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Mexican health authorities call on parents to promote healthy food and exercise to children

  • El Poder del Consumidor (Consumer Power)highglights an articleshowing that children in Mexico can put on between 3 and 5kg during long holiday periods, such as the current summer break in the country.

    In reaction to this, the Secretary of Health in Mexico recommends that parents monitor what children eat and avoid junk food as much as possible.

    Maintain a routine

    In an online article on, Nutritionist Adriana Gómez González, Director of the Obesity and Nutrition Clinic at the State Children’s Hospital of Sonora, recommends some simple steps to apply this summer break. She believes children can enjoy their holidays and still eat healthily.

    ‘It is doing nothing that makes children restless – watching more television, playing more videogames, using the computer more – and so gaining an appetite,’ González said.

    It is advised that parents have their child follow the same pattern of three meals a day during the school break, just as they would on school days. Prepare refreshments for mid-morning and fruit and vegetables for the afternoon.

    ‘Avoid junk food, which is what can make children gain up to four kilos,’ González revealed.

    Children should continue with physical activities such as sport, drinking plenty of water (not soft drinks or sugary drinks) afterwards.

    More children treatedduring holidays

    González said that in normal periods, the Obesity and Nutrition Clinic treats on average two or three children a day with a deficient diet and being in danger of becoming overweight.

    During school breaks this number grows to five children a day on average, due to the lack of school activity

    Consumers International

    Sourse: Consumers International
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