58 watching. Octaves run from an E string on top, down to an F string. Folk Harp Hand Made 29 Nylon Strings 3 lever Harp . Rees has been building harps since 1972. Used Pedal Harps Used Lever Harps Harp Accessories Virginia Harp Center Virginia Showroom 14356 Sommerville Court Midlothian, VA 23113 804-378-3761 virginia@vaharpcenter.com Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm Saturday: 10am-3pm 4 out of 5 stars (8) 8 product ratings - DEURA 22 STRINGS LEVERS ROSEWOOD HARP … 19 Strings Lever Harp Hand Made, With free Bag, Strings and Tuning Key. Lever Harps 34 strings has become the standard compass for lever harps. 1st octave 2nd octave 3rd octave 4th octave 5th octave . These are the strings found on most lever harps. Other types of strings are further down. Unlike with many other instruments (such as guitars, violins, and even pedal harps), there isn't a standard set of strings for the lever harp. Only 1 left! Harp Collections. Fortunately, the Celtic Harps by Dusty Strings always identify their top string as #1 and simply count down the harp. Free shipping. How many strings do you want? Information on graduated string spacing and an overview of lever harp string tension issues. $799.99. Lever Harp Strings Individual harp strings or string sets for lever harps by Camac, Dusty Strings, Lyon & Healy and Salvi. Large Lever (35+ strings) Medium Lever (29-34 strings) Small Lever (22-28 strings) Lever-Free/Lap; Wire/Cross/Double/Triple; Concert Grand Pedal; Semi-Grand Pedal; Small Pedal; Electric Gut strings have a very warm sound often described as “thumpy.” They are relatively expensive and are exceedingly vulnerable to changes in humidity which increases the need to frequently tune the harp. Harp makers use many types and gauges of strings. 10) Available: Strings for harp - The Salvi Livia, Aida, Heather, Julia, Egan, Ana, McFall or Lyon & Healy Lyric and Shamrock models only. ; Folk or lever harps have about 26 to 38 strings; Pedal harps can have from 40 to 47 strings.40 strings are fine for some purposes, but in an orchestra you will probably want 46 or 47 strings. This Lever Gauge Carbon (used on Camac lever harps) will give a similar string tension to Lever Gauge gut. We are also the makers of Harpsicle® Harps. Just one ‘ping’ on a string convinced me the Eos was the harp for me – many thanks.” Lever Harp Nylon String Sets. 1. All strings are equipped with brass Pilgrim Levers. Bow Brand LEVER NYLON from 1E to 2F, Bow Brand LEVER GUT from 3E to 5B, Bow Brand LEVER WIRE 5A to 6A with tarnish resistant treatment and color coated C and F strings. The harp is mostly made of natural materials – wood, gut and glue, so good harp care is essential. Strings and range: The bass strings are wire-wrapped nylon; middle range are "light pedal gut"; and nylon for just the top 3 strings in the first octave. Lyon & Healy Lever Harp Strings. Standard Wires; Tarnish Resistant Wire; Atlanta Harp Center Nylon; Premier Harp Strings. Lap harps have about 15-26 strings. On lever harps, C is always red and F is always a dark color, usually dark blue. Strings for the entire range of Camac harps | Harp strings in gut, nylon, fluorocarbon | Sold individually and as sets for pedal, lever and electric harps. Strings for pedal harps and common types of lever harps are carried in stock. You absolutely cannot assume that just because your harp has the same number of strings as another harp, it uses the same string set. This system reaches back nearly 200 years. $700.00. Bow Brand Lever Gut 2nd C (No. Its bright and clear, yet resonant sound offers an inspiring playing experience for the beginner of any age. Lighter tension nylon strings designed for certain lever harps. This harp has one of the highest numbers of strings, amongst all others. $345.00. Therefore, as a courtesy to our customers, we are providing printable string charts for many popular harps. 40 strings are fine for some purposes, but in an orchestra you will probably want 46 or 47 strings. On lever harps one adjusts a string's note mid-performance by flipping a lever, which shortens the string enough to raise the pitch by a chromatic sharp. Free shipping. Discover affordable collection of Lever Harps, The classic and elegant designs Celtic Harps models, 22 Strings, lap harp, 27 Strings, 34 Strings, 38 and 40 Strings Full Pedal Harp String Set; Pedal Harp Half Set; Nylon Top Strings Set (G00 to F7) Pedal Harp Gut String Set; Pedal Harp Bass Wire Set; Alliance KF Set; Lever Harp String Sets. They do voice distinctively and are an advantage on some lever harps. As with the gut strings, most wires are pedal tension unless the strings have “lever” or “folk” in the name. Middle C is in the 4th Octave. Metal wound strings at the bass of the harp. Premier Strings Lever Tension Gut; Premier Strings Pedal Tension Gut; Octave Sets; Bow Brand Strings. Lyon & Healy Harps is pleased to introduce the Drake, a light-tension 34-string lever harp. Lyre Harp16 Metal Strings … You will immediately notice that some strings are different colors on most types of harps. $799.99. The 34 string range is 6th octave C (two octaves below middle C) to 1st octave A or, in the lever harp designation, "string 5 through 38". Our harps are … We supply the full range of harp strings available from Bow Brand, who have over 100 years experience of manufacturing the finest quality gut strings available today. The range includes harps for each investment choice: from beginners to students, from teachers to performers on stages around the world. In total, there are seven pedals that help you adjust the notes that you are wanting to play. There can be as much as a tonne of tension on the harp’s strings, so any knocks or blows to the harp can have long-term effects. STUDENT LEVER HARPS. The Pedal Harp menus also offer choices for the standard "Factory" stringing, Nylon 1st-2nd Octave, and Pirastro Nylon. The highest note on lever harps is in the 1st Octave. We understand that a handmade celtic harp represents a real investment for any player and buying one is just the starting point! $299.00. 58 watching. Concert gut: natural gut strings, heavy tension, for pedal harps. Free shipping. In fact, smaller harps can be harder to learn on! The Lyon & Healy sound is marked by its resonance, its … Nylon/nylon wrapped strings need to be changed if the wraps begin to wear heavily at the top of the string (causing the wrap to lose) or, if a harp is played frequently about every two years.

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