She is unlike any other beautiful woman, singularly MIRANDA. She is wearing tiny shorts, a tight tube top, thigh high boots. When you meet someone for the first … Name. Screenwriting is all about "economy on the page". Meet LINDSEY. Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita ” … Her skin glistening in the neon light coming from the paved court through the slits in the blind, her soot-black lashes matted, her grave gray eyes more vacant than ever.” You can imagine a slow grin spreading on Fisher’s face as she brought this one home: A woman is running down the hallway, wailing, everything flying — purse, wig askew, blouse untucked, false eyelashes removed. We’re going to fall in love with her. She’s 15, lean and hungry, with steel-gray eyes and a long dark braid — a fighter, robbed of her little-girl years long ago. Preview and details Files included (1) docx, 62 KB. This sexy chick is Austin, Texas, local celebrity JUNGLE JULIA LUCAI, the most popular disc jockey of the coolest rock radio station in a music town. Check out these other physical description examples from some of my other favorite authors: Roland Deschain and Randall Flagg, The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. Powerpoint consists of extracts of character descriptions from a variety of books with question prompts to explore author's viewpoints and methods of description. The bigger the goal, the stronger your strong female character will have to be to achieve it. Ramin Bahrani, one of our great directors, adapts Aravind Adiga’s international best seller. You tell us who she is. Choose one of the characters you have encountered in one of the readings and write a descriptive paragraph that describes him/her. Her big bare feet slap on the hard wood floor. Margot Robbie got her breakout role in The Wolf of Wall Street, and the screenplay essentially treats her character like Leonardo DiCaprio’s avaricious Jordan Belfort would: We see NAOMI, 24, blonde and gorgeous, a living wet dream in LaPerla lingerie. I don't understand what the point of being critical is if you don't have any examples to support your point. There is a warm understanding relationship between them. When we meet Jennifer Grey’s character in Dirty Dancing, the script emphasizes how far she still has to go: Next to Lisa is her sister, BABY, an endearingly unkempt puppy of a seventeen year old, whose face has the unguarded responsiveness of a child. SARAH CONNOR is not the same woman we remember from last time. I love character descriptions that reveal new details about the character and begin on conflict. Update: This story has been updated with comment from producer Ross Putman. Norma Desmond stands down the corridor next to a doorway from which emerges a flickering light. But either way, you can make a quick, memorable impression. Some breeds even lack hair on certain areas of the body, usually the chest and belly. Writers have to imagine who these characters are, and then actors and directors help those people come to life. In Book 17, Telemachus sneezes to distract his mother from recognizing Odysseus, and Athena also intervenes to distract Penelope when Odysseus disrobes to bathe. Sorry, the correct answer is: Leilana Pierce. She’s not defined by what we think of her, she’s defined by what she thinks of herself. All the Celebrities Who Have Received the COVID-19 Vaccine, Artist Daniel Arsham Invites You to His ‘Signature Decay’. a fifth, unoccupied gallows, bearing a sign: PIRATES – YE BE WARNED. Sorry, the correct answer is: Nina Sayers, How 50 Female Characters Were Described in Their Screenplays. A Superstar. Other writers have a very to-the-point and less descriptive writing style, so their character descriptions may be very sparse. Already a subscriber? One of those characters is the one we’ll end with: Postcards From the Edge’s Doris Mann, played by Shirley MacLaine and based on Fisher’s own mother, Debbie Reynolds. Not the best-looking girl in her class but definitely in the top five. Take this description by Quentin Tarantino of the first woman we see in his film Death Proof, the radio DJ played by Sydney Tamiia Poitier: A tall (maybe 6ft) Amazonian Mulatto goddess walks down her hallway, dressed in a baby tee, and panties that her big ass (a good thing) spill out of, and her long legs grow out of. She’s elegant, she’s beautiful, but if you look closely behind her eyes in a quiet moment, you’ll notice something else. But whether the descriptions are well-written or problematic, they offer plenty of insight into how Hollywood views women and creates roles for them. Character descriptions. . You might expect some of those attributes to work their way into Lonergan’s description of Lisa. 4.7 82 customer reviews. She knows 50 is not the new 40 and because of that, she is still described by all who know her as beautiful. Fight or flight. Maybe. Pretty in a flawed, accessible way. You can help your students perfect their skills in writing character descriptions in fiction writing with our range of Character Lesson Plans and Character Template resources for Key Stage 1 and 2. Project Engineer for Deepcore. Raises a tankard in salute. It could be the difference between a sale or a pass. Interesting story: it wasn't Demme's idea to have Lecter standing in the middle of the room when he first meets Clarice -- it was Hopkins'. The exact calibration of these female characters’ beauty begs a reference to Goldilocks: They’re hot, but not too hot. Few women but Audrey Hepburn could truly live up to this description in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The girl walks briskly up the block in her low cut evening dress. The scar tells us she’s seen some serious stuff since the first movie. Free . And this introduction of Gina Gershon’s character in the Wachowskis’ sexy thriller Bound minces no words: Leaning against the back of the elevator is Corky, a very butch-looking woman with short hair and a black leather jacket. You can help your students perfect their skills in writing character descriptions in fiction writing with our range of Character Lesson Plans and Character Template resources for Key Stage 1 and 2. Around her throat there is a leopard-patterned scarf, and wound around her head a turban of the same material. Acquisition Executives look at your character descriptions, Stuck on actually getting your story started? Character Descriptive Paragraph Assignment Short stories are usually rich in character development. Sabrina Carpenter is now telling her side of the story with a surprise single, “Skin.”. Pretty in a flawed, accessible way. But the examples include more specific details about where the ideal customer works, what they do, and how they interact with their organization. It’s harder, scarier, and so is Sarah. Viral sea-shanty singer Nathan Evans has landed a contract with Universal. Often simply because a longer description would interrupt the flow of the scene. When you meet someone for the first time, you observe his appearance and learn basic information, such as name and profession. Include the following items: o The character’s name, age, brief physical description, and role in the story See, I still find that a difficult prospect – looking back over my work, I have some female-dominated stories (for example a female detective hunts a female terrorist with her female sidekick to help her female boss, and there aren’t really any other characters) and some male-dominated stories (two men and their absent wives) and some more equally mixed. Most of our favorite movies also coincide with our favorite movie characters. Her VOICE is a low and chilling monotone. These Infographics Help Explain. On the landward face of the sail, apparently high in the rigging, is a man for whom the term 'swashbuckling rogue' was coined: Captain JACK SPARROW. Free. Buttercup is in her late teens; doesn’t care much about clothes and she hates brushing her long hair, so she isn’t as attractive as she might be, but she’s still probably the most beautiful woman in the world. Check out our Story Map to get your treatment or outline in gear. So let’s see how Nancy Meyers describes the lead character in this movie. This is where a character’s physical attributes appear in a list, such as: This may not be terrible, as far as descriptions go. JK, this is American actress Sheila Terry. He is THE DUDE. July 14, 2020 at 10:25PM, Edited July 14, 10:25PM. As the camera slowly pulls back from the closeup we see that we have been looking into a mirror. Then on the other hand, there’s the static character — the one who doesn’t change. For example, rather than describing her eyes merely as “hazel,” Emily Dickinson remarked that they were “the color of the sherry the guests leave in the glasses.” 3. She’s terrified. Most writers have an inherent understanding of how to categorize their characters based on classic, “ How Has the 'Alien' Franchise Changed Over the Last 40 Years? In its second season, now on Netflix, the glassblowing-competition series offers the warmth you crave on a cold January day. JANE is mid-fifties and has embraced that fact. Her vulnerable quality masks a strength even she doesn’t know exists. Follow the Map to the Fantasy Genre in Film and TV. It’s always fun to get a peek behind that curtain, but why settle for just a peek? It is late, the supermarket all but deserted. Loading... Save for later. Like B2C examples, the B2B buyer persona examples focus heavily on the individual customer. Hopkins replied, "Because I can smell her.". So when you’re crafting a female role, you want a great description that doesn’t rely on lazy or outdated stand-ins. But let’s really look at the story here. I think this is a good way forward. You can foreshadow or misdirect. Modern Literary . Sample Character Descriptions From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling (Scholastic, 1998) • He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large mustache. Here is a list of tips that can help you write strong character descriptions in your work: Start with physical appearance. For all her chic thinness she has an almost breakfast-cereal air of health. She is a lesbian and wants people to know it. Examples. Read more. Mo’Nique’s Oscar-winning role in Precious was just as vivid on the page: MARY — INCREDIBLY LARGE, OILY SKIN, UNKEMPT HAIR, AND WEARING A GRIMY HOUSE DRESS sits on the couch with her back turned to Precious. Some of the most endearing character descriptions are of girls navigating the path to adulthood. Suddenly, something below catches his attention. There are a lot of ways to communicate who The Dude is. Her VOICE is a low and chilling monotone. See, I still find that a difficult prospect – looking back over my work, I have some female-dominated stories (for example a female detective hunts a female terrorist with her female sidekick to help her female boss, and there aren’t really any other characters) and some male-dominated stories (two men and their absent wives) and some more equally mixed. Make-up applied to give her a hard, older look doesn’t quite succeed. You may include nothing but names, and in fact, if the names intrigue and the play has an abstract style, this may be the best choice. But while giving distinct … In a funny or sardonic piece, for example, your descriptions can be the same: “He was a funny-looking child who became a funny-looking youth—tall and weak, and shaped like a bottle of Coca-Cola.” - Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Read more. Sometimes, the description is so beguiling that you start to fall in love yourself. She’s a pain in the ass, but you’ll like her. There is a curious style, a great sense of high voltage about her. This is someone saying, Stay the fuck away from me. Some don’t even get that much: In the script for Star Wars, Princess Leia is merely described as a “lovely young girl.” When her portrayer, Carrie Fisher, eventually embarked on a successful screenwriting career, she lavished far more attention on the characters she scripted. We get a wonderful scene setting of the grocery store and then go right to the core of The Dude. Who wouldn’t lean forward at this introduction of Susan Sarandon’s character in Bull Durham? We learn just enough to understand his demeanor, and introducing him by the dairy counter sets up his love of white Russians. For example, various characters mislead Penelope about Odysseus’ identity, as if afraid she would ruin the element of surprise in his confrontation with the suitors. Here’s what we know about Jane: she’s got a hold on life. A good character profile helps authors get into the mind of that character and make them come alive for readers. In Beetlejuice, Winona Ryder’s Lydia may still be young, but she feels more fully formed as a person than the immature adults around her: Lydia, age 14, is a pretty girl, but wan, pale and overly dramatic, dressed as she is in her favorite color, black. Dark liquid eyes, a cynical mouth, slender expressive fingers. She doesn’t stop the party when she walks in, but you’d like to get to know her. When you first meet a character in a screenplay, a brief description tells the reader how they should picture that person in their mind. If you haven’t had the pleasure of falling in love with them onscreen, rest assured that this description of Nora will do it for you: NORA CHARLES, Nick’s wife, is coming through. Personally, as a reader, I don’t really care what characters look like – I care who they ar… She’s wearing a baseball cap, a worn black leather jacket, torn jeans, and time-kissed cowboy boots. Down one cheek is a long scar, from just below the eye to her upper lip. A small scar is visible on her cheek. I was obsessed with Narnia when I … Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine! Words flow from her Southern lips with ease, but her view of the world crosses Southern, National and International borders. Or how about Shirley MacLaine’s winsome elevator operator in Billy Wilder’s The Apartment, who you’d like to get to know? There’s even a Twitter handle dedicated to exposing the worst versions of this. Similarly, when you are developing your characters, physical appearance, name, where they're from and what they do are some of the first details to select. Big, memorable characters have big, memorable goals. She is in her middle twenties and her name is FRAN KUBELIK. Everything about this woman's appearance screams "solid.". How about a few other screen women you wouldn’t want to cross? KAT STRATFORD, eighteen, pretty -- but trying hard not to be -- in a baggy granny dress and glasses, balances a cup of coffee and a backpack as she climbs out of her battered, baby blue '75 Dodge Dart. One of my favorite romantic comedy movies is. Her hair was mercury-red and it tumbled over her shoulders. Subscribe to receive the free PDF! One of the … Suddenly, something below catches his attention. So far, we’ve only looked at descriptions written by men. A hot-button issue inside Hollywood right now is how women are described on the page in screenplays. Sorry, the correct answer is: Alex Forrest. She is a strong character who is made stronger by her interaction with the antagonist. Are there even "so many scripts available to pick from" that the author of this article can choose from or do you just think there is? DESCRIBING FEMALES RED HAIR LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 LEVEL 5 OTHERS mercury-red hair magma-red hair ruby-red hair solferino-red hair vermeil-red hair molten-red hair lava-red hair rouge-red hair Titian-red hair vermilion-red hair 1. At this moment, however, that look does not hurt. She is in her early thirties. Take Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s estranged wife in The Abyss: A slender woman in her early thirties. MADELINE ASHTON, fortyish, has just reached the point where age is beginning to encroach on her incredible looks. Everything about this woman’s appearance screams “solid.”. 9. But guess which character is described with care, cinematic attention, and not a single description of her sex appeal? He’s one of my favorite characters of all time. Perhaps she has lost a shoe. Her hair is a mess and her knees are dark with bruises. Descriptions Of Female Characters In Hollywood Scripts Are Hilarious--ly awful. If, however, you’re inclined to use character descriptions to quickly establish your confidence as a stylist, go for it. There’s nothing wrong with providing sparse information in a character description. A good description of a character goes a long way to letting you get to know that person — but it's a tricky business. However, some aspects of the descriptions will remain the same, this is done to keep the general structure the same, while still randomizing the important details. Examples of Strong Female Protagonists. And maybe they could exchange style tips with Zooey Deschanel’s elusive love interest in (500) Days of Summer: SUMMER FINN files folders and answers phones in a plain white office. Yes, the Strong Female Character has become a thing and it’s not a good thing… but it’s not like the issue is confined to female characters. Here’s the description of goth hacker Lisbeth Salander from the screenplay for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Lisbeth Salander walks in: A small, pale, anorexic-looking waif in her early 20’s. Describing Characters. Some writers are really good at writing beautiful character descriptions, so they might make their descriptions longer. The amount of character description really depends on the writer and their writing style. She watches, only her eyes moving. papers. Static/unchanging character. Here Are All the Movies Delayed Because of the Coronavirus. We get a … There are funny descriptions, sad ones, and even action-packed, amazing descriptions. First up, Pretty Woman: VIVIAN turns and stares at herself in a grainy, cracked bedroom mirror. Make the descriptions match the tone. She is dressed in black house pajamas and black high-heeled pumps. Here is a list of examples of brilliant character descriptions to give you an idea and help you come up with your own: 3 Categories: Modern Literary, Literature, Popular . If your descriptions are long and workman-like, cut them to the essentials. She overdoes it in the style of the time: rosebud mouth and so forth. On the walls, extraordinarily detailed, skillful drawings, mostly European cityscapes, in charcoal or crayon. Preview. People watch her as she moves by moving aside to avoid impact. She doesn’t stop the party when she walks in, but you’d like to get to know her. I love Roland Deschain. It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR. The top of a billowing sail passes regally in front of them. Make a character sheet to develop a well-rounded character. A beauty queen would come to mind — which, in fact, she was. She’s attractive, if a bit hardened, dressed conservatively in a skirt and jacket. Yeah, okay — the irony here isn’t lost on us. She stares at herself, not really liking what she sees. SARAH CONNOR is not the same woman we remember from last time. The Devil Wears Prada gives us glimpses of Streep’s intimidating editrix until the full version is unveiled: We see more flashes of MIRANDA… $2,000 crocodile Manolos, Chanel jacket, perfect hair, fabulous Harry Winston earrings… [until] MIRANDA steps out of the elevator and for the first time we see her head-on. Joshua Bassett has voiced his support for his rumored girlfriend’s new song. Fight or flight. One of the best ones is this wonderfully evocative introduction of the faded movie star played by Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard: Norma Desmond stands down the corridor next to a doorway from which emerges a flickering light. We get a look at her now for the first time. She is not knockout gorgeous like Roxy; there is a smoky kind of sensuousness about her. This is a good character description, but it’s a bit long winded. Character description examples. Overall as a female character, she wasn't focused on being pretty and she wasn't afraid to play with the boys and get messy. She moves to the cool rockabilly beat as she paces like a tiger putting on her clothes. A young woman. And if the right ones want to be in your movie, then your movie might get made. Other writers have a very to-the-point and less descriptive writing style, so their character descriptions may be very sparse. 2. This can be used to show how description can be 'weaved in' to writing rather than just a list of characteristics/ features. He turns, considers her… A face so long out of the sun, it seems almost leached – except for the glittering eyes, and the wet red mouth. Dynamic examples: Elizabeth Bennet, Don Quixote, Ebenezer Scrooge, Neville Longbottom, Han Solo, Walter White. Look at the other details we got. Film and television are visual mediums, but they always start on a blank screenplay page. She is childish, adult, reasonable, unreasonable — usually one when she should be the other, but always positive.”. is coming slowly INTO VIEW… Behind its barred front wall is a second barrier of stout nylon net… Sparse, bolted-down furniture, many soft cover books and papers. The girl walks briskly up the block in her low cut evening dress. MIRANDA PRIESTLY, in all her glory. glaive Celebrates His Sweet 16 With a Delectable FU of a Song Alongside ericdoa. Instead, he simply wrote this: On LISA COHEN, just 17. But that’s all part of the fun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer’s who are still developing their craft often give ‘laundry list’ description. In Terminator, even though Sarah Connor is supposed to be a vulnerable target, the script goes out of its way to make it all about looks. Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird; Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Now that we’ve seen a few male characters described when the first show up, let’s jump into some female examples and see how we can all be better and describing female characters. How to Write a Screenplay During Quarantine [FREE 100-page eBook]. © 2021 Vox Media, LLC. Demme asked Hopkins, "Where do you want to be?" Let’s examine at the way James Cameron describes Sarah Connor in the greatest sequel of all time, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. January 29, 2020 at 6:37PM, Edited January 29, 6:37PM. When you’re writing, you want actors and actresses to WANT to be in your movie. The skeletal remains of four pirates, still clad in buccaneer rags, hang from gallows erected on a rocky promontory. This description of Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde, alone in her bedroom, establishes where the character is headed even before we see her rob a single bank: Blonde, somewhat fragile, intelligent in expression. The resource consists of a character profile template with headings for pupils to consider when analysing a female character from a story. In this case, the persona is not always in charge of making purchasing decisions, so those details need to be a part of your description as well. By Sara Boboltz. She’s got her thumb out. With updated release dates where available. Lydia is cool, Lydia is sullen, Lydia is her father’s daughter by his first marriage. How do you create a memorable female character? Tall in a mini skirt, legs crossed, tight top, beautiful — but clearly from a social class and geographic orientation whose standards for displaying beauty are not based on subtlety. Books. He jumps from the rigging — — and that's when we see that his ship is not an imposing three-master, but just a small fishing dory with a single sail, plowing through the water — the Jolly Mon. So it’s a great way for us to get to know her as the movie starts to kick into high gear. Strong character descriptions work on multiple levels. Clearly this woman was caught mid-something for the apparent emergency. Check out our. As a 1960s scientist turned cooking-show host. The story is in the making-of documentary on one of the original DVDs, I believe. A worthy goal. The top of a billowing sail passes regally in front of them. Big, memorable characters have big, memorable goals. She is a little woman. Take Whitney Houston’s besieged singer in The Bodyguard: RACHEL MARRON finally rises from the sofa. Then again, there are plenty of female characters who have an almost apologetic relationship to their own looks and try to mitigate them somehow. They are tolerant, easy-going, taking drink for drink, and battling their way together with a dry humor. What we need to know about Kat is that she’s in control of her own body and looks. All the surprising ways your favorite roles were introduced on the page. I love the entrance of Jack Sparrow. Look at the way they tell us about Kat Stratford. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Just try not to be too indulgent. 5. 3 Character Descriptions from Other Professional Authors. Are we overanalyzing? Why 'Scream' Has One of Best Final Girls In Horror Movies. The first Terminator falls into the mediocre category- it’s all about looks, and you cringe when you read it. She is lithe as a cat, with a long neck, muscular shoulders, and nubile breasts. There are a million examples of the Strong Female Character that happen to not be female. The mutant hair types on Rex or wire-haired breeds are shorter and curlier than the hair of most other cats. She’s 21 years old. It is interactive, allowing pupils to click or write their answers directly onto it. Why waste your energy? You only get one chance to make a first impression … unless there’s a sequel, in which case you’ll have to be reintroduced. Naomi licks her lips; she’s incredibly, painfully hot. He gazes keen-eyed at the display as they pass. They plaster captioned photos on Instagram, post their innermost thoughts to Wordpress, and outline entire work histories on LinkedIn. In human age she would be 18. Dylan Adler Is the Premiere Kombucha Lyricist of Our Time. Sorry, the correct answer is: Clarice Starling. Physical measurements seldom make any difference to the plot, and (IMO) it is an amateur mistake to imagine any character, male or female, with too specific a set of measurements. Stuck on actually getting your story started? We learn right away that Jack has a sense of humor...and false grandeur. © 2021 NONETWORK, LLC. Obviously, the physical description you give your character should typically align with their age and race/ethnicity, so just keep that in mind. Kyle Buchanan joined our friend John Horn, host of KPCC radio’s entertainment show “The Frame,” to talk about producing this story and what it reveals. A gorgeous woman, JANE, 23, is a little tipsy, dancing naked on her big bed, as adorable as she is sexy. Sorry, the correct answer is: Leticia Musgrove. Down one cheek is a long scar, from just below the eye to her upper lip. — Ross Putman (@femscriptintros) February 10, 2016. She is a little woman. Her eyes peer out through a wild tangle of hair like those of a cornered animal. Examples of character descriptions that describe observers. Most of the time, you’re meeting your characters in act one, but it’s great to master character introductions so you can set the scene in any act. Film and television are visual mediums, but they always start on a blank screenplay page. Her skin is very pale, and she is wearing dark glasses. Do You Know the Vocabulary of the Gimbal? The term Mary Sue comes from the name of a character created by Paula Smith in 1973 in the parody story "A Trekkie's Tale", published in Smith's and Sharon Ferraro's Star Trek fanzine Menagerie. We'll give you the way she's introduced in the screenplay. Cordelia in King Lear. First up, Karen McCullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith take on 10 Things I Hate About You. Many screenplays promise us that we’ll eventually like the female character, especially if she’s introduced in a place of conflict. Though it does a great job of setting a specific scene. And she is devastatingly beautiful — for a girl with a tail. [Use our Character Creation Kit to create great characters for your stories.] How do they carry themselves? This character description is tight and sparse—all we get is Annie’s age.

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