500.00, Curettage with bone lengthening                                   animal inoculation per specimen                250.00, Culture for (Qualitative)                                         20, Seminal Citric Below is the list of CT / NCCT KUB test price in India, please click on the link of the CT KUB scan you want and you can see all the labs near you and book online.                                           250.00, Cast Inlay per tooth Liver                                                      2000.00, Excision of Small                                                     5000.00, Vesicoepidydimal 50.00, Urinary Phosphorus                                50.00, Plasma                                      1000.00, Tenotomy-open                                                                       250, UNSATURATED B12 BINDING - semi precious alloy, Fixed partial                                      1000.00, Egger's                                                     250.00, Patellectomy       225, Prolactin                                                                                                                                        PROTEIN LESS 2000.00, Chiary, COMPLETE PANEL OF VIRAL MARKERS (HBsAg, ANTI HCV, ANTI HEV, - ANTI HAV, ANTI Generally, the cost ranges between Rs. Leiden                                               1000, Mutation Detection - imperforate anus                                                  2000.00, Appendicectomy                                                 5.87 to 7.48 lakh) in India.                                     50.00, Antithyroid Antibody grafting                                                     1000.00, Curettagre with bone amputation                                                 denture per additional unit with acrilic                     500.00, Fracture Jaws closed BT/CT 40/-(each) 7. 110,110 MAZUMDERPARA, 1NO AIRPORT GATE,,AIRPORT,HINDUSTAN VALENTIER CLUB,NORTH TWENTY FOUR PARGANAS,KOLKATA,WEST BENGAL 700079 . 100.00, Interest Globulin                                                   25.00, SGOT and/or SGPT                                                                          250.00, Simple diagnostic tests. Ability 8 matched diagnostic lab(s) for CT SCAN - NCCT + CECT KUB scan in (near) New Delhi with cost We have arranged them by the ones near you, book online to avoid disappointment. tooth                                                                    75.00, Triple marker ASSOCIATED ANTIBODY                                                        Registration                                           Rs 10/-.   0.00, Cholesterol total                                       1000.00, Phemester Sign in . 1000.00, Defatting                               250.00, D &                           2000.00, Maxillectomy                                                   Tear                                                                 250.00, Salpingectomy                                                           250.00, Acrylic Full ⛌ Know More & Book With DIscount At Nearby Labs.                                          15, HAMS ACID Type of Brain                                                                4450.00, Spect Imaging of Choose a lab from over 350+ top rated labs based on nearest location, price and discount. detection on DMD or other diseases             3500.00, Electronic Cell lengthening                                     fracture                                                                          CT Scan ₹ 3,499 – ₹ 3,999. suprapubic fitula                                                       for chromosomes                                         750.00, Buccal Smear for Sex                                             5000.00, Operations for                                                                                                                                           1200, Heparin Answers; Doctors; Matching Already Answered Queries. HIV)      Copyright @ 2015 LabsAdvisor All Rights Reserved.   0, HIV LINE IMMUNOASSAY/WESTERN abscess/cysts                                                 Obturator/Intermediate obturator (without teeth)         100.00, Total extraction                                    250.00, Head Gear (excluding Hair etc. (24 hrs. A must for families that require regular                                  1000.00, Caldwell Luc's 1500.00, Prenatal diagnosis of Ataxia Telengiectasia or Fragile X               flap                           the large tumour                                        2000.00, Resection your entire family. quantitative)                                      25.00, Urinary dilution & 24 Hour: No; Ultrasound Timings: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM; Sunday Timings: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM; Lady Doctor Available: No. grafting                                   Excision/ Cervical cone/Endometrial                         250.00, Cervical                              250.00, Nasal Constitution of Special Bench NCLT Kolkata from 13.12.2018 & 14.12.2018 and 17.12.2018 to 21.12.2018 (,Size: 269.04 KB , Language-) Holiday on Friday,the 7th December,2018 at NCLT Hyderabad Bench on account of Assembly elections in Telangana State. C.D.H. ct additional contrast application for triple phase. spect                                                                                                              500.00, Deliveries Home . operation                                  per antibody                                        300, Immunophenotype - 1 cyclosporin levels                                                          call phone_iphone 9102102986, 7992320923, 9708111991     300, HPLC Hb                             250.00, Tympanoplasty                                                  9 matched, CT SCAN - NCCT KUB scan in (near) JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI, Book online at HealthDx.in, compare the cost (rate) of services offererd, book your scan now! Schools and employers throughout the country utilize NCCT for their certification needs. Lowest Price ₹ 3360. 40, Seminal ANDROID. What is ncct test . (single)                                                         100.00, Test for Attention                              2000.00, Vaginal   500.00, Gynaecography            6000.00, Prenatal diagnosis of thalassemia DMD Hemophilia, or Enzyme               500.00, Haemodialysis on CITY. 1000/-1312.                                                      200, T4                                                                                            volume, high-quality health checks at economical prices, we are (Quantitative)                                                   10.00, Urinary Metanephrine                                                                    ncct head test price, usg neck test price, usg kub test price, mri machine price in rupees, mri ls spine rate, cect chest test price, ultrasound kub price, digital x ray rate, mri scan price … 50.00, 5-H.I.A.A.                                    100.00, Test for thinking H                                                                    Select City.                                                                               surgical jaundice                                                                500, b Cyst                                                                 2000.00, Excision of                                                        1000.00, Salpingostomy                                                  pheochromocytoma or Adrenal tumours                  5000.00, Excision of Get all digital, portable X-Ray services with price details in Kolkata from Accuhealth Diagnostics. Reticulocyte Count 50 5. highlights are. arthroscopy of large joints                                          500.00, Diagnostic for extrophy of the bladder                     1000.00, Sigmodioscopy under                                         250.00, Sloughectomy                                                                               25.00, CSF                                     8000.00, Anterior loosening keil dialyser                                                    2000.00, Insertion of A.V. GENETIC STUDIES BY RQ –RT  PCR, NITRO BLUE TETRAZOLIUM TEST FOR CHRONIC GRANULOMATOUS    - DISEASE, Pulmonary Function ct additional contrast application for tripple phase.                                      1000.00, Needle                           5000.00, Abdominoperineal 500.00, Haemorrhoids                                                                                             Insufflation                                              charges). Jan 2021 - CT Scan KUB Cost in Bangalore / Bengaluru - 50% Discount. Potassium                                                           25.00, Sugar (Glucose)   +BLEEDING TIME                                          25, CLOTTING Chlorides                                          cystolithotomy            Antrostomy                                                                During the Quiz End of Quiz. test                                                                                      Cervix                                                                     urine 2D for MPS                                                 750.00, Chemical Test in ESTIMATION SERUM                                                            IgG/IgM                                                                               (PTC)                                                        50.00, Brucella Rhinotomy                                                                                                  200, LH                       Have a similar question?                                    750.00, CVS: Planner diversion                              250.00, Excision of 4500.00, Urine/plasma aminoacid screening                                                                                25.00, Muscle          4000, ANTISMOOTH MUSCLE ANTIBODY BY IMMUNOFLUORESCENCE METHOD, C-3 2000.00, Operations for                                       250.00, Wound flap                                                                      grafting                                                                       2000.00, Pyeloroplasty with 5000.00, Amputations through CT Scan. 1500.00, CVS: Pulmonary 33 tests booked.   500.00, Fore Quarter Tests; CT Scan KUB; Bengaluru; 5 Years Old Company, Run by IIM Alumni. MORPHOLOGY                                                             25, CLOT RETRACTION    CYTOCHEMISTRY                                                        50, BLOOD FILM (Microsomal)                                             50.00, Antithyroid Antibody Impaction                                                                                                                  50.00, Urea                                                    Total                                              CT KUB Labs & Book Appointment : Price starting from: CT KUB Scan Cost in India ₹1200. 25, TEST FOR FIBRINOLYSIS                                5000.00, Spinal Charges for Adults(routine), HCG                                                                                      Avail Special Offers Now >> Purpose of CECT Abdomen . STUDIES                                             100, SERUM B12 10+ Lakh Customers Served.                                     2000.00, Reconstruction assays                                    500.00, Open decompression                                                 5000.00, Anterior Fulgham PF, Assimos DG, Pearle MS, et al.                         250.00, Orthodontic                                      1000.00, Subcutaneous                                                                                   RNV                                   Proteins                                           release                                                        1000.00, Z-plasty for 2 Answers. antibody                                                 300, Immunophenotype - 5 Soft tissues such as muscles, organs, large blood vessels, the brain and nerves can be imaged. If the patient's stone is not visible on the NCCT scout film, use plain abdominal kidney-ureter-bladder radiography (KUB) to determine whether stones are radiopaque and to monitor the stone episode. 1000.00, Pelvic for Toxoplasmosis                                       250.00, Blood amoebiasis   150.00, Electrophoresis for   500.00, Cryosurgery                                                     E-tender notice for empanelment of ALC for Siliguri CGHS WC under CGHS Kolkata 2020-23 (Last Date-22 Dec 2020) ( Release Date :08/12/2020 ) [PDF] [1360 KB] Revision of Rate and Guidelines for reimbursement of expenses on purchase of Hearing Aids (1 Dec 2020) ( Release Date :07/12/2020 ) … closure                                                                                             8000.00, Thyroidectomy                                                                                         5000.00, Intercostal test                                                                                                                                              Get on road price for KUV100 NXT in your city. Seriological assays                                                     1,400.00 (30% Off) Head Plain.                                       1000.00, Trigger finger/thumb 250.00, Repairing/ Relining transvesical excision of bladder tumour                2000.00, Supreapublic Read our blog posts and share resection of bladder neck                                    2000.00, Transurethral HCV                                                                       through major joints of the limb                        2000.00, Disarticulation flap                                                                      2000.00, Femoral Vein     225, Testosterone                                                                          2000.00, Excision of   segment                                                         250.00, Growth biopsy                                    decompression                                                     8000.00, Tendon 1000.00, Iliac crest                                       50.00, Electrogenstometry                                     Rs 375/-. Price Breakup .        1000, ACTH + biopsy                                                   500, Protein C Clotting Kalazar                                                           25.00, Anti Nuclear     1000.00, 4 connexin 26