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Joint EU-UNDP project continues going for an Active Consumer.

  • Joint EU - UNDP Project Consumer Society and Citizen Networks proceeds with the campaign aiming at creation of a more active Ukrainian consumer.

    A new wave of public outdoor advertising Change your future now is already being displayed on city-lights of Ukraine 's big cities. According to the ad's plot, a young fighter for consumer rights addresses his mother and father with an appeal to return rotten sausage and fish back to shop . The kid's forecast is negative if you fail to return a faulty product, it is most likely to be sold to his children and grand-children.

    Consumer society has to admit that Ukrainian consumer is still notoriously remarkable for passive attitude to violation of consumer rights . People are reluctant to read the label; they fail to retain receipts, do nothing in situations when a product is found to be of improper quality. They claim that time and effort they spend is incomparable to benefits gained in the process of consumer rights protection .

    According to the latest research on consumer behaviour , the number of people claiming not to know their consumer rights has decreased twofold . Still, more and more emotional barriers come into play; Ukrainians are neither ready nor willing to take part in conflict situations that are in place when one tries to return a faulty product.

    The ad ' s task is to remind consumers that protecting their rights today , now , and every time at instance of purchase or returning of goods they influence the consumer goods market of the future. Consequently, low-quality goods exist as long as they are in demand.

    Creative work courtesy of creative bureau Sahar. Placement provided by BigBoard.

    For more information, please, contact Maria Savchenko, Monitoring and Information expert, by phone: (+380 44) 253 67 05; 253 67 32; fax: (044) 253 6679

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  • The law is on your side
  • The law is on your side