By specifying that this particular clone be genetically unaltered and grow at the normal, non accelerated rate, Fett could reasonably expect that Boba Fett would learn all the skills and values he wanted to teach him.[3]. At some point during his youth, … [16] Haugg had lied to the disgraced Mandalorian, however, and after a brief skirmish between the two bounty hunters, Montross headed to the Gazzari system while Fett searched Haugg's database and found a transmission from Connus Trell, the Twi'lek Senator from Ryloth. She often teased Jango. Fett provided the clone with a name, Boba Fett, and chose to raise him as his own. Vosa murmured "He… is here." Jango Fett was a human male born on Concord Dawn, where his family was killed by the Death Watch, a splinter group from the legendary True Mandalorians. Deemed too independent and uncontrollable, they were labeled "Null-class" and were to be exterminated as failures until Skirata stepped in on their behalf. [17] The first battalions consisted of two-hundred thousand units;[3] in time Fett's clones numbered in the millions. It was there that Dooku witnessed Jango Fett kill numerous Jedi, five with his bare hands. Temuera Morrison, who portrayed Jango Fett in the prequels, first appeared in the premiere and returned in Chapter 14 to kick some serious Stormtrooper butt. However, as well-known as Boba's armor is, many still don't know the meaning behind some of the symbols on it, namely the Mythosaur skull and Jaster Mereel's sigil. Domain names: Ambu Fett, and.... Stiffy Borborygmus??? Jango Fett was one of the most skilled and deadly bounty hunters to walk the face of the Galaxy, known for his incredibly toughness and ability to kill. Although Roz would warn Fett of the danger and the Bando Gora's ominous reputation, she provided him with a lead on a death stick dealer with possible ties to the cult operating on Coruscant.[16]. Fett succeeded in attaining the statue by killing a Seylott native, but was persuaded by his rival and contemporary Zam Wesell to re-acquire the statue from Khorda to save the galactic capital. Fett, however, remembered Rozatta's final wish and asked for one clone produced without genetic tampering, an apprentice and son that would become Jaster's legacy and revive the Mandalorians. He is present during the events of The Phantom Menace and assists Darth Sidious as his main ally. Boba and Jango aren't the only popular Star Wars characters to make waves on the show - the arrival of Ashoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, also went down a treat. The bounty was a test to determine if the rumors of Fett's skills against Jedi were true. [1] Though he told others he came from this Mandalorian world, his exact history remained unknown, much to Fett's enjoyment. Subservient to the will of the new Galactic Emperor, they enforced the laws of the New Order and suppressed Sidious' enemies during the early days of the Imperial Era. [41] However, Jango was stated to be a Mandalorian in the Z-6 Jetpack entry on the Databank[10] and in Star Wars Helmet Collection 17. The clones' true purpose was fulfilled through Order 66, the directive to terminate all Jedi. The Toydarian fired his hyperdrive to escape Fett but the ultimate outcome of the hunt is unknown, though Fett certainly survived.[27]. Jango Fett Fett fights his way through, and out of, Desolation Alley. With his family dead and his home in ruins, Fett joined the Mandalorians as they regrouped in a nearby town in order to stage an ambush on the Death Watch. Montross was allowed to leave, cursing Fett as he slipped off into exile, while Jango Fett became the new Mand'alor, leader of the Mandalorians.[12]. It also makes the armor rightfully Boba’s even, if he doesn’t adopt Mandalorian culture as his father did. That evening, Fett went to see how Skirata was coping with the boys, arriving at his room with his son Boba asleep in his arms. Darth Tyranus makes Fett a tempting offer. Kenobi tracked Fett to Geonosis where he discovered the bounty hunter's connection with Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. [12] When their blasters were reflected by the Jedi's lightsabers, Fett ordered the use of projectiles and provision of cover via jetpacks. This can be seen in every scene Jango appears in with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is 1.79 meters tall, and is reflected in. Species Mandalorians[1]True Mandalorians[1]Galactic Republic[3]Confederacy of Independent Systems[3] The Hutt decided to simply kill Fett by feeding the famed bounty hunter to her pet Krayt dragon. Black[3] Boba carried on Jango's legacy by becoming a renowned bounty hunter in his own right. [19] Fett would personally oversee the training of the one-hundred Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commandos, considered the most skilled and elite soldiers in the Grand Army. Even utilizing a jetpack, however, Myles was killed by one of the Jedi while Fett could only watch.[13]. Introduced in Haden Blackman and Ramón F Bach's Jango Fett: Open Seasons, Jaster was an integral part of the Mandalorian Civil War and served as the Mand'alor – the leader of all clans. Jango Fett takes aim while employing his jetpack. Jango Fettis a Mandalorian mercenary from Star Wars. [9] At some point, he was taught by a mentor and became a Mandalorian foundling, participating in the Mandalorian Civil Wars. [16], Leaving Wesell in her cell because of her apparent betrayal, Fett set off to return to Outland Station. Regarded as the best mercenary in the … (Contracts are granted by certain Bounty Hunter Leader Abilities.) [8] At another, Jango Fett was also an associate of pirate captain Hondo Ohnaka and fellow bounty hunter Aurra Sing. [5] During a bounty hunting assignment, he warned Zam Wesell to be careful when handling a pair of poisonous kouhuns. A short while later, Boba returned with the tooth and asked his father why he made him do this. Human[4] After the Clone Wars, Fett's clones were continuously used as soldiers of the Republic's successor state, the Galactic Empire. Payout: Jango Fett gains Damage Immunity for 2 turns, which cannot be … Though struck down by Mace Windu in combat, Fett's legacy would live on through his son Boba, as well as his cloned brethren, who would have a profound impact on galactic history. Star Wars Attack of the Clones Saga Legends 2010 Jango Fett Action Figure SL05 [Full Armor] As Jango Fett answers Obi-Wan Kenobis questions on Kamino, he gauges the level of threat posed by the Jedis investigation. [12] At the landing zone, Montross urged the Mandalorians to heed Mereel's final orders and pull out, claiming that both Mereel and Fett were dead. At some point Silas was captured and tortured by the sith Dooku in order to get information about Jango Fett, Silas refused, but the count was able to get the information by injecting him a powerful truth serum, he later ordered the torture droids to stop Silas heart and kill him. Tan[3] Innocent and indignant, Fett ordered his troops to open fire, specifically on Vosa whom he called a "loudmouth". Biographical information Clone troopers were identical copies of Jango Fett, albeit modified for growth acceleration and docility. Died Fett pursued Reti to Nod Kartha before he finally caught up with him in a flurry of laser cannon blasts from Slave I. His personal starship was the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I. Fett's father served as a Journeyman Protector, a civilian lawman on Concord Dawn, having taken over the role when the former Protector, Jaster Mereel, was exiled and joined the Mandalorians. Years later, he would go on to lead them through much of the Mandalorian Civil War as Mandalore. Vizsla savagely beat Fett's father in front of the boy while he demanded the location of the hidden Mandalorians, even going so far as threatening to shoot him in the head right in front of his son. Cassus Fett is the ancestor of Jango and Boba Fett, who fought in the Mandalorian Wars. The two battled for a short time before Kenobi went over the edge of the landing platform, giving Fett an opportunity to escape. Jango agreed to be the model for the clone troopers in exchange for a significant payment, as well as another request: the creation of a clone that had not been genetically modified to alter its behavior or growth time. The battle between Jango Fett and Mace Windu ended with the mercenary's death at the hands of the Jedi Order's champion. [38] Jeff Bennett provided Fett's voice in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. [8], Before the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, Jango's son Boba was set to star in a four-episode arc featuring him and fellow bounty hunter Cad Bane. He knew best when to make use of evasion, which enabled him to outlast his enemies. He teamed up with Sing, the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk, and the Klatooinian bounty hunter Castas in order to avenge his father's death. Many Mandalorians used this type of jetpack, including Jango Fett and Boba Fett. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Confederacy of Independent Systems individuals, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Starfighter Aces: Jango Fett – Legendary Bounty Hunter, Attack of the Clones Read-Along Storybook and CD, The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark, From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back, William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh: Star Wars Part the Second, Padmé Amidala - Senator of Naboo (AOTC) -, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Helmets: Boba Fett–Notorious Bounty Hunter, Weapons & Uniforms: The Grand Army of the Republic, Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to Rogue One, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, Highlights of the Saga: Raid on the Jedi Temple, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Star Wars Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons of the Force, Star Wars: Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious, Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, New Edition, Every Language in Star Wars Movies | Star Wars By the Numbers, Starfighter Aces: Obi-Wan Kenobi – Clone Wars General, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian: Making of Season Two, Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Head-to-Head, The Untold Clone Wars Panel - Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, [12] As a combatant, he was proficient in both marksmanship and unarmed combat. As the Jedi ships began to land, Fett desperately tried to warn his second-in-command, Myles, and the other Mandalorians to evacuate the camp, but his helmet's comlink had been damaged in his escape from Vizsla and they only received Fett's warning when he arrived seconds before the Jedi team. Fett attempted to use his jetpack to get away, but was unaware of the malfunction caused by the reek, and was subsequently killed by Windu, who first cut his blaster in half and then decapitated him, with his headless corpse falling to the ground seconds later. Mandalorians[7]Confederacy of Independent Systems[3] Trust no one, but use everyone. [11] On Mandalore, however, he was not held in high regard by the New Mandalorian faction, with their Prime Minister Almec dismissing him as a mere bounty hunter who had obtained Mandalorian armor via unknown means. Having one last duel with Montross, he denied his old foe an honorable "warrior's" death, instead allowing the Bando Gora to proudly finish Montross off. [28] In 40 ABY Boba, along with his granddaughter Mirta Gev, retrieved Fett's remains from Geonosis so that they could be buried on Mandalore next to Boba's daughter, Ailyn Vel. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. In the last days of the Separatist Crisis, Fett was involved in the failed plot to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala on Coruscant. Jango Fett with Missile-Launching Jetpack, Mythmaking: Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology, The Making of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars Battlefront II: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars: Empire at War: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars: Panel to Panel Volume 2: Expanding the Universe, Underworld: A Galaxy of Scum and Villainy, Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Expansion: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Special Edition, Saga Edition Web Enhancement 2: Encounter Design 101. Cassus is why the Neo-Crusaders became big, turning the Mandalorians into a powerful force intent on galactic conquest. 66 BBY (31BrS),[2] Concord Dawn[1] Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi attempted to capture Fett before he could escape from Kamino. The Mandalorian armor that he wore featured various weapons and gadgets, including a flamethrower, dual WESTAR-34 blaster pistols, and a jetpack. [8][10] Jango was also known to use the JT-12 jetpack which was a lighter weight model of the Z-6. Jango Fett's family were farmers and grew up on the agriculture planet Concord Dawn. Fleeing into the nearby crop field, Fett was rescued by Mereel and his soldiers while his parents were murdered[9] and his sister taken by the Death Watch.[10]. However, Windu retrieved it with a simple Force Pull. It was then that Montross, through with taking Mereel's orders, abandoned the seriously injured Mand'alor and left him to die by Vizsla's hand. Placed in charge of the group humorously referred to as "Jango's Grunts", Fett and his team were in charge of providing cover fire and ensuring that the extraction point remained clear of danger. He considered the cloning contract no different than any other, and despite Kal Skirata's apprehension about working with the Jedi on the army's creation, Fett displayed his neutrality by simply pointing out that it was just business. [8], In 41 BBY, Fett somehow lost his armor in the Meridian sector. Jango was then hired by Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation, to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala. When Fett surprised Meeko and offered him the chance to be taken in alive, Meeko fled, commanding his borhek to attack Fett. Affiliation(s) Clan(s) Fett also worked out his own moral code that he deemed honorable by his standards. Hair color Fett and Kenobi met in Fett's Tipoca City quarters on civil terms, with Fett going so far as to claim it was "always a pleasure to meet a Jedi" in spite of his adversarial past with the Order. While Fett had personally killed many Jedi on Galidraan, Tyranus considered his former apprentice a more challenging test. As part of his payment, Fett was given an unaltered clone whom he raised as his son, Boba Fett. Jango Fett fires at Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino. Boba asked Fett for guidance, and Fett told him that what happened to Neelda was his choice. Orphaned at a young age, Fett was taken in by the Mandalorians as a foundling and trained in their combat arts. While Fett fought back the Death Watch soldiers, Mereel and Montross came under attack by Vizsla himself.[12]. Jango, looking at the ruined female nearing her death, lowered his weapons. However, on the landing platform where Fett's ship, Slave I, was docked, they were ambushed by Kenobi. [3] Likewise, while battling Luke Skywalker over the Pit of Carkoon, Boba's jetpack was accidentally activated by Han Solo, launching him into the side of Jabba's sail barge and into the sarlacc. A massive battle broke out between the Jedi and the droid army that poured into the arena, although Fett would remain at Dooku's side; when Jedi Council member Coleman Trebor attempted to assault the skybox and confront Dooku, Fett unloaded several blaster bolts into the Jedi Master, killing him and knocking him off the balcony. Although he was generously compensated for his service as a clone template, he surprised his Kaminoan benefactors by requesting the creation of a clone for himself. Leadership: Bounty Hunter Instincts When a Bounty Hunter Ally scores a Critical Hit there is a 30% chance to place a Thermal Detonator on the target enemy. Died Peu de temps après la Bataille de Naboo, il fut engagé par Dooku, sous le nom de Tyranus, afin de servir de souche génétique à une armée de clones.Jango accepta contre une grosse somme ainsi qu’un clone non modifié qu’il éleva comme son fils et baptisa Boba. [22], In 23 BBY Tyranus employed Fett to kill the leader of a resistance force determined to free Kuat's population from its servitude. Using the firefight as a distraction, Fett planted an explosive charge beneath the Death Watch's armored tank, destroying it. Bane's Story, Wait for It, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, Star Wars Helmet Collection 22 (Helmets: In Pictures), Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars Helmet Collection 33 (Helmets: Commander Neyo), Star Wars Helmet Collection 41 (Helmets: Jango Fett), Star Wars: Build Your Own X-Wing 11 (Starfighter Aces: Jango Fett – Legendary Bounty Hunter)–class. Jango eventually became the Mand'alor, the name of the leader of all Mandalorians. The Mitrinomon Z-6 was a more common model of jetpack used by the Mandalorians. [Source]. The Mandalorian Civil War ended on Galidraan, with Jango’s warriors nearly wiped out by a Jedi task force led by Tyranus, who was, at the time, the Jedi Master Dooku. This Star Wars Battlefront II Prequel Mod Turns It into the Prequel Trilogy, Adding Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Jango Fett and More. [18] He would also become a military consultant and helped to create the flash training regimen used to instruct all of the young clones, including in it the traditional Mandalorian song Vode An as a useful tool to help instill within them with a sense of purpose, modifying it slightly in order to give it meaning for soldiers serving the Republic. Full of Surprises, Blood Ties: A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett–class. [3], After his death, Jango Fett's clones told themselves a different story of his death. Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Introduced in the Star Wars comic Jango Fett: Open Seasons by Haden Blackman with art by Ramón F. Bachs, Jaster adopts Jango Fett after an attack by the Death Watch leaves the child's family dead. Content approaching. Jango contracted the job out to the shapeshifting assassin Zam Wesell. Groodo had been hiding at the well-defended castle of his brother Rigorra, the planetary warlord. Early on, he returned to Concord Dawn and rescued a young Jango Fett … The Sith recruited Fett to become the genetic template of a secret clone army. Wesell managed to get away from Sebolto and head back down the compound, where she helped Fett call a skiff to cross a chasm separating the compound from the jungle. Think this would be a dope addition to the game, even if his kit isn't anything like this! Sometime later, Boba reclaimed the ship and continued using it to carry out bounties for the Empire. Biographical information By the era of the Galactic Empire, Boba possessed the same set of Mandalorian armor worn by Jango, although its appearance had been altered significantly. In the year 32 BBY, Fett was tracking the Muttani criminal Meeko Ghintee. Vizsla revealed himself there in the governor's castle and attacked Fett with a small cadre of Death Watch soldiers, forcing Fett to flee the building through a large window. During the hunt for Komari Vosa, which led to Oovo IV, the ship was destroyed in a riot caused by Zam Wesell. Ever! Shortly after, Fett met with friend and Outland Station's owner, Rozatta, to collect his fee. [3] Fett raised this clone as his son,[5] whom he named Boba Fett,[3] and remained on Kamino to supervise the flash-training of the clone troopers. At some point during his youth, Fett was inoculated against the Karatos Plague, a disease native to his homeworld. Private streams, emotes, private Discord server, and collect Kyber Crystals to show the galaxy your UNLIMITED POWER! In 32 BBY, Fett followed up on an advertisement to find a template for a clone army disguised as an advertisement to become a Mandalorian. He became the new Mand'alor and leader of the True Mandalorians. Fett said that a father could not ask for a better start to his son's legacy.[14]. In addition to his pay, he requested an unaltered clone for himself. [3], The execution did not go as planned, as all three prisoners managed to free themselves from their chains and evade the three beasts that had been let loose upon them. He had faced the most terrifying thing in the galaxy, and Boba would know that the most fearful thing he would ever face would be behind him. At some point in his career Fett began to work with Zam Wesell. In the end, Gardulla ended up as nearly being lunch for her own beast, but not before Fett had discovered the information he was searching for—Gardulla´s relation with the Bando Gora and their activities with the Tatooine´s Death Stick Trade. [42] The discrepancy was resolved in "Chapter 14: The Tragedy" of The Mandalorian Season Two, which revealed that Fett was a Mandalorian foundling. This jetpack was worn in the arena on Geonosis. His DNA spawned millions of clone troopers who shared his face, voice, and were trained to become soldiers. Fett is unrelenting in his vengeance upon Vizsla. [24] After liberating Boba from the Trandoshans, Fett was reluctant to continue his assignment until Boba was out of harm's way. As he prepared to finish her off, Vosa asked if he would choose to leave her dead or alive. Mass Roz and Jango often joked with each other, Roz being one of the only people he could trust. His wish for an heir was granted and soon after the project was underway on Kamino, he was awarded the first clone whom he would name Boba Fett. When he was but a boy, a civil war occurred between the True Mandalorians led by the Mand'alor, Jaster Mereel, and the violent Death Watch, led by Tor Vizsla.The war finally found its way to Jango's world and his father allowed Mereel rest at their home. Fett, confident in his son's abilities, told her she could try to kill him. Believing their enemies dead, Vizsla and his men moved into the town on a celebratory raid, only to come under fire from the Mandalorians, attacking from street alleys and high windows. He later served as Count Dooku's personal bodyguard during the battle between the Jedi and Separatists. Fett led Kenobi on a prolonged chase through Geonosis' asteroid field and eventually locked onto his ship with a missile, believing Kenobi to have perished.[3]. He betrayed Jaster by letting Tor Vizsla kill him. The mysterious “Jaste” in the armor’s chain code is a reference to Jaster Mereel, and the civil war that Jango took part in follows his Legends-era origin story, as seen in Jango Fett: Open Seasons . Ten years after the Grand Army had begun on Kamino, the formation of the clone army had progressed to the point where two-hundred thousand units were ready, with approximately a million more ready shortly. RELATED: The Mandalorian Makes the PERFECT Callback to Attack of the Clones. When several super battle droids arrived at the box, drawing Windu's attention from Fett, he took the opportunity to strike with his wrist-mounted flamethrower, unleashing a stream of flames at Windu, who leapt from the box and into the arena, throwing off his burning cloak after landing unharmed. He would also ask Skirata to join him in evaluating a group of clones considered to be under par by Kamino Chief Scientist Ko Sai's standards. Reaching Sebolto's transport ship, Fett discovered Huttese markings, which led Fett straight to Tatooine. [5] He was also an honorable man according to his friend, the pirate Hondo Ohnaka. While Season 1 had a number of fun appearances and cameos, fans are doubly excited for Season 2's cast, as some characters are reprising old roles, and some others are bringing fan-favorite characters to a live-action adaptation for the very first time. Leader; Album Warrior Inside; Licensed to YouTube by TuneCore (on behalf of Leader); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., LatinAutor, and 14 Music Rights Societies ; Show more Show less.

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