level 1. Then revert back to the story-line as normal. But the real meat of this skill is … At the bottom of the post we’ll give tips on how to simplify this): ... Claptrap’s arms are made out of PVC plumbing pipe and attachments, which we found for cheap at the Habitat-for-Humanity ReStore (<3). Home Depot/Lowes are also good for this, and the PVC is only a few bucks. You can bend the stand upward yourself, but then Claptrap is floating off of the ground and it looks strange. ... Talk to claptrap. You May Also Like: Borderlands 3 - Complete Head Case Guide; (at least 4x the full blind) 2.1.2 "Call His Bet!" Enter the Claptrap is a main storyline mission in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. CL4P-TP General Purpose Robots, more commonly known as Claptraps, are robots from the Borderlands series. Coven4nt. #10. level 2. One appears in the Scrapworks as an Easter Egg. Give items to Claptrap Return to claptrap and this will complete the mission. Bad Hair Day - Hammerlock or Claptrap I do know that Claptrap's mohawk disappears once the player reaches Sanctuary, but does the same apply to Hammerlock? Rewards: $422; Recommended for You: All Borderlands 3 Guides! 1 year ago. Follow the mission to its conclusion, which will point out the position of the stash. 1 Putting in Bounty Item 1.1 First Time 1.2 Following Times 1.3 During Bounty Tournaments 2 Responses 2.1 Taunting 2.1.1 "Call My Bet!" < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments ... No, it was a green item but it was great. He will give you a rare gem being either Claptrap's Bolt or Claptrap's Nut. There are two opportunities to high-five Claptrap (by melee attacking his hand): After his Sanctuary mission, where there is a "high five" action (missable); Claptrap's birthday party (roughly 8-10 hours into the game): The mission where you give Claptrap the upgrade will make him invisible. To get access to the stash, talk to Claptrap (who is in the same location) and he will give you an absurdly "impossible" mission. His hands are made out of cardboard, glued to a pipe attachment. Follow the path until you find him*. He will be happy and say, "High-Five! Dec 1, 2015 @ 11:36am :) #11 < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments . To find Claptrap, you must first defeat Bloatfang, then, from the boss chest, turn left. Also, the little Claptrap suicide clone helps. Comment deleted by user 4 years ago. I am Rubber, You are Glue gives us a chance at bullet deflection after we get a kill. Follow mission to conclusion. All in this thing is probably worth more like $20, including the Golden Keys they give you for Borderlands 2, so I'd say wait for a price-drop on this one, or look for a better-quality Claptrap … I have found a bank, it is in Moxxi's Underdome. Combined with your other FFYL skills, Claptrap has huge DPS potential while downed. You can now switch out Claptrap’s antenna whenever you want. You can deposit up to 4 items in the shared stash, which you … Just use split-screen, drop the items you want transferred to a misc character, or even the character you want the items transferred to.