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  • Спілка об’єднань громадян «Всеукраїнська Федерація Споживачів «ПУЛЬС»

Emergency Consumer Service

  • From now on Ukrainian consumers know where they can call in case of need. New consumer hotline service has been launched in Kyiv.

    There is no need to wait for somebody else to solve your problem. A new call-centre Emergency Consumer Service will help you to take the problem under control and solve it single-handedly. Call-centre experts will advise on consumer conflict solution practices.

    “Our intention was to open such a hotline where consumers won’t complain about their problems but will be able to get an advice on how to come to grips with the problem themselves”, - says Klavdia Maksymenko, manager of the joint EU-UNDP project “Consumer Society and Citizen Networks”, - “And we do hope Ukrainian consumers will use this important tool for protection of their rights”.

    • How to protect your violated consumer rights?
    • How to deal when you are refused a refund?
    • What services are to be provided by service centres?
    • Where to get an expert examination of faulty goods?
    • Which documents are to be required from service providers?

    These and many other questions of interest to consumers can be addressed to qualified consultants of Ukrainian consumer hotline supported by the Centre of Consumer Initiatives.

    Call and get instrument of your consumer rights protection!
    Our office hours:  Monday – Friday  9:00 to 18:00

    Charity fund «Centre of Consumer Initiatives» CF "CCI" was created for Ukrainian consumers within the framework of the joint EU-UNDP project “Consumer Society and Citizen Networks” as an information, training, legal centre and a “consumer voice” for consumer problems settlement and providing consumers with consulting services.

    The Consumer Society and Citizen Networks project (CSCN) is a joint initiative of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme started in 2006. Its goal is to increase civil society role in sound economic governance in Ukraine according to the European standards. Specifically CSCN aims at promoting access of citizens to information on product safety, consumer rights protection, and to results of independent testing, as well as promoting wide public discussion of challenges facing the consumer society in Ukraine.

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  • Щось не так? Спитай у продавця, що саме! | Что-то не так? Спроси у продавца что именно!
  • Закон на твоєму боці
  • Закон на твоєму боці
  • The law is on your side
  • The law is on your side
  • Закон на твоєму боці
  • Щось не так? Спитай у продавця, що саме! | Что-то не так? Спроси у продавца что именно!
  • The law is on your side
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