So yes, that means that perhaps your colleague at work may already be cashing in and drinking Quarantina Coladas, ordering Postmates, binge-watching Tiger King and Love is Blind and laughing at #PoorJennifer poop on zoom. On top of either your UI or PUA benefits, you will also receive Pandemic Unemployment Compensation(PUC). Cody O'Loughlin for The New York Times. NYDOL has created a fact sheet detailing what extended benefitsexactly are. its all done online. Why not me???! NO. I set up direct deposit and have been claiming my benefits but I'm not getting anything. Traditionally, these workers are not. Yep, that's what happens when millions of people hit a webserver. Get your pay, get your benefits, and SPEND that money. If you are a hearing impaired individual who is being assisted by another person, call the Telephone Claims Center at (888) 783-1370; however, if you use TTY/TDD, call a relay operator first at (800) 662-1220, and ask the operator to call the Telephone Claims Center at (888) 783-1370. Anything out of the ordinary can potentially flag your account for fraud and freeze your benefits. I filed my claim successfully and I've started getting benefits!!! Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press briefing on April 28th. Question though, what do you mean by "out of state code"? That money printer should be going BRRR 24/7 until the economy can recover. HORRIBLE timing. I've had an autodialer running all day and haven't gotten through to the initial system once. My point is that as most people know, it is all too easy to let things drop. And maybe the company is actually incorporated as DONGS N SCHLONGS LLC. I don't have specific advice, but one time I didn't know where to go in the phone tree (never heard of this term before), so I diagrammed each route so I could make sure I tried a different option each time. It’s up to the states to determine how it … Yes. Not even because of the pandemic, but I put in my two weeks at the end of February. Great. How long should I expect to receive the extra $300 supplement? A DOL agent will call you. you must submit each week to get paid.. best of luck, they will deposit like $405 each thursday. I'm a W2 employee and I've been waiting forever. Can I start a business and claim benefits? $2,600 for claims filed in 2020, (this amount increases to $2,700 for claims filed in 2021) in the quarter with the highest wages, either in the basic base period or the alternatebase period. Here’s how to file a claim if you’re self-employed. External web sites operate at the direction of their respective owners who should be contacted directly with questions regarding the content of these sites. Michele Mammen, 32, in her New York City apartment. The State of New York does not imply approval of the listed destinations, warrant the accuracy of any information set out in those destinations, or endorse any opinions expressed therein. If you get a busy signal, keep trying at different times of the day. It’s up to the states … Select language, then press 2. I'm a W2 employee. I'm dying here!!! At this time, NY State is planning to send LWA benefits for the weeks ending August 2nd, 9th, and 16th as FEMA has released three weeks of funding to NY. If you are eligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits or pandemic emergency unemployment compensation (13 additional weeks), an additional $600 per week will be added to your benefit rate until the week ending 7/26/2020. Nationally, unemployment insurance is far removed from what people need. Welcome to the year 2045. It's not impossible, and it can all be done without talking to a person. The r/nyc companion for all your NYC-related questions. That's ok. You may have certified for UI previously, but if you're on PUA you may be asked to certify again. The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program, or PUA, is designed to expand unemployment benefits to cover gig workers, freelancers and others who are not typically eligible for unemployment. The state said she should have been receiving benefits from New Jersey. If you're not sure if a caller is legit, they should have the last 4 of your social, your mom's maiden name, and when and how you applied for UI. Hope the tourists are paying attention, this is a taste of the real NY experience. Office hours? $405 is the maximum. The Is this it? This is a facetious and satirical example. This other d00d at work is getting benefits already. So, if you don't have a solution to the phone tree problem, does anyone know where she can go to just talk to a real human being? You do not need to reach out to NYDOL to get this form. Can I work and still receive benefits? Updated May 05, 2020; Posted May 04, 2020 . The number of private sector jobs in New York State is based on a payroll survey of 18,000 New York businesses conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of … Unfortunately, the technology to send things forward in time hasn’t proved profitable yet, so you’ll have to wait twenty five years to get back to the present. Help!111!!! In general, you may find it helpful to have your latest tax return (2018 or 2019) handy. Yes. Have her call one of the 518 numbers from the link below. See the flow chart and information to learn more about the CARES Act. If you're confused about something, try to read about it first before asking here. In December 2020, New York State's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased to 8.2%, falling from 8.4% in November 2020, according to preliminary figures released today by the New York State Department of Labor. PUC is an additional flat $600 benefit added to all claim benefits. What if I receive W2 and have done some freelance work? This requirement has NOT been waived, and you must search for work. The share of the city's working age population (16+) who were either employed or looking for a job was 57.8 in November. Will the $600/week benefit ever come back? No. The state said she should have been receiving benefits from New Jersey. there is no one to get on the phone. Yes, for roughly $50 worth of bitcoin, you too can quickly jump on the unemployment fraud “wave” and learn how to swindle unemployment insurance money from different states. The reason is the CARES Act, which became law in … In addition, the maximum weekly benefit rate is $504. Simply continue certifying, per this NYDOL tweet. As such, working four days would reduce a person’s benefits to zero. I randomly got a $600 payment once or twice. Gig workers, independent contractors and the self-employed have a more roundabout process to file for unemployment benefits than traditional salaried workers, experts say. Nothing. This is in all caps because this is the LEADING REASON IN CLAIM PROCESSING DELAYS. It will take a while, but they will sort it out for you. However, I would recommend if you're a W2 employee, just go for UI. 10.". I'm going to let it run till the office closes tonight, but after that, I'm waiting till I hear about another method. Workers can collect unemployment benefits even after refusing work or quitting a job, if it's for "good cause." If you make more than $75K or are married (ie, you file jointly with your spouse), your stimulus check amount will be reduced progressively. If you are not eligible for those benefits, you may be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). I got a fun new message this morning. You can find the new thread here. If you are pre-qualified as mentioned above, you should receive benefits by Friday, September 18th. Get all of's best Movies lists, news, and more. Argh! It's important to understand that unemployment benefit checks are not free money, and there's steps those receiving these weekly check need to take to avoid a nasty surprise on their taxes next year. See the DOL home page. I don't think she can get unemployment if she never paid into NYS insurance. The city's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 12.1 percent in November 2020, a decrease of 0.9 percent from October and a rise of 8.5 percent from November 2019. NY's Overwhelmed Unemployment Benefits System Leaked Personal Information ... April 28, 2020 4:13 p.m. Wait, how do I know if I’m eligible for PUA? This thread has been archived. Once signed and returned, back claim pay has been successfully sent and deposited. I don't remember how many times I called, but I eventually got what I wanted. If you’ve been laid off due to the plague, or due to lack of business because of the plague, or because your business had to close: you are eligible. Update: NY State has been approved for three additional consecutive weeks: August 23rd, 30th, and Sept 6th. The exterior of New York Hardcore Tattoos on the first day of re-opening as New York City officially begins ‘Phase Three,’ of opening on July 06, 2020. You do not need to apply to this, it is automatically added if you have a valid claim. PUA essentially serves as UI benefits for self-employed folks. She's been stuck in an infinity loop of automated phone trees for about 45 minutes any of you have any experience with this so I can tell her how to get through the phone tree to the part where she can request credit for her "waiting week" and begin receiving payments? You can tweet at the social media team, you can try the TCC, or you can call the Cuominator's office and ask to get transferred or assistance from them. I think you can file on the website and once it's done and in you make a phone call that links you with a real person who finalizes things with you. FEMA provides approved states with $300 a week in unemployment benefits. The media has been focusing most of their attention on the one-time $1,200 stimulus check. Other folks will need to submit an additional certification. I have seen no movement on my application, no one has called me, it's been more than 72 hours, and whenever I login to claim I just see a green check mark! Those payments are nontaxed and are currently scheduled to start being paid out on the 13th. Well, that's one reason why you're not getting benefits. Hey NYC Reddit, my friend just lost her job and is having some trouble filing for unemployment...I was hoping maybe you guys could help her out? New York State Unemployment is based in Albany so it's pretty much pointless. The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program, or PUA, is designed to expand unemployment benefits to cover gig workers, freelancers and others who are not typically eligible for unemployment. There are some specific exceptions, like if you're recovering from coronavirus or are taking care of someone with coronavirus. i just recently went thru this, i was raging so fucking hard thru the whole process.. its very frustrating. I've been answering the question "I can telework with pay" in the affirmative by mistake. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, created a fact sheet detailing what extended benefits,,,, As of 5/7, see this Twitter thread posted today on how to do that. Yes. Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Reardon have been clear on that. I literally created a reddit account to talk about this at the suggestion of my therapist, I'm new so bear with me! What is the Lost Wages Assistance Program? The larger point is that errors like these require a NYDOL agent to intervene and correct the claim. Last update 09/16/2020 9/16: Major update on the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA), Extended Benefits, and Effective Days.See the new section # Information about LWA, Extended Benefits, and Effective Days below. Meg Patrick of Montclair said she's been told to repay nearly $11,000 in unemployment benefits to New York. Let's say you work as a server at the fine dining establishment DONGS & SCHLONGS, which serves the finest use-your-imagination. Mammen, who grew up in Pleasanton, Calif., has been looking for a job in the New York … Be very, very patient - Treat every municipal employee with respect and patience - the same way you want to be treated. Previously, the NY Department of Labor (NYDOL) required that applicants apply for UI before applying for PUA, but this is no longer the case. See the below note from /u/hotratio on WHEN the call is going to happen, WHAT the caller will ask for, and HOW the caller will verify that they're from NYDOL. Millions of jobless New Yorkers will gain access to an extra $300 in unemployment benefits for three weeks. My claim has been stuck in $0 but they never told me to call them and they didn’t call either. The exterior of New York Hardcore Tattoos on the first day of re-opening as New York City officially begins ‘Phase Three,’ of opening on July 06, 2020. Some folks are fortunate or may have very simple tax records that allow them to simply file online and start receiving benefits. Yes, for roughly $50 worth of bitcoin, you too can quickly jump on the unemployment fraud “wave” and learn how to swindle unemployment insurance money from different states. What information should I have to help the NYDOL complete my application? Some part time work came up for me. How do I answer this question? when you file they will deposit like $405 each thursday into your account (you will have to pay tax on that at end of year, something to keep in mind). When you claim, simply report that you worked on a particular day. See this guidance from NYDOL here. PUA is an entirely new system that pretty much every state has decided to administer as a new program. My Effective Days Remaining has hit zero! Your elected representatives may also be able to assist. All data are from the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program. Now he is staring at his bank account — totaling about $3,100 — and waiting on hold for hours at a time with the unemployment office, while cursing at its crashing website. Your wait time is 1 minute.' How much you receive it depends on how much you were making before you were laid off. The newest version of the app doesn't go into all this detail, but I'm leaving this up in case it's useful. The state Labor Department said late Thursday that New York’s initial unemployment insurance claims filed last week, the first week impacted by the outbreak, rose over the past year by … You can change your benefit release method to Direct Deposit (which is going to be faster) on your UI Services page. What information do I need for the NYDOL? The CARES Act expanded these opportunities for … I work for the state and volunteered to help DOL manage the call volume. The survey the unemployment rate … When I call the menu just says they will call, what’s the option to “wait in line” to talk to a rep? It keeps telling me I can't go any further until I request that waiting week credit, but then sends me to another number that won't let me go any further until I call the previous number to request that credit. I'm working off my personal cell phone to get this done. Just complete the form as best you can. Weird that they don’t have any hold music so you just have to wait and hope you don’t get hung up on and that this is legit. The rest of us poor unfortunate souls have to speak to an agent to complete our claim. In a historic expansion of unemployment insurance, the federal government would give jobless workers an extra $600 a week on top of their state … I received my first check about 2.5 weeks into waiting. Is it OK to talk to my boss about my schedule so that I can get benefits and work? You generally cannot decline an offer of employment and still receive benefits. What do I do? My boss asked me to come back to work. The IRS opened up a portal today that will help you get your payment. i was originally 497 with a wait time of 57 minutes, and my next update was 210 with a wait time of 3 minutes. WTF? You may be able to apply for PUA. Yeah, it's not. Cannot call NY Unemployment Office to complete Filing. Juan Giraldo, a 40-year-old resident of Los Angeles, California, says he had to rely on credit cards to cover his bills, and food banks to feed his family, after his unemployment claim got denied in … It provides unemployment benefits to self-employed or gig workers who, in typical circumstances, would not qualify. Currently in the Queue. ... Dec 31, 2020… Please [read the sidebar](/r/AskNYC/about/sidebar) before posting! The amount you get each week depends on how much you made in the past I think 18 months. If you earn more than that, your weekly benefit rate is 0. Yeah I'm giving up after today. You are number 4 in line, do not hang up. See the [Guide to Unemployment Insurance] ( for more specific information. The State of New York does not imply approval of the listed destinations, warrant the accuracy of any information set out in those destinations, or endorse any opinions expressed therein. Beyond that, I strongly recommend you log in to the website daily to check your claim. I'm a PUA recipient and when certifying, the question asks "excluding earnings from self-employment, did you earn more than $504? How much will I get from my UI or PUA benefits? FEMA provides approved states with $300 a week in unemployment benefits. Speak to a professional about this. Yes. Some states are ending it a week earlier, on July 25. New York State's rate was 8.4 percent in November 2020. Learn how to clear your browser cache if you experience issues logging in with your username and password. I have more specific questions about how this all works. Your income will be determined by line 31, and you will need to upload the form at the end of the PUA application. If you FAIL or FORGET to certify every week, you will not receive benefits. Millions of jobless New Yorkers will gain access to an extra $300 in unemployment benefits for three weeks. Instead of going through all the menus only to be disconnected, now I dial and just hang up on myself before the menus even begin! The U.S. economy lost a staggering 20.5 million jobs in April, pushing the unemployment rate to 14.7% according to data released … That may mean telephoning everyday and simply saying: "Hello, any progress on my case?". Also add in: for PUA, if you are a 1099 contractor, you will be asked for your Schedule-C from from your most recently filed federal taxes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I want to find out the status of my stimulus check. I've placed it closer to the top at this time for conveniences' sake. If you get a dollar of UI of PUA, PUC kicks in. New York state's unemployment system 'collapsed' following a surge in claims, Gov. I reached out to my state senator who had someone call me, take my info and tell me someone would reach out. Unemployment fraud is on the rise during the pandemic. What do? I've been stuck in this loop before. New York State's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from 9.2% in October to 8.4% in November 2020. Where's my benefits?! New York’s Department of Labor has … According to NYDOL, many claimants do not need to take further action. As of 4/27, some PUA benefits are starting to finally go out. To survive in the year 2020, we suggest you apply for the resource called Unemployment Insurance. "For those people that we identified as moving through the process right now, we gave them the 600 FPUC payments, and what they will, they will be processed, you know, as soon as we can get them through the machine, quite frankly, and I know everybody thinks that their claim looks the same as everybody else's. ask a boss Yesterday at 12:00 p.m. ‘My Co-worker Hijacks Our Meetings With Endless Questions’ It’s hard to tell someone to talk less, especially in a spur-of-the-moment conversation that you aren’t prepared for. To be safe, assume it's pretax. I'm trying to file a claim or certify. By phone: Call the New York unemployment phone number at (888) 209-8124, M–F, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I'm only 28, so who knows? I (26F) have been unemployed since march 2020. Denied benefits? Wait, does that mean I can get up to $1104 a week? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. LMFAO. We can't even find an address for their actual physical office anywhere. More or less, if you don’t have / can’t get work because of the coronavirus, you’re eligible. I haven't filed taxes recently because of whatever reason. Find out as much information you can about the office beforehand. How am I supposed to complete my filing without calling in like it says to … Or whatever. They will contact you. Where do I go to sign up for unemployment insurance? Recommended resolution: You can also message NYDOL using your Message Inbox and request that they follow up with you for back claim pay. Basically, if you're a W2 employee you can hop on the UI bandwagon and get benefits. How and when will I receive LWA payments? [As of 4/20 the latest application will allow you to apply for both in a single form] ( Each day you work reduces your weekly benefit by 25%. 9/16: Major update on the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA), Extended Benefits, and Effective Days. Compliance is already high, but to make us all feel safe, best for us all to proceed w/ this “new normal”. Help! The CARES Act expanded these opportunities for Americans in … As such, doing any work reduces the amount of benefits and assistance available to an individual. In my experience dealing with various legal institutions in New York (Social Security Administration, various city bureaus) -. However, under the CARES Act, championed by Democrats, NY is implementing Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Then I got disconnected. For every day worked, regardless of the hours worked, the way a person works (remotely or in-person), or the amount earned, an individual loses one-quarter of their unemployment benefits or pandemic unemployment assistance. Should I use a VPN when logging onto the NYDOL site? Hey guys! Per reporter Anne McCloy of CBS6 Albany, LWA payments will show up on your account separate to your regular benefits. Need professional help from a lawyer to prepare for your hearing? That's what they're here for, call them! To reset your pin, call 1-800-833-3000. ... Gothamist … [You want MORE information? The number of unemployed New Yorkers also decreased over the month, by 20,200, from 764,500 to 744,300. All my income is from self-employment. Schumer Pushes for Extension of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits By Spectrum News Staff Manhattan PUBLISHED 5:23 PM ET Dec. 06, 2020 PUBLISHED 5:23 PM EST Dec. 06, 2020 We're not eligible for UI. Updated Dec 30, 2020 The economic relief package will issue payments of $600 and distribute a federal unemployment benefit of $300 for at least 10 weeks. the mongoloids that work there are obviously underpaid, no education, just processing paperwork (what do you expect? Filing duplicate claims increases the amount of administrative work. That's literally it. TLDR: Go in person to City Hall on Center Street (it's next to the courthouses) and start asking around. By Eduardo Porter. Then you may be eligible for either regular UI benefits or PUA benefits. Yes. Also, regardless of days worked, earning more than $504 would reduce a person’s benefits to zero. I got disconnected after 2.5 hours on that same silent hold. As of 5/7, see this Twitter thread posted today on how to do that. If an agent doesn't need any more information, they won't call you. If you feel your boss is asking you to work in an unsafe environment, document everything. I was calling on the earlier side and instead of the usual menu I got, 'You call will be placed in a silent queue. Every day for weeks I've called thousands of times and only got to the automated system once and it of course dropped the call without connecting me to anyone. But currently I’ve been waiting for 25 minutes. What else do I have to do? What about me?! Pandemic Unemployment Compensation: An additional weekly benefit, on top of regular benefits, to all UI and PUA recipients for benefit weeks ending 4/5/2020 to 7/26/2020 ($600) and benefit weeks … Trump announced that he would be extending unemployment benefits through to the end of … More information on the stimulus checks are here. I heard that there’s a stimulus check on the way. And both keep telling me to go to the website which just gives me those two numbers again. Don't miss: Enhanced unemployment would continue at $400 per week under new Trump executive order VIDEO 10:00 10:00 How a 30-year-old ER nurse making $90,000 in Detroit spends his money Those claimants who are pre-qualified will receive confirmation from NY DOL via text and email. you are not eligible for unemployment if you worked less than 6 months, just a side note. With the new system in place as of 04/09, you do not have to call in to complete your claim. It's a technical error. Generally, the vast majority of folks are eligible for PUA unless you “can telework with pay” (which means you still have a job that you’re doing remotely) or you are “receiving paid sick leave or other paid leave benefits” (which means you still have a job which is paying you while you’re on leave). I'm self-employed. And employers aren’t making things any easier. I filed but my benefits are $0.00. Multiple folks in this thread and elsewhere have reported that NYDOL has reached out to them via email with DocuSign forms to be filled out. NYDOL doesn't expect you to be very successful with the plague still going on, but the point is you should TRY. Do it online - the website takes care of everything and is remarkably easy to use. ( Per Section 590.1 of New York State Labor Law a person’s eligibility for regular benefits and PUA is based on days worked. There are two different 800 numbers I believe though. Dec. 14, 2020; When jobless workers get their last unemployment check, the effect on spending is sharp and swift.