Cadangan saya ialah di berikan "rated' untuk pelanggan mengisi tahap kepuasan sesebuah kedai. (Thank you for the kind words. Jika anda aktif di dalam kelab kenderaan, pastinya ramai rakan-rakan yang mampu memberi cadangan tetapi realitinya, ramai orang hanya menganggap kereta itu sebagai alat dan pada mereka, semua kedai tayar itu sama dan bahasa teknikal yang digunakan oleh … (Penulis tidak menghubungi kami bagi membolehkan kami melakukan siasatan lanjut. This is what happened. Sokong Kedai Tayar Cahaya Masai Kedai Tayar Melayu Islam Kalau sebelum ni aku tiup semboyan untuk sokong kedai spare part milik Melayu di Pulau Pinang dan satu lagi di area Kempas di Johor Bahru Kali ni aku tiup semboyan satu JOHOR lebih-lebih lagi yang berada di area Masai untuk terjah kedai tayar Cahaya Masai yang menjual tayar baharu dan terpakai. - admin -). We have decided to remove the said workshop from our network. We will try to put some flair to the design -admin-), (Thank you for the sugggestion. It would be nice if we can re-view our orders such as tyre information (size, brand and quantity), workshop locations or information or re-order. Please add more network workshops in kl and pj. I like it. (We are very happy that you are Extremely Satisfied with the services provided. Please allow me to thank you fo­r creating this website so it is easy to­ compare prices and get the best deals. Sangat senang untuk cari tayar guna app ini. The 18 months is selected as compromise as some imported tyres are already 15 months old when they landed here -admin-). More tyre shops and tyre selections. Thank you - admin -). A skillful person incharge and recommended to all. Need to understand why people looking and buying through website. Good job! Isteri yg temankan saya juga tertarik dgn cara layanan serta langganan diberikan. (Thank you for the suggestion. Great job. We have decided to eliminate certain car brands/models as it may come as grey imports that is fitted with different tyre sizes. Most of them [other apps], we are facing hidden cost by the merchant (alignment and valves not included). - admin -), I would like to thank Ahmad from for assisting me with my deposit after I have mistakenly selected the wrong tyre size for my car. For sure, the price in KL is higher due to higher rental etc. (Terima kasih untuk cadangan diatas. Hopefully you could provide the name of workshops instead of just location... nevertheless good effort and keep it up. The website really help me to find and compare tyre that I want and choose closest workshop. (Our website retains your order data for your review anytime you like. Thank you - admin -), Maybe can give a discount/coupon/point if user use, (Thank you for your suggestion. Syabas serta Tahniah utk pengurusan & pentadbiran More choices, the better. We note that the economy tyre brands from China are only available in the market for a very short period and thus, limiting it presence in the market. But maybe you can provide the workshop information before the payment is made. But tis site is essentially useful to the end user. (We are happy to hear a very positive online & offline shopping experience - admin -). Senarai workshop terhad, better perbanyakkan lagi senarai workshop di kawasan luar bandar seperti senai or batu pahat. Convenient and hassle free shopping experience. You made our day and gave us the boost to do better -admin-), Bagus. Kami akan melihat semula keperluan dibandar lebih kecil dimasa hadapan. Tahniah kerana dapat mewujudkan satu platform untuk berkongsi maklumat yang amat bermanfaat ini. Jump to. (Thank you for your suggestions. Consistent poor performer will be removed from the website. This is a compromise due to the myriad of resolutions available for mobile devices. I experienced this before i managed to book the tyres. Free alignment check hanya diberikan kepada pembeli yang membeli 4 tayar sahaja. Apa yg dipaparkan oleh checkout, itulah harga yg saya bayar. so i need to pay more. I highly recommend everyone to use to purchase tyres because not only it can save my time to do price comparison, it is also reliable. (Thank you for your suggestion. Terima kasih kerana memudahkan urusan saya. (Kami berbesar hati dapat membantu anda membeli tayar dengan cara mudah dan harga yang sangat berbaloi - admin -), Maybe other than tyre, U can provide other services such as: Car battery, in-car monitor,etc, (Thank you for your suggestion. Thank you mytayar, I support your mission in assisting customers to make informed decisions and reducing headache when making tyre purchases :), (Thank you for your kind words. (We are putting in new incentive program to ensure that the workshop update their inventory position regularly. We have refunded the deposit paid as the failure is on our collective part. Good to hear positive experience. Maybe you should advise on this matter on your website. (The website works better on bigger screen as we can maximize the width to arrange the display. I will come again. Marketing should be improve so that more workshop and user can use the system. They didn't know about it. We are glad that the outcome of the situation is a positive one for you. (We are happy that our objective of introducing good workshop is achieved -admin-), (Thank you for your suggestion. Consumer should note the cost to travel so far especially when petrol is now RM2.30/L. I can survey on weekdays during my busy day and just make an appointment on Saturday on the spot. Alignment Tayar Tukar dan Servis Tayar Tukar Ganti Enjin Major & Minor Repair ... #kedai_tayar_ilmu_automotive #kedai_tayar_melayu #ilmu_auto #ilmu_tyre #tayar_baru #tayar_second . My suggestion is MyTayar to encourage workshops to always update their tyre inventory. The website should be mobile friendly also. Saves me time from shopping from one shop to another. Website kami menggunakan automated response didalam "whatsapp for business" yang akan menjawab kesemua pertanyaan pertama. Pemanduan korang pun jadi lebih selesa. Listed tire shops need to stock the latest (tyres model) in the website later. (Thanks for the comment. Namun saya berpuas hati kerana mendapat tayar baru semuanya (1417 dan 2117). Terima kasih. Plus, add more locations since some shops I surveyed is somehow too far from reach, especially putrajaya and bangi. Tayar ialah Michelin ps3 4biji. (Unlike typical setup where the tyres are in front of the seller and the manufacturing week can be checked easily, we have set the condition that the tyres supplied must be less than 18 months old as stated in the FAQ. kedai alignment tayar. - admin -). This is really a amazing idea and exemplary service. Koperasi Guru Melayu Kelantan Berhad , Lot 2333, Bangunan Koop Guru Padang Bongor, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa , 15400 Kota Bharu, Kelantan Phone: 09 - 7439958 Email: Workshop menawarkan tayar yang lebih mahal dan bersikap tidak acuh. But we believe that the prices are already very competitive - admin -). Tukar kepada 195 55 r15 rm254 sebiji. Get 500 FB Likes thank you for join with us ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ . Keep up the good work and offer good price. good job! -admin-). - admin -). Selain penjualan tayar, saya juga mendapati perkhidmatan & penyenggaraan enjin kereta juga disediakan walaupun tagline 'mytayar' digunapakai. Accessibility Help. Straight forward price with no add on. Thank you - admin -). Their tyre prices on the website are maintained by the workshop themself and it is grossly irresponsible to state otherwise. And I am proud to introduce your website together with the Network Workshop to my friends and family. I highly recommend everyone to use to purchase tyres because not only it can save my time to do price comparison, it is also reliable. Maybe can make the website more mobile-friendly. Hehe. I would use the service again if they maintain the standard or improve. Thank you. All network workshop should always be aware of their involvement with so that can avoid any confusion between the customer and the network workshop. Everything was good. And the best thing, workshop not pushing other services and parts. But, need to monitor the pricing cause certain shop quotes above the ordinary price. Thank you - admin -). Thanks - admin -), (Thank you for your kind remark. recommend!!! Total tukar tayar baru untuk keempat-empat buah siap upah tukar balancing dan alignment, tak smpai RM600. So I bought the tires direct. Sections of this page. Everything happened within 24 hours. (Thank you for your suggestion. Also the speed and efficiency by tyre retailers to deliver the purchases has a great effect onto performance. • .. trusted online platform nak cari tayar murah2 berdekatan dgn kawasan kita duduk... thanks, (Kami gembira dapat memberikan perkhidmatan kepada Tuan -admin-). First-time customer here. (Thank you for your suggestion. The workshop in question has misrepresent certain fact such as there is no 3 days waiting period if they have the stock. Banyak yang boleh diperbaiki, dimulakan dengan cara menjawab soalan-soalan bakal pelanggan anda dengan berhemah di whatsapp. Very satisfied with as a platform provider however am dissapointed with the workshop when i realized that my car shaking at 120km/h, i assume the checking is not properly done. Response yang pertama meminta bakal pelanggan untuk terus ke website untuk mencari harga bagi tayar yang diperlukan dan untuk membaca terms & conditions. (Terima kasih untuk cadangan anda tetapi kami meletakkan syarat 18 bulan it kerana tayar import dari Eropah akan berusia sekurang-kurangnya 1 tahun apabila sampai kesini. Harga pun ok tiada tokok tambah di kedai.. Terima kasih. My concern was addressed very fast. We told Ken that you are happy with his service and he said "Thank You" -admin-). Have to wait for restock the dunlop but the web appear how much quantity of the tyre. Easy and fast! (Kami bergembira dapat membantu Cik dari ditipu oleh workshop yang tidak bertanggungjawab -admin-), Alhamdulillah siap tukar 4 biji tayar Michelin Energy XM2 175/65/R14 utk Iriz 1.3 di bengkel Taman Segar, Cheras. (Glad to hear postive feedback like this. Lepas bayar deposit terus dpt msg dari bengkel dan boleh datang hari yg sama. (You mean like this? the owner only answer my call once and turn off the phone, and the shop phone is not in service anymore. i love this website. 2. I don't see any weakness. (We are happy that our website is giving you benefits as designed. Am i entitled for a refund? Your website 'network workshop' is continuously displaying error. Apapun syabas dan moga maju jaya, (We Will remind the workshops to supply the tyres ordered as per the agreed terms and conditions. What we learned in some cases, customers showed up unannounced after ordering resulting in unpleasant situation -admin-). • Kami mempunyai tanggapan yang kuat bahawa hanya membeli 2 tayar sahaja dan tidak layak mendapat free alignment tersebut. Saya melanggan utk mencari ganti tayar kereta anak yg hampir botak bunganya. (In the tyre retailing business, open pricing advertisement is frowned upon by the other players. -admin-). Macam tu ke cakap dgn customer..kenapa nk kena paksa..jadi saya terpaksa tambah duit bayar utk tayar yg lain..harap pihak my tayar boleh ambil tindakan terhadap workshop yg begini..bagi saya platform my tayar amat bagus..sebab kita boleh banding harga dgn website yang lain..cuma pada pihak workshop amat teruk service..harap my tayar cari lah workshop yang jujur..kalau xde stock bagi tau awal2.. (Kami telah membuang workshop tersebut dari panel kami bagi memastikan tahap perkhidmatan yang terbaik untuk pelanggan - admin -), (We are happy to serve you. Cheap but dont know if Viking brand good or not. Harga pun ok sangat. Author. We will try to catch up with browsers development. Terima kaseh. Found the tyres that I need but the shop is closed for Hari Raya holidays. The fact that its also a genuine business only reinforced my confidence about using the service. (Thank you for the suggestion but at this juncture, we are emphasizing on the quality of the workshops than the quantity -admin-), Should do a video tutorial from A-Z from online purchased to network workshops (examples), (We will update our buying steps video and put it up on youtube -admin-), (Thank you for your suggestion. - admin -). (We are happy to hear positive experience like this. Good job & keep up the good work! (Thank you. Walaupun dah minta beberapa kali.. org workshop masih x benarkan. Please make your website more attractive..overall workshop comply with the price. We will invest more in off internet advertising soon -admin-). Thank you - admin -). Platform yang bagus. Think kaodim but with car services as list services to compare. Thank you for using our service. Keep coming back to check -admin-). Thank you for creating this website. Terus dapat sms dan email confirmation lepas bayar kat maybank2u. Keep it up. service partner also good, better if they have waiting area. Luckily they gave me a better tyre with slight addition to the price. Kemungkinan dijalan tersebut ada banyak workshop yang lain -admin-). Saiz yang saya mahu ialah 185 55 r15 harga rm224 sebiji. I am first-timer here, but I am having a bad experience after I purchased and paid the deposit, I cannot contact the shop owner or company phone. Price quoted was less than MyTayar price minus deposit. Mungkin sedikit kekurangan, stok tayar yg dipasang oleh workshop adalah stok tahun 2016 (minggu ke 23). but overall, very recommended. Buat masa ini, kami lebih menumpukan perhatian kepada bandar-bandar besar kerana jumlah pengguna internet yang tinggi. Bunyi besi bergesel pada tayar depan. On the suggestion of search function by tyre size, it is already in place whereby user can click on the colour shifting green button marked "Click Here to Find by Tyre Size" on the webpage - admin -), (Kami bergembira dapat membantu anda - admin -). But total cost is cheaper as no need to drive so far to Klang. Tq. Overall its ok sbb dpt free alignment, (Kami telah meletakkan syarat bahawa tayar yang dibekalkan mestilah kurang dari 18 bulan dari tarikh pengilangan seperti dinyatakan di (Thank you for your feedback. Once again, thank you -admin -). We are very happy to be of service -admin-). kedai ini memnag harga patut check betul betul teliti walau pun tayar ada paku , saya tak pernah tengok manual ALIGNMENT MACHINE, lagi pakai MEASUARING TAPE untuk ukur, saya betul puas hati sebab explanation Mr chan cukup jelas dan teliti, 100 percent saya akan pergi lagi, ORANG YANG PRO UNTUK ALIGNMENT TYRE DAN CENTER STERRING (We are encouraged to be better when getting positive feedback like this. Keep up a good work, bro. Saving time for person who is working! Maklumat-maklumat yang ada amat berguna sebagai panduan untuk membeli tayar pada harga yang berpatutan dan agar tidak ditipu oleh peniaga yang tidak bertanggungjawab. TAYARIA adalah suatu rangkaian pengedar tayar bebas yang diusahakan oleh Kit Loong Tayaria Sdn Bhd untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan tayar pakar kepada permotoran rakyat di Malaysia. Servis bagus dan cepat,tapi bila cari kedai guna waze,destinasi kurang tepat,sampai ke kedai lain plak. On the Klang shops matter, we would like to provide options other than the obvious 4 shops in Klang -admin-). 7. Kedai tayar melayu kita Today at 1:26 AM Makluman kepada seluruh warga Kuala Besut..Mesra Tyre & service ditu ... tup esok iaitu 31/12/2020 Khamis kerana ada hal yang tidak dapat dielakkan..akan dibuka seperti biasa pada 2/1/21 Sabtu..sebarang urusan … Very easy to book and communicate. Saya pasti, setiap kali anda ke kedai tayar untuk membuat penjajaran roda (wheel alignment), anda kerap kali disarankan untuk menukar ‘skru camber’ bagi … (Thank you for pointing out the map error. Bagi mereka yang tidak pernah mencuba di mytayar, saya sgt recommend web tersebut. Called the shop and they said can come immediately. or email to [email protected]. Customer Service suggested that I change from Run Flat Tyres to regular tyres (plus spare tyre kit) for my BMW 525. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. We have reminded the workshop to perform as per contract. Akan rekemen pada kwn2. Saya sangat menyokong perkhidmatan mytayar ini & berharap ia dapat ditambah baik dari masa ke semasa. -admin -). It has always been there. Ini dapat memberi kebaikkan untuk pelanggan dan peniaga. - admin -). - admin -). Our intention is to provide superior buying experience for the consumers and we are proud to say that till today, we are exceeding the set criteria everyday. New Concept Online Store. Saya tidak pasti sama ada harga tersebut masuk sekali servis lain (pemasangan, balancing, alignment). -admin-). Saya tidak dapat mencari spesifikasi tayar yang dikehendaki di kawasan saya iaitu di Kampar, Perak. Kerja yg pantas dan kemas. Well done! (Insist on the terms & conditions as spelt out in the Order Confirmation email. The purchase and payment procedures are consistent as before. Workshop tempat saya menukar tayar boleh dikatakan "ok" walaupun mereka cuba utk minta saya pasang chamber nut. Hak dinafikan. I am an impressed customer and soon and to repeat in the future. - admin -). At first, scare if people cheat put tayar harga murah like mudah. Excellent platform to avail good service and products at a cheaper price! Free alignment check hanya diberikan kepada pembeli yang membeli 4 tayar sahaja. (We have been advocating the need for the consumers to be vigilant and understand technical matters to avoid being fleeced. Thank you - admin -), (After a follow up email, the customer suggested a more colorful webpage instead. Kitchen Kitchen. After login to your account on the website, click on "My Orders" on the left/upper side of the website to go to see the past orders made. Saya dapat menukar 4 biji tayar Michelin pada harga yang amat murah berbanding bengkel lain. -admin-). The workers at the workshop didn't aware of the packages that we bought at mytayar website (what inclusive and what not). its making my day easy & troubles away. Very easy to find the tyres I need. On the app, we decided to go with installable Progressive Web Application [PWA] instead as it is easier to maintain. That is the reason the shop details are only given for confirmed orders. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. (Our website retains your order data for your review anytime you like. (Thank you for your suggestions. webpage has improved from my last purchase. We took a different approach on post purchase comments compared to other marketplaces. -admin-), Hari ni tukar tayar standard je 195/65/15 continental CC6, tp tayar dh (2816) thn lps punya..lagi bagus kalau letak syarat tayar lebih 6 bulan ada diskaun 10% sbb had tahan tayar pn rasanya 5 tahun je..just saying. Semoga bertambah sukses & berjaya!!! I am happy with the service however the workshop didnt accept debit/credit card. I have good experience with mytayar, will definitely use the service again. Paid deposit to MyTayar. Dan juga perlukan peningkatan dalam kemaskini data di laman web kerana saya dapati stok tayar yang saya mahu masih 'available' di laman web tapi di kedai sudah kehabisan stok. i think u should not put that in email if not include. Workshop said I can buy direct regardless of MyTayar deposit. Siapa kata Melayu tak ada kedai farmasi sendiri, tak ada kedai ubat sendiri, tak ada kedai supplement sendiri? Salon Seat for guide Seat for guide. Please improve your information about your website tally stock with shop’s stock. Saya tolak dgn baik permintaan mereka & pihak workshop menerima dgn baik. Thanks. (We are putting in more features to make the website friendlier. Very easy to buy online. I hope moving forward, you can add more car brands as some brands are missing. Thanks. the navigation on the web is easy & straightforward. Harga tayar yang jauh lebih murah dari biasa. This is because, the alignment of the website seems a bit off when I use it in mobile devices. (Kami gembira dapat membantu anda membeli tayar dengan cara jimat, mudah dan telus -admin-). We will remind the workshops to update their offering from time to time. This is a good platform for looking cheap and reliable quality tyre products. (Our apology for the confusion at the Network Workshop involved. Thanks.. -admin-). Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Mungkin tuan boleh panjangkan perkhidmatan ini kepada penjagaan tayar seperti perkhidmatan balancing, alignment, harga komponen tayar lain. - admin -), Make sure workshop provide new tyre with below 6 months manufacturing date, (Our FAQ has clearly state that the tyres supplied must be below 18 months old. 3. 10/11/2020 . I am a happy customer! - updated 13 Jan 2020 admin -). (Thank you for your suggestions. The process won't took so long. We will monitor the pricing to ensure that it is competitive -admin-), Helpful website. We will work harder - Ahmad Radhi -). TV/Video TV/Video. User rating for individual purchase + comment board. No hard-selling of unnecessary add-ons, and everything was explained clearly to me (I did the alignment adjustment, was okay with the added cost). After login to your account on the website, click on "My Orders" on the left/upper side of the website to go to, to see the past orders made. Kesemua workshops didalam network kami tahu akan perkara ini. Keep up the good work! (Kami bergembira membantu anda untuk membeli tayar dengan harga terbuka. Workshop said have to wait up to 3 days for MyTayar deal. (Thank you for the suggestion. We will make the necessary adjustment on some webpages as suggested. You may refer to other online stores. We are happy to be of service to you - admin -), (We are happy to be of service to you. From our conversation, we note that they gave you RM2 discount per tyre for buying direct. Bunyi besi bergesel pada tayar depan Air conditioner Air conditioner. mybe aplikasi ini boleh ditambah untuk servis-lain juga bukan hanya tertumpu untuk tayar kereta. 6.5K likes. Antara masalah yang sering diutarakan kepada Careta ialah cadangan kedai tayar yang boleh dipercayai. Went to workshop. Call : +6010-77 82927 It was a hassle to negotiate with them as they told me that the tyres were out of stock even when I made the booking with MyTayar. Pay the small deposit using: Getting confused with technical jargons? Thank you -  admin -). Thank you for your support -admin-). Saya dapat membandingkan harga tayar untuk setiap kedai yg terdapat di sini tanpa perlu pergi keluar sana dgn lebih jimat dan tepat. Thank you. On the number of workshops, we are emphasizing more on quality than quantity to ensure high consumer satisfaction -admin-). Hak dinafikan. (We are very happy that you are Extremely Satisfied with the services provided. As the website owner, we accept full responsibility for the success and the failure. Saya ingin mencadangkan agar setiap tayar yang dijual di dlm website supaya diletakkan tarikh luput bagi setiap tayar yang diiklankan. (At present, our tyre database covers about 80% of the car model on the road. Thank you so much. Instant confirmation by email and sms. I have gone to change the tires yesterda­y and it was a hassle free experience. It is an immediate savings of RM1,700. Website yang boleh dipercayai dan mudah digunakan untuk membeli tayar. -admin-). Tiada charge tersembunyi. Your kind words gave us the encouragement to do better in the future -admin-), (The first workshop that you selected could fulfill the order within the stipulated 3 working days despite it  was closed due to unforeseen situation during that particular time -admin-). Tayar yang dapat pun baru 2119. Kami juga percaya bahawa tuan boleh membuat perbandingan harga dan pastinya penjimatan yang diterima adalah lebih dari 10%. Very satisfied with the service I got. Everything was fine and easy to choose where is the workshop and the service also good. Harap dapat tambahkan lagi produk. Perjanjian di website free alignment slps tukar tayar, bila minta alignment, org workshop ckp tak payah. 1. As for Malaysia, the road cambers to the left for safety reason. Diharap dapat perluaskan lagi ke kawasan luar lembah klang. I hv to ask the technician to change the rubber valves as stated in the T&C. Lim Tayar is your car One-Stop Service Centre with ranges of car products and services and over 35 years of Malaysia automotive industry. Boleh buat di mana-mana kedai tayar berdekatan anda. definitely will recommend to friends. (We promised the price you see on the website is the price you pay -admin-). The mechanic Ken also very helpful get work done quickly. Great Job! We will look for more workshops to offer competitive price in all areas. (Terima kasih kerana menggunakan website kami. We are putting in more resources to ensure faster response and better navigation on the website -admin-), (Thank you.. We are happy that you are happy -admin-), alhamdulillah jumpa jugak kedai tayar murah and service tayar.. service pon cepat.. biasa harga rm130 ke atas sebijik tayat utk standard myvi.. ni rm118 termasuk gst semua skali siap dpt allignment and balancing lagi... tahu kedai ni pon melalui MYTAYAR.COM!!! Anda amat digalakkan untuk sentiasa membuat pelarasan (alignment) pada setiap selang 10,000km ataupun bila-bila anda rasa pemanduan tidak seimbang. Tayar pun baru (1317) harga amat murah termasuk gst dan alignment siap ada freegift lg. Satu usaha yang amat baik. (Kami bergembira kerana tuan mendapatkan manfaat menggunakan laman sesawang kami dan tayar yang dibekalkan mengikut spefikasi kontrak  -admin-). - admin -). Perjanjian di website free alignment slps tukar tayar, bila minta alignment, org workshop ckp tak payah. 5. Kami memberikan info sepenuhnya untuk workshop itu tetapi hanya meletakkan nama jalan untuk marker waze. Terima kasih. It was a very smooth process from purchasing online, contacting the workshop, and get the tyres replaced. Kami akan berbincang dengan workshop tersebut untuk mengikut SOP yang disediakan -admin-). (Terima kasih atas cadangan tuan. Kipidap!!! Thank you - admin -). We are developing an app for mobile application which can deliver more what the website can offer.