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  • Euro Ncap
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  • There are still 186 days ahead before we hear the first whistle commencing the Euro 2012 Championships. After the draw for final groups each spectator knows at last, in which city their team will be playing. Then they can book train and plane tickets, or a hotel room. Many people make these arrangement online. What rights are we vested when buying from Polish and Ukrainian traders? UOKiK and All-Ukrainian Consumers' Federation Pulse inform you about it once again.

    Online booking of a hotel and airline seats

    If you are going to football match in Poland or Ukraine and decide on the online booking of a hotel room or flight, still changing your mind, you will not be given the chance to get your money refund in all such cases. Contrary to shopping online – it is the undertaking who decides if cancelling the booking is possible, and if so, how much it will cost. Accepting the return of airline tickets or cancelling the hotel booking and providing the money refund depends only on the udertaking’s goodwill. Therefore, before choosing a hotel, check carefully its location, price, room furnishing and the category. Ask if it is necessary to incur additional costs (e.g. air conditioning), how much is advance payment and the method of payment preferred by the seller. Always remember to take a confirmation of booking in writing.

    Hotel category

    Both in Poland and Ukraine stars * indicate the category of a hotel. The lowest categeory is marked by one star, the highest standards by six. Hotels differ in price, furnishing and their location. Additionally, people can stay overningt in motels, guest houses, or use some private acommodation. Watch out: before you book a hotel, check carefully opinions on it placed at Internet forums, travel portals etc. When on the arrival it turns out that the hotel room substantially differs from the one presented in photos or is not consistent with what the service assured, you have the right to file a complaint. It should be done with no delay, in writing, directly to the hotel manager. You may encounter an obstacle, which is the language barrier in some small hotels it may happen the owners cannot speak English. Remember though, you are not allowed to complain about the room non-compliant with the agreement when you are using another consumers offer (e.g. you are renting private acommodation in a house or a block). You can, however, file a complaint when you book a place in a center run by an undertaking a person conducting their own business activity. Therefore, before booking make sure if the overnight on offer is provided by a consumer or undertaking.

    First check, then buy

    It is compulsory to place on Polish and Ukrainian shopping windows the information including mainly: name, surname, telephone and address data (which proves vital as you know whom to address your claim or return of a product). Furthermore, each seller must provide a reliable information concerning the price of the offerred product, including the delivery cost. Remember, it is important to provide gross prices, including VAT (in Poland 23 percent, in Ukraine 20 percent). All the data must be confirmed to the consumer in writing (additionally by e-mail in Ukraine) not later than at making an order. If the seller does not provide any information on them, and consequently you do not know how to reach them, consider if you still want to use their services.

    Shopping online - returns

    It is possible to resign from a product that you purchased online and simply do not like within: 10 days if you buy the product from a Polish seller, 14 days in case of purchases from Ukrainian sellers. Then you send the product back with the information that you withdraw from the sale and purchase agreement. It is advisable to send a registered letter with return receipt requested or via courier.

    The time allowed for the resignation from the purchase can be prolonged in a situation when a shop did not confirm the data required by law (e.g. no address and final price). Then you are allowed to resign from the contract within three months in Poland and 90 days in Ukraine.

    Remember! You can resign from online purchase only if you buy the product from an undertaking. If you use another consumers offer, then they decide if they accept the product return or not. If you receive a totally useless product you did not order, you should report the case to the police as you are highly likely to be dealing with a crook.


    In the previous section of advice we informed you that in some stalls it is not possible to pay by card because of the costs incurred by the sellers. It is similar to online shopping in Ukraine it may occur the seller will not accept money transfer but the payment on delivery. It shows that when we buy some equipment in an ordinary shop in Ukraine, it is necessary to sign a warranty card or other proof of purchase (e.g. a receipt) when we receive the product. In the case of online shopping it is provided by the option with payment on delivery. Polish e-sellers offer the payment on delivery as one of methods of payment for a product in addition to money transfer and credit card. Before making a decision, check carefully the manipulation cost for international money transfer, currency rate applied by the bank to estimate order value, and make sure when exactly the money will be transferred to the sellers account.

    Tickets for match in the net

    Simultaneously we would like to warn you against buying tickets at online auctions, which are offerred additionally and free of charge, e.g. to a hat, pendant, scarf or extra addition, on condition that the consumer incurs the high delivery costs. Each spectator should remember that under Polish law, reselling tickets at profit is treated as an offence where a fine can be imposed. However, it is possible to resell a ticket on a special platform of championships organizer.

    Where to seek assistance?

    In case of problems with rejection of complaint by a local seller, problems with the knowledge of Polish or Ukrainian consumer law, you can count on the assistance of:

    In Poland: consumer ombudsmen, consumer organizations, you can also call the free consumer infoline where you will receive free legal advice 800 007 707 (infoline available from fixed telephony and mobile phones in Poland, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). During football championships the service will be additionally provided in English. Also advice can be obtained from the European Consumer Center.

    In Ukraine: All-Ukrainian Consumers Federation Pulse, State consumer authorities.
    Until the first match UOKiK and All-Ukrainian Consumers Federation PULSE will remind us about the rights of football fans-consumers. How to complain about services by a dishonest guide, what to watch when renting a car or using a taxi - we will tell you soon.
    All-Ukrainian Consumers Federation Pulse it is the association of Ukrainian non-governmental consumer organizations. In 2006-2010 the members of the Federation were partners in the project of the United Nations Development Program regarding the consumers. After its completion, they founded their own NGO. The primary objective of the Pulse Federation is representation of consumer interests in relations with the government and undertakings, supporting the development of law and enhancing the role of weaker market participants to meet European standards.

    The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection it was founded in Poland in 1990. It takes care of competition, collective consumer interests, monitors state aid, quality of fuels and ensures the surveillance of general product safety. While implementing the government policy of consumer protection, it inter alia initiates proceedings concerning infringement of collective consumer interests. UOKiK cooperates with the municipal and poviat consumer ombudsmen and NGOs financed from the State Budget (Polish Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers), which provide free legal assistance in individual cases.

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