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International Internet conference Corporate Social Responsibility: bridge to your consumers

  • An International Internet conference “Corporate Social Responsibility: bridge to your consumers” was held on our Portal in the period between 27 and 30 of October. The Conference was organized by the Foundation Consumer Initiative Centre in cooperation with the Ukrainian Global Compact Network with the support of the joint initiative of the European Union and UNDP the Consumer Society and Citizen Networks project.

    The most popular among the conference participants was the Organization of consumers complains management section, which was moderated by Dr. Christian Thorun, Policy Officer of the Trade Economic Policy at the Federation of German Consumer Organisations, Nataliya Korsynska, deputy director of the Foundation Consumer Initiative Centre and Eugenia Kychmar, team leader of the Contact Centre “Foxtrot. Home equipment”. Modern attitude towards customers’ complains which prevails among the leading business companies, according to the Natalia Korsun, is that “… companies are encouraging and keeping their consumers, when they meet the standards of customer service, implement the policy of problem prevention, honestly and fairly respond to the declines in their affairs.” Eugenia Kuchmar told the participants about the practical implementation of the strategy of consumers’ complain handling in the Sales Network “Foxtrot. Home equipment ”.

    There were also interesting discussions on the issue of building honest and responsible marketing communications with consumers , and on the issue of quality and safety of the goods. Participants were especially interested in how the companies correlate branding of the goods with social responsibility, which stapes should be made by small and medium sized businesses to implement standards of social responsibility, which consumer preferences should target goods producers and many other questions.

    During four days more than 3000 of conference materials reviews were registered!

    Everyone , who are interested in reviewing the materials of the conference are invited to visit forum of the Portal at

    If you have any questions to the international experts you can use the unique opportunity. Dr. Christian Thorun, Dr. Arnd Hardtke, and Dr. Peter Sieber will continue on-line consultations on Corporate Social Responsibility till 18 th of November! You can send your question to the e-mail or place it at the forum.

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