(Arizona Historical Society, Tucson). Between 1901 and 1909, when the force disbanded, 107 men served in the Rangers. Bob Morgan returns home but alienates his father by not staying at his ranch. Tracy tumbled onto his back. Rangers were given carte blanche to pursue badmen, authorized to make arrests anywhere in the territory. Ernie Kovacs, U.S. comedian and television personality. In 2002, the modern day Arizona Rangers were officially recognized by the State of Arizona when the Legislature passed Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 41-4201 authorizing the Arizona Rangers to provide armed law enforcement assistance to any Local, … A Western book series like no other. Leaving the Army in 1902, he joined the Ranger company the next year. The close proximity to Mexico and the rugged mountain wilderness in the eastern part of the territory made Arizona the sanctuary of choice for outlaws who had been driven out of other parts of the Southwest. Smith suddenly brought up the lever-action repeater and opened fire from a distance of 40 feet. Left with little choice, Speed finally squeezed the trigger of his Model 1895 Winchester. County lawmen were not legally allowed to cross into another county in hot pursuit. The Ranger quickly drew his Colt and blasted out three rounds. Tracy’s third shot wounded Wheeler in the upper left thigh near the groin, but the Ranger drilled him four times, in the stomach, neck, arm and chest. Despite their success, in the fall of 1866, they were disbanded. Tom Rynning (far right) and Pvt. It was, he added, used by generations of Arizona Rangers. That night Kidder and a local peace officer were patrolling in the vicinity of the railroad roundhouse when they encountered local saloonkeeper Tom T. Woods, who emerged from a rear door and scurried through the rain across the railroad tracks. The fearless Ranger began hurling rocks at the downed man, whose revolver finally clicked on an empty cylinder. His last duty post was Fort Grant, Arizona Territory. A Ranger could pin on a badge, saddle up and, in the righteous cause of justice and the territorial statutes, ride up into the mountains and across deserts in pursuit of society’s enemies. In April 1908, the month before Captain Wheeler bested Arnett, Sergeant Jeff Kidder was not so fortunate in a gunfight just across the border. With the exception of the Jeff Kidder photo on p. 24, the Morenci strike was the only time the force posed for group photos. These consisted mostly of Mexican, Pima and Maricopa Indian volunteers. Lieutenant Britton Davis wryly reported the Tombstone Rangers proved to be “of the same general character as the Globe Rangers and under the same….brand of stimulant.”. No matter how distant, how difficult, or how dangerous, the Arizona Rangers has always answered the call for service. Physicians probed unsuccessfully for the slug that struck McDonald. And so did other fast-shooting men who wore the star during the brief existence of the early 20th-century Arizona Ranger company. Give me that gun.”, A furious pistol duel ensued. Along the way, they stopped for a siesta and forgot to post guards. All were made with Stainless Steel Grip frame Trigger and hammer, all other parts are blued. Tom Hodges, a local bartender and rough-hewn frontiersman, was named captain. Half an hour before midnight on October 23, 1904, Joe Bostwick slipped through the rear door of the Palace Saloon in Tucson, Arizona Territory. The organization of the Arizona Rangers was on the recommendation of Governor Murphy to the Legislature in 1901. One slug slammed into Wood’s right eye, dropping him on the spot. The Arizona Rangers. “It, and the month’s wages coming to me, will be all she’ll ever have.” Tafolla left three children and his poor widow. Our long commitment to the history of Arizona is built upon the dedication of men and women who, over the decades, committed themselves to a life of public service. Democrats accused them of supporting Republican candidates. Kidder and three other Rangers were commissioned by Gen. Luis Torres, commander of Sonora’s northern district, to operate across the border. Wheeler turned over Tracy to a Benson peace officer, then extended his right hand to the wounded man. Mortally wounded, the stricken bandit groaned and collapsed to the floor. Tracy jumped up cursing and pulled a revolver from his pocket. He promptly stormed into the main saloon, ordering Webb off the premises and threatening to “beat the face off him.”. His face was shrouded in a red bandana, complete with eyeholes, and he brandished a long-barreled Colt .45. Wheeler had not been permitted to testify on behalf of his beloved Rangers. All were excellent horsemen, trackers and well-suited to take on the tough job against the Mexican border smugglers and large outlaw gangs that were still terrorizing the border country, even as the Old West was fading from reality into myth. Frequent Tonto Apache raids on the prospectors led to the forming of a militia called the Gila Rangers. The wounded officer limped forward to secure his prisoner. Captain Rynning and Private Frank Wheeler (no relation to Harry Wheeler), patrolling the streets on horseback, quickly arrived at the saloon. Not that they were former outlaws themselves, but more than one likely had taken a step or two on the wrong side of the law. Texas State Historian Bill O’Neal is an award-winning author of many books and magazine articles about the Old West. Read More Forced to ride some 300 miles through Apache-infested country, the resourceful captain had his men cut short poles and lay them across their saddle horns in a successful ruse to fool the Indians into believing they were armed. “Give it to him,” said Wheeler, gesturing to Tracy. Directed by John Rawlins. Wednesday, 1/20 8:04 AM The company would be launched on September 1. Wheeler had moved Ranger headquarters to the border town of Naco and ordered his men not to cross into Mexico. When he was less than 30 feet from the Ranger, Downing suddenly groped with his left hand at his hip pocket, apparently forgetting he had left his revolver at the Free and Easy. Besides Tafolla, Jeff Kidder was the only other Arizona Ranger killed in the line of duty. And just like in the old days on the frontier, these early 20th-century lawmen sometimes had to match bullet for bullet. The Globe incident Lt. Davis referred to took place during the July 1882 Apache outbreak at Cibicue, when 11 men making up the “Globe Rangers” took to the field fully equipped with an ample supply of whiskey. From late 1901 until early 1909 the hard-riding, quick-triggered band of riders had brought into a new century the crime-fighting traditions of Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Garrett, Commodore Perry Owens and other members of an earlier generation of frontier lawmen. Tom Rynning was appointed second captain of the Arizona Rangers in 1902; the following year, he posed for this photograph. Shortly thereafter, military governor John Baylor appointed him captain and gave him orders to raise a company of Arizona Rangers for frontier defense. But Tracy had two bullets left and more cartridges in a pocket. That was until I spoke with Airguns of Arizona. “All right,” answered Smith. He only made this one despite it saying 1 of 26. The second round also went true, hurling Bass to the floor. The first Ranger group was…, Increasing demand for identified historic photographs has driven both the hunt by collectors and the…. On the evening of April 4, 1908, Kidder slipped across the border at Naco to meet an informant. Captain Rynning’s house was nearby, and his wife tended the wounded McDonald. Former Arizona Rough Rider Tom Rynning replaced Mossman as captain in 1902. Two of the first Rangers to enlist, Carlos Tafolla and Duane Hamblin, found themselves in a deadly gun battle within weeks of joining the new company. W.W. Webb is the leftmost seated man in the front row. The impact threw him onto his back, and within minutes he was dead. Speed advised they wait until morning. The colorful Wheeler was a bold, fearless man who killed four men in the line of duty. Local ranchers lacked the ability to combat the gangs who brazenly rustled cattle on both sides of the border. Kidder then staggered outside and reached the border fence a quarter mile away. NCR Rangers (not to be confused with NCR Veteran Rangers) are members of the NCR's elite New California Republic Rangers, operating in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. He treacherously opened fire again, striking Wheeler in the left heel. Arizona: miner: E. S. McGee: 32: 1907–1909: Texas: police officer Joseph T. "Tom" McKinney: 47: 1906–1906: Arkansas: ranger Henry H. "Hard Rock" McPhaul: 40: 1905–1906: Texas: police officer James Moran: 29: 1904–1905: California: cowboy … The Arizona Rangers are a uniformed, law enforcement auxiliary with a rich history dating back to the 1800’s. All air rifles operate on the same principle: pressurized gas (usually air, but sometimes CO2) is introduced into the barrel behind a projectile, and the pressurized gas drives the pellet or BB down the barrel and out the muzzle. Another deadly Ranger was Sergeant James T. “Shorty” Holmes, who was stationed at Roosevelt, northeast of Phoenix, where the Roosevelt Dam was under construction. Famed Texas lawman Jeff Milton called him the best man with a gun he’d ever seen, and he’d seen some good ones, including John Wesley Hardin. Four regulars were on duty in the Palace: a bartender, a craps dealer, a roulette dealer and a porter. Lee A. Silva. “Which way do you want us to come out?”. He had a number of clashes with gun smugglers, and he was supposedly marked for death by the Mexican border police who were involved with the smugglers. “Hold on there!” barked Wheeler. Harry Wheeler was the third and last captain of the Arizona Rangers. Among those identified are: Capt. Box 8008, Cave Creek, AZ 85327. The act authorized a 14-man force—one captain, one sergeant and 12 privates. GUn looks to be unfired and is in very good condition,left side grip has crack. The officers pistol-whipped him as they dragged him to the local jail where they stole his valuables and refused medical aid. Winchester at his shoulder, the Ranger emerged and ordered Downing to throw up his hands. “I’ll get you yet,” muttered Tracy with a hint of a smile. Marshall Trimble is Arizona’s official historian and the Wild West History Association’s vice president. As a sergeant Harry Wheeler had killed Joe Bostwick, as a lieutenant he had killed J.A. Other groups of Rangers followed in the ensuing years. Privates Webb and Lonnie McDonald heard the gunfire and hustled to the scene. That summer Ranger Billy Speed had a confrontation with hard-driving ex-convict William F. Downing, a terror in Willcox, Arizona Territory, where Speed was stationed. On February 15, 1909, the Rangers were disbanded for a number of reasons. He headed to the gold camp at Pinos Altos to recruit Rangers and to prospect. In 1907 Tom Rynning was appointed superintendent of Yuma Territorial Prison, and Lieutenant Wheeler was elevated to Ranger captain. Captain Mossman recruited outdoorsmen for his force—men who could ride and trail and shoot, men who had experience as cowboys or peace officers. Sergeant Jeff Kidder bought his pearl-handled Colt Single Action Army .45 in 1905. “He needs it more than I do.”. Tom Mastin’s Arizona Rangers at Pinos Altos. Author Robert DeArment rated him as one of the 12 most underrated gunfighters in the West. Wheeler later testified that Bentley “showed more nerve under fire than he had ever seen displayed by a man before.”. Considered by Wheeler “the worst man in Cochise County,” Arnett for months had been stealing horses in the county and driving them across the border to sell in Mexico. An outlaw on the run from the Rangers might think he was safe drinking with a pretty senorita in a Mexican cantina, then wake up the next morning in a Bisbee jail wondering how he got there. “Don’t go in there,” Beede said when the Ranger turned toward the Palace. Matters get worse between father and son when when his father catches a man he believes to be a murderer and Bob breaks up his lynching party. Mossman met their first challenge in 1901, when they locked horns with the notorious Bill Smith Gang in the rugged White Mountains. The Arizona Rangers had been preceded by the organization of the Arizona Territorial Rangers in 1860. The chief and his men dragged Kidder to jail, where they robbed him and roughed him up. Of 107 men who served as Arizona Rangers, Wheeler was the only one who held all four ranks: private, sergeant, lieutenant and captain. “Hurrah for the Yavapai County Rangers” reported The Prescott Miner, in praise of the carnage. The Best Biography Yet Of This Legendary Lawman Has Some Timeless Lessons In It. Swilling, who had joined the Rangers to fight Apaches rather than Yanks, chose to remain. In 1901, Gov. Early on the 5th the still drunk Downing emerged from his saloon shouting crude threats against Speed and Snow. The Rangers’ role as strikebreakers not only tarnished their image among the territory’s working class citizens, it proved unpopular with the Rangers who felt their mission was to pursue rustlers, killers and other felons. The governor’s first chore was to hire a leader. The Cowboy’s Home Saloon was the center for drinking, gambling and dancing in Douglas. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or … The next morning she was horrified at the breakfast the Rangers had cooked for her patient: “a big round steak with a lot of greasy spuds and some gravy that a fork could stand up in.” Instead, Margaret Rynning fed him soft-boiled eggs and other light fare, and McDonald slowly recovered. But when Kidder rode into Naco from his post at Nogales, Wheeler was away, and the sergeant—his Colt .45 concealed in his waistband beneath his coat—sauntered with friends into Mexican Naco.