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Dear visitor,

Please be aware that the English version of this site may not coincide with its Ukrainian original.

Section titles and headlines are identical but some materials may not be available in English such titles are not clickable. On the other hand, there may be materials currently available only in English. We continue working on making them available in both languages.

Nevertheless, both versions do share the same structure and site map so that you could familiarize yourself with information available on the Consumer Portal.

English-speaking visitors interested in Ukrainian consumer movement may find the section on Ukrainian consumer organizations especially useful. The section contains names and addresses of more than 100 organizations actively working in consumer protection in Ukraine .

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Welcome to the Ukrainian Consumer Portal!

Just bought a faulty product and have no idea what to do? Not given your money back? No idea where to go for help? Look for answers on the Consumer Portal!

We wanted to collect on one site everything that consumers may find helpful: information on safety of goods and services, consumer rights and their protection, etc. Contact information of organizations where you can go for help is also included: contact of various state agencies and non-governmental organizations are provided for your convenience.


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  • The law is on your side
  • The law is on your side
  • The law is on your side