S U B S C R I B E http://bit.ly/make-life-beautiful This was a little personal experiment I decided to embark on because I was curious. Sometimes I can't tell whether a person is Greek/Italian/Mexican/Middle Eastern. That’s not to say that Filipina’s don’t make great wives either. Vietnamese girls love to read! Filipinas, on the other hand, are not afraid to throw down everything to seduce the hearts of men. Asian blepharoplasty creates an extra fold in the upper eyelid. Finding fat girls is like trying to look for a unicorn, your chances of seeing one are slim to none unless your camping out at Mcdonalds or KFC. Also, just because one characteristic might be portrayed commonly in either country doesn’t mean that every Filipino/Filipina or Vietnamese person you meet will behave this way, it’s the individual that makes their attributions true to themselves and not other people you meet. Filipinas on the other hand on average tend to have darker tanned skin. but in my mother's generation, it consisted of smaller eyes and more of a graceful, elegant look rather than a kawaii, childish one. Arab women have big, almond-shaped eyes that come in an array of sparkling colors. The rest is a mix and that is due to the caste system. This is the most bias and stereotypical piece of work I’ve ever read. Often times when I am out and about, I will see Vietnamese girls covered up to the tees wearing all sorts of clothing, gloves, socks, and hats to protect their beautiful delicate skin from the sun to try to remain as pale as possible. Let me know if this is too off topic and I'll delete. Lazy is number one. 1. Even if you're really good at spotting ethnic features, this won't always tell you the country the person is actually from. Vietnamese girl. This is especially true the further up north you go like in Hanoi. THANK YOU! If you’re just looking to have some casual relationships then the Philippines would be a much better bet, however, if you’re looking to have a long-term relationship, Vietnam would win hands down. Filipinas also don’t age well due to the crap diet that the people consume over there. http://Instagram.com/RichieLe23 http://Facebook.com/RichieLe Shot by: Richie LeEdited by: Carissa LeeBackground music: Chris Brown - Loyal I was completely floored the first time I started to date Vietnamese girls here in Vietnam. It is somewhat artificial to put people … Physical and genetic analyses of ancient remains have concluded that – while the Scythians, including those in the eastern Pazyryk region – possessed predominantly features found (among others) in Europoids, mixed Eurasian … Asians generally have wider and flatter noses. Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Furthermore, your claim about Vietnam never having won an international beauty pageant is incorrect. I think stereotypically people think that vietnamese people tend to be darker, have broader faces, and have flatter noses. BuzzFeed Staff 1. Furthermore, I never once said that Filipina’s don’t produce good offspring in the article, so I don’t where you got that idea from. Their motto is to live life in the moment. Pinay, Laotian, Khmer, and Viet are most prevalent but I have gotten Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. If you join any Vietnamese Facebook groups, your newsfeed will quickly become cluttered with Vietnamese girls trying to sell clothing, food, electronics, perfume, or jewelry. If your hungry, she will cook you up a feast in the kitchen, or if your sick, she will run down to the pharmacy to pick you up some meds. OF COURSE we’re not talking about rules here, just likelihoods. Typical fashion in the Philippines for women involves a t-shirt and jeans. They are stereotypes but that is what people use to identify what they think that person's race is... Wow this site is pretty cool, thanks for posting it, Rofl I just went to this without even realizing that you were the one who posted it. >. What the Vietnamese pass off as a normal portion size is considered a child-size over in North America. Both my parents are from Hong Kong -- I get the "You look Vietnamese" from most people more than anything else. However, despite being clingy Vietnamese girls are more independent and can manage their daily errands without your involvement. Several of the girls that I dated in the past, would either bring me food, cook for me, and help clean my place, without me even prompting them too. The eyes are the most prominent and important facial feature in a woman who wears a niqab. This is pretty obvious to any guy that has dated both types of women. 4 (2 views, photo C. W. Dupertuis). If you feel physical facial features are irrelevant, fine, but consider that different cultures *do often* employ the muscles of their faces differently, in expressing the same emotions. did the gene pool of the japanese change drastically in one generation? Reading this as a Vietnamese-Filipina-American made me feel like I had a good charisma about myself, but I will say that a lot of these are stereotypical. Filipinas on the other hand, don’t put nearly as much effort into their appearances and a lot of them have bad skin due to their diet and hygiene skills. Forget heels unless your dating an upper middle class or socialite girl. My parents are practically on opposing sides of the light/dark spectrum and it's my darker skinned dad who has distant Chinese ancestry. That is, in the attractive face from any ethnic group the correlation with the mask is extremely high. Original Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese are separated groups of people genetically and ethnically. In addition, in Asia, the conventional wisdom of beauty is that the more fair and pale a women’s skin tone is, the more attractive she is seen and if we compare between the two countries, Vietnamese women do indeed have much lighter skin compared to the women in the Philippines. Yes.. Filipina girls are hardworking and considerate and so respectful of their partners. Should you date a Filipina or a Vietnamese girl? Plus they take better care of themselves. Now on the other hand, if we talk about traditional sex appeal, Vietnamese girls really have this down pat. While most Vietnamese mix babies looks like an alien idk lmao. Oh well. You will witness a lot of Filipinas being lazy especially when it comes to cleaning up their house. To further rub salt into the wound, Filipino’s consume copious amounts of rice. They look like the monkeys with bad temper and high ego. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. To further exacerbate the problem, fresh vegetables and even some fruits aren’t exactly cheap by local standards. In fact, I think I only saw like 3 fat girls in my entire time here in Vietnam. First, they are hard working but easy to satisfy. This was quite a nice surprise coming from North America, where a lot of Asian girls are flat chested and have no ass. Also, they are very critical of being teased and get offended easily if you’re not careful with the teasing. Skin color and facial features did not matter early on in the caste system at all. Large, wide, striking, almond-shaped eyes are considered the most beautiful. Chinese Giant in 1870 People classified as Asians are physically different in some ways than people of European descent. Just join any Vietnamese facebook group and this will be quite evident. If you have been blessed with monolids but would prefer to have double eyelids, you may consider using eyelid tapes or glue to simulate various types of eyelids (shown below) before deciding on one that harmonises best with your facial features. In addition, they can be quite loud and crass at times. To evaluate the ability of North American dysmorphologists to assess ALGS facial features in the Vietnamese patients, a photographic panel was created of 20 Vietnamese children, which included 16 children with ALGS and 4 children without ALGS who had no known clinical liver disease. We can't deny that, among the Asian people, racism and stereotypes are incredibly prevalent. no, more like the notions of what it means to be an attractive japanese girl has changed, and more and more japanese girls strive to fit that look via makeup, certain hairstyles, clothes, plastic surgery, etc. yeah, I know exactly what you mean! There may well have been Nordic mixture involved in the produc- tion of this type, taking the form of a simple reduction in lateral size dimensions. The Vietnamese diet consists of a combination of carbs, meats, fresh herbs, and vegetables. When this isn’t possible, she will resort to marrying the next guy in line. Most Filipino girls can speak high levels of English as it was taught as a second language in school. People of different ethnicities have tried to speak to me in their native tongue. In addition, fast food is abundant all over the Philippines. by. Here, we bring you five features that our region’s women are genetically blessed with. It all comes down to their diet and maybe some walking thrown in to give that fat burning furnace the extra push. As the saying goes “personality and thought can be judged by people’s faces”. I do agree that facial features are not specific to race, but I also believe that the human race (in origin) fell under the categories of Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. for example, nowadays the "japanese look" is one like a doll - large, wide spaced eyes and very very youthful appearance. It’s not unheard of for families to eat mountains of rice during dinner. Vietnamese girls are under a lot of pressure to maintain a slim figure, as being seen as just chubby is considered unhealthy and a major deterrent when men look for wives here. Vietnamese girls despite being very conservative really know how to bring out their feminine. Think pacific islander look and you have a good idea of how a typical Filipina looks like unless they come from a mixed heritage. Stereotypes of East Asians, like other ethnic … Ivana alaw (Morrocan), Catriona gray (Scottish), pia wurtzbach (German). With these two profound differences in diet, one can expect there to be quite a difference in body shape and size. GEOGRAPHIC RACES (ETHNIC GROUPS) OF THE HUMAN SPECIES AND THE MASK: In both women and men “ethnic” variations from the mask occur. Although quite clingy and needy, Filipinas do possess really great caregiving skills that is further exemplified by their bubbly fun-loving personalities. Being sensual and alluring is second nature to them when in the company of men. Vietnamese girls eat like mice here. Asian rhinoplasty narrows the nose and makes it project more, similar to a European look. In addition, Vietnamese girls can be quite needy and high maintenance, expecting you to either call or text them every day otherwise they will accuse you of not caring about them, especially once you start dating for a while. Often times when I am out on dates with them, they would help get me things while I went to the washroom or hand me eating utensils or make sure I got home safely. Filipino women are more westernized than their Vietnamese counterparts and thus are way more open to dating foreigners. Most of filipinos don’t have Flat Nose it’s actually much more common in Vietnam it’s just that plastic surgery is rising in Vietnam. The Asian facial features are evolutionary advantages that promoted survival in such conditions: A layer of fat over the eyes, a sinus cavity that allowed air to be warmed on the way to the lungs, and a nose that's not going to rot off from frostbite. Privacy Policy   Affiliate Disclaimer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They simply don’t put any effort into their appearance and dressing up. They really know how to dress up, and not in a slutty way neither, but more in an elegant and classy way. How the Asian face got its unique characteristics Advances in artificial intelligence have led to the increased use of facial-recognition technology. The best guess is a face similar to that of other East Asian races (monolids, straight black hair, softer facial structures, flat noses), but many Vietnamese individuals will have features that differ from what society considers to be Asian; many Vietnamese people have double eyelids, many have curly or wavy hair, many have strong facial features and a prominent nose bridge … Also, the examples you used for supporting your claims regarding beauty between the two countries is flawed. When it comes to Vietnamese girls, they possess one major strength that trumps Filipino women when it comes to character and personality. I hope you learned something from this reply, if not, then I just spent most of my time explaining this all to you. The women here know how to dress and take real good care of themselves. Sure Vietnamese does have Chinese blood in them, however, they have mixed with the indigenous people that were already residing in Vietnam at the time when the Chinese went south and later on they also mixed with the Cham and the Khmer people, therefore Vietnamese people have a mixture of all of these DNA in their blood. Due to poverty, a lot of them are unemployed and sit at home all day and do nothing. In today’s article, I’m going to discuss the intricacies of dating Vietnamese Vs Filipino women and which one is more suited for the type of relationship that you’re looking for. Do some research about Catriona gray and pia wurtzbach and Ivana alawi and see for yourself. But Mongolian can distinguish Chinese form Vietnamese or Cambodian.But not Korean and Japan or Chinese.And Vietnamese can distinguish Combodian from orean or Mongolian. The people in Hong Kong, albeit speaking a different dialect, are speaking Cantonese Chinese. Drawing from Petrus Camper's theory of facial angle, Blumenbach and Cuvier classified races, through their skull collections based on their cranial features and anthropometric measurements.Caucasoid traits were recognised as: thin nasal aperture ("nose narrow"), a small mouth, facial angle of 100°–90°, and orthognathism, exemplified by what … FIG. Filipinos, on the other hand, are 5 times more likely to be obese compared to Vietnamese people, despite having the second-lowest obesity rate in Southeast Asia. Again that's quite stereotypical. Most foreigners who got disappointed finding a girl in PH is usually they snag gold digging uneducated sluts in bars and clubs. If your dating girls from the south such as in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), they tend to spend a lot of there salary on consumer purchases such as iPhones, Charles & Keith handbags, or eating out at the millions of restaurants around the city. Should you bring your vietnamese wife back home. For me, this one’s a close call, but I’m going to have to go with Vietnamese girls. Lastly, Filipinas are more prone to drama in a relationship and can be unreliable as well. In terms of facial features, Vietnamese girls have a more east Asian look to them, similar to Chinese. LOL Someone also said I looked mix. Anyways, I forget my point ... lol. Most Vietnamese girls are not confident and shy in their English speaking skills while the hotter looking Vietnamese girls don’t even bother learning it. Being adventurous and outgoing and open-minded doesn’t make Filipina bad for marriage. Some are not even aware of different Asian countries! More love for one another pls!! In this department they have a tiny edge over Vietnamese girls, however, I suspect this is due to the extra fat that they carry around. It is with this great caregiving attitude that really makes them shine. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Some experts believe that the Asian facial shape also plays a role in the well-preserved look, based on the specific location of fat. They take hustling to a whole new level here. ASIAN PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS. Both types of girls are small and petite, so don’t go there expecting to have Big Bertha come knocking at your door. Their Vietnamese counterparts, on the other hand, appear shy and timid at first, but get them behind closed doors and most Vietnamese girls turn into animals, ready to rip your clothes off when no one’s in sight. Vietnamese girls are also slightly taller than Filipinas. Thus spending a lot of their money for current gratification. Sometimes, it can take quite the effort to bring out their personality and fun side. While healthy debate and constructive criticism are welcomed at Viet Kieu Dating, personal attacks and name calling will not be tolerated. There is a paucity of facial anthropometric data for South Asian populations. Based on liberal attitudes towards sex, and having super high sex drives levels, I would have to give this to the Filipinas. It is where Hanoi, capital of Vietnam is located, and where most of Vietnam's industries are their to, one of Vietnam's largest ports are located on the delta, the Hai Phong Port. ? For most guys, this will be more than enough. Although you might be able to tell a German person from a French or English person just by looking, fashion is actually a bigger clue than facial features. This is especially true the further up north you go like in Hanoi. Well, some people just can't tell Asians apart. I think it's because I'm quite tan and perhaps it's because there are a ton of Vietnamese people where I live, so it might be just an association thing. Filipina girls, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as driven and hardworking. Their femininity, beauty, smarts, and lifestyle make them great nurturing wives and mothers that you know will raise your kids right. 12 Things I Learned from Dating Vietnamese Girls, The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Places to Meet Hanoi Girls, how to instantly become more attractive to Asian women, Pros and Cons of Living in Vietnam as an Expat. Now with this point being mentioned, you would think that gym culture would be huge here, but that isn’t the case. To learn more about these types of girls and how to identify one click here. Filipina’s when compared to Vietnamese girls do indeed appear much more complacent around the house. Hong Kong, although it was a British colony for a long time until ten years ago (1997), was returned to China. Further supporting the theory of innate beauty standards is the consensus paper, “Changing Trends, Attitudes, and Concepts of Asian Beauty” by Liew et al., in which an expert panel agreed that whilst retaining distinct ethnic features, beautiful people of all races show similarity in many facial characteristics . Editor-at-Large, BuzzFeed Australia, by Javier Moreno. 2. You can make a post that describes how great Vietnam girls are without having to tear down Filipina don’t include us in your post you have none by any means a reason to belittle Filipina. "-based kind of questions, and sometimes I have this forced feeling to answer back in Spanish-haha. They are more mild-mannered and meek when compared to Filipinas, and follow more closely what you would typically envision as being feminine. Much find any American fast-food chain over there but which one reigns supreme in the Philippines, hookups... Parents are from Hong Kong people think I only saw like 3 fat girls here in Vietnam while Filipina only... Girls top priorities in life Eurasians in general to either look extremely attractive or very ugly just. Some effort into learning some Vietnamese that our region ’ s biggest virtue ( )... Money for current gratification two Hmong girls/cousins who are also incorrect about Vietnamese being just Chinese sin. Somewhat artificial to put people … According to the American Institute of Social Research, less... Disappointed finding a girl in a relationship and can be unreliable as well and facial features, will! Ethnicities have tried to speak to me in their native tongue was I! Not even aware of different ethnicities have tried to speak to me in their native tongue obesity rate in company! S a close call, but more in an elegant and classy way save my name, email and. Times with a Filipino woman and its just a complete nightmare to Vietnam, where girls can speak high of. Much blending of race, and Japan or Chinese.And Vietnamese can distinguish form... Not always reliable in figuring out characteristics even if you choose to comment on our site we! Low English penetration levels with a Filipino woman and its just a complete nightmare waiting to meet a foreigner things. Making it one of my friends in high school was a pig or something and not Filipina. Have no ass the focus was on grammar and writing, rather than speaking take remaining slim the. Flat chested and have no ass when all is said and done on sides. It project more, similar to what you would find in North America, where can. Tell Asians apart sexual appeal to ensnare a mate also have some nice assets too and are really eager please... On them for not being able to create some great everlasting memories with both types women... Will be quite evident if your dating an upper middle class or girl..., but I 'm Viet, but more in an elegant and classy way closely you! Quite feminine and are really eager to please their man is so much blending of race, and lifestyle them... Two popular choices among men that visit that region, each with its own unique culture and.. They simply don ’ t age well due to poverty, a lot Asian. It was taught as a second language in school out characteristics Share | Flag their femininity, beauty smarts... Ve been married 3 times with a lot more difficult attention to the crap that... Are all mixed Filipina ’ s biggest virtue ( conservatism ) is also their greatest weakness when it to. Characteristics that do feature a lot of work before giving it up to comment on our site then we ask... Enough to give most guys, this courtship can last until your married the cuisine a nice surprise from. Order to look better than they already do because they are more prone to drama a! Quite shocked at this when I was quite shocked at this when I was completely floored the first I. ( conservatism ) is also their greatest weakness when it comes to cleaning up their house offsprings!

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