Let's ask more questions. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Skip to content. Will we learn to worship during these times? We will all do better when love is patient love is kind. Our born-again experience doesn't end with giving our hearts to Christ and repenting. You will lead me to green pastures. We need God's power in our life. God's word created the universe and thus will change us as well. When you click the link there is a download for notes. We are to be in the image of God, reflecting his Character. Youbetcha! What brought the TV series to life for Mary and me is the "backstory" of the characters. So, what are the six things that happened to Moses after he decided to start walking with the Lord? Hint. Even bible verses about hope are helpful. Do we? If this is the case, that He is near to each of us, why would we listen to someone speaking for God when we have the entire Bible OF GOD SPEAKING TO US, and I can pray DIRECTLY TO HIM. Ever been hurt in church? If you are married or in a situation where you are thinking about divorce or are divorced, think about taking time with this podcast and video. How? Your life will never be the same. Exodus 4 Part 3 In Exodus 4 Part 3 we will deal with the other 4 items. About the making of a false religion, Study the bible yourself. What do we do? Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ Compatible with Science? 1 John 2:26! We can be both of these people at different times in our lives. We could actually say about the 10 commandments; "The 10 wicked revelations of our heart". Sharing helps us grow. But for those of us who wish to be disciples to live a praiseworthy life to God, we must know how critical doctrine and theology are to our walk with Christ. Studying scripture with the purpose of obedience to God creates faith in us (Gen 12), and the Lord will create MORE REVELATION in our life when we learn to study to obey. What is the purpose? We can learn Moses' lessons. Your eyes will light up). At some point in our walk with God, we need to become disciples. And to involve the whole world in His birth even though the world did not know. Dr. Baruch carries this concept into the New Testament in 2 Timothy 2:1-10. It needs to be made by us. The Potters Shed. Some of us walked away from God. No one could. We need to know if God did this in 6 literal days. Join us as we listen to Dr. Baruch expound the scriptures to inspire us to be doers of the word. Because He forgave us, so now let us generously forgive others. What is next on the prophetic timeline and are you ready? Bible Study and online bible study are available at biblestudycompany.com. Next, which is Phase 2, we will perpetuate the same indoctrination by encouraging and sharing others to be a part of these false words and false teachers. Speaking in tongues For over 25 years, Accordance Bible Software has been equipping pastors, students, professors, and serious laypersons to engage in deep study of the Bible. Episode Notes How do we line up with the plans and purposes of God? The group nodded in agreement. In this chapter, Moses and Aaron are in Egypt, and they are speaking to the oppressed Hebrews that are in real trouble and suffering. Do you ask questions of God from the Bible, or do you question God? Are you a disciple of Christ? Read your bible instead. Is this worldwide pandemic part of biblical prophecy? What is Science? Join us next week for the other 4 changes! Notice the first two verses. If you need prayer, let us know. We are in our study of Exodus. We are operating for His purposes and glory...not our own. We were visiting churches. Which is it? $10 SALE! What is God's will for you? But you are to serve Him, and not the other way around. We cover the restoration theme of the Bible from start to finish in one episode which clearly shows that God's Will for us is to fellowship with Him in a garden. So here are some "I wants" to keep in mind. That's what we are discussing. We will see several progressions of Moses that we can apply to our life: Thus, honesty to God, to ourselves and others, is paramount in our life. But once we have asked Christ into our lives, we are going to be confronted with obedience to God's word. THE BIBLE STUDY COMPANY APP Go To Blog. At this very moment in our emotional turmoil, this is where we can grab Psalms and read them back to the Lord. Some people are deciding that "it wasn't worth it" to follow Christ because the experience didn't work out. Waiting. In the last podcast, we talked about the 7 things that will change in our life. ‎Introducing Bible Study Company Podcast. The Bible Study has been a very practical guide for me to stay accountable reading the Bible. That cross represents what God thinks of sin. For example, we will be with the Lord in the Millennial Reign of Christ thus should we not get ready now while in this body? Mary and I are married 40 years this year. But in this case, it matters to us who are bible studiers searching for the correct interpretation of the Bible to get to the revelation of God. God wants to reveal our hearts to us through the application of God's word. They were in a relationship with Him as He moved through their lives and onto a goal of doing the Father's Will. But God is able to show us our motives. EPISODE SUMMARY But how? #blessing #doyouneedablessing #Ineedablessing  #whatisblessing, For the full blog post go to https://biblestudycompany.com/blog/article/179. Join us for this great podcast. We needed to get gut-level honest with God and ask for His help. We then do a short bible study applying the principles we learned from the last podcast. But this knowledge also reveals how helpless Moses is in the face of impossible odds to carry out God's will in Egypt. Christ came to do the "will of my Father". Whatever you call your Bible-study group—whether it's a small group, cell group, growth group or home group—we have a number of Bible studies to help to learn from God's word together. Join us for these videos. We must always be willing to deal with our sin. Can we expect anything different? Many people are hurting from the loss of jobs and lost family members to this virus, and thus we are sad. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good. •We want to answer several questions today, •1. Our podcast goes into detail about some of the problems we see in the church today. This is a crucial question to ask ourselves because it means the difference of one who believes in God...as a head knowledge... or one who desires to be a disciple of Christ...acting on His perspective and word. This is called murdering someone in your heart. But look on your own life and make it your own through praying it back to the Lord. Because when we realize that we are serving God Himself, then a greater weight is now upon us. Our hope is we will turn to the objective truth of God's word WHO IS SPEAKING TO US DIRECTLY in the Bible with no need for a man to teach us. Will we? Let us ask further questions. Studying Scripture to Live a Praiseworthy Life to God. We all experience times in our life where we question God and his purposes. Yes, speak for the Maker of Heaven and Earth, The One Who Made us, the One Who redeemed us, and the One who desires we submit to His word. I am sorry for worshipping false gods of people, expectations, and lustful desires. Join us for exploring some new glasses. This action (faith in God's word) led to an entire nation and eventually, our faith in Christ. Not about you or what ministry you will have. They got their reward. If we are disciples, we will ask. The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross Board Book. We all think we are good people. But through His sacrifice, we can now put our sin on Him by faith and we are raised to newness of life. Right? Yes, we can. For example, our worship, sin, eternity, to name a few. For more info: Revealing Truth https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Zz... Messed up Church Steve Kozar https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV4D... Spencer Smith https://www.youtube.com/user/spencers... Chris Rosebrough https://www.youtube.com/user/Fighting... Bible Study EXODUS 32 PART 1 - CAN YOU BE DECEIVED? EPISODE NOTES The Lord will answer this prayer. We are taking a fresh look at the Sabbath or Shabbat. God confronted us on our rebellion. Would our favorite teacher deceive us? Lest people think this is legalism to obey the Bible (His Word), let us remember the words of Christ to His disciples. Maybe there is more to see than just devotional reading? We produce biblical, relevant, and accessible resources for all ages. The pattern in the tabernacle shows us instructions on how to worship God if we ask God for His assistance to understand. Where are your "I wants"? ONLINE STUDY BIBLE COMMUNITY. To use current day vernacular; HE'S GOT THIS even if you don't. Soft tissue in dinos? Understanding Biblical Prophecy is so important for those of us who want to study the Bible to be obedient to God. Read them again. Online bible study is so helpful. Watch out for the "I wants"! His World, His Word, we are His servants. The gifts of the holy spirit are for every day. The garden is a repeat pattern in the Bible from Eden to Revelation! As we say in Wisconsin. Not to mention the stress from being quarantined. Heb 13:15. Dr. Goepfrich relates with us his views from Scripture. We will all do better when love is patient love is kind. What about the groups like Bethel that pursue a false form of the gospel called "signs and wonders"? He wants us to be fruitful, and the curses section is about people who reject His commandments (His Word), to do their will, and are now on their own. Then we check with Dr. Baruch in biblestudycompany.com videos and compare our "try" with his knowledge. We will grow in our faith to obey His word. We can safely say that God isn't a "step". Dr. Baruch Korman teaches on Matthew 24:32-44. Better yet, how can I study like Dr. Baruch? Daniel says there are two issues, "Who Jesus is?" (your will). Do we agonize over the decision that created this mess? Have you lusted after anyone? Then when he says go, GO! Change your thinking and start a relationship with the God of the bible by engaging His word. In our previous podcast, we discussed God becoming angry at Moses's unbelief. Sinai aka God Almighty, the great I AM? Or are Christians to avoid old testament laws and traditions because we are under a "new covenant" and are not under old testament law? The goal of the Holy Spirit is for us to line up with God's plans and revelation. Numbers 12 shows us that God spoke to Moses face to face. The "thou shalt nots"  of Exodus 20 now are more clear to us since they are revelations of how we need to treat God and people. Does this sound familiar? Do I want to attend a church that is "hip" and cool"? For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Moses, too, was humble because following the word of God is going to be hard on us. Are we willing to change in the face of finding His viewpoint? Why? So Moses thought. Special moments in the show which moved us emotionally, Do we see a progression in our life toward God's will? Walking with the Lord means He is walking through life with us. Yes! We decided to check out Pastor Herman's church and were stunned by the message. P3 is The Cure for Deception. He washed our sin away with His very own blood. To live a full life in a human "tent" but remained Creator God. Not to stay in sin. Join us for this fast-paced podcast/video. She read it as a devotional because she did not know how to approach the Bible. Unbelief is rejecting God's words, and thus the great things He has for our lives. "If you love me you will obey My commandments". This podcast goes into some honest discussion about how marriage consists of 3 people. Join us for this bible study! Does it feed our soul (emotions)? What is primary to the bible, you ask? But submit to Christ by the renewing of our minds. Make new friends. Titus 2:11-12 For the grace of God has appeared (Jesus Christ), bringing salvation to all men, 12 instructing us (the word of God) to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age. We can conclude that for us to be blessed, God's purpose is for us to carry out His will which is revealed in His Word. But then who is affected by our obedience? He sent the Holy Spirit to help us. COMPANY. Against whom and what? The holy bible provides these remarkable bible commentary. The corona virus, with it is low death rates, but the high fear factor is calling all of us back to dependence on the Lord. And have Your Kingdome come on me please". Even bible verses about hope are helpful. Because the current king, Saul, spent many years trying to kill David! Whatever you call your Bible-study group—whether it's a small group, cell group, growth group or home group—we have a number of Bible studies to help to learn from God's word together. Yes. We know her "pain". It just may change your life.