The third is an institutional and educational channel and belongs to the Universidad de Los Andes. Hospital "Dr. Tulio Carnevalli Salvatierra" of the IVSS: it is an infrastructure of Health belonging to the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security, is located in the second level of medical attention and has an important place beds, as well as diverse medical specialties and services of support diagnosis and assistance. At higher peaks on the Sierra Nevada de Mérida, temperatures tend to be under 0 °C. A Baroque palace located in front of Bolívar Square. The Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso International Airport is located in the city of El Vigia, Merida State in Venezuela. The city is one of the most important student and cities and tourist destinations of Venezuela. There were only two neighborhoods in the city at the beginning of the 20th century. All in all, there are about 2,650 beds available. Some of these old spurs have now become part of the city. As of 2015[update], Avior Airlines offers flights to Caracas. During the colonial era and long after independence, the city was isolated from other parts of the country because of the lack of transportation routes to the outside world. Filter. With the victory of the Admirable Campaign, Merida is incorporated to the Second Republic of Venezuela. La Variante connects Mérida with El Vigía, and in turn, with the Pan-American Highway, thereby giving the city a connection with Colombia and with other important destinations, such as San Cristóbal and Maracaibo. [11] The city and territory were part of New Granada until 1777, when it was integrated into the Captaincy of Venezuela. Throughout the region there is a diversity of sports scenarios of high competition and street sports which characterizes Merida as an important sports entity in the country, a fact that has been consolidated by the different national and international sports entities when they have put their faith in their localities to host different tournaments such as: Merida has sports and Olympic facilities in all localities and municipalities, the main ones being. The town of Mérida is located at an altitude of 1,600 metres (5,200 feet). Monument to the Condor of the Andes: in commemoration of Bolivar's passage through the Collado del Condor. During the last month of 2005, the city was host to the 2005 Andean National Games, an event for which numerous athletic facilities were built, including the Cinco Águilas Blancas (Five White Eagles) Sports Complex—a 42 000-seat stadium and the current home stadium of the local team, Estudiantes de Mérida F. C.. Soccer is the most popular and widely supported sport, but given the city's location, a variety of extreme sports are also practiced. It also has night lighting, which allows visual flight operations even after sunset, and a 30,750 m2 parking platform that is equipped with fuel supply services through direct piping to the aircraft. (Mérida and Tovar), Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Fuerzas Armadas, UNEFA. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, this colonial city has a relaxed feel to it, and allows its visitors free roam of the city to explore the excellent restaurants, large markets, and local flavors. Mérida has about two dozen religious buildings dedicated to Christianity, the most important of which are Catholic churches and chapels, since it is the religion with most number of followers in Venezuela. Other nearby airports, such as Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso International Airport in El Vigía, now serve Mérida. Merida is one of the great cultural, artisan and university centers of the country. It was known as La Otra Banda ("the other bank"). The city is located in the northwest part of the state, about 35 kilometres (22 miles) off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The weather and natural scenery of the city are one of its well known attributes, with easy access to Venezuela´s highest mountains in the Andes. [15][16][17] Another feature common to both the Spanish and the Venezuelan Méridas is that in both cities, there is a tributary of the main river with the name Albarregas. The rivers of the State of Merida are mountain rivers, with abundant flow and steep slopes and form a few deep valleys, longitudinally embedded in the relief. Route 3, an aerial cableway (originally planned to be a funicular), is a 3 km (2 mi) long route that will connect the community of Chama to a Mérida trolleybus station; construction has yet to begin. Mérida is a student city with a large percentage of its population found in classrooms, especially in the university area, where 20–30% of the population consists of students, and has a 0% illiteracy rate. Archbishop's Palace of Merida: Archdiocesan Museum. It is the largest student and tourist center of western Venezuela. Until 1989 the governors were appointed directly from the National Executive, it is only since then that they are directly elected in open elections. Three years later, the popular independence movement known as La Patriecita, will be suffocated by the Spanish royalists in 1818. Besides the university libraries, Mérida has the Biblioteca Bolivariana (Bolivarian Library), which is also an area of exhibits and historical displays, a branch of the National Library of Venezuela, and the public library Simón Bolívar, subsidized by the government. The State of Merida has a great amount of natural tourist attractions, which has characterized it as a tourist power of Venezuela. The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Spanish: Catedral Basílica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción de Mérida) or Metropolitan Cathedral of Mérida is a religious building of the Roman Catholic church located in the city of Mérida in western Venezuela, in the state of the same name, part of the Andean region in that country.. The current governor is Ramón Guevara of the Acción Democrática party elected in the 2017 Regional Elections of Venezuela with 50.82% of the votes. Tourism, dubbed the "green industry", is the principal source of income in the city, and one of the most flourishing industries. The territory of the state is located in the highest part of Venezuela, therefore, makes Merida the highest state of Venezuela, with altitudes above 4,000 m.a.s.l., reaching its highest point in Pico Bolivar at about 4,970 m.a.s.l. The Health Corporation was founded on August 14, 1995, according to Official Gazette No. The typical dishes of the meridian food are: Among the most outstanding typical desserts are: the sweet polished (based on milk and covered with sugar), alfajores, guava sandwiches, milky candy and strawberries with cream, as well as drinks such as the Andean girl, the calentaíto, mead, pineapple guarapo, blackberry wine and panela (paper). By 1820 the crossing of the Andes by Bolivar's army, frees Merida again. The city is also home to the Mérida State Symphony Orchestra. The hydrography of the State of Merida is very varied, because throughout its geography we can find rivers, streams, creeks, natural lakes and glaciers, Merida even has jurisdiction over a small portion of Lake Maracaibo, where we located the beaches Palmarito in the municipality of Tulio Febres Cordero in the south of the lake. The city is located in the center of the Venezuelan Andes, in a wide plain in the valley of the Chama River, between the Sierra Nevada de Mérida to the southeast and the Sierra La Culata to the northwest. It is one of the most important cities in the venezuelan Ándes. The traditional music of the city is marked by waltz rhythms. It is worth mentioning that the southern gastronomy is internationally recognized, so many cooking contests and international fairs are held around the southern state. 4,937 Extraordinary of the same year 10. Also, one can find alfajores, aliados, and almojabanas. The Venezuelan Andes are lands of native roots and acquired as the Fiesta Brava, this type of party known as the most gallant and heroic of the existing ones felt by a sector of the world population but known as the most cruel and inhumane by another sector more dissident and humanist. Touristic activity benefits from the potential offered by the Andes mountains surrounding the city, and from the city's own parks, museums, and plazas, among other features. Moreover, the prestige of the University of the Andes transformed Mérida in one of the leading educational centers nationwide. Mérida is known as a destination to learn Spanish. The provinces of Merida and Coro were immediately separated, leaving the province composed only of the sections Zulia and Trujillo. Other important dishes are prepared with trout, the only fish found in the region. Southern Trasandina Road: this section of the so-called Trasandina connects the capital of the state of Merida with the state of Tachira and the Republic of Colombia, crossing the towns of Ejido, Villa Libertad, San Juan de Lagunillas, Lagunillas, Llano El Anis, Chiguara, Estanques, Santa Cruz de Mora, Tovar, La Playa and Bailadores. The 5 Águilas Blancas Metropolitan Olympic Complex in the city of Merida, which includes the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in Merida with a capacity for 42,200 people, the Alvaro Parra Davila Coleo Sleeve, an Olympic swimming pool, a tennis court complex, and several specialized gyms for the practice of Judo, Gymnastics, Karate, Fencing and Table Tennis. It's the entrance to a national park. The greatest network of libraries is that of the University of the Andes. This led to the creation of a seminary, which in 1811 became the University of the Andes. Register online and get low prices, guaranteed. The following year during the Admirable Campaign, Simón Bolívar liberates Mérida from the Realists, entering through La Grita (then the province of Mérida) in May 1813. Then, due to the lack of real estate and in the search of quieter areas, neighborhoods were created far, at the time, from the city center. The city then came to be governed by the corregimiento of Tunja until 1607, when it became itself a corregimiento of the Audiencia of Santa Fe.[1]. Finally, following the course of the Santo Domingo River, it arrives at the city of Barinas. Another notable dish is the pizca andina, common to Mérida, Táchira and the Colombian Andes, a soup with potato, milk, long onion, and parsley. Merida is home to the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán(the Autonomous University of Yucatan). In 1812 an earthquake devastates the city of Merida, and soon after the province is reconquered by the royalists. Furthermore, large sugar cane haciendas were located nearby; their income led to the construction of a central sugar refinery in which all of Mérida's sugar cane was processed. Merida Tourism: Best of Merida About Merida In this university town in western Venezuela, it's possible to relax in a park honoring Beethoven, sample more than 800 flavors of ice cream in a Guinness-record-holding shop and ascend into the surrounding snow-capped Andes mountains via the world's longest and highest cable car. THE TEACHING METHOD: Our method is communicative and we prepare programs adapted to the level, strengths, weaknesses and objectives of the students. For the state of Merida runs through the towns of Arapuey, Nueva Bolivia, Tucaní, Santa Elena de Arenales and El Vigía. These stations are mostly privately owned, though in recent years some public community radio stations have emerged. At this point, it turns into a highway, running to the city of El Vigía, thereby uniting Mérida's metropolitan area. The other two universities that operate in the city are of more recent creation, being the UNA that offers distance learning undergraduate degrees and the UNEFA, a military university that operates in the city since 2006 and also offers undergraduate degrees related to the engineering field. The State of Mérida[1] commonly known simply as Mérida'[2][3] (Spanish: Estado Bolivariano de Mérida), IPA: [esˈtaðo ðe ˈmeɾiða]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. In addition, there are other private terminals from which private lines depart. This city sits on a plateau nestled in the valley of the Chama River, which runs from end to end. [11][12] The maximums are reached during the day, and are usually around 24 °C (75 °F), but on rare occasions exceed 30 °C (86 °F). Tax registration ID: J-30571581-5 Of particular note is the Liceo Libertador. It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Mérida. For those who like to go shopping and spend the day enjoying stores or food courts, Mérida offers the following shopping malls: Las Tapias and Millenium located in Andrés Bello Avenue; Alto Prado and Pie de Monte located in Los Próceres Avenue; and Rodeo Plaza located in Las Américas Avenue. The other three correspond to Las Américas and Alberto Carnevali avenues; 16 de septiembre and Tulio Febres Cordero avenues; and the corridor of Los Próceres avenue. It is the home of the University of the Andes, one of the most respected universities in the country, and the second to oldest. Such celebrations usually occur during the first days of June for high school graduates, and throughout nearly the entire year for college graduates. Universidad de Los Andes, ULA. The city was named after the founder Juan Rodríguez Suárez, who called so in honor of his hometown of Mérida in Extremadura, Spain. Because of the great concentration of students, and the importance of the Universidad de Los Andes in local development, the positions of University Director and President of the Student Body of the University of The Andes are also of great importance within the local political scene; the first of these offices is currently filled by an opposition party member. The city of Mérida now stands out at the national level for its low cost of living[15] and its high (relative to cost of living) per capita income of $4,381, ninth among Venezuelan cities. Most are linked to the universities and specialize in many kinds of instruments, as well as lyrical interpretation and the development of the singing voice. The sounds of the aboriginal cultures move like the wind around the whole state, being its epicenter the towns of San Juan, Chiguará and Lagunillas where the ethnic roots of the Meridians still prevail as if time never passed. Cursos de inglés para estudiantes desde 3 años en adelante y servicio de traducciones. In Mérida 82,537 people are economically active, of whom 6.67% are unemployed.[17]. Its immense geographic diversity due to its transition between the Andes Region and the South Region of the Lake of Maracaibo gives it different climates and varied temperatures, propitious for each of the vacation tastes offering Mountain and Beach places in the same state. The most important river is the Chama, followed by the Albarregas, which cross the plain and divide it into two parts: the Banda Occidental (west bank) and the Banda Oriental (east bank). Good availability and great rates. In 1622, Mérida became the capital of the Governorate of Mérida, whose chief official established his residence there. Folded title: Andes centrales de Venezuela; mapa alpinistico y turístico, para uso de alpinistas turistas y pescadores de truchas. With the victory of Boyacá on August 7, only the provinces of Maracaibo and Coro remained realistic and Merida was incorporated into the Third Republic of Venezuela. In August and September it often rains at night. On the outskirts of Mérida, one finds non-urbanized areas, where sub-mountainous and seasonal jungle vegetation predominates. Merida's Cable Car Tourist Transport System. The Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) located in the State of Merida (IVIC-Merida) includes the Multidisciplinary Center for Science (CMC). Located in the Western Andean Region, Mérida State covers a total surface area of 11,300 square kilometres (4,363 sq mi), making it the fifteenth-largest in Venezuela. Lodging accommodations can be found to fit all budgets, including pensions and apartments for tourists with basic amenities. Thermal waters of Quebrada de las Tapias Valley. It is part of the Preventive-Assistance Network of the Regional Mental Health Program, cooperating with Corposalud Mérida and the University of Los Andes. However, all schools come ultimately under the auspices of The Venezuelan Ministerio de Educación. Spanish Immersion Programs: Spanish Language Schools in Venezuela. The increase in number of inhabitants was mainly due to a recent exodus of farmers moving to the urban centers, a phenomenon seen all over the country. In 1676 Maracaibo (separated from the province of Venezuela) and Mérida-La Grita are united in a governorship called Province of Mérida del Espíritu Santo de Maracaibo (capital in Mérida) under the Audiencia of Bogota and then known as "province of Maracaibo" since 1678 that city becomes the capital of the governorship. Barinas-Mérida road: through this road artery the western plains (Cojedes, Portuguesa and Barinas States) are communicated with the towns of Pueblo Llano, Santo Domingo, Apartaderos, San Rafael de Mucuchíes, Mucuchíes, Mucuruba, Tabay, Mérida and Ejido. There is a great variety of shops and services that also contribute to Merida's economy. Other public and private institutions such as schools, churches, and language institutes have their own minor libraries to be used by their members. The State is autonomous and equal in political terms to the rest of the Federation. Cultural Center Tulio Febres Cordero, Merida. This is our guests' favorite part of Mérida, according to independent reviews. Although the Latin American, Afro-descendant, Caribbean and Timotocuica traditions and roots have not been erased with time, the influence of the Anglo-Saxon music has also had a place in these lands, this is obvious, it was impossible to think that cities like El Vigia and Ejido with an important commercial impact and cities like Merida and Tovar with a transcendental bohemian culture were not influenced by the Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B genres, among others.

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