He would take on aqua, B2, and B1 droids on Kamino, but was … On Manaan, an ocean-covered planet, this organic healing substance is harvested here. CT-782 "Hevy" CT-00-2010 "Droidbait" CT-21-0408 "Echo" CT-4040 "Cutup" CT-27-5555 "Fives" 100. May 1, 2014 - CT-00-2010 ("Droidbait") is a clone trooper who served in the Clone Wars for the Galactic Republic. Droidbait, or CT-00-2010, was a clone trooper in Domino Squad during the Clone Wars.After he and his squad passed the test on Kamino, he was sent to Sergeant O'Niner's division on the outpost on the moon of Rishi. The Rise and Fall of Domino Squad - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by TheCourier cutup hevy photoshop droidbait dominosquad arctrooperecho arctrooperfives arctrooper clonetroopers echo fives garrysmod nebula space starwars starwarsclonewars starwarsfanart 501stlegion starwarstheclonewars garrysmod13. Final iteration of a member of Domino Squad. Specifically, 99 stops their leader, Hevy from going AWOL, convincing him to stay and work as a team with the rest of Domino Squad. Death [edit | edit source]. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Droidbait (domino squad) BrandyBoy1027. In " Rookies ", Droidbait is among the first clone in the Domino Squad to be killed by the invading Separatist droids, Cutup gets eaten alive by a Rishi eel, and Hevy is forced to pull a Heroic Sacrifice when the bomb's remote has a malfunction. 13.09.2018 - Domino Squad from "Star Wars the Clone Wars" ECHO HEVY CUTUP DROIDBAIT FIVES I am in no way connected to Star Wars or George Lucas, I did this as a fan ... Domino Squad Cutup and Droidbait don't die during the Battle of Rishi Moon, but due to Droidbait's injuries Cutup declines the offer to join the 501st Legion so he can watch over Droidbait as he recovers. 5.4k members in the CloneSoldierMemes community. First introduced in that Clone Wars season 3 episode, 99 is fundamental in helping Domino Squad (Hevy, Echo, Fives, Droidbait, and Cutuop) pass their Citadel Challenge test and graduate into fully-fledged troopers. Recent Top. HEVY (CT-782), CUTUP (CT-4040),AND DROIDBAIT (CT-00-2010) Star Wars has not yet gone too deep into the lives and psyches of the other three members of Domino Squad. … The group did not work well together, always arguing and not finding common ground. In their training, they were failing and did not look like they were going to pass their … 23 0 Show More . During an attack by Separatists, he was killed by Commando Droids. Bottom half is from this video (Volume warning) #nice to know that this is the last thing im making for 2020 #domino squad #cutup #hevy #droidbait #arc … Discover more posts about domino-squad. Oct 8, 2014 - The Domino Squad: Fives, Heavy, Cutup, Droidbait and Echo. Memes of Clones from Star Wars. What is the name of Darth Maul's brother? Your counterparts sometimes get frustrated with you, thinking that you don't know what you're doing wrong, but you're always looking to improve your skills. 95 . Show Less. 126 votes, 14 comments. We can’t… see the kriffing future, or whatever it was. Especially after she meets CT-27-5555, she starts to understand that sometimes letting your guard down isn't such a bad thing. We can’t—it’s just not possible. Domino Squad vs Strike 1 is ZackAttackX's twenty-second One Minute Melee. Droid bait was a domino squad member that was most famous for dying with nub by commando droids - Droid bait was a domino squad member that was most famous for dying with nub by commando droids – popular memes on the site ifunny.co Also known as CT-27-5555, Fives trained with Domino Squad on Kamino before being shipped out to the Rishi Moon listening outpost. But after watching the Domino Squad fail the Citadel Challenge, she realizes there is more to being a clone than just serving as an expendable proxy for this war. THE OLD REPUBLIC. 100. About 7 months ago . Hiya, meridianpony here! See a recent post on Tumblr from @suja-janee about domino-squad. Log in Sign up. 100. This is the page where I post stuff about my star wars fics, including but not limited to Dominoes and Esprit de Corps! In this story, Fives has often been afraid, or stressed, or focused, and sure he's had nightmares and breakdowns just as the others have. Directed by Dave Filoni. Discover more posts about domino squad, hevy, fives, echo, clones, star wars, and droidbait. The Rise and Fall of Domino Squad - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by MusicToLove Star Wars vs XCOM! Savaj Opress. During an attack by Separatists, he was killed by Commando Droids. He passed his training and was assigned to the Rishi Moon outpost. DOMINO SQUAD. Fives. “How is that possible?” he mutters. Together, the duo helped Rex and Cody win the battle and were subsequently invited to join the 501st Legion. “We’re not Jedi. 1 History 1.1 Training 1.2 Rishi Moon Station 2 Members 3 Appearances They were born on Kamino as all the clones were and were stationed there around 21 BBY. 6 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Jun 07, 2020 . You're welcome to stop by and throw me an ask anytime, I'd love to hear from you! What were the nicknames of Domino Squad? Domino Squad were a group of 5 clone cadets being trained on Kamino by the mercenaries Bric and El-Les under the supervision of Jedi Master Shaak Ti. 21. He was shot and killed by a … You attract a lot of trouble and sometimes use that to your advantage. He received his nickname because he always got shot during practice. From left to right; Echo, Fives, Hevy, Cutup, and Droidbait. 95 . Another one of my clone trooper … forcesensitivebantha: “ Domino Squad stargazing, for @meridianpony! By: Apples Who Dance With Oranges. How old was Anakin … * DwindlingParty: Domino Squad serves the role as this.this throughout this story arc. Which team will win? Here is a very well done, and touching vid about Domino Squad. Much to his dispair, he was assigned to the Domino Squad, the worst squad Kamino has seen. 23 0 3. members of his own squad such as Fives, but with Rex's approval), was proficent in luring droids to his comrades due to his highly visible armor, "luck", and agility. Named "Droidbait" for his talent at getting shot. Follow/Fav Domino Squad: Cutup and Droidbait. Show Less. Dwindling Party: Domino Squad serves the role as this throughout this story arc (and the series as a whole). Droidbait (domino squad) BrandyBoy1027. Droidbait shudders, and shuffles closer to Cutup. Fives and Echo were promoted to ARC trooper status after the defense of Kamino from Separatist invaders. Domino Squad was a clone cadet squad, consisting of five clone troopers, that were part of the Grand Army of the Republic. From that point on, Echo and Fives became regular characters in the series, fighting alongside the … But he managed to prove himself at the end of his training. Show More. While training as a clone cadet, he earned the nickname "Droidbait" for his tendency to be shot first during practice. You got Droidbait. Sep 24, 2018 - Droidbait, or CT-00-2010, was a clone trooper in Domino Squad during the Clone Wars. My ID number is CT-275555. In recognition, Hevy gifts 99 his medal … See a recent post on Tumblr from @the-flyingace about droidbait. The battle was vicious, resulting in the tragic deaths of Cutup, Hevy and Droidbait, leaving only Echo and Fives as the remaining members of the freshly formed Domino squad. Driodbait also known by his identification number CT-00/2010 was a clone trooper who served in Domino Squad during the Clone Wars. Droidbait was a member of the domino training squad on Kamino. Just like his brothers, he was raised at the clone facilities in Kamino. DARTH VADER. Remember, Domino squad doesn't know that palpatine is a sith... they just know he's behind the chips. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works advertisement. Follows canon … After he and his squad passed the test on Kamino, he was sent to Sergeant O'Niner's division on the outpost on the moon of Rishi. Painted up in the style of a BX-series commando droid, Droidbait, much the dismay of many in the 501st (incl. Unless they want to flunk out, the clones of Domino Squad must learn to work together during their training on Kamino. Icon credit: the incredible @thatfunkyopossum! He survived the Separatist attack on the station there, and was transferred to the 501st Legion alongside his squadmate and fellow survivor, Echo. Log in ... (if you ship clone/cest and even look at this I will stomp you to death with my hooves) #domino squad #arc trooper fives #arc trooper echo #fives #echo #hevy #cutup #droidbait #rishi moon outpost #i drew this and holy shit they are such baby shinies #i went to … As time passes and Droidbait's wound heals the two are approached by Commander Jet and offered to join the … Hevy, Echo, Fives, Cut-up, Droidbait. THE 501ST. domino,,squad? Hevy, Cutup, and Droidbait did not survive the attack on Rishi Station. (and yes that is chibi droidbait!) 3. 100. About 7 months ago . 100. Droidbait After Being Shot By Commando Droids Through Clone 99, the so-called “bad batch” that is Domino Squad begins to find some traction as a team. 6 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Jun 07, 2020 . After graduating with Domino Squad, he was stationed on a remote listening post on the Rishi moon, where he was killed by Confederate commando … Well, it's taken me 5 days to pull this one off, but I can now add the full roster of Domino Squad to the 501st! This came to a head when the group failed their tests after Droidbait was shot but CT-782 had the group push on without … With Dee Bradley Baker, Larry Brandenburg, Nolan North, Tasia Valenza. Will start a month into the Clone Wars and continue until the end of the war. Kolto. Jan 23, 2020 - Private CT-00-2010 “Droidbait” - Domino Squad When we first meet the motley crew, they’re sniping more at each other than they are at the training battle droids. the-flyingace . Follow. Two teams that protect the world meet on the battlefield!