Lord Lee's second son, Sir George Lockhart (c. 1630-1689), was lord-advocate in Cromwell's time, and was celebrated for his persuasive eloquence; in 1674, when he was disbarred for alleged disrespect to the court of session in advising an appeal to parliament, fifty barristers showed their sympathy for him by withdrawing from practice. Which statement best describes the purpose of a conclusion in a persuasive letter? 2- She is a very persuasive speaker, by the end of the debate, she had everyone on her side. A clear technical strategy, founded on evidence, is the most persuasive way to unite partners in a cohesive approach. : It is a pervasive mode of thought and is likely to show up in all sorts of places and be associated with most shades of opinion. Writing not-so-appealing sentence starter. (3) He made a persuasive argument. These two basic elements are important in any memo, but to create a persuasive memo there's more to consider. Baxter was possessed by an unconquerable belief in the power of persuasive argument. These three conditions were interdependent; and Henry IV., with his persuasive manners, his frank and charming character, and his personal valour, seemed capable of keeping them all three. They are persuasive in thier opionions, yet respectful of other stances. At first his discourse was tender and persuasive, but his voice was drowned in the clicker of cups and saucers. a) Record the topic sentences in each of the “Topic Sentence” sections under the “Support for Thesis” headings in the outline below. persuasiveness uncountable noun. He has the same imperturbable and persuasive effrontery in protesting that he is doing one thing at the moment when his energies are concentrated on doing the opposite. I can be very persuasive when I want to be. . One of the immediate results of this triumph of his policy was the increase of Oldenbarneveldt's influence and authority in the government of the Republic. In this capacity his industry, singular grasp of affairs, and persuasive powers of speech speedily gained for him a position of influence. Zenaida Yanovsky is a completely persuasive Balanchine dancer, very assured and very sassy. Though celebrities have a great deal of influence on their fans, the information against smoking is even more persuasive. When attempting to write a persuasive memo, along with clarifying the purpose and action you expect the recipient to take, you'll want to include a third key point--the advantages for taking action. Instead, what you want is a memo that's succinct and persuasive; a memo crafted to get noticed and acted upon rather than "misfiled" in the trash or lost in a stack of things to be accomplished. You're the most persuasive person I've ever met. First, a "free puppies" ad can be very persuasive. 2. allye only persuasive power to which he responds is 250,000 allied troops on his doorstep. . Realizing the futility of making her dream a reality, she instead is goaded into prostitution by a persuasive pimp. While point #1 is very emotionally driven, … They were to use persuasive techniques to influence the reader. In many cities, police corruption is a pervasive issue that touches all communities. b) Your topic sentences should be persuasive in nature and support your thesis. persuasively adverb [ADVERB with verb] ...a trained lawyer who can present arguments persuasively. And although Beale recognizes that much may be speculative, by the end the cumulative argument becomes very persuasive. He has, I think, pretty persuasive arguments against both these extremes. In the German Reichstag he was the leading authority on matters of finance and economics, as well as a clear and persuasive speaker, and it was chiefly owing to him that a gold currency was adopted and that the German Imperial Bank took its present form; in his later years he wrote and spoke strongly against bimetallism. Examples of persuasion in a sentence: 1. Persuasive in a sentence (1) The writer aerateed his writing with a persuasive colloquialism. … Huffman won an Oscar nomination for her performance, and tho I 've never been a pre-op male-to-female transsexual, it seemed persuasive enough. Merlin was both mentor and advisor to King Arthur until Merlin fell to the persuasive charms of Nimue (although some tales say it was the Lady of the Lake) and imprisoned for all time. Determine if it's persuasive or informative. persuasive communicator, you'll always put the needs of the customer first. Beyond that, it is fair because the Bible supports … (2) His analysis is in many ways highly persuasive. He was educated at the seminary of Quebec, where he developed the gift of declamatory and persuasive oratory. Persuasive Words to Use When Addressing Your Audience. There are few people who are as persuasive as he is. To create a persuasive memo, the key is to grab the reader's attention first so they actually read it. He was an active prelate, and perhaps the vigorous Protestantism of the West in Elizabeth's reign was partly due to his persuasive powers. Vegetarians have a huge number of statistics in their favor when it comes to presenting persuasive arguments in favor of their eating habits. 145+4 sentence examples: 1. The eurosceptics ' most persuasive argument is that the EU is ' imposed on the people ' . Realizing that his cause was not advanced by persuasive eloquence, he adopted a threatening attitude which caused men of sober judgment to waver in their allegiance. Make sure that you create an attention-grabbing … Judith Spencer, however, was the most persuasive of all. use persuasive techniques to influence the reader. The good news is that you can learn to be more powerfully persuasive. 3. While the correct format should be followed, the language of a persuasive memo targets its audience by taking into consideration who they are. Second Paragraph I have several reasons for thinking this, my first !being . Focus on Persuasive Communication: Do not lose sight of the fact that business proposals must be written in a persuasive manner. This forethought aids in producing a persuasive memo that is focused and assures every important detail will be addressed. Everyone has a part to play, and a persuasive memo lets the recipient know their part, that they are valued, and clearly details what is expected as a whole and their part to make it happen. I'm sure answers might be forthcoming via direct and persuasive questioning. His wide blue eyes were smiling their most persuasive smile as he held two books out toward her. Examples of Pervasive in a sentence. banged a bucket this terribly persuasive. They will sound persuasive with their talk of " keeping the right people on board " . So again, in the modified Benthamism which the persuasive exposition of J. Buying in a group has also proved persuasive to reduce prices. A persuasive memo should be no longer than one page. If it needs persuasion to keep you, I do not want you here. The Committee agreed that this data from Dr. Fombonne was persuasive and indicated that the frequency of regressive autism appeared not to have increased. Grant writing courses can help you learn how to become a more effective and persuasive writer, ultimately leading toward more financial resources for your organization. persuasive argument for why these flights can't get in two hours later. Her religious … Online stores often offer extremely competitive pricing and this can be a persuasive factor when buying a stress reducing device. These are two very persuasive reasons why looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional water heater is essential. In her speech there was no excitement or speciousness, but a persuasive sweetness and serenity, learnt from duty and temperance. !I am concerned about . Other Words from persuasive Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about persuasive. Examples of Persuasion in a sentence Roland’s attempts at persuasion failed miserably, judging by the fact that he was still arrested after his excuse to the guards. 92. Don't let this type of carelessness sap the persuasive nature of your business memo. arguments in favor of luxury were persuasive! However there is no persuasive evidence of any causal linkage between drug use and property crime for the vast majority of this group. Especially relevant, using this technique a writer can convince a reader that his opinion of a topic is correct. All Rights Reserved. What do you think were some of the more persuasive arguments on the other side? To write a persuasive memo, you first must have a clear understanding of who the recipient(s) will be and what you hope to accomplish by sending the memo. Later, they wished they'd been more persuasive. It's difficult to see persuasive in a sentence . Eventually he would have thought about Scott Muldrow, and Denton could be persuasive. Although not everyone will agree, I want to !present the idea that . However, for others, the savings that can be found online combined with the comfort of being able to shop from your arm chair are persuasive benefits. Just by reading that single sentence, your audience should know exactly what topic you’ll be discussing and where you stand on the issue. Keep scrolling for more. Pervasive in a sentence | pervasive example sentences The practice is so pervasive. realize>Realizing the futility of making her dream a reality, she instead is goaded into prostitution by a persuasive pimp. Persuasive essays are those in which you must convince a reader that your position on an issue is the correct one. Throughout this period Abd-el-Kader showed himself a born leader of men, a great soldier, a capable administrator, a persuasive orator, a chivalrous opponent. : Even from there, the odor was pervasive, competing quite successfully against the warm aroma of cinnamon from the plum torte in the oven. Furthermore, he was a man of great ambition, persuasive eloquence and wide generosity; qualities which especially appealed at that time to the classes from whom he was to draw his support. Proofread it carefully, checking to be sure it is clear, complete, persuasive, and free from grammar and spelling mistakes. No one can travel far in America without meeting scores of Chichikovs: indeed, he is an accurate portrait of the American promoter, of the successful commercial traveller, whose success depends entirely not on the real value and usefulness of his stock-in-trade, but on his knowledge of human nature and the persuasive power of his tongue. . They know him along with the all- pervasive. A persuasive, motivational and inspirational speech by Mark Twain. It's important for a grant writer to be properly trained in persuasive speech and winning words, as what is seen on paper is usually all a non-profit is able to present to a grant giving organization. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. His diary reveals a tender and devout private life which has been overlooked by those who have only considered the versatile facility and persuasive expediency that marked the successful public career of the bishop, and earned! Voters are concerned about the pervasive rate of unemployment … The name "blarney" has passed into the language to denote a peculiar kind of persuasive eloquence, alleged to be characteristic of the natives of Ireland. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. (1) The writer aerateed his writing with a, (8) Few were able to resist this charismatic and, (13) The blisters were hurting and the men, (21) He was, in any case(sentencedict.com/, (25) Of course, the propounding may be very, (26) But their other argument is possibly more, (27) Findings suggest that while television is more informative than the press, it is less, (28) His arguments in favour of a new school are very, (29) But the core of Labour's complaint is that the press influenced its readers by lies and distortions rather than by, (30) But because it was idealistic it was the more, (4) His arguments in favour of a new school are very. That just proves the pervasive societal. Your thesis is the most important sentence in your persuasive essay. Persuasive Essay: writing to convince others of your opinion. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The case for the Lord Chancellor to set a figure below 3% is highly persuasive. Carly is bright, has great presence and excellent persuasive skills. How to use persuasive in a sentence. Quote. Persuasive writing technique is an interesting style of writing for the students. The media’s pervasive coverage of the epidemic has most of the country living in fear. !I think that (the issue) is a really good idea. Persuasive Tone -- An executive summary should be worded with persuasion in mind. But the economic reality of space in Manhattan can be persuasive. Persuasive language is used for many reasons, for example, to help to sell products or services, or to convince people to accept a view or idea. Shame: The Life-Long Sentence This Halloween, police officers in Atlanta, Georgia put signs on homes of Online stores also often offer good prices which can be a persuasive argument. Thus, you may want to convince an audience that animal testing is immoral or that genetically modified foods are harmful. No persuasion would make him remain. (5) I was hyped up by his persuasive remarks. Synonyms: convincing, telling, effective, winning More Synonyms of … I believe that . I went to the session and found the presentation quite persuasive. Baxter was possessed by an unconquerable belief in the power of persuasive argument. Others find the convenience of the Internet a persuasive factor and welcome the opportunity to purchase a watch from the comfort of an armchair! After his master's death, in the third period of his own life, and during his connexion with Alexander, but before the final construction of his philosophy into a system, he was tending to write more and more in the didactic style; to separate from dialectic, not only metaphysics, but also politics, rhetoric and poetry; to admit by the side of philosophy the arts of persuasive language; to think it part of their legitimate work to rouse the passions; and in all these ways to depart from the ascetic rigidity of the philosophy of Plato, so as to prepare for the tolerant spirit of his own, and especially for his ethical doctrine that virtue consists not in suppressing but in moderating almost all human passions. I'm sure answers might be forthcoming via direct and persuasive questioning. persuasive brown whose can be extended term the governor. He was always assiduously graceful, always desiring to present his idea, his image, his rhapsody, in as persuasive a light as possible, and, particularly, with as much harmony as possible. .! Use ‘persuasive’ in a sentence | ‘persuasive’ example sentences 1- She had to be at her most persuasive before being allowed to send the tempramental and accident-prone filly over timber. In the Scottish campaign of 1547 he was present at the barren victory of Pinkie, and in the next year was taken prisoner at Saint Monance, but aided by his persuasive tongue he escaped to the English garrison at Lauder, where he was once more besieged, only returning to England on the conclusion of peace in 1550. How to use persuasive definition in a sentence. Definition of persuasive. persuasive brown whose on a typical the event of insurance manager. View Essay - Persuasive Essay.docx from ENGLISH 101 at Brigham Young University, Idaho. 3) Write at least three details for each topic sentence. A persuasive memo engages the reader's interest before issuing a directive, where as an informative memo outlines the facts and then requests the reader's actions. : tending to persuade. A cut above the rest. In impressive and persuasive oratory he sets before Israel, in a form adapted to the needs of the age in which he lived, the fundamental principles which Moses had taught. Richard has obviously been extremely persuasive asking officers to donate their uniforms to the museum. This persuasive approach clarifies the goal, the action to be taken and the reasons why it benefits the company and/or the individual. Furthermore, the selection of words is the most important factor while writing persuasively. While it’s true that persuasion is a matter of presenting organized thoughts and arguments, there are still a few key, individual words you can make use of to keep your audience engaged. You must be persuasive enough that people feel like they want, or even need to give money after reading your letter. 2. persuasive rationales from the Sales team. Bordeaux was a persuasive man with a tendency to move fast - apparently not only with women. But what happens when those with bad intentions deploy persuasive techniques? They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Simply enough, the introductory paragraph introduces the argument of your paper. Incorporate facts, data, and other analytical information. So strong was her persuasion on his mind. Jupiter in your th But there is one piece of evidence that at first glance seems persuasive. The codified criteria of originality (after Young) is no long-standing tradition and the characterisation of use as theft is persuasive rhetorical flourish. Expository Writing: Social and Ethical Issues in Print, Photography, and Film: This class discusses how to write persuasive editorials and articles regarding complex social and ethical issues. Instead, this portion of your cover letter is offering a persuasive interpretation of your resume. It's difficult to see persuasive in a sentence. In the parliament which met on the 12th of February 1376, Lord Latimer and Alice Perrers, the king's mistress, a lady of good birth, and not (as the mendacious St Albans chronicler alleged) the ugly but persuasive daughter of a tiler, were impeached, and Wykeham took a leading part against Latimer, even to the extent of opposing his being allowed counsel. Remember the fable of the Sun and the Wind and be gently persuasive. Someone or something that is persuasive is likely to persuade a person to believe or do a particular thing. The definition of persuasive is someone or something with the power to convince. persuasive. Transition Words for Persuasive Essays. The most important function of the introductory paragraph, however, is to present a clear statement of the paper’… They are often brilliant, and sometimes very penetrating in their judgment of men and books; but the most constant element is a pervasive humour, and this humour, by turns playful and sentimental, is largely characteristic of his poetry, which sprang from a genial temper, quick in … Certainly the arguments against congressional involvement are well short of persuasive. sentence examples. The second origin, which I find more persuasive is it comes from the Czech word Tabor meaning camp. 136. A Tender Motive, a dissuasive from sin, a persuasive to yielding and to righteousness. It will take more studies against school uniforms, or more persuasive studies in favor, before this issue will ever truly be resolved. Rather than resort to force, Kurt tried persuasion, hoping his enemies would listen to reason and choose not to fight. Companies are ill-prepared to manage middlescence because it is so pervasive, largely invisible, and culturally uncharted. Persuasive definition definition is - a definition that seeks to influence the attitude of the hearer to something by redefining its name. . Cardinal Siffrein, who is known as the Abbe Maury (1746-1817), resumed all the known artifices of sermon-style in a volume which has a permanent historical value, the well-known Essai sur l'eloquence de la chaire (1810); he was himself rather a fiery politician than a persuasive divine. a) These details should provide support for the topic sentence. She also identified a need for a stronger press release circulation system, researched the options and created a persuasive proposal that convinced the president of our organization to find the funds for the project. You're the most persuasive person I've ever met. https://www.foboko.com/sentence-dictionary/english/persuasive Furthermore (3) he was a man of great ambition, persuasive eloquence and wide generosity; qualities which especially appealed at that time to the classes from whom he was to draw his support - hence the warning of Solon (Frag. Cyprian had none of that character which makes the reading of Tertullian, whom he himself called his magister, so interesting and piquant, but he possessed other qualities which Tertullian lacked, especially the art of presenting his thoughts in simple, smooth and clear language, yet in a style which is not wanting in warmth and persuasive power. Economical - one of the most persuasive arguments for 'going green' is the cost savings that it can bring in addition to the long term environmental benefits. A persuasive memo is written to communicate goals, expectations and solve problems. He is very persuasive and you need to be pretty strong-minded to say no to him. 136. Persuasive pronunciation. 491. The budget demonstrated at once its author's absolute mastery over figures and the persuasive force of his expository gift. 3. “I've worked with people who went to the same university that you did, … . An example of persuasive is an argument that changes someone's mind. Persuasive Speech Outline Example Although there is no right or wrong when it comes to speech writing, there is always the matter of getting your points across in an orderly manner. Persuasive Sentence Starters Introduction! But if we pass from this criticism of form to the actual contents of the two books, we are bound to confess that they constitute a wonderfully cogent and persuasive theistic argument. The death penalty is a good deterrent for criminals. He has that power of concise and lucid narration, of terse reasoning, of persuasive appeal, which is required by the forensic speaker. He has the personality and the persuasiveness to make you change your mind. Huffman won an Oscar nomination for her performance, and tho I've never been a pre-op male-to-female transsexual, it seemed persuasive enough. But though Maurice and his other opponents had reluctantly yielded to the advocate's skilful diplomacy and persuasive arguments, a soreness remained between the statesman and the stadholder which was destined never to be healed. persuasive eloquence if it is worn on the neck. Just like writing a story which often begins with “once upon a time” (not really), drafting your own speech outline must start with the attention step . A well-constructed introductory paragraph immediately captures a reader’s interest and gives appropriate background information about the paper’s topic. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Which sentence uses transitions most effectively?-Reducing paper usage benefits the school; for example, money previously budgeted for paper could be spent on creative instructional materials. monologueeatures can be employed to frame the objective for an artificial system which is to generate persuasive monolog. Toy fads and television show tieins can be powerfully persuasive to children. It brings wealth if it is worn chastely; it endows you with persuasive eloquence if it is worn on the neck. Such a paragraph might include a brief summary of the ideas to be discussed in body of the paper as well as other information relevant to your paper’s argument. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. You want your thesis to be crystal clear and to accurately set up the rest of your essay. monologueucially, the process of creating a persuasive monolog is assumed to be complete before it is uttered to an audience. Rhetoric is a faculty on any subject of investigating what may be persuasive (acOavov), which is the work of no other art; its means are artificial and inartificial evidences (7riorecs), and, among artificial evidences, especially the logical arguments of example and enthymeme. The occupiers stubbornly resisted persuasive efforts to leave, but eventually the peaceful siege of the island ended. While he shows the persuasive art of an orator by presenting the subjugation of Gaul and his own action in the Civil War in the light most favourable to his claim to rule the Roman world, he is entirely free from the Roman fashion of self-laudation or disparagement of an adversary. The high quality and satisfaction of Pennine tenants was equally persuasive. Passive voice hides the actor in sentence, which detracts from clarity and readability. (4) Trevor can be very persuasive. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Taylor is more persuasive when he is developing his second main thesis - that of the alleged existence of an ultimate dualism in the nature of morality.

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