We value your privacy. What is the battery backup of Leaf UV and the charging time? All Rights Reserved. They never sent any products or return their money. I happen to be an attorney federally licensed in FL & MS. Also top that off with UV-C being useless in mask situations. We’d like to make a statement regarding Indiegogo’s holding $3.3M USD of the $4.4M USD of funds raised by the Leaf campaign. purME is a mask … How do they get away with it? We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. With this in mind, the LEAF mask is looking to give us back our expressive identity thanks to its FDA-registered, clear mask… At this point I am receiving interest fees on the money I paid out-of-pocket because of the companies inability to function. Several months ago I donated to the Redcliffe Health LEAF Mask. Other accessories of the mask include a carrying case and extra front shell for $15 each. The overall rating of the company is 1.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. The entire experience is designed to make you feel like you're getting in on the ground floor of a product development but you could do better waiting for things to hit the open market. Customer support: Third-party processors such as PayPal and Stripe charge additional fees. Indiegogo Generosity is their no-fee platform for worthy causes. Don’t go near this company. Leaf backer’s comments, LEAF MASK: SCAM ALERT - archive.org, archive.today, I am just a simple bot, not a moderator of this subreddit | bot subreddit | contact the maintainers. None of the 4 projects I backed resulted in a useable product and one has been an outright fraud. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I just filled out that absurdly ridiculous “survey” they made available in order to finalize the order. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. /u/sciencebusiness said that they had reported this scam about a month ago. They are running a successful crowdfunding campaign with over $300,000 USD funded so far on Indiegogo! Leaf Mask now available World’s first and most capable transparent, N100 HEPA filtration, Self UV-C sterilizing mask. Indiegogo Overview Indiegogo was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 28, 2013 and since then this brand received 137 reviews. Indiegogo Life allows fundraising for personal causes, such as medical emergencies and paying for a wedding. I messaged and complained multiple times giving them plenty of ammunition to see this was a scam beyond all reasonable doubt). Thanks. Designed for comfort and breathability, each face mask protects against PM0.1, pollen, … It would have only taken them a few minutes to write an email to stop it before it blew out of proportion. With the number of people, we have a supply chain tied up, manufacturing tied up, we have ordered raw material, in the middle of manufacturing and at this stage we have spent various fees that platform fees, and processing fees, all sort of fees. I contributed to 2 projects to obtain custom made face masks to protect me from Covid-19 virus. If it looks like a store... acts like a store... sends me a newsletter like a store... it must... not be a store? Press J to jump to the feed. There are many people in the same situation as me. I ordered two face masks in June 2020 for August delivery from Redcliffe Healthcare and on January 15, 2021 I still have nothing. BEBIRD M9 Pro Metal Design Smart Visual Ear Otoscope, 1080P Wireless Ear Camera, Reusable Ear Wax removal Tools, Professional&Home Ear Inspection for Kids and Adults, Works with iPhone, iPad & … IGG? We saw the ultimate face shield, BioVYZR and recently we saw a programmer develop a mask that simulates movements of the lips.Now, a company has made the world’s first UV powered “smart” face mask … Thanks for any insight you guys can provide. We will stay in contact with the campaign owner as they progress towards fulfillment (their first batch to be shipped by September 10, 2020, per their August 19, 2020 update) and are looking forward to seeing the fulfillment of these perks as much as our backers. A wearable, smart air purifier that blocks 99.9% of bacteria, pollution, smoke and allergens Say hello to fresh air, on-demand Assuming any company puts real UV-C and not just the purple LEDs they like to use to fake it. A reusable, two-way protection, ozone-free mask that filters air pollutants, dust, smoke, droplets, pollen … ONLY AVAILABLE ON INDIEGOGO. I backed Indiegogo’s endorsed developer Leaf Mask. Now I am out the money with nothing but wasted time and frustration to show for it. Backed a project, they said they won't ship to Hawaii then they said they would give me a refund. I tried calling the customer service phone number on Google, and all it says is to call 'Customer Service' before hanging up. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Yes, there was a post about this, two months ago. Do not give money to any Indiegogo campaigns, because the campaign owners and Indiegogo won't deliver. The LEAF mask by Redcliffe Healthcare was launched through an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign that has already blown past its initial goal of $30,000 by over $1 million. UM Systems is raising funds for UVMask: All-Day Active UV-C Air Purification Face Mask on Kickstarter! Well I actually got my mask in the mail today and love it. Not sure if we should trust Indiegogo. Vapor. So yeah, you got scammed. Unfortunately, this company has taken advantage of the public and has not fulfilled any backer rewards. All our Founding backers who purchased the Leaf products via Indiegogo before the campaign went to Indemand are eligible for Stretch goal rewards and all purchases made after the Indiegogo campaign entered into Indemand are not eligible for Stretch goal rewards. I am only out $50 but the mask and design look to be a solid product. No word, no communication. https://www.reddit.com/r/shittykickstarters/comments/gz72w3/leaf_worlds_first_uv_powered_transparent_mask_a/fwz3gaa/. As a result of the delays that were communicated in their recent August 19, 2020 update to the campaign, we’ve removed the campaign from the InDemand program in an effort to help the campaign owner focus on fulfilling their first perk batch. "Indemand" is an additional sales channel after the campaign has funded. Recently, we have been invited by purME to make a review about its mask. Sorry for everyone who lost money in this, but I think we should start more actively spreading the word of how unaccountable Indiegogo is... why no one should "donate" money to a company without really knowing the founders.. And if the founders do something like this, there needs to be a way for them to be publicly shamed haha -- so if anyone looks up their name, the top results on google should be a big red warning. Potential donors choose from categories that include writing, politics, small business, comic and animals, as well as an extensive list of subcategories. Well... it's interesting to see how far this has gone...https://www.reddit.com/r/shittykickstarters/comments/gz72w3/leaf_worlds_first_uv_powered_transparent_mask_a/fwz3gaa/. What is the battery backup and charging time for Leaf PRO ? I was expected to get my pay-out over a month ago. Small businesses: We value your privacy. They paid so much in PR that it was getting written about all over the internet... Every day I'd see more tech articles about how cool the mask was. Indiegogo does not enforce its own Terms of Use, which allows thieves and fraudsters to operate with impunity. It works as a barrier when you ... for most face masks … No mention on where this battery is supposed to be stored though, considering the lack of wires one can only assume it's within the filter. It's incredible that no one in the gov't agencies, journals, Indiegogo, or anywhere else was willing to stand up and do what was right. A compilation of crowdfunding train wrecks. A reusable face mask solution certified to EN1827 N95/N99. I'm pretty surprised someone hasn't launched a Kickstarter claiming to have a light that emits far UVC which is (so far, based on limited testing) not harmful to humans (despite the limited testing and the fact that far UVC has not yet been implemented in any commercially available light). Considering it disinfects only when the mask is taken off and rested and considering the same happens 5 times a day on an average we are looking at at least 10 day battery backup. Could your bank help! You can grab a single pice for $99, 2X masks are available for $189, 3X are available for $275and 4X … The Leaf people are stating that at this stage it’s impossible to issue refunds since they have basically invested the money... (who’s money? 401 talking about this. A link has directed you to this review. I backed Indiegogo’s endorsed developer Leaf Mask. On July 16, 2020, we disbursed roughly one third of the funds raised at that time, which was about $1.1M USD. Kickstarter has issues preventing and removing scam campaigns, but Indiegogo just does't care. It looks like they are just fucking with people and will never fulfill orders. Original review: Nov. 8, 2020. Found the alleged runtimes in the FAQ. It's truly amazing how they fitted a battery pack with a runtime up to 12 hours, a UVC sterilisation system, an array of sensors both inside and outside the mask to detect air quality, an active ventilation system and an unspecified connection to your smartphone inside the Pro version without adding any significant size or weight. It’s not a scam, More posts from the shittykickstarters community, Continue browsing in r/shittykickstarters. Pretty sure you are out $50 and that is a pure scam. I hope cc companies tag these guys and stop fb, stop giving these scammers a platform. We apologize that you were here just to get the mask in July but the challenge is that refunds right now are virtually impossible. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. (/s incase that's not blindingly obvious). It just sends form letter replies a few times, then blocks the victim's email from contacting them. Fixed and flexible funding: Order Now. Don’t use this site. 32 Reviews … On June 26th, we reached out to the Leaf campaign owner to get more information about their ability to fulfill their perks per the specifications outlined on their campaign page, including their estimated shipping dates (originally July 2020 for the Leaf Hepa perk). One month later, no one has given me any answers. It’s the world’s first fully transparent mask that protects you from dust, pollution, microbes, and everything else that should not be in the air you breathe,” claims the LEAF team. Up to 5 X easier to breathe, Transparency that face unlocks smartphones with the mask … The Leaf UV can disinfect itself at least 50 times before running out of battery. This company is not yet accredited. BLOCC COVERS YOUR EYES, NOSE, AND MOUTH - THE MAIN PATHWAYS WHERE INFECTIONS ENTER YOUR BODY. It was paid for and 2 months later nothing delivered, no order #, no customer support, website takes questions but replies are from some Chinese guy with cookie-cutter response. They did nothing to help. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Indiegogo? Upgrade your breathing experience with AusAir's designer filtration masks and range of patent-pending 02Plus filters. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! That bit is not relevant to OP, since they were a backer. Now they removed the campaign page too. Well they make the entire process feel like a store, but they change the purchase button to a back button and somehow that absolves them of all responsibility. I reported it about 2 weeks before closing the first stage of the Indiegogo campaign to everyone I could think of... CDC, FDA, FTC, Indiegogo, NIOSH (which interestingly replied that anyone is allowed to call their mask "N95" or "N99" etc... they just can't write the word NIOSH on it... which is humorous since no one pays attention to that). As for the electronics side, there is no way to have whatever "active ventilation" is plus UV-C and enough power for any useful amount of use. Update: (July 31st). I spent a large sum of money to back a campaign with the promise of receiving high quality earbuds. Despite having emails stating they would give me a refund nobody associated with this mess will. Gogofactor: For charging the Leaf PRO has Turbo Charger and takes 1 hour to go from 0% to 80%. In the updates section of the Indiegogo (Just posted 8/26/2020): A Message from Indiegogo. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. You're better off trying to win the big prize at the fair playing ring toss... May the odds be forever in your favour. We also informed them that subsequent disbursements would be based on progress for the Leaf UV and Leaf Pro perks. Etherical business address, and no communication. Specialized campaigns: Indiegogo has been supporting this company for very long time even after so many complaints. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I skimmed over the page and noticed they either very well hid or omitted any runtime claims or battery size figures. The company has vaporized after collecting 4.4 million dollars. There is no communication from the owner of the program, Indiegogo has a standard one liner - contact the promoter. And then it’s so cool! The backers’ money?). Contact me via DM on IG: @klawoffices as I do not want to broadcast my email on a post. UV-C is worse than useless in a mask, given that its fairly effective at sterilising surfaces by destroying virii, but it's also effective at obliterating human cells. However, it protects a large area of the face from germs and viruses. After checking in over 3 weeks they said they gave me a refund repeatedly. FAQ. My campaign ended over a month ago. Unsubscribe at any time. This company is a total scam. It uses rewards, sometimes tangible but not always, to motivate donors. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Rose Spinelli, founder of The CrowdFundamentals, is an internationally recognized crowdfunding specialist, mentor, trainer and writer. The Best Face Masks on Kickstarter & Indiegogo It’s hard to imagine writing an article like this just six months ago, but since the outbreak of COVID-19, face masks have rapidly become a new … Throughout our communication, we’ve encouraged them to communicate to campaign backers proactively, frequently, and transparently throughout their progress and challenges. Since you are an early backer of the campaign, did you get to finally order and customize it?

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