That's right, the show famous for it's accurate representation of future events seems to have done it again! As well as joking about a Trump presidency nearly two decades before Trump was actually elected, a … 's 'I'm Just a Bill' segment, shows a talking amendment with arm and legs being ratified. But that hasn't stopped viewers fearing that some other worrying predictions they have made are still yet to come true. Fans of The Simpsons have flocked to social media to point out that a recent episode seemingly predicted yesterday's far-right Capitol Hill riots, sharing stills from the show likened to … Back in November last year, The Simpsons predicted what would be happening in January 2021. The same episode appeared to predict the Capitol… Fans have been stunned once again as it appears the cartoon series foresaw Tom Hanks’ involvement in political events.Yep, another day, another Simpsons prediction to add to the already vast collection of scenarios previously depicted first on the animation.In this case, one Twitte The posts with stills from the fictional animated show quickly caught Twitterati's attention and went viral. The animated series that started almost 31 years ago, is … Someone else wrote: 'After today, I'm starting to believe the Simpsons' prediction'. An episode broadcast in 2000 also accurately predicted Trump's presidency, 17 years before he was inaugurated. The Simpsons has 'predicted' a doomsday in 2021 following the US election Credit: Fox. The 31st annual Halloween ‘Treehouse of Horror’ special of the much-loved show took a look at the 2020 process which bore striking similarities to events in Washington DC, Metro reports. In just the first week of 2021 after a challenging 2020, US Capitol Hill building was stormed by Donald Trump’s supporters engulfing the city in chaos. Using pans, sieves and cheese graters as body armour, Homer sips a beer on the roof of the Simpson's house with a rifle in his hand. An episode of The Simpsons which depicted carnage after the latest US election race between Trump and Biden has led some fans to suggest the cartoon predicted yesterday's Capitol protest. The National Guard had to be called to restore order and an improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found on the grounds of the US Capitol, as President-elect Joe Biden described the horrifying scenes as an "insurrection". 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The Simpsons didn’t predict this one, sadly (Picture: Fox – Getty) The Simpsons has managed to be a soothsayer for a lot of world events, with … The moment in which a 2020 "Simpsons" episode is believed to have predicted this week's Capitol Hill riots. How to turbo charge your Covid jab: DR MICHAEL MOSLEY reveals the simple steps that could make it more... Britain faces becoming a global pariah: Countries around the world consider tougher restrictions on UK after... Are pilotless planes the future for domestic flights? After angry pro-Trump protestors wreaked havoc inside the US Capitol Hill Building, fans of The Simpsons are convinced again about the show’s makers ability to predict the future. Other fascinating predictions which have became reality include a 1998 episode correctly suggesting Disney would buy 20th Century Fox, which happened in 2017, and a 1993 episode which showed a mysterious virus from Asia invading Springfield, with striking similarities to the coronavirus pandemic. Capitol riots: The Simpsons eerily predicted incident in 1996. It appears 'The Simpsons' predicted the Capitol Hill riots in 1996. FANS of the The Simpsons fear the iconic show has predicated the future once again after an episode showed the end of the world on Inauguration Day. As he gets to the voting booth, his daughter Lisa asks 'How could you forget everything that happened in the last four years' as a long list of Trump's actions as President roll on screen. An episode of The Simpsons which showed civil war after the latest US election race between Trump and Biden has led some fans to suggest the cartoon predicted yesterday’s Capitol protest. The NHS puts a price on ALL our lives. A few months earlier, an episode of The Simpsons seemed to have shown events panning out in a similar fashion. Some people believe The Simpsons once again predicted the alarming scenes during an episode from way back in 1996. Huge crowds wait at Heathrow border control as travellers stream back into the UK before stricter... AstraZeneca warns EU countries it will cut deliveries of its Covid-19 vaccine by 60% to 31million doses in... How deadly is the Kent Covid variant? Homer then looks up to see the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding into town, holding flags which read "Pestilence", "Famine", "War", and "Treehouse of Horror XXXI". Also Read - Did 'The Simpsons' Predict President Trump's Death on August 27, 2020? Pro-Trump supporters stormed inside the Capitol building as a sign pf protest against the US election results. The Powerful Oracle That Is The Simpsons Predicted Yesterday’s Capitol Riot Back In November Try as they may, not even The Simpsons is that ridiculously accurate. Someone made an interesting observation where he pointed out that The Simpsons … A rumor circulating on Twitter claims "The Simpsons" predicted pro-Trump supporter Jake Angeli at the U.S. Capitol and scenes of chaos in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. Published: 14:50 GMT, 7 January 2021 | Updated: 17:08 GMT, 7 January 2021. The program begins with characters queuing outside a voting station at the local school beside a sign which reads 'Democracy ends in 08.38' as Homer remembers it is election day. A 1996 episode, titled The Day The Violence Died, also hints at riots with a number of characters storming the Capitol with bombs and guns after a … Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building protesting the US election results. Others suggested the show foreshadowed the actions of Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol building to protest his election defeat, forcing lawmakers to flee to safety and resulting in four people losing their lives. As photos and videos of the unprecedented US Capitol violence trended on social media. The Simpsons predicting #civilwar2021 and riots in America They’ve done it again Jacob Chansley, better known as Jake Angeli or the "QAnon shaman," donned a furry Viking helmet, tan pants, and red, white, and blue face paint, and broke into the Capitol. The residents of Springfield are hiding in fear from the government robots that are laying waste to the town - and seemingly kill Hans Moleman. The Simpsons has a history of making scarily accurate predictions and it looks like their predictions for 2021 are no different. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. "How bad could it be," says Homer, before a flash-forward reveals the horrifying future. While 2020 was one to forget, we'd better all hope The Simpsons' prediction for 2021 doesn't come true as it could literally be the year from hell. Having reluctantly made his way to the voting booth, Homer asks if he can vote for Judge Judy, then gets warned by unimpressed Lisa to remember everything that happened in the last four years. The comments below have not been moderated. EXCLUSIVE: Christina Ricci's husband James Heerdegen files restraining order claiming the actress mixed... Budget Obsessives, Air Miles Accumulators and Spontaneity Gurus: Which Travel Tribe do YOU belong to? Credit: RexDid The Simpsons manage to make yet another eerily accurate prediction about the world? From the 9/11 tragedy to Donald Trump's shock presidency, the show's writers have created scenes in the show that spookily go on to mirror real life. There was an even more devastating depiction of Capitol building violence in the 1999 episode Beyond Dlunderdome, where Homer and Mel Gibson directed a new version of the film Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Another said: 'No way did The Simpsons predict the civil war.'. US military spy agency paid for Americans' cell phone data that revealed their location information WITHOUT... Help us get computers to kids: Daily Mail launches new drive to aid Britain's children struggling with... We have a duty to pull together: Ex-Education Secretary DAVID BLUNKETT issues a call to arms as he warns we... What you need to know about Mail Force's Computers For Kids: For readers, for companies and schools, how you... 'I've been blessed. For all our sakes we hope this is one prediction that The Simpsons has got horribly wrong, or 2021 could be even worse than the year we've just had. In a 1996 episode, titled ‘The Day The Violence Died’, glimpses of a riot were shown with a number of characters storming the Capitol with bombs and guns after a constitutional amendment tries to ban flag burning. An episode of The Simpsons which showed civil war after the latest US election race between Trump and Biden has led some fans to suggest the cartoon predicted yesterday’s Capitol protest. Some of the depictions are eerily similar to the real life people that were seen storming the building yesterday. Fox An explosion caused by a police munition is seen in front of the US Capitol … The Simpsons scene eerily predicted Capitol riots.mp4. 'The Simpsons' 'Predicted' The Capitol Riot -- Of Course Fans think they saw another case of cartoon clairvoyance from the long-running series. | Daily Mail Online Doomsday has occurred, with buildings destroyed and fires raging on Inauguration Day. The images of him have quickly gone viral, but so has an image of a Simpsons characters who looks very, very similar to him, which has made many think that, once again, The Simpsons predicted the future. Lockdown update as Boris Johnson warns 'we'll all be living with Covid for a long time', He says the Government would take further action to protect borders and stop new Covid-19 strains from entering the UK. Supporters of US President Donald J. Trump stand by the door to the Senate chambers after they breached the US Capitol security yesterday, Pro-Trump protesters storm into the U.S. Capitol during clashes with police yesterday, Fans of the show were quick to notice similarities between the episode which aired in November last year and events which took place at the Capitol yesterday, Fans took to Twitter to share their shock at the similarities between yesterday's events and those shown in the Halloween episode, with one person stating: 'The Simpsons are never wrong.'.