I would suggest farming TFP AND Old Ben before Mission or T3 as TFPs ship is still very good in ship arena and Old Ben will be your 5th Jedi for GMY and is used to unlock CLS along with being a pretty quick farm. They're also the same team I've used to unlock 5* Yoda and waiting to farm Bastila and Jolee to 6* so that I can continue and unlock him at 7*. Some characters can be acquired from multiple locations within the game, this page contains a list of all locations and shows the best places to farm. ... SWGOH.GG is not affiliated with … . The only overlap will be your cantina farms. Level up and gear Jolee and Hoda as much as possible. https://gaming-fans.com/2020/07/23/swgoh-relic-review-obi-wan-kenobi-old-ben I know an old Ben team probably wouldn't be great but I want to try. The recommendations on this page are based only off of the other available locations that character can be acquired from and does not take into consideration other items available from hard missions, other … … Bounty Hunters Profession. You have Boba, Cad, Mando, Greef, and IG-88. These key pieces of gear could’ve gone to solid foundational or supporting characters like: Darth Vader, General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), or Sith Assassin. His leader ability gives an impressive 30% turn meter every time anyone on his team evades, and 15% evasion to help with that. https://www.patreon.com/mobilegamer365 https://twitter.com/MobileGamer365. While CLS remains an end-game focus for players, Old Ben is a formidable tank that can be used into mid-tier Arena. Once you get JKR, kick Old Ben Bounty Hunters: This is a futuristic plan. A unit's Tenacity has an absolute minimum value of 15% no matter how much Potency an enemy has or how much their tenacity is reduced. Clone Trooper Profession. Categories Alignments Ability Classes Farm Locations. I like to mull around team ideas, even if I know they're not going to be good. Gamorrean Guard isn’t the worst character ever, but it’s definitely one of the weaker SWGOH … This can be done while you farm your empire characters. 501st Affiliation. I would get Bossk (and Hound's Tooth) immediately. Top canditates for g13: GMY, Jolee (once 7*). – Old Ben and Farm Luke are both required at 7* to unlock CLS. Anakin’s Cantina node is hard to complete for newer players, takes a while to unlock, and has lower perceived drop rates. Jedi: Bastila L, GMY, Old Ben, Hoda, Jolee. Attacker Role. Check out Old Ben's Characters from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!! SWGoH review of the first two reworks of the New Hope characters, Old Ben and Farm Boy Luke. I'm also slowly farming Old Ben, Bastila and Jolee. The list isn’t for new players to look at old Ben and go “oh he’s great I’m gunna get him”, it’s so you can look at CLS and GMY and go “they’re great, who do I need to get to be able to get them!”, from where a player will naturally find their way to Old Ben. They're far from done but combined with Kanan and Ezra they've been a good arena Jedi team. Increases a units Potency by 50%.