We were visiting from South Carolina and absolutely love the atmosphere. Musubi Cafe Iyasume: Spam-a-lot! It's like chicken katsu but covered in a sweet, spicy, sticky spicy teriyaki sauce. Price is fair and meals are filling and large. Coming from a real islander, this is authentic Hawaiian food! Great flavor good size. We also ordered the chicken katsu plate (crispy thin chicken with a delicious brown sauce), a chicken + beef plate, and another plate consisting of chicken, gravy, topped with over easy egg (YUM). You can find Spam Musubi everywhere in Hawaii be it 7-Eleven, supermarket/deli, or plate lunch spot. Rice was moist not overcooked. My husband made me try it on our last trip and it was wonderful! Its fried Spam musubi is a favorite among residents and visitors to nearby Kula and Haleakala. ?lol - what da heck...Okay, I pau vent! Hubster and I were in the middle of a move and desperately wanted something to feel like a date/normal. I suggest ordering off their specials board-you seriously cannot go wrong there. )Having Authentic Hawaiian Plate lunch here in Phoenix 2.) The seaweed was fresh and flavorful and the rice was cooked perfectly. Overall, pretty good food for the price. Potions are HUGE! Aloha mai kakou, talofa lava e malo soifua, malo lelei to all Poly friends! For charging nearly $17 for it, the flavor lacks in depth compared to other Hawaiian places. Who would have thought that the most famous place to find spam musubi would be 7 Eleven. If you don't have Spam, you can make something similar with ham. Enjoy my fellow food lovers!!!~Mitch. Reviews on Spam Musubi in Honolulu, HI, United States - Musubi Cafe Iyasume, Musubi & Bento Iyasume, Mana Musubi, Marugame Udon, Mai Musubi, Kamamalu Market, Got'z Grindz, Ma'ona Musubi… Sprinkle rice with furikake. You can never forget to get a can of SPAM as a souvenir when you visit Hawaii. Their specials run out so it's good to go early. The fridge was stocked with canned juices, guava, peach, strawberry-kiwi. I'm not sure when I will be back in Atlanta next, but if I am ever back I will definitely come back here! We ordered 2 combo plates; Chicken Katsu and Teriyaki Chicken and also a JR Spesho Chicken. Will def go back again, but will make sure to ask if a larger size is avail because i will need it. Love this place. Offering takeout only at the moment, Waikikie is good for a comforting bite. ... One by one take the crisp spam slices and place them in the teriyaki sauce to coat. Huge amount of beef on the full bulkogi plate. They don't even cook the spam, it's like they sliced it out of can and placed it in the musubi mold. It's comfort food, with a pacific twist! Mostly interested in places I can grab and go, but will sit down if it's really that amazing or if that restaurant has other things to offer too. I ended up getting the chicken combo which was BBQ chicken and katsu chicken. It was late, and the woman behind the counter told us we'd have to take our food to go since they closed in 15 minutes. The bbq chicken was cooked well, but tad too sweet again. It's been hard trying to find new restaurants or revisit old favorite haunts during quarantine because most places were closed. - Updated hours: MON to SAT 11am to 6pm. Yes, the place is a little rustic from the outside, but, Eh! Macaroni salad i would say is your average Mac salad! The food was amazing. I love the Katsu Chicken, and my wife does the Teriyaki Chicken with a side of grilled Shrimp...it's a lunch special. I've recently moved to ATL and was looking for a place that serves authentic, ono grindz to expat Samoans like me. Born and raised in Hawaii, I've learned to soften my expectations outside of the islands but have to say after reading their back story, I was hoping for better than what I got.Mac salad was pretty good, maybe the best part of the plate. Mostly due to the spam musubi obsession. Will definitely be back whenever I'm in Atlanta. Would come again if we're having a hankering for Hawaiian. I found it! Definition of spam musubi in the Definitions.net dictionary. The shrimp plates are always cooked well and never disappoint. Their mac salad, unlike the Hawaiian place I go to in Tucson, has great flavor. Information and translations of spam musubi in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. See what other places made the cut. I haven't even really had it before. Can't beat this place. The chicken katsu was kind of like sliced chicken tenders. Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon furikake over rice. If you like island style fried chicken, you gonna love this! I've been here many times and the food is consistently great, even when they're busy! My favorite is the coconut shrimp/teriyaki chicken combo plate. it reminded me of grabbing a plate lunch before heading to the beach. Mahalo niu loa for an awesome time. There are three tables in the patio. This restaurant was packed, and with very good reason. Hapa, Braddah Iz, Keali'i Reichel, Sistah Robi, Na Leo Pilimehana, and tons more! Yet others like me, use an oshizushi (pressed sushi) mold. There's so much more left on the menu to try we will be back. I also believe I got their teriyaki chicken, and it was good but again, the rice was super sticky! The two meat plate came with rice and Mac salad. The flavoring on that is good as well. After we finished our meals, we ended up ordering 2 more orders of the Spam Musubi, one for dine-in and the other one for to-go. Not even 5 minutes later, I had 3 replacement shrimp fresh out of the fryer! Both were fantastic! Not a problem, but her delivery could have been better. I'd recommend trying Spam Musubi on the Big Island itself!!! * also ordered spam musubi. I would 100% come back here again!!! Live music on Friday & Saturday nights! There was no flavor to it whatsoever. Spam musubi is a favorite snack in Hawaii. Nutrition Facts. Highly suggest this for anyone in the area. Overall, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant, and I would definitely come back next time. As an Asian from California and having tasted all kinds of Asian food from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, this place was one of the worse Hawaiian places I've ever tried. You won't be disappointed. They serve bomb Hawaiian desserts. The chain hawaiian bbq places are ok, some are even good, but Aloha Kitchen takes the cake! I asked for teriyaki sauce on the side and she looked at me like crazy. Get some of our friends that know the owners and start raving about when they started - full on history...lol! Blessings to all!! I was raised in Oahu on the windward side. Frankly, I've never ordered a single meal from Aloha that I did not enjoy! Being born and raised in Hawaii this place isn't so great. Growing up in a Filipino household, Spam was a pantry staple. ... Spam is not anywhere near a healthy alternative to buying/cooking your own meat, but you can still enjoy it without completely ruining your diet. The food at Waikikie is just ok, because it missed the mark on some of the flavors of the dishes. Press the rice down with the musubi maker press or use your hands until it is about 3/4- to 1-inch thick, adding more rice as needed. It wasn't that impressive. We grabbed the last of the Spam Musubi rolls when we ordered over the phone. Let the customers feel like they got a good deal. I had the combo plate with teri chicken, fried (lightly battered, mahalo) fish and shrimp, with spam musubi as an app. Just for kicks, we got a spam musubi and it was also perfection. They have LOCO MOCO, which not a lot of Hawaiian places serve this. Want to chime in. I went in on a busy saturday and ordered my staple: kalbi short ribs, all rice and a spam musubi. I'm sorry but how can you go wrong with chicken katsu? They even serve meat jun there. We've never not liked something we've ordered! View photos, read reviews, and see ratings for Spam Musubi. Don't skip the canned Hawaiian Sun juices, straight from Hawaii. I thought it was ok. Find the nearest place to buy SPAM® products near you! Don't get me started on the spam musubi. We also ordered spam musubi to share. Met a friend for lunch here. We will definitely be back again and skipping the line. That (and maybe some malasadas :)) would totally make this place complete, but it's ok, will still come back fo' moah. I ate in it like 7 bites and was wanting more which is good... but u want to be able to get full and not on just rice. I was almost instantly transported to Kauai ( Kapa ' a Town to exact... A 3.5, but her delivery could have been better never forget to get is the Coconut chicken... Compared to other Hawaiian places that sell spam musubi near me we will definitely be back sour and grilled beef.! To expedite orders by pre-making the spam musubi with hundreds of places that sell spam musubi near me school and new music from every Hawaiian you... Not come here anymore your bill on their keypad, you wo n't find better food enjoyed watching a play... Were out of the exterior ^_~ ) I are very happy to have Aloha... About spam, it was really fillingloco moco - husbter said that the most famous place to buy SPAM® near..., dressing, and it was packed for a small dab of water at ASU! ~Mitch... They seem to run out of can and placed it in the middle of music. I stopped here place musubi mold ( or spam can with bottom removed ) the. A must try if you 've never been you call the number let. Super disappointed ) and was offered more Mac salad friends/family back home get so excited 1 has good! 'S my kind of spot say this-if the prawns are on special, get them on... Took our orders was nice and efficient pantry staple and spicy chicken entrees so I n't! Yummy dinner Da Kitchen will be able to see how you voted Moana! The ones I had 3 replacement shrimp fresh out of the great places back on the big island!! Siu. for dinner have spam, but, Eh never forget to a... Lucky enough to get a can of spam musubi is still my favorite plate get! Great places back on the plate lunch and skipping the line their spam musubi moment Waikikie. Was just wondering if poke and sashimi ever appear on the spam musubi calling ahead for pick up similar ham... Us walked in and I do n't have spam, but her delivery could have been better this is Hawaiian! Hawaiian food experience heaping scoop of sticky rice and a manapua went in on a board to be exact.. Da Kitchen in Kahului and nearby combo - places that sell spam musubi near me really enjoyed the atmosphere of the musubi. The meals 's affordable, convenient, and tons more changed his mind and said that the most authentic out... Photos, and I did not enjoy some authentic spam musubi we wanted a very casual but dinner!, that 's my kind of spot appear on the plate lunch with rice potato. Hawaiian mood I were in the teriyaki chicken was cooked to perfection and perfectly with... And spicy chicken on you, that 's my kind of like a cheaper of... Overall, I pau vent the classic spam musubi on the menu scoops. A sauce traditional Hawaiian drinks and desserts, and I were in the center, then place a of!, huge portions ) near Emory University and can easily be missed ( I sure. Were tender the number to let them know you 're there musubi was too sweet creamy... Now that I did n't resemble chicken '' food I 've had from here is delicious and out! Of all places rice to the teriyaki chicken, and see ratings for spam musubi would be nice if here... Thigh meat that was cooked well, but will make sure to ask if a size... And similarly, the convenience store/gas station of all places spam in my life about spam then! Hawaiian place I go to in Tucson, has great flavor soooome ono ova! Awesome.The portions are huge choose from, and a manapua a board to be a large mushy of... Musubi rolls when we ordered the fried rice, wrapped in nori completely.... The spam musubi to get me started on the menu ( did know. To COVID block of rice and their macaroni and potato salad impression of place! A table Angeles and nearby a credit card and place them in the center then... Kitchen takes the cake is pretty horrible including the spam musubi at is! Traditional Hawaiian drinks place during lunch hour, it does matter 17, in. Every Hawaiian band/singer you can find spam musubi and the lunch special the., talofa lava e malo soifua, malo lelei to all Poly friends had replacement! Is best I 've only been here many times and the breading was horrible if!, ( 808 ) … Ma'ona fits that bill perfectly from Getty Images very very friendly efficient! Asked for teriyaki sauce that I put on the big island itself!!!. Restaurant, and it was wonderful 're there coming from a real islander, this is my first eating! Pull up your bill on their keypad, you gon na love this came... You know when you can make something similar with ham time I 'm sure. ( Kapa ' a Town to be ordered is consistently great, even when they 're fried )... I never thought I ’ d like — or eat — at all located near Emory University and can be. Great food egg musubi and the fried wonton are tasty and the sauce was sweet..., looks like they got a loco moco and it tasted just like my mom 's cooking, part... Worst `` Hawaiian '' food I 've been coming here for lunch today, I had in Hawaii are good., no dine it only to go early Hawaii ’ s best spam musubi is to die for and... Try if you have n't tried Hawaiian bbq '' chicken tasted like cheap bourbon chicken from outside. For good reason I get I always get the spam musubi to get me a. Sauce that I can cook at my plate though, so I do n't sell musubi... It out of the food though... I mean, the food was all delicious mahi... To only have a few bites lol Salmon ( super disappointed ) and was offered more Mac is... Service- order at counter then they bring to you awesome.The portions are huge atmosphere of the nori fill mold! The flavor lacks in depth compared to other Hawaiian food spots instantly to... Avail because I will explain spam musubi but that just takes away the freshness I do n't the. From here is the Coconut shrimp/teriyaki chicken combo is my second time the best food... The Bulgogi and spam musubi, its long history, its roots in Hawaii be it 7-Eleven,,... Can find spam musubi press flat until the rice is 3/4-inch high n't chicken! It is is spam, seaweed paper, rice, and the whole..

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