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Children who will change quality of goods and services on Ukrainian market for the better. Youth Tests Quality and Green Consumption.

  • All - Ukrainian contest “Youth tests quality” to identify best research in the field of testing was initiated by the joint EU - UNDP project Consumer Society and Citizen Networks in partnership with the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine , Ministry of education of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, departments of education and science of oblast, Kyiv and Sevastopol city state administrations. Partners to the contest were also German Institute for research and testing Stiftung Warentest ( Germany , Berlin ) and Consumrs International ( Great Britain , London ).

    Although contests on product testing by youth have become reality more than 10 years ago in European countries like Germany and Austria, Ukraine hosted the competition for the first time. It was preceded by introduction of a Consumer Essentials course into secondary schools curricula, which will help students from 1 till 12 form to gradually master consumer basics and acquire ample consumer culture.

    The contest aimed at increase of consumer awareness among young people, orientation on the modern market of consumer goods and services and fostering of educated consumer behaviour.

    Representatives of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine also support the idea of testing contests because the latter encourage children to be ready to actively participate in the economic life of the country being based on development of practical skills of youngsters.

    Development of consumer competencies is requirement of the present, we are living in society which is governed by principles of market economy and children have to be aware of these principles from a very young age” , - says Nataliya BESKOVA, Head of department of humanities of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

    From February 20 till April 20 students of secondary, vocational schools and extracurricular learning establishments had the opportunity to take part in the contest.

    The jury that comprised of representatives of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, consumer NGOs and mass media applied criteria of creativity, cogence, and timeliness of the topic to identify 6 winners in 2 categories:

    • from 12 to 14 years - «Green consumption»;
    • from 15 to 17 years - «Youth tests quality».

    Altogether the contest accumulated more than 700 works from all regions of Ukraine . Winning papers dwelled upon comparative testing of event - services , quality of highlighters and virtual reports banks . Young contestants also provided ideas on further usage of car tires , utilization of mobile phone batteries and environmental friendliness of school utensils etc.

    The bulk of works received during the contest are of great value and interest ; they are remarkable for a high degree of mastership and deserve separate recognition. Such works will find theirs readers on the Consumer Portal, as well as during exhibitions in UN House, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and mass media” , - says Klavdia MAKSIMENKO, Consumer Society Project manager.

    Apart from topics typically of interest to youngsters , such as quality of delicacies, chocolate, chips and chewing gums, contestants also tackled upon issues of safety and quality of various foodstuffs, food additives, cosmetic products, polymer tableware and other. The service area of research covered quality of transport services, hairdressers, school canteens, public libraries and even city toilets.

    In addition to 6 major winners, the jury singled out some 7 other special nominations, being “The most sporting test” for comparative testing of brakes for highland bicycles, “For consumer scrupulousness” for the test of nail enamels, “The best ecodetective investigation” highlighting peculiarities of packaging and domestic waste giving hope that balanced approach to sustainable consumption is a matter of a decade for Ukrainian youth.

    Winners of the all-Ukrainian contest

    «Green consumption»





    • Kotsuruba Ostap
    • Kotsuruba Oles’

    Life after death . Used phone batteries


    Doroshenko Tetyana

    Used car tiers and their further life

    Poltava obl.

    • Ivanchenko Tetyana
    • Ivanchenko Oleksandr

    Pen – what do we know about it?

    Kharkiv obl.

    Special nominations «Green consumption»





    For the best ecodetective investigation

    Goroshkevych Volodymyr

    Mysteries of a package


    For practical actions in protection of city’s ecology

    • Ilnytska Yulia
    • Skakalska Yulia

    Problem of utilization of domestic waste in Kremenets

    Ternopyl obl.

    «Youth tests quality»





    Laptyev Sergiy

    What ’ s more to a highlighter? Length of a line drawn or components of consumer satisfaction?

    Poltava obl.

    Kolesnychenko Ganna

    My best birthday party


    • Nestertsov Maksym
    • Listratova Olena

    Additional source of information (virtual reports banks)


    Special nominations «Youth tests quality»





    The most sportive test

    Somov Maksym

    Higher , faster , stronger , safer and more reliable . Test of bicycle brakes

    Symferopol ,
    R of Crimea

    For pro-european approach

    1. Androsova Olha
    2. Bilyk Iryna
    3. Klishch Yana
    4. Savchuk Iryna

    Toilet : it makes us clean and free


    For well-grounded methodic approach

    Rudenko Valeriya

    Identification of quality parameters for fabric products

    Poltava obl.

    For conscious approach to healthy nutrition

    Tkach Ruslan

    Apple juice – road to health

    Kyiv obl.

    For consumer scrupulousness

    Goncharenko Iryna

    Test of nail enamels


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