In the novel. Video Games: Disney's Tarzan • Tarzan: Untamed • Return to the Jungle • Kingdom Hearts • Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure, Entertainment: Fantasmic! RELATED: Woman Found Stabbed to Death at Santa Barbara Home Owned by Tarzan Star Ron Ely, Suspect Also Killed 9. In the Disney animated movie Tarzan, Sabor is a term for leopards, more specifically the leopard that killed Tarzan's parents. Related: Frozen 2: Kristoff's Song Is One Of The Sequel's Best Moments One of the many mysteries that Frozen 2 tackles are what actually happened to Anna and Elsa's parents. The first occurs in Chapter Five where a lioness attacks young Tarzan at a lake, forcing him to flee by leaping into the water and learning to swim. Sabor is the secondary antagonist of the 1999 animated comedy-drama adventure film,Tarzan. As a child-like game, Tarzan would try to throw a noose over Kerchak’s neck to purposefully kill him. In the 2002 Disney-Square video game, Kingdom Hearts, for the PlayStation 2 console, Sabor the leopard appears as a main boss in the "Deep Jungle" location meant to evoke the setting from Disney's Tarzan. TV Series: Robert Canler • Nigel Taylor • Tublat • Hista • Zutho • Gozan and Hungo • Ian McTeague • Thaddeus Hunt • Jake & Sam • Mabaya • Gobu • Fungi • Count Nikolas Rokoff • Lady Waltham • Queen La • Leopard Men • Muviro • Kaj • Dr. Doyle • Eleanor • Greenly • Hazel • Ian • Lieutenant Colonel Staquait • Renard Dumont • Johannes Niels • Samuel T. Philander • Theodore Roosevelt • Hugo and Hooft • Nura and Sheeta • Edgar Rice Burroughs • Mangani • Jabari • Dania • German Poacher • Basuli • Naoh • Chief Keewazi • Nigel Taylor • Female Tyrannosaurus Rex • Velociraptors • Triceratops • Waziri Tribe, Season Two: "British Invasion" • "Volcanic Diamond Mine" • "Flying Ace", Musical: Who Better than Me • No Other Way • I Need to Know • Sure as Sun Turns to Moon • Waiting for this Moment • Different • Like No Man I've Ever Seen • For the First Time • Everything that I Am. Later on, as the family is passing by th… The son of "Tarzan" actor Ron Ely killed his mother before he was shot and killed by deputies on Tuesday, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. Sabor chases him and kills him off-screen, leaving Kala horrified and she cries into Kerchak's arms. Tarzan kills it, saves Kerchak's life and presents the body of the leopard to his "stepfather." In the original 1912 serialized printing of Tarzan of the Apes, Burroughs used “sabor” as the word for tigers. [1] This was meant to be consistent with the lore established in the novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. In the Disney animated movie Tarzan, Sabor is a term for leopards, more s If you really need an in-universe explanation, then consider that Tarzan's parents were half-concealed underneath a tarp of some kind and only shown from the waist down; maybe Sabor just ate part of the upper body, then dragged the rest into some kind of cover to hide it, as cats are wont to do. After finding out Africa did not have tigers, he changed them to lionesses for the first collected edition in 1914. However, when Burroughs was later informed that tigers were not native to Africa, he subsequently changed the meaning of the term to "lioness.". Television: The Legend of Tarzan • House of Mouse Although it is unseen on screen, they are killed by Sabor, as seen when Kala rescues Tarzan from her after seeing their bodies. The specific Sabor appearing in the film is the leopard that killed Tarzan's parents and killed Kala's and Kerchak's child and is later killed by Tarzan as a result. That same night, she had broken into a treehouse that a couple had built and killed them both. [3] The fourth instance of the term occurs in Chapter Fourteen, when a lioness attempts to break into Tarzan's cabin, where Tarzan's love interest Jane Porter and her maid Esmeralda are hiding. Sabor encounters the adult Tarzan years later by attempting another surprise attack. Furthermore, they believed leopards were the dominant predator in African jungles, where the film takes place, while lions were more present in the rural veld region of Africa. Tarzan Actor’s Son Who Killed Mom and Tried to Blame Dad Was Quarterback on Harvard Football Team this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The family finding the perfect spot to build their home. A leopard named Sabor killed them and was going to kill Tarzan if Kala (the mother ape) hadn't saved him. 9 Tarzan’s Family Gets Supplies Speaking of the parents' treehouse-building skills, the movie never explains how Tarzan’s parents acquired the necessary supplies to put together their new home. After Kala discovers the infant Tarzan, she is attacked by Sabor, but is able to flee when Sabor becomes tangled in a rope. RELATED: Woman Found Stabbed to Death at Santa Barbara Home Owned by Tarzan Star Ron Ely, Suspect Also Killed Tarzan takes place in Africa, but Sabor is clearly a jaguar, a big cat found only in South and Central America. Another example of their love is when they give their lives to keep Tarzan safe from Sabor. [4] In Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1923), a lioness is killed by a black African warrior, leaving an orphan cub that Tarzan adopts and raises under the new name "Jad-bal-ja", and it becomes one of his primary animal companions.[5]. She is also strong and persevering because she is seen carrying Tarzan on her back while building the treehouse. Most notably, Sabor also kills Tarzan's mother and father in their newly constructed tree house shortly after they are shipwrecked on the shores of Africa. Wife of Tarzan actor Ron Ely killed in their California home before police shoot couple's son. Sabor is also mentioned in the sequel TV-series The Legend of Tarzan, where Tarzan may have found out that she killed his parents as he knew in the episode "British Invasion" when Jane's friend Hazel had asked about them, even describing the details of it all from the first film (it can be assumed that Kala had described it to Tarzan at one point). Sabor is a generic name for lionesses (originally tigers) in Mangani, the fictional language of the great apes in the Tarzan novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. In Burroughs' works several lionesses appear under the name of Sabor. In the Disney animated movie Tarzan, Sabor is a term for leopards, more specifically the leopard[1] that kills Tarzan's parents. Kala, a female gorilla, adopted Tarzan. John and Alice Clayton are minor characters in Disney's 1999 animated feature film, Tarzan. Kerchak is just about to accept Tarzan into the family, when they hear a gun shot and Tarzan leaves to investigate. Relatives Interestingly, despite that Burroughs had used the term "Sheeta" to refer to leopards in the novels, the producers at Disney studios decided to change the name "Sabor" from a lioness to a leopard because they felt it was sounded more evocative and aesthetically pleasing. Not much is known about Tarzan's birth parents John and Alice Clayton. Their death is different from the original source material. She is also one of the only significant animal characters in the film who does not speak. Sabor is a generic name for lionesses (originally tigers) in Mangani, the fictional language of the great apes in the Tarzan novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. What happened to Tarzan's parents? At least two are known to be separate lionesses, although all four are likely distinct. [3], In later novels of the series, Burroughs uses lionesses more sparingly, while still employing for them the term Sabor. Cameron Ely Killed his Mother Valerie Lundeen. There's Magic in the Stars • Celebrate the Magic • Happily Ever After • Remember... Dreams Come True • Tree of Life Awakens, Midquel: Zugor • Mama Gunda • Kago and Uto While the reason of Sabor's villainy was due to living as a fierce, dangerous, bloodthirsty and aggressive predator who is trying to survive in a harsh jungle just like real-life predators, Sabor is also regarded as a villainous character due to the fact that her antagonism and villainy are motivated by her odds with the gorillas: Sabor viewed Kala as one of her archenemies since the female gorilla saved the baby Tarzan not long after Sabor killed his parents and the said gorilla's son. Elsa and Anna’s parents died in a shipwreck and Elsa became Queen of Arandelle. According to the producers at Disney studios, Sabor's roars were a mixture of sounds from several feline predators, including leopards, lions, tigers, and cougars.[1]. Most notably, in the fifth chapter of Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919), a lioness is seen mourning her deceased cub. What did really happen to Tarzan's parents' bodies and Sabor's bloody pawprints by the time Tarzan returns to the treehouse as an adult? In the novel, their names are given as Lady Alice Greystoke and Lord John Greystoke. Tarzan. Jaguars, however, have larger rosettes which contain smaller black spots whereas leopards are marked by smaller, empty rosettes. The Disney studio didn't want to create a character that had so many spots, so at one point they considered doing a panther instead, but thought it would be too much like "The Jungle Book". When Kala and her family are passing the treehouse, she hears Tarzan's cries and goes to investigate. Sabor is a generic name for African lionesses (originally tigers) in Mangani, the fictional language of the great apes in the Tarzan novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan's parents were killed by a leopard named Sabor. By Phil Helsel and Diana Dasrath The son of "Tarzan" actor Ron Ely who was fatally shot by sheriff’s deputies after stabbing his mother to death was … Enemies Lilo and Stitch. Tarzan intervenes before Sabor can kill Kerchak, and the two engage in a battle on the ground and in the trees. When baby Tarzan pointed to the large tree in a playful manner, he instantly knew it would be a safe place to build a safe home together. In one deleted scene, it is depicted differently as we see his father look sadly at his wife's picture before protecting their son, implying she is already dead like in the novel. Goal One day, in a high tree house, Kala the ape found an odd looking baby. "Sabor" is the term used to refer to lionesses in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan book series. This is presented when Kala enters the tree house and observes evidence of their struggle, such as a spent pistol, blood-stained paw prints, and the dead bodies of Tarzan's parents. Elsa and Anna’s parents died in a shipwreck and Elsa became Queen of Arandelle. They were slayed by Sabor, literally killed in cold blood. Killed by SaborDeaths later avenged when their son Tarzan kills Sabor years later Cameron Ely- Harvard Wiz Who Brutally Murdered His Mother. Sabor later kills Tarzan's biological parents, in the treehouse they built as their new home. John and Alice Clayton from Tarzan books His father built a cabin, which he heavily reinforced to keep out attacking animals. Atlantis: The Lost Empire Kala is killed. Sabor John Clayton seems to be very strong, but also very kind, as well as very observant. Millionaires Sabor is most recognizable as the second antagonist in the 1999 animated film, Tarzan, by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Sabor is a dangerous, aggressive, and ferocious leopard who is well known throughout the jungle. Feature films The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department says the wife of Tarzan actor Ron Elys was stabbed to death by their own son Cameron Ely, 30, and he was shot dead by officers at the scene. Parents slayed by leopard/Adoptive father shot in the heart, Tarzan. Kala is killed. The difference of the two words was explained as due the visual distinction that male lions possess manes, unlike females. Inspiration There is also a good chance that if they could somehow know about Kala, and her efforts to take care of Tarzan, they would love her and be grateful to her for everything she had done for their son. England (formerly)The Jungle (formerly) Nani and her little sister Lilo lost their parents in a car accident before the beginning of the film. Tarzan's parents seen near leopard pawprints. Cameron Ely was a star football player on the Harvard football team, he graduated in 2012 with a psychology degree. Glen Keane In the opening song, "Two Worlds", Sabor's vivid eyes are seen as the leopard growls, and soon later when Kerchak and Kala are resting, their young baby is playing far off. Parents slayed by leopard/Adoptive father shot in the heart, Tarzan. Full name Eventually, they were avenged by Tarzan as an adult, who would grow up to kill Sabor. She attacks the player afterwards in multiple encounters until finally defeated. She is initially fought off by Kerchak, whom she manages to wound with her claws and teeth. Kala is killed by an African hunter, and Tarzan later takes revenge on kills him too, using the noose. The bodies were probably carried off and/or eaten by other animals, or they rotted away over the years and became covered by the the vines and foliage that had grown over the house.