Peacock Bass Association (PBA)Website design by Lilliam M. Larsen. SPECIES. Fishing World Records. They are sometimes referred to in English by their Brazilian name tucunaré or their Spanish name pavon. Leonardo Leao, the owner of Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions and one of the hosts for every trip aboard their 125’ luxury mother ship, put the huge fish in the ship’s live well. When Bill set the hook on the big fish it made a strong run, nearly spooling the reel. Blackstriped (cichla intermedia), Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Records (IGFA tippet class records), Butterfly Peacock Bass (Cichla Ocellaris), Blackstriped The Peacock Bass Association is not liable for problems associated with the reliability of information provided on our website or printed materials. More. During the 16 years since Doc caught his huge Speckled Peacock, the popularity of Brazil’s Rio Negro fishery has sky rocketed with 25 and 26 lb. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer – works great for hot beverages. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Butterfly Peacock Bass: 9.08 pounds: unavailable: 3/11/1993: Jerry Gomez: Kendall Lakes, Dade County: Note: Larger butterfly peacock bass have been documented by FWC biologists, but but not all state record reporting requirements were met. On June 1, 2010 the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) certified the 28 lb. Rod & Gun Resources’ anglers commonly catch 20-30 peacock bass each day, from 3 to 6 pound “butterflies” to the 8 to 25 pound “barred” or “paca” … South America is their home country and their long family list has been exported in … A guide to the 16 described species of peacock bass — Our peacock bass species directory has been made available in an effort to provide anglers with clear and concise information about all of the currently described species. With Peacock, you can stream hundreds of hit movies, iconic TV shows, current NBC hits, and Peacock Channels 24/7, plus daily live news, late night, and pop culture to satisfy your FOMO. All rights reserved © 2001-2016 The Peacock Bass is very appreciated by sport firshermen due to its fighting qualities. 118. It’s a thought that has crossed all of our minds. The largest butterfly peacock caught in Florida weighed 12.0 pounds and measured 25.5 inches, but this fish was not submitted for a state record. Casting his clown patterned Woodchopper top water lure into flooded timber just off a tributary to the Rio Negro, Gassmann joined the ranks of IGFA World Record title holders. The river runs through the Puinave Indian Reserve rainforest and savannah land, … The following are the IGFA all tackle and line class records for peacock bass. fish being reported. 469-995-5351. Peacock bass (or Brazilian tucunaré) (Cichla) is a genus of large cichlids, diurnal and predatory freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Orinoco basins, as well as rivers of the Guianas, in tropical South America. Tumblers are stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated. Due to their sensitivity to cold and salinity, this is the only area in the United States that they have been successfully introduced. A nice snook that was about … Peacock bass are sensitive to cool water temperatures, and can only survive in the most southern regions of Florida. google_color_url = "008000"; ARRIVAL; LOCATION; … monster had his own style, almost indiscernibly sucking the big Woodchopper under the water the moment it hit. Use Promo Code Larsout100 for additional 5% off. Peacock bass are the iconic fish of the Amazon, and rightfully so. 3- We have the largest and most fishy River Basin in the World, Amazon Basin TRAVEL INFO. GALLERY. All fish must be caught per IGFA rules. Bill was fishing on Captain Peacock when he caught this huge fish. Area: (Himachal) Season: June - mid Oct Altitude: 4250 mts/14000 ft Duration: 10 day Chandra Tal is also known as "Moon Lake" is the source of the Chandra River. Species: Ikan malas nak buka mulut. PBA Measuring 145-feet long by 32-feet wide, this state of the art luxurious floating hotel serves to host an authentic outdoors experiences combined with five-star amenities and services. 2 - We have the largest Peacock Bass in the World, whose record by IGFA is 29 LB 1 OZ. Many travel agencies now arrange international fishing trips specifically to catch peacock bass. Ron is the only taxidermist to make molds from the last two IGFA All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass: Doc Lawson’s 27 lb fish caught in 1994 and Bill Gassmann’s 28 lb pound caught in February of 2010. All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass caught by Gerald (Doc) Lawson on December 4, 1994 was a record that would never be broken. Our staff pioneered the sport of peacock bass fishing on the fly . Expect, Made lycra UPF 50+ Protection Fingerless Palmless Sun Glove Lightweight & Breathable Form Fitted Expect delivery: 10 business day Packing and, Made of microfiber,Lightweight and compact than ordinary towel.Unique terry texture design can absorb more water than flate towel Dries 3, High UV Protection BUFF is a seamless, multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many warm and hot weather activities. current information on recently certified records. current information on recently certified records. ... Bass Adventures in Colombia offers a great remote Peacock Bass fishing adventure on the Tomo River, one of Colombia’s most virgin ecosystems. The current Florida state record is 9.08 pounds, but fish up to 12 pounds have been caught. google_color_border = "FFFF66"; You can visit the Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions website at for your opportunity to fish with their “World Record Peacock Bass” fishing team…. that the Boga Grip was registering , but Elvis with over 10 years of guiding experience in the Brazil’s Amazon certainly did! The new world record peacock is 37” long with 25” of girth, beating the old world record by 4” in length, 2” in girth and a full pound in weight. We have tried to bring you the most updated information available. Peacock Bass World Records (Standard Tackle) The following are the IGFA all tackle and line class records for peacock bass. Fishing the most remote reaches of the Amazon in Luxury and Safety. Peacock Bass are known for their fierce top water strikes, very often unnerving anglers as they attack lures. Speckled (cichla temensis), Species: Butterfly RESERVE YOUR TRIP. All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass caught by Gerald (Doc) Lawson on December 4, 1994 was a record that would never be broken. Besides seeing some world record tilapia on the beds in the weeds, we caught a couple eight pounders and at least seven bass over five pounds. The state record for the Florida Peacock bass is 9.08 pounds, but fish up to 12 pounds have been caught; current IGFA all-tackle world record is 12.6 pounds (caught in Venezuela); 13 of the 16 current IGFA world records for the Butterfly Peacock bass have been caught from Florida waters. Capt. The All-Tackle record for speckled peacock has been broken three times in the past ten years, and the reports of anglers encountering fish in the 30-pound range are numerous. A 17-inch fish will weigh approximately three pounds while a 19-inch fish will weigh up to five pounds. This has led many people to believe that fishing pressure and genetics would make the record impossible to break. The International Game Fish … Larry Larsen. fish being caught each year and several 27 lb. Speckled, Species: Home                                             Contact Us                                  Mission & Privacy Policy. Blackstriped, Blackstriped google_ad_format = "120x90_0ads_al"; 28. The fish weighed a pound more than the largest peacock bass on record. Peacock with a new world record peacock bass! Reinforced. 25+ Years of Peacock Bass Success. Yesterday, I took out Danny his wife Nancy and his sister Christine out for a full day of peacock bass fishing in Miami. Aldeni “Elvis” Fonseca, a guide on the Captain Peacock, shows off a 28-pound speckled peacock bass caught by Bill Gassman of Des Moines, Iowa. Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. Consult IGFA for the most Larry's #peacockbasstasoh #haruantasoh #balazzanglerteamTrip kali ni ada ceritanya yang tersendiri. Made from ceramic is Perfect as your “office mug” Expect delivery: 10 business day Packing and Shipping Costs to any U.S. Made from ceramic is Perfect as your “office mug”. ANOTHER RECORD FOR PEACOCK BASS Records were made to be broken, but this peacock bass thing is getting ridiculous. 162. Blog. was created to unify the world's avid peacock bass anglers and the outfitters and agents that serve them; to promote conservation of the peacock bass fishery, including responsible utilization and promotion of the world's greatest freshwater fish; to offer the most comprehensive, unbiased information base of booking agents, outfitters and destinations in our website,, and to provide detailed information on the species and how to best catch them. The Florida. Factual information, names, addresses and telephone numbers are subject to change and often do. The current world record 27-pound speckled peacock bass was caught on the Rio Negro by Gerald Lawson in December 1994. Mobility is the key to successful fishing for Peacock Bass, as water levels fluctuate greatly during the fishing season in Brazil’s Peacock Bass fisheries which run from September through March each year. For more books on fresh and saltwater fishing, visit, Species: Gassmann began to appreciate the gravity of what he had done while watching the enthusiasm of Leonardo, Elvis and members of the Capt. Peacock Bass Log. The new world record peacock is 37” long with 25” of girth, beating the old world record by 4” in length, 2” in girth and a full pound in weight. google_ad_channel =""; No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the association. The Curicuriari immediately proived that it’s a world-record class fishery. It is readily caught by bank and boat anglers using a wide variety of tackle and bait that ranges from live shiners to artificial lures and flies. Peacock Bass, Return to Information Central Contents page. The Tomo River serpentines its way through the north side of El Tuparro … But check out this fatty! Since they change frequently, the most up-to-date records are posted online at the IGFA website at On June 1, 2010 the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) certified the 28 lb. Globally, the current IGFA all-tackle world record is 12.6 pounds (caught in Venezuela); 13 of the 16 current IGFA world records for Peacock Bass have been caught from Florida waters. IGFA members can access them with a password. On our trips, many of the peacock bass you cast to have never seen a lure or fly. We target many HUGE Peacock Bass here in the high 20lbs+ (camp record 29lbs), Butterfly Peacock Bass to 12lbs, the slash-and-grab Payara/Vampire Fish to 30lbs, acrobatic Bocón/Jatuarána, Surubim Cats and much more. Remember, these are the only molds in the world of a 28 … At 10:30 on the morning of the 6th day of his first fishing trip to Brazil’s Amazon, Bill Gassmann proved these skeptics wrong. It was once a tentative place for traders from Tibet and Ladakh who went to Spiti and the Kullu valley, but today it attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts from across the world. Species : Cichla ocellaris aka Butterfly Peacock Bass. There are huge fish here! Record Peacock Miami Florida Fishing. Any angler would be lying if they said they’ve never dreamed about catching a monster fish, whether it’s a 10 pounder, a new PB, or even a state record. ABOUT. For more I have to say it was the best peacock day since this past winter. Guide “Elvis” of the Capt. I had changed my fly some time ago to a rather small white Deceiver with some grey/ blue sprinkled in that I must have tied several years ago for a saltwater trip. Prized game fish species in the South Americas, Peacock Bass has been one of the most favorite Freshwater Game Fish among lure fisherman and fly-fishing enthusiast. google_color_text = "000000"; For many ardent Peacock Bass fishermen, the long standing 27 lb. Many line-class peacock bass world-records have come from our fishing region . If you are interested in a trip to Rio Marié for Giant Peacock Bass contact me or Untamed Angling. Peacock Bass (Cichla Intermedia). “We are very happy with the opportunity to show the fishing world our exclusive concept combining mobility, safety and first class services in order to create unique moments like that for every angler from first-time Peacock Bass fishermen up to the most knowledgeable ones,” said Leonardo Leao. A 5-STAR MOBILE FLOATING HOTEL Come and Fish … Peacock Bass Peacock Bass were introduced into the lakes and canals of Miami-Dade County of Florida in 1984 to control the growing population of exotic fishes, a job they had done admirably. (cichla ocellaris), Species: You’ll also get access to live sports, kids’ movies and shows, hit Spanish-language TV shows and news from Telemundo—all for free. The blackwaters of the Caño Bócon have perfect acidic pH levels that promote the growth of HUGE Peacock Bass. 100% cotton, hand-dyed using water based inks Prewashed, Preshrunk The screen printed image is set against mottle tie-dyed fabric. Peacock’s crew as they made the official weighing. google_ad_client = "pub-9793117213313333"; ... Well, new world record categories for a start. Search for the biggest fish in the International Game Fish Association's database of biggest fish for each species. //-->, For more books on fresh and saltwater fishing, visit, Peacock  Bass Executive Director: Larry Larsen, Peacock Bass World Records (Standard Tackle). The Peacock Bass have to meet a certain criteria in order to be kept, for instance, you can only keep two … ... Next day around lunch the word had spread and the Russians were kind of surprised to realize my record fish. ITINERARY. Despite the common name and their superficial similarity, they are not closely related to other fish known as bass, such as the North American largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). For many ardent Peacock Bass fishermen, the long standing 27 lb. The reason the Tamiami Canal has the biggest Peacock Bass in the United States is because of the restriction limit that is set in place. Real time weather reports for 10 top peacock bass destinations. NEW! This beautiful blackwater river, completely enclosed within a remote Indian reservation, holds world-record class peacock bass that have never been fished before and never seen a lure. DESTINATIONS. speckled Peacock Bass caught by Bill Gassmann of Des Moines, Iowa on Feb. 9, 2010 while fishing with Captain Peacock Expeditions of Manaus, Brazil. All about the Florida Peacock Bass The butterfly peacock (also called peacock bass) is an extremely popular freshwater game fish introduced to south Florida in 1984. Made with, FEATURES: Croakies flagship USA Made neoprene retainer + hyPUR-cel technology | Length 16″ x 3/4″ Wide | Soft & lightweight, Waterproof and dri fit fabric Light weight,just 66g Reflective letter logo on front of hat,SANSEGAL Hook and loop fastener back, Designed specifically for the needs of anglers, this lightweight, durable nylon shirt dries fast, with mesh-lined cape vents at the. Expect delivery: 10 business day Packing and Shipping Costs to any U.S. High Quality Hard Enamel Colors and Premium Zinc Alloy with Nickel Plating Perfect Accessory for Hats, Bags, and Jackets! Captain Peacock began operations in 1994 with the express intent of providing top of the line fishing trips combined with excellent accommodations, service, guides and equipment in a mobile format. Luggage tags speed up airport travel with an easy to identify design guaranteed to stand out on the conveyor belt! The Cichla Temensis is the largest peacock bass specie and can reach up to 35 pounds in upper Rio Negro. google_ad_width = 120; The trio landed 30+ peacocks and a couple of bonus fish to. By Joseph LoBianco. The Zaltan: Brazil's #1 Destination for World Class Peacock Bass Fishing, Where the World's Most Demanding Anglers come to fish! You are here: Home / Fishing Reports / Record Peacock Miami Florida Fishing. In an earlier blog this year, I described taking Ron down to Manaus with me in June of 2010 where he made 2 molds of Gassmann’s new world record fish. CONTACT. Peacock Yachts and Expeditions, the premier operator in Brazil’s Amazon, is pleased to announce the launch of its new yacht, the Rio Negro Queen. Peacock bass are fast growing fish, and can grow over a pound a year. After a 12 minute fight, Bill’s guide Elvis netted the fish and upon attaching the IGFA certified Boga Grip to it immediately declared, “We go to boat!” Bill did not realize the significance of the 28 lbs. The new world record peacock is 37” long with 25” of girth, beating the old world record by 4” in length, 2” in girth and a full pound in weight. It is not known how long they live, but preliminary data suggests about six years. Inaugurated in 2017. In case you consider booking your slot at … This necessitates having the ability to move (often many miles) to find ideal water conditions. Gassmann’s 28 lb. Another reason the Tamiami Canal should be on the list for your next Peacock Bass fishing trip is because it holds the record for the biggest Peacock Bass caught. information, contact: Peacock Bass Association (PBA), 2640 Elizabeth Place, Lakeland FL 33812, (863)644-3381; FAX: (863)644-3288 or Contact Us. With a lake record large mouth of 19.10 and reports of 20+ pound monsters being caught in the nets of local tilapia fishermen, many believe that a new world record swims in these waters. Oscar: 2.34 pounds: unavailable: 3/16/1994: Jimmy Cook: Lake Okeechobee: Mayan Cichlid: 2.37 pounds: 13.6" 13.1" 11/28/2016: Jonathan Johnson PBABrazil Visa Kits & Discounted Expediting Service,