Go to the East Central Courtyard and enter the hotel across from the Republic Base. Remove your other team members and speak with him alone. Remove or Delete the files from your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder Description: In the Hidden Bek Base, their is a door labelled "Control Room" which cannot be unlocked, unlike the security doors that can be unlocked once you decide to finish a certain quest dark side. •RPGClassics Main If you start Mission's Brother Quest, you'll have to travel to Kashyyyk. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Go with them peacefully and tell them about the research station and the giant Firaxan shark. Manaan is an interesting planet with both Sith and Republican bases. Past the training area you’ll meet a Dark Jedi Master with some Selkath assistants. Wound will not suffice, you must have Choke or Kill. It seems Sunry was lying but do you want to bring this up in court? Side Quest: The Matale and Sandral Affair This is a long, drawn out side quest. So I am banned from Manaan. You can also bribe the witness to say he saw Sunry leave before the gunshot. In any case talk to the Iridorian and convince him to tell you what he did to the Selkath Youth for 150 XP. It can cost as little as a 1 spike up to 9 Spikes depending on your Computer Skill level. Go to the Selkath court which is in the south-west section of the West Courtyard. After that, I found a datapad in Tatooine that tells me to go to Manaan. If you set a frag mine it will automatically kill him though you won't get any XP for it, whereas if you set the alarm he'll come running over and you can actually dispatch him. Yavin - First visit to get some supplies. The rest is up to you, so I suggest you save before doing anything. You can fix the droid and reprogram it to hunt down Vorn, you can plant a frag mine on his bike, or some combination of the above. The other is by slicing the console. To meet Ithorak, talk to Vek in the Swoop offices in Ahto East. Tell him that you have gizka for sale. You won't get any XP for killing him this way. So don't go down to the underwater base if you are playing dark side until you are ready to finish with Manaan. The only other way is to hack into the computer panel west and north of the Disassembly room. Sometime after you've found the first Star Map, you'll be approached by aTwi'lek named Senni Vek. Remember that all these items that you get are Genoharadan items and are special, and can be sold for good money. Anyways when you report Hulas tells you that you were used by him to kill the other overseers of the Genoharadan making him the sole overseer. Use the computer terminal to decrypt a Sith passcard. Despite your help he doesn't want you in the guild. Located in the Inner Rim portion of "the Slice," it had no moons, and the entire surface of the planet was covered with water. Now that you've finished the preliminaries continue with the main quest until you enter the Sith Embassy. You can redeem them from the dark for 700 XP. Tank Pressure Controls – Here are the steps needed to get the container to 4 million sangen of pressure and make it explode. When you leave the Sith Base you’ll be placed under arrest. Finish any side quests and then make your way to the next planet. However I would not pay him unless if I had no other choice, such as if I were playing a character with no points in persuade and didn't have the Affect Mind force power. Here are the answers for decrypting the passcard: Sixth Sequence: 1 0 – 8 3 – 32 5 – 128 –> 7, 2 to the power of 7 = 128 (so the answer is 7), Now that you have the decrypted passcard or the passcode continue to the Sith Base. It is unique in that the Selkath are firm in their neutrality. 3. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Genoharadan Quests - Light Side?'   •Main Personally I prefer to kill off all of the Tach before killing Rulan, but it really doesn't matter. Ahto City served as the capital of the planet, and was the only surface city and spaceport. Continue down the hallway to the east and you’ll find a console that will allow you to download the area schematics.   •Characters In most cases the way to get the most XP is to fix the droid up but not reprogram it. Continue north and go out another pressure door to the ocean floor. The best option in terms of XP is to attack Ithorak and Vek and the droid for good XP from killing each one. Talk to Roland at the reception desk. Kashyyyk - All side quests (no Star … To convince them that the Sith are Evil, you'll need evidence. We arrive on the beautiful planet, Manaan. (considering that's the only place where you can fight on Manaan) I would appreciate any help you have to offer. You can do this either by persuasion (medium difficulty), bribery (bugged) or Force persuasion. This … Beyond the door labelled North Computer Room in the north wall is a long corridor with seven st… A Sith diplomat will be there. In any case once you've discovered his role in the abducted youth you can report this to Shaelas if you wish though you won't gain anything from it. Your destination does not matter. This is the order that I play for Light Side: Tatooine - All side quests and Star Map (including HK-47). Go to the mercenary recruitment area in the north section of the West Courtyard where you’ll meet a Selkath called Nilko Bwaas. The droid will attack you, but it will be disabled if you take down its VP enough. Take care of him and then use the submersible to go back to the Republic Base. Dantooine Side Quests Ruins Tatooine Sand People Dilemma Tatooine Side Quests Star Map Kashyyyk Arrival Shadowlands and Beyond Manaan Surface Underwater Korriban Sith Academy Final Exam Leviathan Unknown World Warring Factions Temple Star Forge Character Central Weapons and Items Combat The Force Hacking Mini-Games Q&A. Take a closer look at the food supplies, and then wander around the Ebon Hawk until you get a message saying that you … As you continue to the north you’ll come across the Training Annex with the missing Selkath from the Selkath Mystery side quest. Is there a way for me to … Press J to jump to the feed. The Sith should be no match for you. I forget exactly but you'll get several different options between sucking up, to yelling, to rationalizing, to killing them all.   •Weapons All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. They’ll agree to leave the Sith base and go back to their families. bama12 - 11 years ago. Once you land you’ll be asked to pay another docking fee of 100 credits. If Bastila is with you it will automatically succeed. If you decide to do the assassinations you’ll be rewarded quite well but will also score dark side points. A Rodian named Hulas stands alone on the south side of the East Central courtyard by the ocean. If you are darkside, accept … You came across a Selkath called Nubassa. He’ll give you 500 credits for a reward. All he wants is information. About This File. If you are level 18 or above actually letting the robot hunt down Vorn nets you more XP but only marginally. In the southwest corner you will find Rulan's hiding spot. You get this quest the first time you leave Dantooine. You can kill them all for 600 XP + whatever you get for killing them, as well as some good items that you can loot off of Shasa's corpse. Go back and speak to Sunry about everything you can. Follow him out to the ocean floor. The passcards are in the next room, the computer room. They’ll give you two options for defeating the giant Firaxa shark, use poison or destroy the harvester. Of course this last bit is a lie since you're not a member of the guild anyways. You'll gain some XP for slicing the console.   •Mini-Games No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. 3 - Merchant & NPC Side Quests He is a member of a secret group for the Genoharadan. If you've ever played the dark path on Manaan without finishing all side quests before you might have noticed that while you can no longer complete them, they stay in your journal forever. You are unable to cast the majority of these powers if you are wearing armor (although there are some exceptions). Make your way back to the submersible and you’ll run into Malak’s apprentice, Darth Bandon. You can bribe or force persuade Vek to leave but usually I don't do so as Vek gives you a nice bit of XP which you will lose out if you let him go. When you head into the West Courtyard take Jolee with you. It’s a tough battle but the three of you should be able to handle it. Head first to the Envirosuit Storage to grab an Environmental Suit and then go to the central Airlock. Bastila: Manaan is a water world inhabited by an aquatic race known as the Selkath. Then place a frag mine on the bike and then take him and the droid down. If you choose to kill the big firaxian sea beast on Manaan you get thrown off the planet and can't go back (which will affect the Genoharadan quests if you haven't finished them and blocks Juhani's personal quest if you haven't killed Xor already). 16. In the Docking Bay, I see the Sith soldier trying to provoke the Republic soldier. Return to Shaelas for your reward. You should know that much before getting underway. Now that the droid is disabled you have several options in front of you. Walk to the east and use the Sonic Emitter to kill the Firaxa sharks when they get too close. Go ahead and kill him for some XP and return to Hulas. Go into the doors behind Roland and you’ll see the prisoner. Next you are commissioned to take out three targets, namely Ithorak, Rulan, and Vorn. If you follow the dark side visit Hulas in the East Central area of Ahto City. The Stowaway. Carth: Manaan's a neutral world. You’ll find a room with a broken droid belonging to the Republic. Introduction ~ ~~~~~ This guide will explain all details about each of the side quests in this game. The local race, the Selkath, are selling them a special plant with healing properties and they have to put up with each other or risk losing their trading agreements. There are nine principal KoTOR characters that accompany the main player throughout his journey. Copyright © Add your article. You’ll find the Swoop Race registration in the Ahto East. Eventually you will get into the Sith base and come across a room with the missing kids in it.   •Bugs & Fixes. If you take out both of his droids or drop his VP low enough he'll beg for his life. It’ll cost you 20 credits for a practice run. By the way, even after the encounter with Jagi, Canderous' side quest will not officially be considered 'over' until you talk to him on board the Ebon Hawk at the Star Forge (where he will swear … Anyways once you've gotten past either the flow chambers or the Security room continue to proceed north and west until you get to the Training Annex. Once you have been on the submersible to the Hrakert Station and returned you’ll be able to let Nilko what’s been going on. You’ll meet a lady called Elora whose husband, Sunry, has been captured by the Selkath and accused of murdering a Sith warrior. //--> The giant Firaxan shark will be happy and allow you access to the Star Map to the east. However in the clearing ahead you will find Grarwwaar. If you are successful he will crack and tell you the Sith passcode to the Sith Base which is ‘zeta 245698 alpha’. He'll mention you dropped a datapad and give it "back"to you. var today = new Date(); He’s trying to investigate why the Republic are hiring so many mercenaries. Force persuading him always works and persuading him normally requires passing a medium persuade check, though if you fail you can pay him 500 credits to convince him. You can use it to either feed toxin into the vents (dark side points), or use the tank pressure controls. … You'll receive a secret message from Hulas (Genoharadan Quest) who awaits for you on Manaan. Knights of The Old Republic ; Mods ; Proper Manaan Quest Endings Proper Manaan Quest Endings 1.0 (8 reviews) Sign in to follow this ... 1 Screenshot. Wearing armor greatly restricts the range of Force powers available to a Jedi, so … Open the door and you’ll meet someone who tells you the Selkath have gone crazy. First you can just talk to him and force choke him to death if you have that force power. Be sure to discredit Gluupor as a witness and admit that he planted the medallion on her body. You can just let him go, but that really isn't in keeping with what an assassin should do now is it? Now it comes down to a guessing game. Posted by 1 month ago. Make sure you check the chests along the way and pick up a Sonic Emitter. Kotor Manaan Side Quests 6,9/10 2925 votes. Also you can finish Bastila's Mother Quest, and start Mission's Brother Quest (read more about NPC Quest here). (c)2006 RPGClassics.com. Their only surface city and spaceport is called Ahto. Every one of these carries with it a specified number of DS or …   •Upgrades All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. Two of them are arguing as you leave the docking bay. Head to Ahto East and go to the entrance to the Sith base. User account menu. They are neither part of the Republic nor controlled by the Sith, and they wish to keep it that way. The footlocker contains a datapad which provides the proof necessary. He'll introduce you to the secret assassin's guild knownas the Genoharadan and say they are interested in you joining. Log In Sign Up. You can persuade your way out of paying the fee if you have the skill. In the North west room of that area are the youth you've been searching for. Go back to Sunry and he’ll confess but beg you not to let anyone know in order to save the Republic’s relations with the Selkath. Accept it and note it asks you to meet someone named Hulas on Manaan.Hulas is in the East Central Courtyard and you have to meet him alone (no partymembers with you). Sidequests ~ ~~~~~ A. Taris B. Dantooine C. Tatooine D. Kashyyyk E. Manaan F. Korriban G. Unknown World A. Taris There are 12 sidequests on Taris. There are two ways of dispatching him. Manaan was an ocean planet2 located in the galaxy's Inner Rim, in grid square O-11 on the Standard Galactic Grid.1 It was the homeworld of the sentient Selkath species,2 which had been historically devoted to the care of their native oceans. The room beyond the door at the west end of the corridor accessing the disassembly roomcontains two assault droids, both of which are resistant to energy damage: A door labelled West Lounge in the west wall is the only exit to a short corridor ending in another door, beyond which is the west lounge itself, containing another two assault droids and a Sith heavy trooper. [Condition] This quest is automatically triggered if you enter Ahto West on Manaan with Jolee. When you leave the cockpit Zaalbar automatically tells you that someone has been eating the emergency supplies in the cargo hold. Banned From Manaan. The door to the east will take you to the Flow Control room. There are three options on how to deal with them: Lorgal is found in the Republic Embassy in the cell next to the Sith Prisoner. Speak first with the Intelligence Officer and he’ll tell you what things are important to the prisoner. Missing Selkath Youth In the mercenary enclave area of Ahto west you will automatically be approached by Shaelas who asks about where your loyalties lie. User Info: bama12. Side Quests Honest Debt – Eli & Matton Just to the east of the docking area you’ll come across Eli Gand and Matton Dasol. Manaan If you bring Jolee here, you can trigger Sunry Murder Case Quest. Your next target Zuulan is found on Dantooine east of the Matale's house, though only his speeder is there. Afterward, you can glean information about Manaan from the soldier, and if you ask about the Star Map, a quest to see one particular person, Roland Wann in the Republic Embassy, East Central (#5). Once there, there are two ways to get to the Selkath youth. Use all of the dialogue options that you learnt from the Intelligence Officer. Installation: Run ManQuestInstaller.exe and let TSL Patcher do its magic. In the southeast room of the annex is a dying Sith. Companion side-quests Every companion quest, except for the ones for Zaalbar and HK-47, are received by talking to a messenger that appears in the docking area of each world. They assisinate people which they claim is for good reason but it’s debatable. While you’re in the Republic base you may want to slice into the computer system for more information on the Sunry trial quest. If you challenge him then he agrees to meet you for a final confrontation on Tatooine and tells you to come alone.

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