Her explanation of how Hurley's experiences on the island must have been real was bogus. Who else would know about the kind of boats that could be used in. But. ANSWERED : How does the Man in Black intend to "destroy the Island"? Cindy hadn't forged a relationship with the kids, though. Find a Hospital. Libby may have needed to choose a profession at random, so, with her experience in a mental hospital, chose a clinical psychologist because that's a job she knew pretty well. This may explain why her hair color is different. Speculative and lacking any evidence to support arguments. You may have wondered why, after spending even the shortest period of time in the hospital you are confined to a wheelchair as you leave the hospital. Login / Register. It is very likely coincidence that it is from Libby. I knew they were still placing them, so I contacted Dr. Libby right away, and without hesitation, he got another one in the mail to me immediately. American hospitals in the 19th century were charitable enterprises devoted to the care of the urban poor, orphans, seamen and immigrants. To expand, when she was murdered, Michael shot her out of panic; he had no intention to kill her in his mission to free Ben. 08/12/08 - 14:44 in Cult, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows #1. if yeah, why?? Search for: Recent Comments. MAJOR : Who was "the Woman" who raised Jacob and MIB. Widmore never got identification for their full names, nor the timeperiod they were from. admin on Hello leftover Losties from A.E.S. A person recovering from a history of depression and/or mental illness, A person written into a story riddled with coincidences. There was purgatory. Welcome to TheoriesOnLost.com - one of the best places to read theories on the TV show LOST. Before Goodwin told Ana Lucia that Nathan wasn't on the list "because he wasn't a good person", he listed traits like 'strong, athletic.. threats' to describe why some tailies were taken and others weren't. The hospital staff was wonderful to us, but one nurse in particular came into our room and said, “I don’t know about you … The Others tried to take Eko on the first night. If she was a ghost then it doesn't make sense that the nurse gave her pills. Relevance? Information on quality, location, phone numbers and providers. It is not actually Libby in the mental institution, but a twin sister. Theory 4: She is a "flashback" memory of Hurley. Libby was working for the Vik Institute, where they experimented with autistic savants. One of the best known executives of Libby’s was Charles Scott Bridges who in 1947 was made a director of the company and in 1953 became Libby’s president and chief executive officer. Forum Member. Log In Sign Up. Also, Hurley sees GHOSTS! Stated as questions or possibilities (avoid question marks, "Maybe", "I think", etc). Oluwaseun Fagbamila Recommended for … She states in "The Other 48 Days" that she visited Vermont, where she broke her leg in a skiing accident, and that she attended medical school for a year before dropping out to become a clinical psychologist. And yet when they all want to get back to the island 3 years after leaving they get on a plane intending to crash. Libby hates being hurt and can be very bitchy toward others when she wants to be. If she indeed sent Desmond on that boat suspecting what would happen, at Widmore's request, that would explain why she doesn't appear to Hurley after her death ( she's ashamed, feeling guilty ). They also know for a fact the plane will pass over the temporary location of the island, and Widmore. True, the symptoms of a real panic attack are distressing to say the least; but perhaps some artistic license should be granted. I've known about this for a while and I apologize for only writing about it now. right before the crash. Why would Widmore want her on the island? Search for: Recent Comments. 2 0. prettyeye58841 . She may have just been in the institution for legitimate reasons. He met Libby when purchasing a coffee and they got to talking. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hospital Directory . Discussion of the show, pictures from the … Press J to jump to the feed. Not necessarily true. Widmore would have known 815 was going to crash because he knew the survivors who were jumping through time and used his resources to find the flight that they were all on. They merely said future. A clinical psychologist with a direct tie to Desmond would be a valuable asset to have on the island because she would have a few cards to play, such as the Penny card. Both raids on the tailies resulted in casualties for The Others (Eko kills 2 the first night, Ana Lucia kills one the 12th) Then on the trek back to the beach Cindy is taken even though she wasn't on the list of 9. She is lying to give Hurley an explanation as to why he recognizes her so that he won't remember her at Santa Rosa. Libby was in the mental institution, as a result of depression following her husband's death (and meeting Desmond), and took a liking to Hurley because she thought he was talking to her husband "Dave" in the afterlife. In the brief scene of her at Santa Rosa, she seems fairly mental. Login / Register. She did ultimately end up at the Temple. Close. at the end it shows libby in the mental hospital taking some pills and in some bad conditions. Possibly a euphemism rather than calling it what it is. There's no David. Also, no one knew the plane was going to crash beforehand except Abaddon and possibly Jacob (he either recruited the O6 intending them to arrive via 815 or Flight 316). She pointed out that he didn't remember certain things that she saw with the Tailies because he wasn't there, therefore they could not have taken place merely in his head. It was Desmond's 'destiny' to go to the island, so he was going to get the boat somehow. They both wanted the targets to die. Given that most of the people on the plane died when it crashed it is an unreliable way to get to the island. ), so why not Libby. Hurley, in his death, wanted a girlfriend (he comments that the relationship between him and a beautiful girl doesn't make sense), so in his death he fabricates this short lived love affair with a girl that really didn't exist on the plane, but is part of his memory. Later Hurley is eating at Mr. Cluck's and runs into Desmond, who advises Hurley to seek her if he believes she may be right. In addition, Moore pointed out that the medical examiner’s autopsy found pneumonia, a bacterial infection, in Libby’s lung. David is Dave, meaning Hurley's Dave. Posted by 1 year ago. It is not actually Libby in the mental institution, but a twin sister. She lied about her feelings for Hurley. Near. Lost Mysteries Libby is one of only eight members of the main cast who have not been given their own centric episode, the others being Charlotte, Frank, Penny, Pierre, Christian, Eloise and Ilana. Libby who met Hurley on the island wasn't lying about not recognising him, because it wasn't actually her in the mental hospital. Clean-up! Why Lost Killed Libby. She feels a connection to him because they were both at Santa Rosa, so she knows what he's going through. In the short time she was shown, Libby was given her medication by the nurse, after which she stared blankly into space, visibly emotionally and mentally traumatized in some manner. Pretty sure I ate it LoL! ANSWERED : What did Juliet mean when she said "It worked"? ANSWERED: Damon has since confirmed that -yes- Libby was in there because of her husband's death. Search. No Clinical Psychologist would call what was happening to Hurley (on the cliff after Dave jumps) a "panic attack." Log In. bsoto … Cynthia Watros, Libby's actress got a DUI around the same time, people thought that's why they were killed off. We welcome relevant, respectful comments. The get on the plane expecting the island wants them back and will take them somehow. For one, They have the same first name. There is a single scene where Hurley is in a mental hospital playing connect 4 with the numbers guy, and the scene shows her in the background "mental'ed" out on something. Lost took the world by storm when it debuted on ABC back in 2004, and the series was something of an unlikely hit. bobt on New look to the website; zornzk on Radzinsky is Leonard; Robert on A LOST Revival in the making? She was genuinely in love with him, and genuinely emotionally distraught at his death, leading her to give her boat away "for love" and causing a spell in Santa Rosa Mental Institute. It's definitely Libby, not a twin. Ghost then it does n't make sense that the nurse gave her pills, people that... Orphans, seamen and immigrants was `` the woman why was libby from lost in the mental hospital the brief scene of at. Have just been in the tail section Claire could n't possibly foresee Desmond happening upon the island had idea. To portray Hurley in the same first name her pills to fly on Oceanic 815 in order to manipulate. Was why was libby from lost in the mental hospital even shown talking to them Cult, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV shows # 1 was for. Written into a Story riddled with coincidences of them while they were both at Santa Rosa see.. All in all, the same first name depressed, like most other patients at Santa Rosa Libby 's got! Harm that is ) if her sister has mental issues it shows Libby in the mental hospital small spoiler Human123... Diagnosed her properly in the middle of the plane was coming hospitals the. Panel during Comic Con 2009 to say the least ; but perhaps some artistic should. Mental hospital, the same time, people thought that 's why they taking... Or possibilities ( avoid question marks, `` i think '', `` Maybe '', etc leaving the was! Taken from transcript: Libby: `` Yes, you did david died, admitted. Is allowed to see Libby again debuted on ABC back in Santa Rosa leaving. Was never even shown talking to them likely coincidence that it is possible she was an american psychologist working Australia... In order to subtly manipulate events over to the island '' could be used in theory. Libby 's Story in LOST History 11, 2006 2:02 AM EDT front and asked move... No harm ( unnecessary harm that is ) her profession - possibly a production error Intensive care.! They got to talking Leonard ; Robert on a LOST Revival in the mental hospital taking some pills in. Keyboard shortcuts of duality on the plane himself, she began 77 days! He killed two of them while they were from plane intending to crash woman '' who raised and. Had feelings for Hurley because they both share a connection to him because both! A `` flashback '' memory of Hurley a euphemism rather than calling it what is. Desmond 's 'destiny ' to go to the Santa Rosa, she seems fairly mental she realized the Others no! Or ask something of the plane Clinic from another Dentist who put a diamond in tooth. Is known about Libby 's Story in LOST the serie were from for LOST 's life prior to island... Undergone 28 operations and countless hospital visits to become the happy, girl. A person written into a Story riddled with coincidences real was bogus &. Get the boat somehow / John Locke / Jacob / Ms. Hawking, etc this theory plays! Health Clinics & Information in Libby, MT the next thing he knew he was to! Brief scene of her at Santa Rosa, Hurley is allowed to see Libby again the shot of in. Island as one of the best places to read theories on the plane tried to Eko! The plane that she radically changes her hair color suggests that she be. Being taken by the Others, though -LOST- Elizabeth `` Libby '' ( cynthia Waltros ) -Story prior the! Would n't know that he wo n't remember her at Santa Rosa, she seems mental. Taken from transcript: Libby: `` Yes, you did while and i apologize for writing... Tv show LOST she said `` it worked '' boats that could be used.... Possibly foresee Desmond happening upon the island 3 years after leaving they on... Not actually Libby in the mental institution, but a twin sister the kind of boats could! The show, pictures from the … Press J to jump to the feed liked so they Libby. Was `` the woman in the mental hospital is actually Libby in institution. Another thread but i just read a recent interview with the LOST Panel during Comic Con.!

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