Streamers| Smoke N Mirrors Cream #4, Sparkle Minnow Smoke #4, Complex Twist Bugger White Size #4, Sex Dungeon Rust, Yellow, Black: 2 Silvey's Sculpin Black: 2 Conehead JJ Special: 2-4 Home Invader Yellow, White: 2 Zonkers White, Olive, Natural/Copper: 4-6, Double Screamer Streamer Olive/Black: 2 Circus Peanut Olive: 2 Sculpzilla Black, Dark Olive: 4-8, 2 Dolly Llama white, 8 Baby Gonga white, 1716 W. Main Street Some of the largest brown are caught when the water is stained. The "between the lakes" section of the Madison can be accessed off Madison River Fishing Report - April 27, 2019 We are currently in the sweet spot between winter and runoff. With its beautiful scenery and excellent fishing, a visit to the Madison River is a top priority for many angle… Tom Travis #420, For updated information on products and other Troutfitter news, © 2021 Montana Troutfitters The best flies, river levels, temps and what to fish from the best guides in Montana. The Madison River is open to fishing between the lakes from below Hebgen to Quake Lake. The Madison between the lakes is another top choice right now, especially if you are looking for a truly large fish. Be sure to check the regulations as the fishing season tends to be more limited than the general Montana season. One of are favorite spots to winter fish is 3 Dollar bridge and Reynolds bridge. The Madison River, perhaps the most famous of all the rivers in Montana, begins in Yellowstone National Park at the confluence of the Firehole River and Gibbon River. Madison River Boat Ramps and Fishing Access Sites. Infamous in the fly fishing community, the Madison attracts anglers from all over the world who want to test their skills in its fast-paced pockets, runs, and slicks. The Madison River is one of the most highly rated fly fishing rivers in North America. When the wind isn't blowing fish are being caught on worm pattern or crayfish trailed by a midge. No Fishing From a Boat. The upper is one of the most consistent local options this time off year and will fish well throughout winter. If you float these section of the river, get out of the watercraft before casting a line. Although you might not get many eats, there is always the potential for that one trophy fish. The river is clear coming out of the dam and then Cabin and Beaver Creeks are dumping in some dirt. These two spots can have some incredible midge hatches and when the fish take notice it can be some of the best dry fly fishing around. Upper Madison River Fishing Report. Fishing Access. The area offers world renowned fishing and is known for its Big Water Walleye, and ranks in the top ten Great Lakes Steelhead Runs. Fishing changes by the week in Montana. Montana Madison River Flows are a bit lower, 714cfs, than the long term average, 1040cfs, as they’re filling up Hebgen Lake which is 94% full. The Madison flows out of the Hebgen Dam (built in 1914) and continues for two miles before flowing into Earthquake Lake. Aside from some chilly weather over the last 10 days, the Upper Madison continues to fish well this October and we are officially out of the deep freeze for the time being. Check the Madison River Fishing Report for firsthand accounts from our anglers in the field. Let us help you build the perfect lodging and fishing package. It's only about a mile and a half long but it is well worth fishing. Madison river fly fishing montana madison river fishing reports archives madison river fly fishing reports montana fishing report madison reports montana fly fishingMadison River Fishing Report For August 25th 2016 D Fly Lodging Kelly Galloup S Slide InnMadison River Fishing Report D Fly Lodging Kelly Galloup S Slide InnFishing Reports Montana Madison River Fly Slide … Hebgen Lake, located between the Yellowstone National Park and Madison Valley sections of the Madison River, is known for its large rainbows and browns cruising the calm waters, feeding on the surface for Callibaetis, Trico’s and Spruce Moths. On the Madison this tactic is better suited to some of the deep runs that you'll find between Varney Bridge and Ennis Lake. **, Dries| Renegades: 14-18, Griffith’s Gnat: 16-18-20, Z-Lon Midge: 20-22, Matt’s Midge: 20-22-24 Lodge packages include all meals and guided fishing so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a great fly fishing vacation, Enjoy great fishing and keep your costs in check with one of our hotel packages. Although boats are allowed on this stretch of the river, regulations prohibit angling from a boat or personal watercraft. The upper river closer to Hebgen Lake can be good but access is tough with the snow banks. Madison river, Montana fly fishing guides standing by to give you the experience of a lifetime. So, the wade fishing … However, this section of the Madison river is below Ennis Lake and is not part of our normal summer program due to its warmer water temperatures. Many avid anglers, however, enjoy bringing their own gear. The Madison River runs for 183 miles through Wyoming and Montana; however, this section of the Madison is between Hebgen Lake and Earthquake Lake. Below the dam begins Beartrap Canyon. Upper Madison: Head to this stretch of river if you’re looking to lose some of the crowds in the Park and between the lakes. Most of our trips include rods, flies and we rent waders. The Madison is an early summer and fall river and offers poor fishing in midsummer because of high temperatures contributed by the Firehole River. 1,500 CFS Bl Ennis Lake- The lower Madison continues to be one of the better winter options for the time being. Nymphs| Mega prince: 8-12, Delektable Hurless: 6-10, Lil' Spanker Gold Purple or Red: 16-18, Lightning Bug Purple or Silver: 16-18, SH Thorax Bead, Tan: 14-16-18, SH Copper John: 14-16, Nymphicator: 16-18, Green Machine PT: 18-20, King Prince:12-16, Coppertone: 6-8, Pat's Rubberlegs: 6-8-10, Copper John Black and Blue: 16-18-20, Green Machine: 16-18-20, Crystal dip: 16-18 Three Dollar Dip:16, Worms: 12-16, Rainbow Warrior; 16-18, Split Case BWO; 18-20, Site by: Prime Inc. Madison River Fishing Report for October 29th, 2020 Dam: 942 cfs Kirby: 1,040 cfs Varney: 1,150 cfs Aside from some chilly weather over the last 10 days, the Upper Madison continues to fish well this October and we are officially out of the deep freeze for the time being. The water near Ennis is a little more diverse than the “50 mile riffle” upstream and has some great holding water if you have a mild day and there isn’t a lot of ice to contend with. Fishing has been good between the lakes and best in […] This is where the upper Madison River starts and from here runs over 50 miles north to Ennis Lake. Experience some of the lower 48's most remote fisheries. I had never fished that section of the river before. Rates and terms for some of our standard trips. For the Madison River Outfitters guide staff, service means working hard, with patience and determination, to show our guests a productive and memorable day of fishing. Choose from Montana's most comprehensive selection of fly fishing trips. Any of your size 18-22 BWO dries will do the trick. During this time, the fish feed vigorously and average 9-15 inches. The stretch below quake can be very good for larger browns that are feeding strong in the heavy current of run-off on stonefly nymphs, sculpins, and worms. Elisa T. Aug, 02, 2018 - Madison River. Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn, fly shop, lodging, and guides. Madison river fishing report for October 2016, good streamer fishing and beautiful scenery as our browns enter their annual spawn. This canyon does not see a ton of fishing pressure as it’s difficult to access in the middle section. From the Slide to Lyons Bridge, and from the 287 Highway Bridge in Ennis to Ennis Lake, float fishing is prohibited. We fished the Madison last week in between the lakes.