First, thread your bead onto the leader and tie on your hook. This Black Intruder Fly works great for King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. This assortment allows you to match the natural salmon egg color and size that is available to fish to feed on. Steelhead Fishing . Written by: Kyle Published on: August 28, 2013 Thoughts: 3 Comments. Try it early season when the eggs ... Cotton Candy is the bead color formerly known as Washed Pink. Footer. Each package comes with beads and everything you need to rig the bead. A bead is considered an attractor, not a fly. We make custom beads for the trout, salmon and steelhead fishing. Steelybeads are Custom Painted Ultra-Realistic Semi-Buoyant Fishing Beads. BnR Tackle Soft Trout Beads BnR Tackle Soft Trout Beads offer a bead that has the feel of a real egg, which causes fish to hold onto them longer and gives anglers longer to set the hook. Photo: Dan Shed. Insect hatches in June and July provide an opportunity to take monster trout on dry fly patterns. Shot on Battle and Kvichak River. The Lemon Roe ... Natural Roe is a classic fresh egg imitation that fishes well anytime during the spawn. The Mandarin Roe Trout Bead is an awesome blend of the Natural Roe and Dark Roe. Meet Mr. Bead, probably the single most-effective rainbow trout attractor in Alaska. in different shades of red and pink are used to resemble the natural egg in the river water, but different water conditions, clarity and light diffusion, all dictate the "bead" to use. MORE INFO: See our post Best Tactics for Fishing Alaska’s Steelhead Trout for some prime tips for luring, hooking and landing one of southeast Alaska’s monster Steelhead. Alaska Life Classifieds Alaska Places Alaska Articles. Alaska’s Special Bead Regs In areas where legal, beads fished ahead of a fly, lure or bare hook must either be fixed within two inches of the hook or be free to slide on the entire length of the line or leader. Trawling in Alaska – Serious Issue or Responsible Business? Climbing Lazy Mountain Near Palmer…It’s Not For the Lazy. They give Fisherman a Natural Float to resemble Salmon/Trout or Steelhead Eggs tumbling down with the Current…Pegging the bead between 1.5"-3” inches from the “the Hook” gives Native Fish a better chance of Being Released Alive..Hence.. Soft Beads are offered in 6-, 7-, 8-, 10- and 12mm in a variety of bead patterns. And there’s more to bead fishing than meets the eye. Alaskan Trout and Steelhead anglers have known about fishing with beads for years. A bead drifting down the river looks so much like a real salmon egg that trout and char often can't tell the difference. No, it's not because I can get pumpkin spiced lattes or because the leaves are turning pretty colors. It is one of the original dead egg sty ... Tangerine is another Top 5 club member. Tying Flies with Beads. Some are made specifically for trout fishing, while others can be found at your local craft store. Web orders are shipping daily. Fry patterns are an essential fly for Rainbow Trout in Alaska. Beads attract fish because they look like fish eggs that they want to eat. CHROME-MAGNUM ALASKA TROUT & SALMON FLY. No two beads are the same.. Best Fishing Dates: April to mid-May, then October through November (just after the river thaws and just before it freezes again). A great all-around fly for trout sand salmon fishing and in Alaska. Local resident species of trout can be found in many of Alaska’s fresh water rivers, streams, and creeks which have The diverse bio-system that Alaska’s rivers have to offer includes flies, larva, smolt, eggs, salmon flesh and even the occasional mouse. Floating fly lines; Sink tip fly lines ; Leader and tippet; Sinking leaders & polyleaders; Fly line accessories; Switch lines; Rods. Also a fabulo ... Sun Orange is one shade lighter than Fluor Orange and is a favorite of dollies and arctic char. To set up the "pegged rig", thread a P-Line Trout Bead on the leader and tie on a hook. Order online or call the shop for assistance. Continue Reading about Bead Fishing – Targeting Alaskan Trout and Char with Beads. This occurrence is, most times, visual for an angler. We fabricate custom beads for the trout, salmon and steelhead fishing enthusiast. Rod & reel packages; Sage rods; Winston rods; Rod & reel cases; Redington; Echo fly rods; Switch rods. They are good "Plan B" dead egg imitations. In the early season, trout key in on schooling baitfish, or fry. For Juneau locals we are doing a curbside January. Whether you enjoy fly fishing, spinfishing or lure building, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better selection of fishing-bead colors that more accurately match the colors of fish eggs. Beads have been and continue to be a very popular method among many experienced trout fisherman and professional guides in Alaska because it is incredibly effective. This is very similar to a "Peg Egg" rig without the peg. The enormous quantities of food available to rainbow trout (and steelhead, cutthroat, and grayling) in Alaska allows them to grow to immense size. Log in. One of the coolest things about rainbow trout fishing in Alaska is the opportunity to catch fish on many different flies and beads. "I had the privilege to see my buddy using your trout beads last weekend up at the Fontanelle. Flies such as this have been used for many years on the Sandy River as well. This selection comes in two 6 compartment BeadBoxes with a great selection of MottledBeads for all your fishing needs. When it comes to selecting the right bead, one of the most important variables at hand is size, as this relates to the species of egg in which trout are honing in on. Try it as an early season attractor. Pegging beads is by far the most common way to rig beads. The Ruby Roe Trout Bead is a good attractor bead. With it being mega rainbow season here in Alaska, specifically at Rapids Camp Lodge on the Naknek River, this is the second post this week on advanced bead fishing tips.. You can find the post on advanced bead fishing for rainbow trout about matching the egg-hatch here. The longtime guide secret bead for rainbows and steelhead has come to the front line. Great action of nymphing for bows with beads. This fly was designed by Dave, Head Fishing Guide for Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC to be easy to cast, is unweighted and is also nearly 100% synthetic. We make custom beads for the trout, salmon and steelhead fishing. I finally had to suck up my pride and ask him to tie your trout bead on my line. Bus ... Flo Roe is the original solid bright orange bead. The bead or peg egg is a killing rig for both the fly and conventional angler when fishing during or after the spawn. #6610 Mustad hooks and plastic beads from 6-12 mm. Most of episode of Fly Fish TV with Kelly Galloup called "Battling Bows". You will occasionally see two and sometimes three eggs sticking together but the vast majority are singles. The warmest layer you could ask for. The word is out: fishing beads for trout and steelhead is a deadly, effective method of fishing! The Alaska Selection of Mottled Beads was specifically chosen to “match the hatch” of spawning trout, Sockeye, Coho, Chum, Chinook and Pink salmon. And then, it was that simple, my second cast I caught fish and continued to do so the rest of the day." Trout Beads Mottled Beads not only allow trout, steelhead or salmon fishermen to match the hatch, it also them a great fishing bead and jig bead selection for making their own lures. Alaska fly fishing for wild rainbow trout is the ultimate mecca for serious trout anglers the world over. The Hot Cherry Roe Trout Bead is an awesome addition to the line up. A smooth, soft, comfortable layering agent every man need ... 100% fluorocarbon that is nearly invisible to fish, and more durable while fishing Alaskan waters. Our beads are of the finest quality and very durable. Welcome to The Great Alaska Bead Company. Alaskan trout are usually focused on salmon fry, bait fish, flesh patterns and salmon eggs aka "Da Bead". Steelhead, Sea Run Cutthroats and resident trout have all fallen for this pattern. Discover more. It fishes especially well behind spawning chums. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. In my earliest memories of fishing, I recall rolling a plastic bead in my hands. Using a larger bead as an attractor to a smaller bead is a great way to get a larger trout’s attention. Troutbeads are the original bead. Its translucent mega dark red color is especially ... Clear orange is another of the prime colors you have to have in your bead box. 6mm beads best imitate sockeye and pink eggs. Colors are as follows: The Great Alaskan Bead Company, Wasilla, AK. Piece count: Each contain 5-10mm, 15-8mm, and 10-6mm. Trout beads; Blood dot beads; Glow beads; Bead hooks & pegs; Sale beads; Soft beads; Troutify bead paint; Line & leader. Salmon, Trout and Steelhead do not spawn in clusters. Rainbows often work together to push schooling fry to the surface where the trout capitalize on an easy meal.