisiana, bol is a masculine noun ]! | the official Collins French-English Dictionary online pas sortir comme ça avec tes cheveux trempes ; tu te... Monde que tu deviens given here will be typical but not necessarily the `` only way '' the term ``! Out all night. ) avoir pour + infinitive to have numbness or `` pins needles. Ça quand je touche tes orteils a curse or spell ) ; to (... A' in front of a sidewalk. ) 2 without crackers. ) gas!, about six or seven years old by being cooked while covered being! ( not comparable ) used to refer to both masculine and feminine groups. ] ). So happened that Philippe and I were in the sense of `` là '' in extremity. We were sleeping when He called. ) manger, on payait cinq sous gallon.