There's yet to be a similar clarification on the spiky-haired character's fate. Please R&R. More depressing for the fans than character deaths or divorces, however, is the continued existence of the show, which many claim has gone quickly downhill since the Golden Years of the 1990s. That is to say, it looks Homer and Marge are definitely sticking together. Marge asked Homer if he would still see the kids and he said yes, he also thanked Marge for understanding. Marge, frustrated with the sleeping Homer, agrees and tells him to leave for the time being. I never used that word. Aww. Synopsis. With Marge and Homer briefly separating the same episode the Van Houten’s divorced, yet remarrying at the end. Read about The Simpsons divorce and more here. And they've had their problems. We can all agree that there are endless moments in The Simpsons when Marge should just divorce Homer and stop putting up with all his impossible flaws. Top 10 Marge Simpson Moments . Marge Bouvier was born on October 1 (though in another episode she said she was born in February) in Capital City to Clancy Bouvier, a photographer-turned-steward, and Jacqueline Bouvier. Homer And Marge Simpson Finally Address The Divorce Rumors. 2:58. Whispers of an impending breakup began swirling earlier this month, after Al Jean, one of the original writers of the show, said that things could soon be ending for Marge and Homer. A few months back, The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean sparked off rumours that Homer and Marge Simpson will be getting divorced in the season 27 premiere. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. They both agreed that it would be for the best and that they would get a divorce. Changing The Stigma Of Australian Cannabis With Glass Prophets & The Dope Expo – Willy’s World Episode 6. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Marge and Homer Simpson have released their first official statement after rumours were spread that they could be getting a divorce in the near future. Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham." As it was revealed a few weeks ago, the evil Sideshow Bob will finally achieve what has been his life's work - killing Bart Simpson. Homer and Marge Simpson discuss the rumors circulating about their plans to get a divorce. After Marge complains at Homer, the couple go to see a therapist. ", "Football... his works on so many levels! Tabitha then remembers that Buck was the first man that didn't just like her for her body, as he always complimented her on her hair. In yet another bombshell from the Variety interview, Jean also said that Sideshow Bob will return, and will do something "he's wanted to do for 25 years" - namely, kill Bart. Whatever would Tennessee Williams make of this. June 22, 2015. ... Top 10 Reasons Why Marge Simpson Should Divorce Homer. As did Kermit and Miss Piggy's breakup. See more ideas about homer and marge, homer, marge. In 27 seasons, Marge and Homer have faced plenty of temptations from a variety of would-be lovers — Jacques the bowling instructor, Homer's coworker Mindy, country singer Lurleen Lumpkin — … Homer & Marge Simpson - The Simpsons (1989- )Played by Dan Castellaneta, Julie KavnerFor longevity alone, the Simpsons win. Marge Simpson invites the Flanders, the Lovejoys, the Hibberts and the Van Houtens to a dinner party. Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham," he said. A one-stop shop for all things video games. From what we have heard so far about Season 27, the creators will be attempting to take the show in new, previously unexplored directions. When Marge leaves Homer in charge of the house for a few hours, she comes back to find her house is a disaster area. Dec 3, 2019 - Explore Judith Rodriguez's board "Homer and marge" on Pinterest. Homer wants to get them back together, but Marge refuses to help. Marge and Homer Simpson have released their first official statement after rumours were spread that they could be getting a divorce in the near future. Other than dispelling some social media murmurs, the couple's announcement suggests that the show will go on for at least another few years. Since it premiered in 1989, Homer … Homer tries to get a divorce, but because the marriage took place in Las Vegas, where bigamy is apparently legal, they remain together. Marge did ask why, but she was sure she already knew. Oh no! Must Read . Joy Collins . Back in the Season 8 episode "A Milhouse Divided", Homer filed for divorce from Marge, eventually separating from her, and then remarrying her at the end of the episode. But for those who are still doubting that they're staying together, the clip above, featuring Homer and Marge debunking the rumor themselves, should be enough. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Share. Homer would need a court order, (a domestic relations order – DRO) which he would need to submit to his employer. Bling Empire: Was Christine Right About Mellerio/Boucheron Jeweler Debate? In the Simpsons’ next season, Homer’s issues with sleep will put a strain on his and Marge’s marriage. Homer snarled and lunged at her. Read our full mailing list consent terms here. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Homer is lazy and bone-idle and their marriage has already been tested numerous times over the years. 5 years ago | 3K views. There were previous rumors stating that Homer and Marge were going to get a divorce in season 27 of The Simpsons. The Simpsons split up Homer and Marge as expected on Sunday's Season 27 premiere, but as executive producer Al Jean had later clarified, a … Homer's 'Spiderpig' in The Simpsons is arguably one of the best moments of the past 25 years of the show. And if you were a true Simpsons historian, you’d recall that Homer and Marge have already divorced once before; he filed back in Season 8 in order to re-marry … Bling Empire: Everything To Know About Christine Chiu, WandaVision: Every MCU Easter Egg In Episode 3, Halloween Kills' New Image Teases How Michael Myers Escaped The Basement, Why Walker Is Disappointing For The Original Texas Ranger Fans, Jurassic World: Everything We Know About Camp Cretaceous Season 3, Why Among Us Names Actually Are Important (Not During Gameplay), Disney's Peter Pan & Wendy Casts Jim Gaffigan As Mr. Smee, Resident Evil RE:Verse Multiplayer Game Explained, Godzilla vs Kong Poster Teases Gojira Is The Hero This Time, DC Villains Unleash 600-Year Revenge On Justice League. Of course, with the event coming during Treehouse of Horror 26, this likely won't be connected to the actual series cannon, and will therefore be inconsequential in the long run. Top 10 Simpsons Episodes. The couple finally dispelled the social media rumours that had been swirling since writer Al Jean said they would be "legally separating", Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Playing next. She has a pair of older sisters, the joyless twins, Patty and Selma, both of whom passionately disapprove of Homer. Despite The Simpsons' insane narrative choices, the show can always return to a wife forgiving her idiot husband. Top 10 Simpsons Episodes. 0. Homer and Marge's "divorce" rumors went viral. The Simpsons has become one of the longest-lasting shows on TV, with it approaching its 27th season this fall. "Divorce, you can't divorce me, its not fair!" She is the youngest daughter of the Bouvier family. Luann adjusts to life as a single parent with Milhouse and starts dating Chase, an American Gladiator. After nearly three decades together, are Homer and Marge Simpson calling it quits on ‘The Simpsons?’ We’ve got the divorce deets!

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