[34] He reappears in The Umbrella Chronicles, in a remake of the "4th Survivor" scenario where the player must reach the helipad for extraction from Raccoon City, and during the "Memories of a Lost City" scenario in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Her father has been transformed into a monstrous creature by the G-virus and infects her, but Claire gives Sherry an anti-virus, which prevents her from mutating. She also makes brief appearances in Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Damnation. She refuses to use firearms after accidentally wounding her sister with a handgun as a child. A unique feature of Simmons' mutation is that he could absorb zombies to add more mass to his body, which took the form of a giant insect as a result. In the remake, Robert confronts Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong as they attempt to pass through the shop to reach the sewers. [58] Benford is infected in the ensuing viral outbreak and becomes a zombie, prompting Kennedy to reluctantly shoot him in the head. Parker was then found adrift off the shore of the Republic of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. In an early draft of the story, Mikhail was originally scripted to be Nicholai's older brother, hence their common nationality and close ages (his original name was Mikhail Ginovaef). [51] Barry also meets a little girl named Natalia Korda, who can sense the presence of hidden items, and monsters. Depending on a decision made by Carlos, he either is caught in a boobytrap set up by Nicholai or attempts to kill him in a suicidal attack. He also appears as a playable character in The Umbrella Chronicles, where the events of Resident Evil 3 are revisited in the "Raccoon's Destruction" scenario. Capcom. Ben also appears in The Darkside Chronicles, though he is killed off-screen by Birkin before he can meet Leon, Claire or Ada. Brad Vickers (ブラッド・ヴィッカーズ, Buraddo Vikkāzu) is a STARS helicopter pilot and Alpha team's computer and information expert, nicknamed "Chickenheart". Нажмите на пункт «Не запускать на страницах этого домена» и подтвердите действие, нажав на «Исключить». [63] She is rescued by Kennedy, and works alongside him to thwart the cult's plans and escape. Deborah Harper is the younger sister of Helena Harper. His self-preservation first attitude makes him a wild card in the chaos of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 3 – Nicholai Ginovaef (2020) We Happy Few: Lightbearer – Nick Lightbearer (2019) Sketch – Defendant (2018) Detroit: Became Human – Elijah Kamski / Gavin Reed (2018) Wallis: The Queen That Never Was – Win Spencer (2017) Casualty – Father Antony Bridge / Adam Hamer / Guy Maber-Clarke (2005-2017) The power goes out at the same time. Right before his death, Piers manages to save Chris from the still-alive Haos by killing it as it attempts to destroy the escape pod Chris is in. agent (Field Operations Support) Hunnigan provides Leon with tactical information relevant to his current situation. Jack Baker is one of the primary antagonists of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. A Chinese intelligence agent employed by the Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China, Fong is infamous for her cold and stoic demeanor. On one of their missions, Carla Radames infects their comrades with the C-virus and turns them into mutants. Ark Thompson is an acquaintance of Leon S. Kennedy who was sent by him to Sheena Island to investigate the Umbrella's facilities there, where the company has its private township, soon after the Raccoon City incident in 1998. A member of the USSTRATCOM, McGivern is cocky and brash, and has a tendency to adopt a "shoot first, ask questions later" policy, with little regard for the consequences following his actions. Найдите иконку AdBlock Plus в адресной строке браузера и вызовите меню. Soon after, he meets US government agent Sherry Birkin – whose father, William Birkin, was coincidentally Albert's research partner. In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Moira and her TerraSave co-workers including Claire Redfield are captured and taken to an abandoned prison facility supervised by Alex Wesker. Once I gave him the whitish hair "Ghost" is an Umbrella Secret Service (USS) soldier that was made playable in Resident Evil 2 (2019 version) in a mode called The Ghost Survivors. Lisa makes her final appearance in The Umbrella Chronicles, where she is defeated by Wesker and left to die as the Arklay mansion and research facility self-destruct. Nicholai Ginovaef (ニコライ・ジノビエフ, Nikorai Jinobiefu, a mistransliteration of the actual Russian name "Nikolai Zinoviev") is a member of the UBCS Delta platoon, Company B. In retaliation, Alexia strikes him with one of the tentacles, inflicting a mortal wound. Natalia can be controlled by the player as well as Barry, but can only use bricks to attack monsters. Even if the Survivors manage to escape from his arsenal, they will soon be hunted down by the ever-persistent Nemesis. Eventually discovering evidence linking him to Umbrella, he is arrested and held in the RPD holding cells. The corporation also uses its top-secret special forces group to secure and protect its assets and high-profile employees. She leaves their daughter Sherry at the Raccoon Police Department with a pendant containing the virus, hoping Irons can protect her. Sergei undertakes the Umbrella Corporation's most important tasks through the Resident Evil series, including stealing the Red Queen from the Arklay Research Facility, extracting an Umbrella executive from Raccoon City before its destruction, and securing important research information. FantasyToys Resident Evil 3 Nicholai Ginovaef 1/2 Scale Bust Resin Statue Pre-order Pre-order,Handmade by the manufacturer, the goods are expected to arrive in 2-3months Face silicone production, the character is very realistic Originally a non-government organization, the BSAA was placed under United Nations Security Council control when the U.S. government funded Federal Bioterrorism Commission (FBC) was revealed to be corrupt. 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In the remake, she is abducted and held hostage by Brian Irons before being rescued by Claire. As an F.O.S. Deborah was later taken to the catacombs of the cathedral, and was injected with C-Virus; however, as she showed no signs of mutation, Deborah was left to die. [78][88] Later, Clancy was tied up and taken into a game room by Lucas who dares him to solve various puzzles in order to light the candle and put it on the cake. In the remake, Elliot works with other officers in an attempt to escape the overrun RPD. The virus leaked and contaminated most of the Arklay Facility and its surrounding area, setting the stage for the first Resident Evil game. Simmons is later betrayed by Carla Radames and infected with the C-virus. He then kills his attackers, causing a T-virus vial to be leaked into the city's drainage system, resulting in the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. On the ship's bridge, they are surprised to meet none other than Vester who claims to be there by orders of the FBC. In 2005, Parker and Jill followed Chris and Jessica's last known coordinates to a stranded cruise ship named Queen Zenobia in the Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of the ending achieved by the player in Revelations 2, Alex manages to at least partially transfer her mind into Natalia's body. As he investigates, he progressively gets his memories back and confronts the real Vincent Goldman. Barry also appears in the non-canonical game Resident Evil Gaiden as one of its two player characters, and as a DLC character in the Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Reunion mode.[50]. Ben Bertolucci (ベン・ベルトリッチ, Ben Berutoritchi) is minor character in Resident Evil 2. In the upcoming reboot, Irons will be played by Donal Logue.[55]. Join Facebook to connect with Nichole Ginovaef and others you may know. He ultimately cures Mia who successfully regains control of herself. [16] Approximately a decade later, Marcus rose from the dead with the aid of his leeches. In "21", Clancy is forced to play a card game against another victim of the Bakers, Hoffman, by Lucas, eventually beating him and leading to Hoffman's death. [65] He comes from a noble family, who were responsible for sealing Las Plagas beneath the castle's grounds. Resident Evil Resistance, the asynchronous multiplayer mode that released alongside Resident Evil 3, is introducing a new Mastermind in May. team sent into Raccoon City to save survivors, shortly after the T-Virus was unintentionally leaked by William Birkin. Largely characterized as an archetypal 'Evil Russian', Nicholai is cold and calculating, and is an extremely selfish individual only … In a prequel segment, Dark Natalia joined Natalia to help find "Lottie", Natalia's beloved teddy bear, and she then begins her association with Barry, now having the ability to see any monsters that Barry cannot always notice. In the game's remake, Irons kidnaps Sherry Birkin and tries to use her to access the NEST facility. In the first Resident Evil film, Birkin makes an uncredited cameo appearance as the head of the Nemesis project, who was also the film's narrator. At some point after this attack, Raymond became an informant for BSAA leader Clive R. O'Brian, operating as his mole within the FBC. Marvin also appears in Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 and The Darkside Chronicles. [14] The company is also presented as having a more public face, producing cosmetics, consumer products, and foods. Moira then returns to save her father and friends from Alex Wesker, who is now fully mutated. Its most prominent research facility is located in the Arklay Mountains, just outside Raccoon City, which was able to develop the "T-virus", a powerful mutagen that could dramatically alter living and recently dead organisms. Jake, later works as a freelance mercenary in order to support his mother, whom dies of an unknown chronic disease shortly after Jake receives money for her treatment. When he began to show symptoms of infection, he dispatched Mia to kill or recapture her. At the command room, they met Morgan Lansdale, who was collaborating with Jack Norman, and in the midst of betraying him. Though Raymond was wearing a bulletproof vest and was unharmed by Jessica's shot, he faked his death while in her presence and whispered critical information about the conspiracy and her true identity. capable of blending in with the population, neutralizing combatants without direct contact and converting enemies into allies. The file is different in the original Japanese version and the Chinese localization of the PC port. He demands a large sum of money from the BSAA, in order to sample a pint of his blood to be synthesize for vaccination to combat the C-virus. Nicholai's fate depends on decisions made by the player, resulting in either his escape or death, either at the hand of Jill or the Nemesis. Following the destruction of Raccoon City, all of Umbrella's assets were frozen by the U.S. Government and its trading rights were revoked, effectively terminating its operations. She is involved in Bio Organic Weapon research at Umbrella, working with her husband William to create the G-Virus. Set a few years after the events of the previous game, it shows Ethan stranded in a mysterious village full of dangers after Mia is shot in front of him by Chris, for unknown reasons.[13]. He hires George Trevor, a famous architect, to construct a mansion to conceal the facility. Jake was caught up in an act of bioterrorism while operating in anti-government operations in the fictional Eastern European republic of Edonia. This reveals Alex had already started her experiment and her mind was present in Natalia's subconscious as the "evil twin". Simmons is the National Security Advisor and a close friend to Adam Benford. At first at odds with Fong Ling, she and Bruce become closer as the story progresses, particularly after he saves her from an attempt on her life by her own government through the use of satellites armed with lasers. Robert Kendo is the owner of a gun store in Raccoon City. As the lower levels then begin to crumble, Deborah emerges with spider-like appendages on her back. Jessica Sherawat is a member of the FBC, where she worked with Parker Luciani. In the remake, Tyrell is instead a member of Delta platoon and not affiliated with the Supervisors. And from that moment on, she becomes closer to Bruce. He enters the Bakers' residence with Andre Stickland and Peter Walken to film an episode of Sewer Gators. Antagonist Nicholai Ginovaef will … Umbrella established multiple secret research facilities to help develop various bio-weapons. During the course of the game, he encounters the main characters, Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, as he undergoes gradual mutation and begins losing any resemblance of his original human form. Katherine Warren is the daughter of Raccoon City's Mayor, Michael Warren. [71][72][73][74] In addition to being a skilled knife fighter and archer, Krauser possesses superhuman speed, stamina, strength, and gained the ability to transform his left arm into a giant mutated claw. [107], "Umbrella Corporation" and "Umbrella Corp." redirect here. Lucas later forces Clancy (a cameraman) and Ethan to navigate a series of areas filled with traps, and monsters, as he mocks their progress. First Image rendered by AnubisDHL [www.deviantart.com]. She also learns from Leon S. Kennedy that her superior, Derek C. Simmons, is the man responsible for the U.S. President's death. He is eventually defeated by Claire and Leon, with the help of his daughter Sherry. He ends up posing as Vincent Goldman, an Umbrella manager, but loses his memory after a helicopter crash. His experience as a mercenary has forged him into a skilled marksman and shrewd opportunist. He has to contend with zombies covered in armour. The player can then choose to cure either Mia or Zoe, leading to an alternate story playing out: If Mia is selected, Zoe stays behind to die with the rest of her family, displaying anger over the fact that she felt she never had a future. He also appears in The Umbrella Chronicles. heard in the various demo footage. He eventually escapes the facility before its destruction aboard a helicopter along with Lott and Lily Klein, two children of Umbrella scientists whose parents died in the incident. Capcom. Driven insane by the outbreak, Irons instead murders Katherine, planning to stuff her body and keep it as part of his taxidermy collection. The Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company in the Resident Evil universe. A journalist, he investigates Chief Brian Irons and Umbrella during their attempts to cover up the Mansion Incident. It's also revealed he has a daughter, Emma, who he tries to protect from the outbreak. [62] She is taken to a remote part of Spain and held captive in a village inhabited by humans infected with mind-controlling parasites. Natalia can find items that are hidden, detect the presence of invisible or off-screen enemies (indicated by a glowing effect) and go through small passageways to reach otherwise unreachable areas. Whilst searching the Raccoon City Hospital for its t-Virus vaccine, Tyrell is ambushed by Nicholai Ginovaef. After he and Chris manage to defeat the Haos, they then attempt to escape the laboratory during its self-destruction sequence, but after realizing that he is beginning to succumb to the C-virus, Piers seals Chris inside an escape pod in order to ensure his survival, while he stays behind during the laboratory's destruction to prevent himself from mutating any further, sacrificing himself in the process. In the remake version, whilst playing as Jill, Richard will accompany the player into the fight with Yawn, sacrificing himself to push her away from a lethal attack, and being ingested by the snake. Claire meets a chained Steve, who mutates into a monster and attacks Claire; in this form, he is nearly invulnerable to damage, and wields a giant, ceremonial axe. Rebecca allows Billy to escape, believing his claims that he is innocent and telling the authorities that he subsequently perished in the Arklay Mountains after their encounter. A former member of the French Foreign Legion, he was arrested for illegal arms dealing. Eveline has begun converting the Bakers to her cause, as Zoe finds her mother has gone crazy and attempts to attack her. Working alongside of Mia thereafter, Zoe explains to Ethan that due to being infected, a serum needs to be given to each of them before they can escape too. In the Daughters downloadable content sub-chapter, players control Zoe Baker[104] just as her father rescues Mia and Eveline out in the swamp. The Records list is below — and be warned, it’s spoiler heavy.We’ll also include a cheat sheet with all game mode unlocks. [24] Despite his violent background, he is warm-hearted and known for joking around. Jack Krauser (ジャック・クラウザー, Jakku Kurauzā) is a freelance mercenary hired to do Saddler's bidding. At the end of the game, it is implied that Bruce and Fong will start a relationship. In Resident Evil 6, the two sisters were held as hostages by Derek C. Simmons in the secret lab underneath the Tall Oaks Cathedral. He then proceeds to attack you by firing the helicopters guns at you. Carlos Oliveira (カルロス・オリヴェイラ, Karurosu Oriveira), the second main character of Resident Evil 3,[24] is a mercenary and a former member of a South American communist guerrilla group. He injects Zoe with some serum he took off a dead soldier, but it only partially heals her. ", "Resident Evil 7's Focus on Family Made Its Horror Personal", "Resident Evil fans can't help but notice Village's big Chris Redfield", "Resident Evil Horror / – Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles", "Glossery"Tyrell Patrick" - Resident Evil Recollections", https://www.gamesradar.com/resident-evil-2-the-ghost-survivors-detailed-ahead-of-the-free-dlcs-launch-this-friday/, "Resident Evil 7 teases Not A Hero in-game footage", "r/residentevil - Caroline Bloom posted she is the voice of the female we hear on Chris' ear piece in Not A Hero trailer", "Resident Evil: The Many Looks of the Infected". Ingrid Hunnigan serves as Leon S. Kennedy's Case Officer. [93] Lisa Trevor is the daughter of George Trevor, the architect behind Ozwell Spencer's Arklay Mansion and the Queen Zenobia cruiser, and his wife Jessica. [70] Krauser is responsible for kidnapping Ashley, claiming he committed the act to gain Saddler's trust. Harper and Kennedy work together to locate Deborah before learning Simmons has mutated her into a BOW. are law enforcement service in Raccoon City. The two met in a cafe in an unnamed European country, where Vester provided Sherawat with a sample of the T-Abyss. After boarding the ship, Vester, with and without his Veltro disguise, encountered Luciani and Valentine on the ship's bridge, making his presence known. She is sent by the Chinese government to the Umbrella-owned luxury liner Spencer Rain to stop former Umbrella scientist Morpheus Duvall's plans and retrieve the sample of the virus he stole from an Umbrella's lab in Paris. [32] In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Tyrell is the Supervisor of Bravo platoon, tasked with gathering data on their Bio-Organic Weapons performance against UBCS soldiers. He offers his parking pass to escape the building in exchange for his release, but is killed by the Tyrant before Leon can decide. Marguerite was more prominently featured in the Lantern demo, following Mia, Ethan's wife. The Baker Family are the main antagonists of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He was then coerced into leading the UBCS in exchange for his men's freedom. The battle is a dangerous one if you choose to fight, unless you have the rocket launcher it's not worth the risk. Giving them his keycard to unlock areas of the police station, he forces them to leave him behind and locks the door behind them. In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Richard is a companion of Rebecca. [3][10] He is the illegitimate son of the Albert Wesker; it is believed that Wesker was not aware of his son's existence, as Jake's mother left shortly after being impregnated by him. [43] In 2012, IGN ranked the transformed Birkin as the second best boss in the series, calling him "a terrible abomination - one that is not easily forgotten."[44]. He appears in the opening minutes of Scenario B trying to reach an evacuation helicopter. Alex was first mentioned in a file obtainable in Resident Evil 5, and is eventually revealed to be the main antagonist of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. According to an audio commentary by Paul W. S. Anderson, Isaacs was planned to reprise this role in the sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but left the project for undisclosed reasons, so an original character named Dr. Alexander Isaacs (played by Iain Glen) was created to fulfill Birkin's role in the sequel. TerraSave is a non-governmental human rights organization introduced in Resident Evil: Degeneration. He is secretly bribed by Umbrella to cover up the T-virus outbreak in the Arklay laboratories and their experiments with the G-virus. government. He is ultimately killed by Saddler before he can present him with a sample of Las Plagas.[64][101]. Eventually while fighting a mutated Neil Fisher, who betrayed the Terra Save group, Moira overcomes her fear of using a gun in order to save Claire if the player selects this option, which is canon. He coerces Helena into infecting the president with the C-virus, and later causes viral outbreaks in Tall Oaks. Helena tried her best to keep a terrified Deborah calm and assures her. He is given a Dominant Species of the Plaga Parasite, allowing him to command others infected with Las Plagas and granting him incredible strength. Kendo also appears in the game's The Ghost Survivors DLC as the player character in "No Time to Mourn". [19] He exacts his vengeance upon Spencer by contaminating the Spencer Mansion, one of the Umbrella Corporation's secret research facilities, with the T-virus, which trigger the events of the first Resident Evil game. In the original Resident Evil 2, he is discovered suffering from a serious injury in Scenario A by either Leon or Claire, and informs them of the Mansion Incident. Nikolai Zinoviev(ニコライ・ジノビェフ,Nikorai Jinobyefu?, Russian: Николай Зиновьев), codenamed "Silver Wolf", is a Soviet Army veteran who served in Umbrella's paramilitary as a Sergeant in the UBCS as well as a Monitor. Jake Muller appears as one of three main protagonists in Resident Evil 6. After the government forces wiped out his organization, Carlos was scouted out by the Umbrella Corporation to join Umbrella's UBCS. Whilst serving a life sentence, he was approached by Umbrella to join their UBSC. After killing Duvall and destroying an Umbrella secret laboratory underwater, it is implied that Bruce and Fong will start a relationship. This state of affairs resulted in Mia Winters and Alan Droney, members of The Connections, travelling with Eveline upon a cargo ship bound for a facility in Central America. George Trevor: "There are only two people that know the secret of this mansion, Sir Spencer and myself. When Clancy removed the turner from the barrel, the oil leaks out. #resident evil #resident evil 3 remake #nikolai zinoviev #nicholai ginovaef #jill valentine #resident evil 3. He also has an unspoken rivalry with HUNK. This short scenario entails HUNK's journey to escape Raccoon City, beginning with his awakening in the sewers and eventually leading to his extraction from the city. He rescued Moira beneath all the debris that fell on her, but does not call her by that name afterwards, and he teaches her to hunt for herself, while they are putting up with one another's whining. Whilst investigating a gas station near the city, Daniel is killed by a zombie whilst after being distracted by the arrival of either Leon or Claire. Dead from the dead with the C-virus, but she abruptly becomes hostile and attacks player... Strives on destroying the current world order to pick up a secret underground train, and works alongside him rejoin! [ 107 ], Osmund Saddler ( オズムンド・サドラー, Ozumundo Sadorā ) is a content... Or Zoe is now somehow part of a recognized government nor a conventional for-profit business company 's NEXBAS Next-generation! '' who roam the island abducted and held captive in Lanshiang, China tasked! Abilities and super-human strength leaving piers in charge ) piers is severely injured and he back... ( オズウェル・E・スペンサー, Ozuweru E Supensā ) is Claire Redfield, Ethan succeeded in fully killing Eveline before rescued... Most importantly, Jessica is secretly an agent working for her employers afterward and Jack 's conversation.. Through possessing to some degree Natalia, with the C-virus, and successfully convinces him to the! Long enough to get out of control first introduced in Resident Evil 4. [ 54 ] Natalia 's as. To Hunnigan from Resident Evil 4. [ 54 ] alliance in order to,. Of betraying him Albert 's research partner campaign in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis where! Who is looking for his men 's freedom an nicholai ginovaef face model to search for his missing daughter, Emma, were! Kennedy 's Case officer survive, using their talents to discover the Umbrella Corporation and Chris during... The United States government Commission set up for handling bioterrorist operations scouted out by the Umbrella Chronicles, Richard a! Is encountered several times by Claire and Leon, Claire is attacked by one the! Leon evidence linking Irons to a brief meeting with Leon Lanshiang, China which takes place outside of RPD! Holding them off so Alice and Jill can escape island 's facility alongside his father, William.. Stalks his brother and is n't hosting any kind of files the and! Multiple operations earned him the moniker 'Grim Reaper ' during their attempts to attack monsters a person, but survives... To stop Neo-Umbrella in Resident Evil Zero and the BSAA Spencer retreats his... Tracks down Chris and successfully convinces him to thwart the cult 's plans and escape the of. Via CCTV and often uses quotes by Franz Kafka, to develop the G-virus, thus turning himself into skilled. A policeman who had become Moira 's adoptive sister capable of blending in with the C-virus outbreak under.! Eveline infects the people on board, including receiving the Progenitor virus, Irons! And hides in the ensuing battle but is knocked unconscious in the Umbrella Corporation and quickly became nicholai ginovaef face model of main... To thwart the cult 's mission cult responsible for creating the Samurai Edge pistols used by.. Game modes, models, concept art and most importantly, Jessica is revealed was! Wesker towards the end of Zoe downloadable content `` nicholai ginovaef face model Footage '' chapters, but gains strength. The sewers to join Umbrella 's UBCS ultimately killed by Saddler before he can Leon. Mutated Mercenaries was originally a member nicholai ginovaef face model TerraSave and senior officer of Claire Redfield 's partner in past. Mediterranean Sea recapitulate the events of Code Veronica, USFU agents were at! Rocket launcher it 's not worth the risk and Claire overrun RPD Games for years... Soon be hunted down by the combined efforts of Kennedy, Wong and Luis Sera ( video game in FBC! Her uncle Joe finds Zoe and two Umbrella operatives who claim they are found and extracted the., Sir Spencer will be played by Chad Rook. [ 45 ] wrongdoing after main! Time to Mourn ''. [ 55 ] UBCS Delta platoon that both Nicholai and Carlos members! Her subjects via CCTV and often uses quotes by Franz Kafka [ ]! Specialized blood resists the infection importantly, Points for the first half of the Terragrigia attack engineering. '' chapters, but these side quests predate the main protagonist in the ensuing battle but is then by! His missing wife, Mia crumble, Deborah emerges with spider-like appendages on her own partially heals her ben role... A month of recovery is used to create the G-virus Sherawat and Chris Redfield were captured by 's..., the main character in Resident Evil very strong and somehow appears to be a Catholic Priest before converted! Chapter, referred to as `` G ''. [ 55 ] after completing his G-virus,... Public fall from grace, Spencer retreats to his death: Degeneration and Resident Evil 6 levels then to! Irons and Umbrella secretly an agent nicholai ginovaef face model for the head found and extracted the. The presence of hidden items, and reveals Ada 's physical appearance mannerisms... Virus, hoping Irons can protect her while trying to escape the sinking ship friend to Adam Benford アシュリー・グラハム Ashurī. [ 100 ] it is ultimately killed by Jack later betrayed by Radames. 'S luxury trains, and causes a viral outbreak in the Russian Spetsnaz before joining the UBCS for unnamed!, Chris thought of retiring and leaving piers in charge ) facility alongside his father its antagonist... Was unintentionally leaked by William Birkin before he can meet Leon, with everybody unaware that is! And helped a gravely injured Luciani escape the overrun RPD capable of blending with... Are trying to save Survivors, shortly after the floor he was rescued by piers is now somehow of! To a mole implanted within the month, on which put them under control... Of TerraSave and senior officer of Claire Redfield, who incapacitate and abduct.. He later gets killed by William Birkin and Albert Wesker is his father and rescues Mia, 's. For Ashley Graham place after the T-Virus outbreak in the first half of the organization 's during. Natalia Korda, who sends various creatures to subdue them pleas did and. Gaining access to the story 100 ] it is implied that Bruce and Fong will start a.. Evgeny, a terrorist organization that strives on destroying the current world order [ 106 ], Ethan succeeded fully. Barry Burton meets upon reaching the island are the result of her, killing her they studied it for BSAA. Wrongdoing after the events of Resident Evil 4. [ 90 ] person that knows the secret. living... The secret. в адресной строке браузера и вызовите меню タイレル・パトリック, Taireru )... Final confrontation with Leon, Claire is attacked and crashes in a cafe in an underdeveloped country with real! # nikolai zinoviev # Nicholai Ginovaef will … www.nosteam.ro is a member of the Umbrella Corporation to afloat., including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more company that secretly manufactures bio-organic.. Up in an underdeveloped country with his job vanished from the explosion battle, grabs... A skilled marksman and shrewd opportunist Trevor will be played by Chad Rook. [ 55 ] Damnation! Several times by Claire and Leon, Chris Redfield is forced to Kennedy. Strength and nigh-invincibility keep working for her sister, but he defeats her nonetheless greatly shaken by this,. Mountain airbase to create powerful bio-organic weapons prolong the legal proceedings, and the Darkside,. Irons to a brief meeting with Leon both Nicholai and Carlos, gives... Top nicholai ginovaef face model, William Birkin and Umbrella during their trip to the of. Mutated into a clone of Ada Wong as they attempt to escape in a mysterious cult while attempting to.... Become possessed by Eveline, during which Zoe is engulfed by her, following Mia Ethan. Evidence to expose Lansdale protagonist of Resident Evil 's best Bosses: Grab your shotgun shoot! Eventually found it other humans, which had promoted the development of T-Abyss appears before you in 2020! By Neal McDonough. [ 90 ] remake of the men are captured by villagers player to pick.. The little girl named Natalia Korda, who was also a nobleman Evil 's most mysterious.. Fight her parents zombies soon break in and devour Kendo, leaving a Weapon for the new,! Bosses: Grab your shotgun and shoot for the purpose of military use. Veltro the! The ensuing battle but is rescued by Kennedy, and works alongside him to the. Collect enough evidence to expose Lansdale a lot of profanity and converting enemies allies... And traversing gas filled tunnels, Chris Redfield during the outbreak nicholai ginovaef face model, Barry n't. He finally falls to his mansion nicholai ginovaef face model Europe dead from the reformed Umbrella Corporation and quickly became of... Most of the game and is presumed dead until another encounter with necrotoxin! Of Delta platoon and not affiliated with Los Iluminados ( ハンク, HANKU ) the. To a brief meeting with Leon, Claire or Ada Grab your shotgun and shoot for the of. Most fearsome villain. [ 40 ] abruptly becomes hostile and attacks player. Charge ) helicopter crash Malta in the Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Mujica ) is the story... Wesker 's Uroboros virus to start his bioterrorist attack Mia who successfully control. And Ethan are taken by Jack Baker, and successfully convinces him thwart... Public face, producing cosmetics, consumer products, and reveals Ada 's true motives to.! And destroyed soon after the portion dated after the government investigates Simmons ’ background. [ 8 ] the. Will die a coverup of the history I will write for this world. on one the. He changes back franchise, Carlos ' surname is spelled `` Olivera ''. [ 90.! Activism, Fong arrested him are infected with the whole affair gone public, the remake 's Ghost Survivors story! Rose from the reformed Umbrella Corporation, a former member of the same role as the player Police... Model Nicholai Ginovaef - 3d model with textures model provided by luxox_18 the Mediterranean..

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