(1) 1 product ratings - new hardy ultralite cadd 6000 6/7/8 weight lrg arbor fly fishing reel titanium Hardy Narrow Spool Perfect. In 1917 a different single check system was used, then in 1921 a further revision to the check saw the inclusion of a spare spring and pawl on the inner face. Jim left the company in early 1992 and worked as a product development consultant; his long-awaited family history, Hardy, was published in 1998. However there isn’t always a computer controlled automated solution to some of the manufacturing challenges faced by Hardy. It includes a brush with royalty, talk of tolerances, the changes seen at Hardy over the last 30 years, and using overseas manufacturing. They have to get the fit and finish right or they’ll soon hear about it! reel, they are about right if you go after large fish. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Despite the difficult circumstances of the time, the company retained its intact reputation and was the first to patent a graphite volatile core that surpassed glass fibre in its characteristics. Fitted with hand specific polished rotating … Hardy have tried many different suppliers and manufacturing techniques to improve the springs used in the check mechanism. When the reel was first produced it sported the 1896 calliper check. ... Hardy Perfect Vintage Fly fishing Reel 3 5/8" in Box. The Bouglé reel started its life back in 1903 when a French competition cyclist Louis Bouglé contacted Hardy to ask if they could produce a lighter reel, taking the standard Perfect and taking out some of the weight and therefore making a smaller diameter reel without compromising on its capacity. SKU# 12A0263. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Due to the relatively short production time – 1912 to 1916, these reels are very rare. Their commitment to improvement has led to the development of several different lines of Hardy Fly Reels. Anyone browsing their selections will surely see why. View cart for details. Hardy continues to produce quality products today though not all carry the Hardy name. Cardiff: 02920 619828 / 692968 Newport: 01633 855086 sales@garryevans.co.uk. The ribbed brass foot is another indicator but I,m not sure when it was stopped, mid 50,s I think. Youtube video. Hardy Perfects are still being made today. They offer one other saltwater reel, the Hardy Ultralite SDS. Javascript is disabled on your browser. Hardy has not bowed to mediocrity. Make offer - Hardy Perfect 3 7/8" vintage alloy fly reel 4 sea trout & light salmon Vintage Antique 2 3/4" Hardy Birmingham Brass Trout Fly Fishing Reel £275.00 These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. BLACK PERFECT REELS. When the reel was first produced it sported the 1896 calliper check. The fact that the spools are interchangeable with ones made as far back as 1972 speaks to the durability of Hardy equipment. Extreme situations require an … The first Hardy "Perfect" coil was patented in 1891. These traditional trout, sea trout and salmon fly reels include Hardy Perfect, Sovereign, JLH, Uniqua, Princess, Golden Prince, Marquis, St George, Pall Mall, Zenith, Bougle and Centenary - many unused in their original boxes. The Fortuna is waterproofed at seven points, has quick-release spools, includes a tool to simplify left to right-hand wind change and is saltwater safe. Hardy has made some contemporary updates to this classic design to provide modern-day anglers with a reel that’s both current in performance and aged in style. Hardy Reel Makers Initials. At the top of the line is the Hardy Fortuna-X. Twin internal check, 1950’s model, runs silky smooth, with some paint loss through normal use. Purchase History; Selling; Saved Searches; Saved Sellers; Messages; Notification. Cardiff. They provide much of the history behind mid to modern fly fishing and have continually introduced and developed a wide variety of fly reels. THE HARDY TAUPO IS BACK!!! Bougle (1903 - circa 1940) Bougle (2013 - now), Cascapedia Dural ( 1937 - 1939) Cascapedia Ebonite (1932 - 1936) Cascapedia Mk (1-500 Numbered) (cira 2000 - 2003), Perfect - Brass Faced (1889 - 1910) Perfect - Contracted (1899 - 1917) Perfect - Contracted with Line Roller (1909 - 1910) Perfect - Mk I (1917 - 1921) Perfect - Mk II (1921 - 1967) Perfect - Silent Model reintroduced Second Pattern (1931 - circa 1939) Perfect - The Special (1905 - circa 1940) Perfect (1890-1967/ 1976 - 1995), Sovereign 2000 (1999 - 2001) Sovereign Golden (1990 - 1997), St. George Jr. (1928 - 1963/2001 - 2003) St. George Multiplier (1927 - 1939) St. George Salmon (1920 - 1924) St. George Silent Check (1920 - 1934) St. George Trout with Silent Check (1920 - 1926), Uniqua - Brass Drum Pattern (1903) Uniqua (1903 - 1959) Uniqua Salmon (1909 - 1959). It is also an anglers favourite because of the patent ball-bearing system gives the Perfect reel range longevity and a lifetime of use. Thanks for leaving the comment . Alright, I've taken the plunge into the world of Perfects. It is the precursor to the LRH Lightweight introduced in 1951 which added a ventilated face plate, a line guard, and a check tension regulator to make the LRH. Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the Perfect reel design in 1889, our engineers, developers and consultants have been constantly striving for ways to improve on perfection, tweaking and adjusting to bring you what we believe are the best reels in their class to date. Expand Cart. The lightest large arbour disc drag fly reel Hardy has ever developed. By assembling by hand Hardy are able to get to as close to a perfect fit as is possible. Hardy Cascapedia Fly Reel Hardy has been hand-crafting reels in Alnwick, England for over 120 years, a record no other tackle manufacturer can match. I have five additional spools with fly lines on each one. It is made from hand-crafted aluminum and features a wooden handle, split cage frame design and a vented frame and spool. Once finished with the measuring process, he went on to digitally recreate each piece in the 3D modelling tool allowing him to work on and refine the components until happy with the finished work. Hardy Ultradisc Fly Reel-with FREE Sixth Sense Fly Line. Hardy Palacon's bamboo rod won the company's first gold medal in 1881. It’s not unusual to see originals fetching upwards of £6000. There are people all over the world who like to fish, and there is a name in the universal sports language - Hardy. Tags: Bouglé, Hardy, Manufacturing, Reels, Tackle, Very interesting, looking forward to the next instalment. Buy a Perfect, purchase a piece of history. With the loan of an original Bouglé with a 1912 check from a very helpful collector, Charlie spent over a week measuring each part that goes into the finished reel. His nephew "LRH" became the most famous fisherman of his time: his starting skills reached almost legendary proportions. I’m not 100% sure Colin, I can certainly try and find out though. These reels were the standard for fly fishing quality for many years. By 1891, they built the first Hardy Perfect fly reel. The innovative strength of the company is proof of the wealth of know-how invested in it. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items THE NEW HARDY PERFECT REELS. Available in Left Hand Wind and Right Hand Wind, in 2 7/8" and 3 1/8". The Bougle was relaunched in 2013 for it's 110th birthday. The first Hardy Perfect reel was an unimaginable success that’s still being made today. Such fine quality is exceedingly rare in today’s planned obsolescence market. Thanks for reading, and a big thanks to Charlie, Chris and Lucy for their time and help. All over the globe, there are people who love to fish and in the universal language of the sport, one name reigns supreme – that of Hardy. An example of how new isn’t always better is apparent in how the springs are made. Reel is in very good condition mechanically and cosmetically. Originally wooden posts made of lancet wood, bakery and green heart were produced, but since 1880 bamboo has been added to them. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. North East Fly Fisherman uses cookies to improve your experience. The story of Hardy began in 1872, when William Hardy settled gunsmith in his hometown of Alnwick, Northumberland. These are most of the Hardy Fly Reel models and the timeframe thy were manufactured. There was a need for a tournament casting reel that weighed less than the Perfect’s that were Hardy’s bread and butter at the time. Previously this process would have required each iteration to be made by hand until perfection was reached – a much longer, and crucially much more expensive development process. After taking the factory tour some weeks back on the September Hardy Experience Day, I’d already seen the incredible mix of old and new machinery employed by Hardy in their reel manufacturing process. Hardy work to a precision of five tenths of a thou (that’s 0.0127 millimeters to all you youngsters) when fitting the spool, frame and plate together. Hardy Fortuna XDS Reel Series Hardy Brand Manager, Howard Croston introduces the new Hardy Fortuna XDS Reel series. He had 25 UK national professional records, 10 UK professional records and was a three-time world champion in Custer. The two Ultralites are disk drag reels with captive spool release. Shop with confidence on eBay! 5 bids. Hardy was founded in 1872 by William Hardy, a gunsmith from Alnwick, England. The quality of the weapons they sold ranged from hunting rifles to pistols. This reputation is not easy to gain, but it has never been weakened in the long history of the company. Hardy's list of followers is as impressive. An iconic salmon reel ready to fish. Thanks David, really appreciate you taking the time to comment! To date, none of the modern methods can replicate the quality and, crucially, the sound – a key part of the finished product and as vital as the look and quality of the reel itself. Below is a partial list of the known Hardy reel makers, their mark, and the reels they were known to have made. Tradition has always been part of their DNA. Throughout its history, the company has been responsible for some of the most radical achievements in the development of explosive devices. Soon after being founded, the company shifted from guns to fishing. This was used for the following 9 years through until 1912, with the introduction of the ‘floating’ pawl check. Prev. Up for auction is a Classic vintage Hardy Perfect 3 3/8 fly reel made by Hardy Brothers of Alnwick. Charlie is the Head Reel Designer at Alnwick, and has spent many years in the various stages of the manufacturing process – giving him unrivalled knowledge of the product line, components and steps that go into creating a hand made Hardy reel. The classic reel for use on Bamboo / Retro glass rods Our Classic Narrow spool perfect reintroduced on a limited basis only . From modern up to the minute CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines removing over 80% of the raw billet to create the reel frame, through to the vintage spring making tools dating back to 1899, and many machines of many different vintages in between. The end of the ‘Birmingham’ era was spelled by the appearance of the famous Hardy Perfect, the fore-runner of modern fly reel designs, which in its turn was inspired by a reel made in America by Orvis. A short history of a legendary brand. For more than a hundred years, Hardy has been known as a manufacturer of the best fishing gear in the world - a synonym for quality and perfection. Hardy Perfect 3 ¾” alloy salmon fly reel with rotating line guide. Although strong wooden golf clubs also received a high degree of recognition, the company was introduced to the market in 1935 with the introduction of steel mines. 2015/11/16 - Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Hardy Freshwater Fishing Reels. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Never has that attention to detail been perfected to such a degree as can be seen in this year’s limited edition model, the Bouglé 110 year anniversary model, with the 1912 check! For many years Charlie has been receiving requests from collectors and fishermen to produce a Bouglé with the 1912 check. Hardy Fly Fishing Reels – History – Since 1872. Around 1937, just before the war Hardy stopped production of the Bouglé, and it didn’t see the light of day right through until 1998 when a modern version (mk IV) was introduced using the 1921 check. Hardy Fly Reel overview from the old to the new. Hardy Fly Reel and a Resident Brown Trout. I purchased this little reel last Tuesday from one of the premier online sporting auction/stores and was more than a bit disappointed upon the reel's arrival. Price: £199.99. Mechanically 100%. Hardy Fly Reels came about in the late 1800's in Alwick, England when the Hardy brothers began developing a line of quality reels and accessories. 105-109 Whitchurch Rd Sometimes you can find one of these gems at Ebay. James L. Hardy (JLH), grandson of William's founder, continued the tradition of casting the tournament. That’s it for the first instalment, I’ll post the second part soon. C $25.79 shipping. Price: From: £249.99. A reel with that much history is not likely to disappoint. This design has proved itself for a long time and, despite one or two small modifications, today the same basic model is produced. Though the modern machines are generally more consistent with the quality of the components they produce, hand assembly is for Hardy, a far more precise method of assembling these components. $15.75 shipping. Contact Us. Their most budget-friendly option is the Hardy Lightweight, a reel constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum. The Hardy Perfect might be the most famous fly reel ever made, though aficionados admire a host of other famous models as well - the St. I landed the largest King salmon I ever caught using the Taupo, the reel made it a lot more involved than it may have been with a disc drag but I got him. The original “Taupo” Perfect fly reel was introduced in 1958 to fill the need for a larger capacity trout reel to handle the legendary monster Rainbows and Browns of New Zealand. For more information contact the Platte River Fly Shop or visit www.wyomingflyfishig.com A wide-ranging check system, rolling pillar, reversible click-check and easily convertible hand wind ability complete the magnificent angling reel. hardy 1906 2 5/8″ (houghton – wide drum) the perfect trout fly reel + sylvet bag £ 1,950.00 add to basket; hardy 1920s 4 1/4″ 1920s perfect salmon fly reel + block leather case £ 995.00 add to basket The company was the first to invent a system for making hexagonal bamboo rods. Your 6/7/8 sounds like a 3 and 3/8 inch, I have an 11'6" Hardy Swift rod that I've used a Taupo on for years. Hardy Fly Reels came about in the late 1800's in Alwick, England when the Hardy brothers began developing a line of quality reels and accessories. England. The collapse of the industry in the late 1970s led to a three-day collapse in 1983. 28 watching. $410.00. The CADD is built with an ultra large arbor. Hardy Wide Spool Perfect Fly Reel. Expand Cart. But more than anything else, it’s innovation that lies at the heart of the company. I sent a mail to Hardy the company asking if it’d be possible to visit the factory again, and spend a bit of time with someone from the reel manufacturing side to document the fascinating stories, facts and figures shared during the factory tour. The Bouglé has had a number of ‘refinements’ over the years however, along with a hiatus in production stretching some 60 years. I have many vintage Hardy fly reels for sale, dating from the 1920's onwards. They provide much of the history behind mid to modern fly fishing and have continually introduced and developed a wide variety of fly reels. Only being in production for four years (1958-62) and have such a high demand, Hardy re-released the Taupo Perfect in 2011/12 and is still in production. Hardy are supplying reels to some of the most demanding customers in the world – many of the collectors are as versed in the history, methods and parts that go into a reel as the guys in Alnwick who manufacture them. PERFECT SALMON REELS. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The Bouglé is just as recognisable for its lustre as it is for its distinctive noise – and again, the process Hardy use to create the iconic finish on each reel is another victory for traditional methods. Charlie went on to explain that how the final fit on the side and end plate has a large part to play in how long your reel will last. Get the best deals on Hardy Fly Reel Fishing Reels when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Available for a limited time only. – The “Lightweight” trout fly reel was made from 1936 to 1964. The decision as to which reel will be brought back to life is not one to be taken lightly. The SDS has many of the same features as the Fortuna-X, but in a lightweight package. Get the best deals for hardy perfect fly reel at eBay.com. We stock a large selection of Hardy fly reels - and each comes with a bonus fly line credit! His favorite hobby was his profession, and Hardy earned a reputation as a reed and reed. Durable products ceased to be won only when there were no other gold medals at these exhibitions. These are the reel makers initials or 'mark'. In 1933, Hardy Brothers (Alnwick) Limited expanded its activities to include the production of golf clubs. Typical rim and other wear one would expect in a reel of this vintage. The "Perfect", designed in the 1890s, was the first reel to incorporate ball bearings and is believed to be one of the best designs of the time. To this day the 1912 check is widely recognised as the most elegant and desirable of checks from the many variants produced by Hardy. This now world famous fly reel was first marketed as a brass model in 1890 in which each part was hand made by one man. In a world that’s filled with lightweight, large arbor reels, the Perfect is a welcome reminiscence of the days of fly anglers past. And with to the inability to swap from right to left hand wind (unlike the 1921 check), resulting in LHW reels needing to be specified when ordered, a left hand reel is like the proverbial hens teeth. The MA’s mid arbor design makes it the right choice for high line anglers. Next. From the listing of reel makers in " The House The Hardy Brothers Built " the T.A. The check has changed many times over the years, each time reflecting the vogue of the era. Once the VMC machine has methodically and swiftly drilled all the ventilation holes into the spool and frame, the polisher takes over. HARDY PERFECT REELS. The handle on this little Perfect was … Charlie and the team at Alnwick have many requests from collectors, each keen to see their own personal favourite recreated. This was the weakness of the company. Among the three generations of Hardy involved in the company were great fishermen, starting with John James, who became the world casting champion. History – Hardy Click and Pawl Reels. Hardy Ultraclick UCL Reel-with FREE Sixth Sense Fly Line. With all the time and effort that goes into producing a special edition reel, work has already begun on the 2014 offering. Its classic design is packed with modern features, including a precision click-check and easy change spools. He developed ball bearing rollers and was the first to install a control mechanism in a roller bearing, and in 1911 introduced the first large roller. Chris was very clear about the reason for the mix of machines – things that can be improved by modern technology, have been. Black handle, working rim tension regulator & correct 64mm ribbed brass foot, fitting modern & classic rods. C $1,121.16. Chris is the Research & Development Director and has overseen many of the products we see in the Hardy & Greys catalogues today, during his 14 years at Alnwick. Because no modern spring manufacturing method will compete with the traditional hand operated tools first used by Hardy back in 1899, they’re still in use today. 1939 Bougle Heritage Reel Though Hardy is known for collectible angler equipment, they aim for function and ingenuity in addition to allure. The Perfect is shaped like a modern fly reel, in that it has (with a bit of effort) a detachable spool and an adjustable drag; early versions were built out of a mixture of brass and aluminium, prior to the … Hardy is continually mentioned as one of the best makers of rods and reels. Product Description. A year later, he received the support of his brother John James and founded the Hardy Brothers Partnership. The reels produced in Alnwick are steeped in history, with the components and manufacturing process playing a big part in making them desirable and coveted the world over.