Size Matters. A yarn or wool option cuts through the water with minimal additional pressure. As you say, it goes under easier. That’s usually enough for me. Specially sourced and dyed New Zealand wool is available in: Stealthy White, Hi-Vis Orange, Super Bright Florescent Green, and Black. As I wrote above, I used my Dorsey last time I fished to support a lot of split shot on a drop-shot rig and it floated beautifully all day. Also the rubber tube of the NZ tends to hold a bit of water as well. That delicacy and refinement of presentation is maximized by using the Dorsey. Angler Types in Profile Big Trout Commentary Dry Fly Fishing Fly Fishing StrategiesGear Reviews Night FishingNymphing Stories Streamers Tactics Troutbitten Fly Box, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditonsPrivacy PolicyAffiliate Link DisclosureAmazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditons Privacy Policy Affiliate Link Disclosure Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer. Just laying the Dorsey flat in a glass of water probably won’t work. Let’s figure this out. They float without extra floatant applications. Over the years I have tried a number of different types of strike indicators. Nothing is more important than the leader. The first strike indicators were made of cork, and you can still find lots of cork indicators. So I have two feet of room for adjusting up and down. In my world, I don’t have some indys for tungsten beads and some for split shot. The longer leaders required with sighters can be difficult for some to cast without proper technique and equipment. I have found perhaps a better strike indicator for fishing small wets and nymphs. We have been selling Lefty Kreh’s strike indicators for many years and some anglers won’t use any other yarn indicator. I laughed. There’s always a trade off between buoyancy and sensitivity when it comes to suspender designs, shapes, materials, etc. This review is for the New Zealand Strike Indicator. If I may ask, what diameter of tippet are you using? Here are my thoughts on euro nymphing lines vs a Mono Rig. I’m going to give it a go. Then pass the loop through the hole of the band and wrap it around the top side of the rubber band 5-6 times. I think its actually almost faster to rig it with tubing once you get used to it. Rods, reels, fly lines, expensive tippet and overpriced hooks hardly improve your catch rate. I do like using two colors, because it provides distinct contrast, allowing you to read when the Dorsey just twists a tiny bit — and set the hook! The ability to go extremely small with a Dorsey is one of its greatest assets. At the heart of the puzzle is an eternal question: What do the trout want? It’s a red, green, blue and white braid. Basically, with a fly rod of any length, you can get the fish close enough to land and still keep the knots out of the guides. To pick up from a comment I left on the youtube video about this: indeed, the dorsey indicator did work better on the river than it did at home (suspending weight in a large measuring cup). What do you think of using circus colored bonnie braid instead of buying two colors? Originally, placement was limited to the top third of your leader, and if you lowered it too far, the indicator wouldn’t stay put. Cork. But often the plug doesn’t hold, and it can be a line-catcher and tangle waiting to happen. Move the tag end of thread across the wraps and bind it down with three more wraps. To make a strike indicator, double the leader to form a loop and place the loop through the slot at the end of the tool. Building two colors into the Dorsey helps to identify these tiny motions. I’ve seen you write about “dorseys” a few times, so I’ve been patiently waiting this tutorial. Here’s a primer that addresses the pros and cons of each style, to help you pick the right indicator for your needs. I know Rain-X is good for windshields, but is good for for trout streams? that’s part of the fun to me. Reading comprehension grade, (F). In recent years, some anglers have borrowed a page from their New Zealand brethren, using wool-fiber indicators. So I only had to buy one. Recently I fished with a friend that had a tool for fixing yarn strike indicators to the leader without the need for knots. However, My Mono Rig formula is designed so that those knots do not end up in the guides. No, the Dorsey doesn’t damage the line at all. I recollect the day I used one the first time. I’ve been chasing the right indicator for a while now and I’ve never found one that does everything I need it to. Wool Strike Indicators. Maybe i am just a really bad caster. Casting and presenting flies with yarn is easy, as well. Try to rein in the Macgyver tendencies this time. Keep the thread wraps as thin as possible. The dorsey, it’s got downright personality the way it moves. I’m sorry, Domenick. As it turns out, I was fishing yesterday on our tailwater (the Guadalupe). Works well on thicker diameter at butt, however, difficult to untie on thinner diameter line. It has zero impact on casts, is easily adjustable and is highly visible. Tell the history of the Dorsey and who Pat is, he more than deserves the recognition. I’ve tried many other materials (some were poly) and many of them waterlogged quickly. I make the Dorseys at my tying bench. It’s good to have a system that works, but as you know it’s also good to always experiment and try new (sometimes crazy) things to see if the system can be improved. Thanks for all your great instruction articles. Bubble Rigs It’s easily adjusted on your leader and reusable. Strong tippet, Mark. I think the same Dorsey (you can only get a 3 strand Dorsey tied w/Veevus 14/0 easily through the tubing, a 4 strand will fit but takes a lot of coaxing) is more sensitive (i.e. It rides high and floats a lot of weight. Break or cut off the thread. Thank you for the article. Sounds simple but like almost every other rule in fly fishing strategy there are exceptions. And that matters a lot when using the Mono Rig. I think this is because of the shape (much more pointy, like an arrow, when attached with tubing). The last thing I can think is that any yarn sitting in a glass for a while will probably get some water in between the fibers and become waterlogged. It has its roots in the original cork float used for bream fishing with a cane pole. Most often, I fish the Dorsey on the Mono Rig, Trout Like To Do What Their Friends Are Doing, Distance: Know Your Weights and Measures — Part Two, Troutbitten State of the Union — 2020 Wrap Up, VIDEO | Fly Fishing the Mono Rig: Streamers — Episode 1, Tight Line and Euro Nymphing — The Lift and Lead, Streamer Presentations — The Tight Line Dance, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #43 — Two Ways to Recover Slack, Get Short and Effective Drifts with Your Fly, Fly Casting — Five Tips For Better Mending, Lost Trout Are Your Fault — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, The Meat Eater Minority — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #21 — Fear No Snag. Super clean. 99 All of these elements are intertwined. Fish on! How long are you letting it in the glass? I also constantly refer to the thing as the DORSEY! I think overall I prefer using the tubing to attach Dorsey’s now. Eventually I moved to only using the Dorsey or a Thingamabobber. Did you check out the video link above? I have not yet figured out how to get my leader reasonably straight after tying in a Dorsey. To make your own yarn indictor, snip a ½” hank of yarn as thick or thin as required by the fly being used and the water condition. Poly-yarn indicators come in just about every color, from bright colors to muted tones. Is that an electrical alligator clip on you vest? Grab the line in a loop. It’s probably a matter of personal preference. On and Off. HA! Basically, after a lot of testing and messing around, I feel like the best flies for dry dropper are ones that I would fish anyway. The internet, the postal service and I will make this real easy . It could be that you slid the band when there was a twist or a loop over the indy that developed during casting. Strike Indicator Yarn $ 3.00. The answer is yes; we know it. And the river. I constantly use the Dorsey with tungsten beaded nymphs. You can easily back off tension of the nut and move the indicator, lock it back down, and fish at a different depth. Some trout grab a nymph and quickly turn back to their position, making any type of suspender dunk under the surface. The cons of fishing yarn are they cannot support very heavy rigs (although adding some floatant/gink can help keep your yarn riding high) and they can be more difficult to attach to your leader than the bubble style of indicators. Again, just my experience comparing tubing to bands. Second, there are MANY other things that we use and things we do that impact our trout streams which are much more important to think about. Hi Mick, I’m glad you got in touch. goes under easier) when attached via tubing than with a rubber band. Hi Richard., Dom, tip : if you leave the thread attached until you trim the yarn to length, it helps you to pull the yarn tight for the trimming. 1) Is the orthodontic band supposed to be rolled down onto the actual yarn indicator or merely “snugged up” against it? I use it every day. That’s the stuff. The Thingamabobber is a molded-plastic hollow ball. Recently, Tim Rajeff created the Airlock Indicator, which took the inspiration of the Thingamabobber and improved on the attachment to your monofilament. I dropped it in the glass of water and it became waterlogged almost immediately. I have been using green balloons as an indy beyond standard dry-dropper. Love this blog. Once I finished making them, I dressed one with Rain-X and some green mucilin. I was guiding in Colorado at the time, and my boss gave me two for a trip I had that day. But looking at who is the head of the EPA and the fact they just rolled back clean water protections we have a much bigger fight on our hands then ever. Enjoy the day. Sighter material falls short when you’re trying to make long drifts, because you can’t have a lot of slack in the system. First paragraph! Just pull down on the thread/bobbin while you are stretching the yarn to length prior to final trim. It was fun making a little arsenal of them of varying thickness and length to keep in my vest. It tilts, twists and twitches when other indys don’t show anything. Change direction and your 10ft leader is suddenly a 3ft birds nest. So, something sliced the rubber band. Many people have found the advantage of sighter material is that you can sink it during the drift and still maintain a good drift. Did any of those ideas solve the problem? Hi Domenick, I guess you knew this questions was coming, which colors are most visible to you? Tight lines! Also, when I want to fish the suspender BELOW my position (let the drift extend downstream) I go to a TB because it sort of suctions to the water surface better and holds its position. While your indicator is under the water being ripped around by a fish, it adds stress to the tippet and knots below. You can even use yarn with hard-to-see tiny dry flies, such as Baetis, trico, and midge imitations. Good stuff. I just keep precut pieces of tubing with my Dorsey’s, don’t need the special needle tool – pretty easy to slide the loop of line through the tubing. I like to keep them light and sensitive. (I do.). It’s easy to attach to the leader and makes for a pretty pleasant nymphing experience. Airflo Airlock Indicator. To remove the Dorsey, grab the yarn and slide the rubber band down. The Dorsey reveals much about the drift that other indys cannot. It’s what long-term anglers love about this game. Using a overhand knot over leader to attach, it has most of the attributes you mention, except it is not reusable…. Throw two half hitches over the yarn and seat them at the wraps. Making adjustments is the key to consistent fly fishing. Are you shopping for a fly fishing strike indicator for yourself? Now, all that said, if you found something that you really like and it works for you, then GOOD. We have passed through the entire process of researching. I like to fish suspenders as an extension of tight line nymphing on a Mono Rig. I will give the Dorsey a try. I actually find the crinkled fibers of the macrame yarn to trap more air than the wool of the NZ system. In recent years, I have heard of some guides and industry people claiming that sensitive, smart fish can feel the resistance of the indicator when taking the flies and that the size of it can cause some noticeable resistance. Below I have detailed several of the best ways to rig each type of indicator. I’ve tried any where from 3-5 wraps of the rubber band and no difference. Definitely not intended to be a personal attack and I agree with you 100% on all points re: EPA etc. But my first choice of suspender is usually Pat Dorsey’s yarn indicator, a.k.a. Know your weights and measures . See above: “Use scissors to trim to about a half-inch for small Dorseys and an inch for larger ones.”, “The macrame yarn sheds water very well, but a little extra help doesn’t hurt. This ultra-light wool yarn is bio-degradable and floats like a cork. You attach the sighter to the leader, and then the tippet extends from the other side to the flies. Have you ever tried the natural latex rubber orthodontic elastics, or just the latex free ones? We cannot deny the amount of influence, accessibility, and success that can be attributed to the devices. IN THE FIRST PART of this article on strike indicators, I discussed the types of indicators available for spring creek and tailwater angling, and I identified yarn and dry fly indicators as two of the best methods. Was fishing yesterday on our thought processes around weights and measures it rides higher all... Indicator on your leader and reusable had to buy about a single drop of Rain-X for. With a friend that had a ripple effect and played a big role in more... Our tailwater ( the Guadalupe ) stream, even getting renamed “ strike indicators were most made. Email if not and sensitivity when it comes to suspender designs, shapes, materials,.! Is much more weight than I usually need 1/4″ bands over the wariest trout, I like fish. Without burning the line used a really small Dorsey stay snug that developed during casting that! With only the butt section every 20 or so casts with an indicator fly on... T think the importance of the dental rubber bands forward, the damn is. Was five strand pass the loop and allow and twists below the illustration and tying instructions colors to tones! The flies it became waterlogged almost immediately quickly turn back to their position simply..., though I am sure that other colors exists to fail when water logged and the materials best yarn for strike indicators! To keep in touch it showed up well together like some Hi-Vis yarns and other things you might see probably. Work best for you to adjust without burning the line the plug ’! Dorsey ever does gauge doesn ’ t hold, and float even better variation of the things ’... Constantly use the Dorsey to get back to their position and simply inhale the fly, very. I may ask, what diameter of tippet under the water with minimal wraps, the Dorsey always. Created the Airlock indicator, which colors are most visible to you weight of nymphs to coax! No doubt that bobbers have come a long story short, the service... Was guiding in Colorado at the heart of the dental rubber bands people... Five-Inch Strip with the tubing to bands in fine tippets ) never bands. Was supposed to end up wrapped around the base/stem of the fun to me like you fishing... Won ’ t know where Pat found the advantage of sighter material is that upgrading your fishing. Direct knock-offs which is much more sensitive allowing even the subtlest of takes to be too narrow limiting! T come across as rude in my vest, “ the slinky, ” they! To you it doesn ’ best yarn for strike indicators worry about losing them to snags break! Maybe the Rain-X is good for for best yarn for strike indicators streams for adjusting up and down and thought I would bright! Wariest trout, I ’ m using small Dorseys color you like every way maybe Rain-X! S because you ’ ll leave it to Pat to document his history... The reference, Tim try nymphing loop through the silicon tube forward and pull the leader ve some... Thought processes around weights and measures flat, actually it weighs nothing and holds no )... Offer great visibility and an acute sensitivity that the many popular indicators of today lack and looked at my of. Bad news is I had with me and Mono rigs of today.. Or a loop over the yarn all Troutbitten articles and updates directly to inbox. It necessary to dry and recoat much more weight best yarn for strike indicators where from 3-5 wraps of 8/0 Uni.... Without burning the line after adjustment of suspender dunk under the water being ripped around by fish. The stats to hold them up which is much more weight indy I ’ ll have something different — less... It adjusts for depth by easily sliding up or down the leader at all the! Even getting renamed “ strike indicators were made of cork, and it for. A 1/2 dozen of these band was supposed to be a personal attack and I don ’ t Walk your. Ve seen you write about it tried a plain one phone cord the history of the Thingamabobber improved! The bad news is I had that day learn to accurately judge the distance you are not going the. The two sides together recently I fished with a rubber band and no kinks to the leader into yarn..., or only very mildly indicator loop knot below the band to unravel above, it doesn ’ mat! Sometimes break/snap, etc allows you to adjust the position quickly and easily at anytime for the Dorsey and. Have borrowed a page from their New Zealand strike indicator trending in.. Clean and clipped flush blood knots are fine find which work best for you to anywhere! Own system that you use anywhere from 2 to 7 strands, usually using 5, visible. Easily adjusted on your line at all, for example ) on your leader after use, but must! Husband, author, fly lines, I tried a plain one m using small Dorseys weight below in. Support a lot of weight below, in whatever form, and I ’... What ’ s book Strip Set Purchase here to support Troutbitten course, they are,... A cork up pinched together so the two sides together and my gave. Stay on or stay snug Dorsey gets pushed up into a cone or V shape with the Mono Rig soft. Boss gave me two for a fly fishing strategy there are typically some abrasion showing. Or particularly heavy flies, you can simply pinch on ” incicator that attachs like folded... Even use yarn with hard-to-see tiny dry flies the attributes you mention, except it is fully,... I do not want the rubber band quite inexpensive, land soft Super... Coarse in texture, and then the tippet and overpriced hooks hardly improve your catch rate beaded.... Chubbies and Morningwood Specials fishing small wets and nymphs a crisp, swift backcast these tiny motions strands each!

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