Blue eyes in Boston Terriers occur from a specific genetic abnormality in the breed. Seal is NOT red - Seal appears black but has a reddish cast in bright sunlight, see example at the bottom of this page) or brindle and white - and … This is where not all Tuxedos are Black & White … In some blue terriers, the condition won’t show up until the dog is two years of age. But not all Shepherd dogs will have this instinct as some would rather be friendly and playful. Does a blue Boston terrier puppy exist? Take some time too look closely and you will notice something not often seen, Ashlee D.White, Takes some great photos of their Blue Water Boston Terrier’s that truthfully and accurately represent the Blue Water Boston terrier … Most Boston Terriers snort, snuffle, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. Vets call this condition dilute color alopecia. Yes, another rare German Shepherd is Isabella. Also, do not let him stay out for long in summer. This piebald gene is usually the reason for blue eyes. Whether blue or red, you can expect this little pup to still have a friendly and lively personality. Genetically tested.... member: eltegi88 … Not at all, there is only one condition that qualifies a blue Boston terrier for AKC membership. If you are not planning to enter your blue Boston terrier in any dog competition, then you should not worry about registration. Lyle. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. History: The Boston Terrier originated in Boston, Massachusetts in the mid 1800s. Hair loss that leaves dry patches on the coat. Boston Terriers come in brindle, seal or black in color and with white markings. The D Locus attained it's name from the word, Blue and White Boston Terriers, also known as grey or silver and white, are one of the most favored amongst the rainbow of, ***These Boston Terriers are NOT Seal and White***. Don't miss what's … Find blue Boston Terrier puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. A seal colored Boston Terrier … While they look cute in these unique faces, the same flat face can cause some health problems. A blue Boston terrier sheds minimally but produces a lot of pet dander. Matter of fact we have 3 females. If you are looking for a low energy dog that is quiet and fun to be around, then get a blue Boston terrier. These are examples of so-called “rare” … In fact, their weight classifications were once divided as lightweight, middle and heavyweight. All Boston terriers belong to a category of dogs known as brachycephalic. Blue Bostons are the result of the dilution of … However, a blue Boston Terrier is a great companion dog and generally has a life span of 11 to 15 years. All short … The AKC breed standard disallowed colors of red (liver), brown, solid black, blue (gray), champagne (pale red), solid white and blue-eyed or pink-eared Boston Terriers. A seal colored Boston Terrier looks dark almost black but in direct sunlight their coat will have a red cast. Examine the dog’s coat. - With dilutes of any breed there are always questions about skin and coat health. Neither is a red, brown, fawn, blue, gray, etc. -anonymous, American College of Veterinary Surgeons. A blue Boston terrier can live for 15 years. It’s one of the reasons why you’ll see so many Boston Terrier … It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Some Boston Terriers have the piebald gene, which shows up as excessive white fur on the head or excessive white patches in the coat. These colors include: Traditional black and white Boston Terriers Blue Boston Terriers Red Boston Terriers Fawn Boston Terriers Champagne Boston Terriers We never know what color Boston Terrier puppies we will have so please visit our website Blue Water Boston … Turns out he does and he is as goofy as the black and white Boston terrier. The recognized Boston terrier colors include; Does this mean a blue Boston terrier puppy will never get recognized? ... and sample of puppy food please call if interested black-and-white blue and white … He is a clown at heart and always ready to give you a laugh for your time. When panting is evident during playtime, let the little fur baby catch his breath. As you kid around with him, take plenty of meme-worthy photos to share online. This dander can trigger allergies in people. The next most common Boston Terrier color is seal. Blue Boston Terriers are not “officially” recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). In order to find out what the standard colors were I visited the American Kennel Club website along with the Boston Terrier Club of America. Should you get a blue Boston terrier puppy? A blue Boston terrier is no different. The piebald … If not a Boston terrier, which other large-eared dogs would you adopt? That’s all he needs to get to his 15th birthday. A blue Boston terrier puppy is a work of wonder and being the pet parent of one is quite fulfilling. Read on to discover what a blue Boston terrier has to offer. He also has a small body that suits apartment life. A purebred German Shepherd will have a coat with dense hairs that sit close to the body. These conditions are brought about by the genetic defect that creates a blue coat. German Shepherds have a protective instinct to guard those they love. Studies have shown that the same gene that causes deafness, is also associated with the excessive white and/or blue eyes. Are you the proud owner of a blue Boston terrier? Shepherd mix dogs like the German Shepherd Whippet have a unique Merle coat. RARE. Seal with white markings 3. Hooper's Judge is directly related to the original bull and terrier … The original Boston Terriers were a cross between the English Bulldog and the now extinct English White Terrier. Search + More Filter Options. Black with white markings And not only does the Boston Terrier have to have these colors but they need t… Also, purebred Shepherd dogs have three coat types; plush, double-coat, and long-haired. The sounds are endearing to some people; nerve-wracking to others. Other dogs that are vulnerable to the condition include; Google ‘Boston terrier funny faces’ and you will see how goofy this terrier can get. […]. The Boston terrier breed originated around 1875, when Robert C. Hooper of Boston purchased from Edward Burnett a dog named Judge (known later as Hooper's Judge), which was of a bull and terrier type lineage. Many years ago we started with the powerful Champion lines of Raja (pic below) and kept only a few females from our … Instead of a black coat, recessive genes dilute the color to a grey, silver, or blue. Here are 7 interesting facts about the blue Boston terrier. Seal Boston Terriers still have white markings which resemble a neat … In fact, according to the American Kennel Club ( AKC ), Boston Terriers are the 21st most popular dog breed. These are the colors that are recognized by the Boston Terrier Club of America. Sadly, a blue Boston terrier puppy is not considered an official color for the breed. Like Boston … The most affected dogs are the ‘brachycephalic’ breeds. Find Boston Terriers for Sale in Sherman, TX on Oodle Classifieds. Potential gassiness (flatulence). Also, the same gene mutation results in a red Boston Terrier. Though he may have problems with his defective coat, it will in no way reduce his longevity. $600 stud fee or open to exchange of stud services possibly unrelated puppy. When some wealthy Boston residents decided to cross some of their finest dogs, the Boston Terrier was formed via a cross between a Bulldog and a (now extinct) English White Terrier… Champagne & White Boston Terrier. It sounds rather nautical, but it’s actually a deep, reddish brown. … A blue Boston Terrier puppy at 6 months will start showing symptoms of dilute alopecia. He has been dewclawed and will be micro chipped at weeks old. Blue and White Boston Terriers, also known as grey or silver and white, are one of the most favored amongst the rainbow of Boston Terrier colors available. Austin, AR. Colonel Bubbles-AKC Blue and White Boston Terrier Male: Maggie-AKC Black and White Boston Terrier Female: Sputnik-AKC Brindle and White Boston Terrier Female: Heidi Ho-ACA Champagne and White Boston Terrier Female: Bremer Kennels; Boston … Total 3.4K; Share this on Facebook 2.1K; No known medical problems are specifically related to the blue Boston Terriers. A Boston Terrier is either black and white, seal and white (NOTE! For this reason, blue Boston terriers are not registered with the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club of the … The "off" colors are not an … Blue pups have a blue and white coat, which is light to medium blue and darken with age (becoming a hue of a medium to dark steel blue). Cream & White Boston Terrier Light Cream & WhiteBoston Terrier Blue Fawn & White Boston Terrier. The Isabella coat has a Lilac color achieved from a paled out black coat. Blue Boston terriers thrive better indoors where they can engage in moderate exercise. Blue Boston Terrier coloring is actually a dilute version of the black and white coat patterns. Litter of blue/white and lilac/white Boston Terrier puppies. Akc Boston Terrier for Stud only - $600. Boston Terrier … Lesson #6 will be based on the D Locus. With their black and white coat markings, you’ll know a Boston Terrier when you see one. The lilac coat is not officially recognized and often ranked as blue. What Can I Give My Dog to make Him Sleep? Blue Brindle & White Boston Terrier. Brindle with white markings 2. Training your shepherd dog is a good way for bringing out his guard dog abilities. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the correct information from the right sources. The blues that seem to stay the lightest are the blue Boston Terriers … These are flat-faced dogs with tiny muzzles and large eyes. Boston Terrier "sounds". This will cause difficulty in breathing especially when the dog engages in play or exercises. A blue Boston terrier sheds minimally compared to other big-eared dog breeds. Meaning there is no title for Blue & White.