Bovi Cart. John Hoover Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide high quality and durable products to the dairy industry. Featured Products. Spray accurately and only enough to cover the area. Our collection includes hoof conditioner, hoof dressing, hoof packing, hoof picks and hoof trimmers. This will reduce waste and improve the results. A unique product based on Birch Bark Extract with Omega 3, Vitamins A & D, for Professional Care. Warts with deep roots will take a few applications. Browse our range of equine Hoof Care products at Ayr Equestrian. The hoof balm is made for the outside of the hoof to retain moisture and block out anything that could get in. Thrifty Hoof … One of the most commonly seen products in tack rooms is topical hoof dressings, which are often applied with a brush to the outside of the horse's hoof wall. Our MISSION at SBS EQUINE is to produce quality hoof care and nutritional products that are based on sound medical principles and are safe for the horse, humans, and the environment. These hoof care products treat the outside as well as the inside of the equine hoof. PLR Horseshoes. 31 March 2020 - UPDATE for web salesWe are currently reviewing the situation in … Scoot Boot Sizing Service. and equine leg care (Cool Cast, Ice-O-Poultice and Liniments). Award-winning Horse Care Products. Steel Multi-Use Shoes. Vetericyn® Hoof Care is unique from other hoof care products and utilizes an innovative technology specifically developed for common hoof ailments. Perfect for flushing deep into areas of separation and crevices, or a total hoof treatment. Regular price $21.29 — Sold Out. Home / Products / Hoof Care Products. For a special order like this, please feel free to contact us. We also provide our well-known Wind Aid, as well as essential commodities. Steel Performance Leverage Reduction Shoes. So, we are providing a big range from one source. Pure Sole Hoof Oil Our Inspect4 hydraulic hoof paring rollover crush allows a single operator to manage hoof paring tasks quickly and … Essentials like Keratex products can keep your horse healthy by providing targeted treatment for cleaning, shielding, hardening, and treating hooves. Thrifty Hoof is a powerful hoof spray and footbath additive. Comfort Hoof Care UK only supplies the best hoof care products. Currently, the most popular hoof-care products are White Lightening, Jim Rickens Foot Formula #1, Hoof Power, Venice Turpentine, Clean Trax, Crossapol, and Thrush Off. Piggy Trim. Thrifty Hoof is a powerful hoof spray and footbath additive. The Intra Hoof & Skin Care programme is scientifically proven to realize lameness below 5% and is safe for the user, animal and environment. Our product would help the health of the hoof capsule by maintaining proper moisture levels in any climate. Steel Sport Horseshoes. REDO-BOND 25T Hoof Glue starter pack 50 ml, 6 applications, incl. Products; Bovi Hoof Care Concept; Dealer; Contact; Search. Common treatments, especially for thrush focus exclusively on killing the fungi and bacteria in the hoof. Use the spray if there are signs of warts or to prevent and get rid of hoof rot. We also have a variety of hoof dressings, which will nourish the hoof and keep it wet. Sign Up Here. Leading the Way in Hoof Care Technology & Information! AVANTI. Business Hours:                              9 AM – 5 PM (MT), 2010 Bennett Ave                        Burley, ID, 83318, Interested in becoming a Dealer? Hooflex Liquid 15 OZ. I keep some in the refrigerator to use as a cold hoof packing after cross country and gallop sets. It strengthens the hoof wall and adds a layer of sealant to the hoof. Kills warts on contact. A concept based on three fundamental parts in hoof care: Trim, Wash & Care. Hoof hardeners are a liquid designed to toughen the horse’s hooves to make it more resistant to chipping or cracking while walking especially if you have a horse that has weak hooves or if you are in one of those two extreme environments we mentioned earlier (a very wet or very dry environment). Centre Fit Horseshoes. We also supply Thrifty Hoof in 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums. After 30 years in service, our products have proven the test of time. Santa Cruz Animal Health offers bovine hoof care products that provide relief from cracked, sore and infected hooves in cattle. The combination of the spray-on applicator and hyper-osmotic liquid is deep penetrating to purge and remove pathogens that cause hoof deterioration and breakdown, thus optimizing the hoof environment for faster healing. EDSS - Quality Farrier and Hoofcare Products. It is a leather-based hoof pack that delivers comfort and performance throughout all applications. Mix with 1/2 a bag of copper and 1/2 a gallon of Thrifty Hoof for every 50 gallons of water that is used. The hoof oil is made for the bottom of the hoof to prevent flaking and dryness. We now offer a free Scoot Boot sizing service.Are you interested in buying … Our goal at … They’re The Foundation Of A Healthy Business. Hawthorne Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes all-natural quality horse care products. Pure Sole Hoof Products (3) Schweizer-Effax GmbH (4) Sport Horse Essentials (1) Straight Arrow Products, Inc (1) Tail Tamer Products, Inc (1) Thornhill (1) Tory Leather Co (1) Veredus (1) Veterinary Preference (1) Water Mill Products Inc (2) Zoetis (1) "Bovi-Mycin® Paste has been a fantastic product for years and helped us get away from using antibiotics to treat warts. These hoof care products are safe for use in all cattle including calves, heifers, pregnant cows, bulls and dairy cattle. We are therefore always trying to expand with new products in both hoof trimming and hoof washing of cows and sows. We stock hoof care treatments and supplements for horses to nutritionally care and benefit your horses hooves as well as hoof oil, boots, dressings, disinfectants and bandages. Because Hooves Support More Than Just A Cow. That ourselves and a team of hoof care professionals, have tried and tested around the world. For natural farrier care, we love Kevin Bacon hoof dressing, which is made from natural materials like animal fat and laurel leaves. Our products are designed for equine hoof care (Sole Pack, Hoof Freeze, etc.) Such as hoof knives, hoof glue, bandages, padding, and special sharpening tools. Thrifty Hoof will greatly improve the affects of your hoof bath. Trusted By The Pros Our products were developed by a master farrier and have been tested and used by professional horse people for many years. Bench grinder with Rubber wheel & Cloth wheel £ 8.95 – £ 135.00; Profi Hoof knifes £ 8.00 – £ 75.00; bench grinder sanding belts/bands £ 1.45; Replacement rope ,front & rear leg rope with hook £ 1.85 – £ 13.95 But often these treatments (strong peroxide, tar, iodine, bleaches, borax & formaldehydes) are so strong that they kill live hoof tissues and break down dead ones. Hoof Packing ‘s Pure-Fit formula soothes the hoof with natural medicines maintaining a strong, pliable, and overall healthy hoof. Hoof Care Products. Aluminum Performance Shoes. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with them or your money will be refunded. Regular price $11.99 Rain Maker Hoof MOIST. INSPECT4 MOBILE HOOF TRIMMING CRATE. About Echo Ranch Products Your trustworthy provider of natural horse hoof care products and hoof care treatment! A single gallon will treat up to 300 applications, but if you need more we have many options. Valter Fita Hoof Trimmer Hanford, CA. Including top brands such as Keratex and Cornucrescine hoof products for horses. I created these tools to improve my own work as a hoof care professional. As well as a huge range of products for horses Effol have a range just for horses hooves. PROFile Horseshoes. It comes ready to use as a spray and is simple to mix for a footbath. All Hoof Care Skin Care From itchy skin to minor wounds our skin care lotions, creams and sprays are developed to help improve your horses skin as safely and effectively as possible. We are your one-stop resource for hoof care products and information that GET RESULTS! It is a great value and the only non-antibiotic treatment on the market that has worked for us". DG160 Dispensing Gun REDO-BOND 25T Mixing Tips 160 ml, 10 pk Click on the Product Line logo to see those specific products, or click the ShopEDSS Logo to visit our store home page. Epsom Salt Poultice 20 OZ. Lameness is worldwide one of the main causes of milk losses, reduced animal welfare and early culling of dairy cattle. From hoof conditioners and ointments, to hoof packing and poultices, you get a complete line of products designed to help increase hoof … Just attach the sprayer that comes with your order, and spray the hooves when the cows come in for milking. 32 OZ. Through some type of magic potion it stays in the hoof! The Hoof Care Box. Bovi Hoof PRO Bandage 9 cm x 6 m – 12 rolls. Regular price $24.99 Hooflex Original COND. Steel Performance Leverage Reduction Shoes, Quality Aluminum Horseshoes & Hoof Care Products, Antimicrobial & Bacterial Control Products, HOOF CARE INFORMATION  -  FARRIER/TRIMMER TRAINING  -  LAMENESS ADVICE  -  QUALITY PRODUCTS  -  TECHNICAL SUPPORT. We've highlighted them below. Hooflex ® provides complete horse hoof care that’s been recommended by farriers and trusted by horse owners for more than 70 years. Dairy Solution Private Limited offers safety wear and disposable products for hoof care. Regular price $11.49 Mane 'N Tale Hoof Maker 32oz. Along with our own product lines, we are also a U.S. The hoof care tools you see on this website are the result of my 40 years of research and practice. The key elements is to be innovative and a first mover. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The truth is that hoof care is just as important as udder care when it comes to milk production. DG50 Dispensing Gun for Hoof Care REDO-BOND 25T Hoof Glue Starterset 160 ml, 10 applications, incl. With a large choice of popular brands Carr, Day & Martin and Kevin Bacons. It solves any bacterial issue that might occur, including white line disease and kills thrush in one shot. Show all; Bovi Care; Bovi Trim; Bovi Wash; Bovi Accessory; T-Hexx; Bovibooster | WDone & WDtwo. The product comes ready to use as a spray. Please explore this website and the extensive list of videos available on our video page. Intra Hoof & Skin care programme. All our care products are developed together with professional hoof trimmers, and some of the best farmers in Denmark. Our product will make the soles more durable and will improve growth on the hoof wall. View our moisturisers, oils, tar sprays and more. COVID19 Update. Copyright © 1997 - 2014 All Rights Reserved ~ Equine Digit Support System, Inc. All products Sort by. Hoof Care Products. Similarly, many factors can contribute to lameness within the herd and good hoof care prevents … Spraying lesions when they are young can eliminate them with just the first spray. EDSS designs & produces some of the highest quality and most technologically advanced hoof care products in the equine industry. OUR PRODUCTS. The Natural Step in Hoof Care R.A.T.E. Thrifty Hoof eliminates hoof rot and warts in as little as one application. We are committed to showing our customers our appreciation at every opportunity. Welcome to EDSS Hoof Care ! Distributor and Retailer for a wide range of hoof care supplies offered by top companies around the world. It comes ready to use as a spray and is simple to mix for a footbath. Therefore, it has been proven that lameness in dairy cattle can dramatically reduce milk yield. Whether you are looking for lameness treatment solutions or options for getting that bit of extra performance from your horse, we have the tools, techniques, and information to help you out. Therazure is the most versatile hoof product I have ever used on my horses! Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey, Alcohol Based Tinctures of Echinacea, Turmeric, Calendula Flower, Licorice Root, Bee Propolis and Essential oils of Oregano, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Clove. 25 OZ.