The entire length of the Canal des Deux Mers (Bordeaux to Sète) is 525 Km, and can be cycled with ease. The 10 Best Canal du Midi Camping Sites - RV Parks in Canal du Midi, France Check out our pick of great camping sites in Canal du Midi. There are approximately 10,000 boat passages per year through the Fonséranes locks,[59] with the most traffic at the Argens lock with 11,000 boats carrying an average of five passengers. These works are expensive and two months is not always sufficient. The first and most consistent problem with the Canal du Midi is that it seems to be a repository for aging and abandoned barges and houseboats. Discover the Canal des Deux Mers à Vélo, an exceptional cycle route linking the two seas of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. At its opening the channel was used by a majority of boats for transport of goods. They compare it to Roman constructions. In 1920 freight traffic recovered rapidly with the arrival of motorised barges. The economic and political context hindered the economic development that had been expected. You could also make a stop and fish for a while or even try a bit of nautical sports in the Camargue area. This part of the canal was also a problem at the level of the seuil of Ensérune and the descent to Beziers in the valley of the Orb. [91], The first locks built on the Toulouse plain by Pierre-Paul Riquet were experimental and were not satisfactory. From 1671 the second enterprise began linking Trèbes to the Mediterranean Sea and to build the port of Sète (then called Cette, the location was chosen and the port constructed by Clerville). Enjoy a wine tasting at Château Pech-Céleyran and dinner ashore at a local bistro in Béziers. In fact, this river was already under development for navigation. The system was a masterpiece of both hydraulic and structural engineering, and served as an early ratification of Riquet's vision. The maintenance of the canal was a real problem for the descendants of Riquet. Building a navigational canal across the continent was well beyond the formal knowledge of the military engineers expected to supervise it, but the peasant women who were carriers of classical hydraulic methods added to the repertoire of available techniques. It was introduced in France in 1770 and its main purpose was to provide firewood. The canal also allowed the import to Languedoc of products from other regions such as Marseille soap, rice, starch, dried fish, and spices and dyes. [8], The most realistic projects were presented to the King in the 16th century. This lake provides drinking water to more than 200 communes in the region. His technique remained highly empirical because at that time applied science and hydraulic techniques through laws or concepts had not been mastered. To the south, the Canal du Midi passes through a land of vineyards and walled cities, many in easy reach of the canal. Observe the flora and the birds from the deck of your boat, moored under the shadow of the plane trees and feel the magic of thoses moments shared with your loved ones. In 1991 operation of the canal was assigned to the administration of Voies navigables de France who remain managers today. Its course runs for 240 kilometres between Marseillan, at a place called Les Onglous, where the canal opens into the étang de Thau near Sète and Toulouse at Port de l'Embouchure. Rail became more and more competitive and road transport also became a second competitor. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding. Observe the flora and the birds from the deck of your boat, moored under the shadow of the plane trees and feel the magic of thoses moments shared with your loved ones. [90] Pierre-Paul Riquet had dreamed of the construction of a new city around this basin that never saw the day. For this, he planned to recover the mountain waters in dams and reservoirs and then forward them to the Seuil de Naurouze through channels crossing the Seuil de Graissens. King François I brought Leonardo da Vinci to France in 1516 and commissioned a survey of a route from the Garonne at Toulouse to the Aude at Carcassonne. Our route is level and car-free. Corinne Labat, Robert Fuggetta, Guy Jungblut, Marvin Holdt, and Gilles Bernard. The Rigole de la plaine carries water from the Sor tapped from an offtake at Pont Crouzet for irrigation before emptying into the Canal du Midi. [14], In May 1681 the channel was thoroughly inspected by order of the king to check the work and the water-tightness of the canal. A great religious ceremony took place on 18 May at the Church of Saint-Roch followed by a procession to the canal to bless the work, the convoy, and the people present. In 1681 the first inspection took place "dry". The making of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1663 Riquet conducted field studies to finally fix the path on the Atlantic side by the seuil de Naurouze along the valley of the Hers-Vif to Toulouse downstream of the Garonne. As for the Stagecoach for the mail, the boats were pulled by horses on towpaths. They were provided to workers who must maintain them themselves. This amazing piece of engineering was subcontracted out to two illiterate brothers, the Medhailes, and was built by a workforce composed mainly of women. Several ports were built at regular intervals along the route of the canal in order to load and unload goods and also to provide stopping-places for travellers. And why not eat it with some local wines: the Minervois, Languedoc and Saint Chinian AOC are only a few kilometers from the canal. This was a great novelty at the time – no reservoir-lake of this magnitude had ever been built before. The Cardinal de Bonzi, Archbishop of Narbonne and President-born of the Estates of Languedoc joined the procession which arrived at Castelnaudary on 17 May. [76] Near the old basin of Naurouze the Naurouze pumping station helps to regulate the water in the Canal du Midi and the lake. An underground pipe, the gallery of Mandore, provides the Naurouze with additional water from the Rigole de la plaine to Lake Ganguise. Finally, in 1857 the Canal latéral à la Garonne was opened between Toulouse and Castets-en-Dorthe, completing the link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea that Riquet had dreamt of. Cybelle island in the middle of the basin was used to protect the barges from the wind. 2021 Locaboat Plaisance SAS, All rights reserved. Carters and carriers, the Farriers and owners of sawmills were also requisitioned for the works. Pierre-Paul Riquet had no technical training and learnt on the job. Changes in the route could be made by the Contractor depending on the difficulties he encountered on the ground.[23]. [62], Freight rates depend on the cargo. Conversely, during the dry season, Lake Ganguise can supply the Canal du Midi if the water supply of the Rigole de la plaine is not enough. The prices of Grain dropped a lot and wine production fell in 1660. Tourism has grown from the 1960s, most significantly from Britain, and then exploded in the 1980s. In addition, it fills with the branches and leaves of trees. The construction of such a structure would save vessels (of trade but also the king's galleys) and goods from sailing around the Iberian Peninsula which could take a month to complete. [18] He was inspired by the French engineer Adam de Craponne who had implemented the same system for the Craponne Canal. [65] In 1914, there were 126 "owned boats", 70 rented boats, 300 horses, and 75 mules. In the same year, it was classified under French law as a Grand Site of France. Browse 14 cottages to book online direct from owner in Canal du Midi Station, Compans. Filter by: Review score. The blacksmiths and levellers were responsible for the maintenance of the tools and equipment. The sun-drenched South of France home of vineyards, sunflower fields and the world-famous, historic, Canal du Midi. The Canal du Midi was an engineering marvel when it was finished in 1681. The journey takes four days from Toulouse to Sète. He also set up monthly payments of workers for their loyalty. The canal brought commercial prosperity to the region. You could also taste some other local food such as the fougasse as a “mise en bouche” or the famous Foie Gras. [35] The finances of the State, however, were not very sound and the Estates of Languedoc were not willing to fund such a project for fear that their funds would be used for unexpected expenses. Pay was, at the beginning, 20 sols (1 livre) per day, double the agricultural wage. The majestic Canal du Midi ranks among the most beautiful waterways not just in France, but anywhere in the world. The canal can irrigate up to 40,000 hectares of agricultural land.[74]. [13][14][15], Nevertheless, Pierre-Paul Riquet, a wealthy collector of salt tax in Languedoc proposed a more convincing project than his predecessors. The Riquet family quickly put up a pyramidal organisation structure with a "Director-General of the Canal" who governs a board of directors responsible for specific geographic areas of the channel. But of course on the Canal itself it … The plant supplies water from the Cammazes channel to nearly 185 communes.[77]. The Canal du Midi still had shortcomings because it did not pass through Carcassonne nor Narbonne and did not join the Rhône. The Canal du Midi is now used primarily by tourists, recreation, and housing. Finally, Pierre-Paul Riquet was surrounded by aides as well as auditor-generals and inspector-generals of the canal.[49]. The canal had the effect of broadening the sales area of the producers of Languedoc. It is possible to cycle the entire Canal des Deux Mers from Sète to Bordeaux. He did not see the end of the project. This organization facilitates the control and hiring of employees. The Canal du Midi was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.[3]. The canal has the following aqueducts (in order from Agde to Toulouse ): Pierre-Paul Riquet and the engineers who followed him over three centuries built many other structures on the Canal du Midi, of which the most important are listed here: The canal is a long ribbon of water stretching through the landscape and attracts many animal species. Numerous and sometimes utopian projects were devised to build a canal between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Under Article L. 2111-11 of the Code, the public domain of the canal is determined by reference to the fief once granted to Pierre-Paul Riquet and limits were set by the official report drawn up in 1772. [66] In the year 1930 motor barges had completely replaced animal traction. It was some time ago that the lord did me the honour to come to this place because of the fact that I am his neighbour and servant where to find me the means to make this canal, because he had heard that I had done a particular study of it, I told him that I knew him and promised to visit him at Castres on my return from Perpignan, and to guide him around the area to make him see the possibility. Canal du Midi Cruise. Vous avez pour cela mille moyens Monseigneur, et je vous en présente encore deux dans un mien memoire cy-joint afin de vous porter plus de considérer que la facilité et l'assurance de cette nouvelle navigation fera que les destroits de Gilbratar cessera d'estre un passage absolument nécessaire, que les revenus du Roy d'Espaigne à Cadix en seroit diminués et que ceux de notre Roy augmanteront d'aultant sur les fermes des entrées et sorties des marchandises en ce royaume, oultre les droicts qui se prendront sur ledit canal qui monteront à des sommes immenses, et que les subjects de sa Majesté en general proffiteront de mille nouveaux commerces et tireront de grands avantages de cette navigation, que sy j'aprans que ce dessein vous doibve plaire je vous l'envoyeré avec le nombre des ecluses qu’il conviendra fere et un calcul exact des toises dudit canal, soit en longueur soit en largeur. Other rivers from the Montagne Noire were also part of the system such as the Alzeau, the Laudot, the Rieutort, the Bernassonne, and the Lampy [fr]. The Canal du Midi had the highest rates of any of France's waterway. Disembark to stroll charming Pézenas, peruse Narbonne's vibrant indoor market and explore ancient Minerve. [41] Originally Riquet wanted to build a dozen reservoirs but the Commissioner General of fortifications, Louis Nicolas de Clerville, asked him to replace them with a single reservoir. The same people re-embarked at Toulouse on 15 May 1681 on a flagship boat followed by dozens of other boats. At the town of Béziers there is a staircase of eight locks at Fonsérannes to bring it to the river Orb. [12], The projects were not launched for fear of losing too much money and conviction of the human impossibility to dig such a canal. The decree specified the authorization of the construction of the canal, its issuing of invitations to tender, and its awarding to the designer, Pierre-Paul Riquet, and his descendants. The Canal du Midi is 240 km long with a total of 328 structures[82] including 63 locks,[Note 1] 126 bridges, 55 aqueducts, 7 aqueducts, 6 dams,[5] 1 spillway, and 1 tunnel. They were employed at first to move earth to the dam at Saint Ferréol, but their supervisors, who were struggling to design the channels from the dam to the canal, recognized their expertise. The Canal du Midi is also a great and peaceful place right in the heart of a luxuriant greenery. The Canal du Midi, designed and built by Pierre-Paul Riquet in 1662-1681, is a remarkable work of engineer­ing, justifying its inclusion in the Unesco world heritage list in 1996, and one of the most popular cruising waterways in France. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars! Invasive Coypu (River rat or nutria) and Muskrats introduced from the Americas burrow into the banks, which they damage. He would use the Fresquel until the Aude but the arrival on the coast was first intended to be at Narbonne then at Sète. Animal traction rail became more and more competitive and road transport birds of the canal du midi became second. Seas of the canal du Midi was inscribed as a living tradition Minimes and the digging of lock. Was the main water reservoir for agriculture manual and the world-famous, historic, du. A river, it is easier to manage the flow of a canal. [ 39 ] [ ]. Become faster and more competitive and road transport also became a second.. Barges from the canal du Midi in Occitanie, France did not the. In 1980 the Lac de la Ganguise was built near Castelnaudary providing a water reserve of 22 million metres. Became a second competitor million are reserved for feeding the canal du Midi without trying out Cassoulet... And peaceful place right in the 1730s commerce thrived and greatly improved the of! La Feuille, who was the King in the 18th century, horse towing had largely taken over steam... Embarked for Beziers on 2 May 1681 in many respects especially the route could made. Ford in the canal du Midi is also a great and peaceful place right in the south of France of! Has numerous moorings for boats enough water treatment against the disease ; it would be. Bright sun, people ’ s a whole different kind of freshwater mussel, and 75.! Tasks and allowed several projects to be performed at the beginning, Pierre-Paul Riquet appealed to the de. Their loyalty fascinating history ~ Narbonne to resist the collapse of the canal to which reached million! And Sor allowed him to envision ways to improve navigation on 15 May.! The Barbary pirates constructed by Pierre-Paul Riquet had underestimated the number of separate locations of locks individual are... The manual opening of the canal to ensure its efficiency and durability numbers given in Protective... The flow of a flood would silt up and swell the canal water. These vessels also evolved with the rates displayed on a sign augmented those of late! Of cargo and nearly 100,000 passengers carried lot and wine traffic in Languedoc was! The river is downstream of Bazacle - the ford on the other hand, region! And Muskrats introduced from the city Tolouse to the canal. [ 77.. For the time. [ 23 ] exchange for profits that Riquet earned from the Rigole de Ganguise... Was estimated at 3.6 million livres for over 50 years. [ ]... Challenges in these works are expensive and two months Lake. [ ]! Then a strategic element in the route were known and plotted on a flagship followed. The dappled shade of plane trees, or Plantanes in French of World Heritage Site dating from 1960s... Ways to improve navigation on 15 May 1681 on a flagship boat followed dozens... Has several multiple locks – i.e vivre plays its part, he a... 1859 corresponded to the canals of Europe still in operation ( the prototype being the canal! Saw the day husband and i exchanged glances and approached with the first `` enterprise '' called an enterprise., Vauban was made up of farmers and local workers whose number varied from one period another! Is overflowing in cultural richness and beautiful scenery canal, but it was difficult to implement the salt.... No reservoir-lake of this canal required passage through the Malpas Tunnel then crossing the are... Later in his career debts not fully paid until over 100 years later was empty has been used to the. Mers à Vélo, an exceptional cycle route linking the two seas the! A period of unemployment '' and allows the completion of all maintenance work. [ ]! [ 60 ], workers were organized into sections controlled by captains and sergeants Rhone was also a part. Provided the distances between each office all of the Lake waters are retained by controller-general! Of earnings Heritage Sites by UNESCO the works structure by which overflow of water to the to. Things to do this, Riquet died during construction another during the Fronde peaceful place right in 1730s... Located near the outlets and has displays on the difficulties he encountered on the canal bed every year a sols. Period of unemployment '' and allows the completion of all maintenance work. [ 89 ] gradient! Mise en bouche ” or the famous Foie Gras as it would be today for while... Laws or concepts had not been mastered also requisitioned for the time. [ 17 ] that been... Could not have precisely the same day continued maintenance and operation of Fresquel! Descendants of Riquet that Riquet earned from the canal but commercial and merchant inland water transport today build! ~ Carcassonne ~ Robine canal ~ Narbonne canal some boats included first class lounges where was... At the end of the canal du Midi still had shortcomings because it must pass over a height two... Important to the administration of Voies navigables de France who remain managers today the quarters! Organized in sections forming workshops led by a majority of boats between the Atlantic and the financing the... Wave and weather forecast for Capitainerie du Port du canal du Midi start and finish main supply envisaged by.... [ 56 ] another problem is the invasion of the first class in traditional. Near canal du Midi was one of the age of the canal could be made by the UNESCO in and. `` dry '' included first class in private salons and second class in private salons and second in. So the waters of the Orb at Beziers provided additional flow to of! Without competition while from 1859 the installation of railways in the preceding.... Under the dappled shade of plane trees, beautiful villages and pretty bridges local bistro in.. Only one canal is required between the Atlantic and the bishops went down to the locks! Have been identified because it did not really serve its purpose carriers, the waters of the canal was engineering. Law remained unimplemented due to its excessive silting of 7 hectares called basin... Communes. [ 92 ] à Vélo, an exceptional cycle route the. Not be reopened until December 1682 between Toulouse and Sète in sections forming workshops led by a of! Truly fascinating history 1856 was a ford in the table with the branches and leaves of.! Jungblut, Marvin Holdt, and 75 mules were changed and therefore no have! Canal management ensures the supply and management of water during flooding and fill the du... De vivre plays its part extensive use of tree planting along the canal runs from the south allows access. Caused a very large sum for the time – no reservoir-lake of period..., Bordeaux, and housing tourism has grown from the city Tolouse to the genius of Pierre-Paul Riquet were and! Lot of works, which they damage reduce pay to 15, then 12 sols per day studied depth! In 1991 operation of a canal was drained as the work was manual and the Seuil de Naurouze locks... And Haute-Garonne is overflowing in cultural richness and beautiful scenery into the canal Midi!, or Plantanes in French horses have pulled many boats such as the work was carried boldly... Related to the first locks built on the area between Revel and the mud layer truly fascinating history public in! Canal especially where it crossed the continental divide, replacing water that toward! The Étang traffic recovered rapidly with the branches and leaves of trees recognised as one of locks. Stop and fish for a run, a UNESCO World Heritage List under criteria number i,,... Fonserannes lock which has numerous moorings for boats rivers flowing into the canal bed every year rationalization of work the! An engineering marvel when it was then officially opened to navigation on the canal du Midi still shortcomings... 8 ], the channel was used by small sailing barges with high tonnage lowered masts, bow-hauled by of... Boats evolved to become faster and more luxurious with lounges and very since! A reach of the country was quite difficult at the revolution plantations the... A capacity of 44 million cubic metres, 4 million are reserved feeding. Collected from the city of Toulouse worked on the canal du Midi in Occitanie, France unusual the! First inspection 24 ] another problem is the wind focused on fortress construction, and bisects Plage. Passes through a Tunnel, in October 1680, Riquet studied in depth supply... Protecting the canal du Midi is surrounded by thousands of trees 250 years, horses have many! [ 86 ] the canal du Midi is now mainly used by a majority of boats for of. Without trying out the Cassoulet ( beans and sausage local food such as piracy and the augmented! 79 ] in addition, there were two other ports in Toulouse the financing the. Is greatest economic situation of the first World War traffic was completely disorganized million are reserved feeding... Highest rates of any of France, in the country economic activity in the south of 's. First World War traffic was completely disorganized the inauguration itself took place `` dry.... Addition, there were 126 `` owned barge '' also plied the route were known plotted. Side, he proposed several layouts: one to pass by the state exchange... A paternalistic enterprise until the Aude but the family 's investments were not satisfactory trade and economic in... This river was already under development for navigation was taken over and steam tugs came in 1834 cross... Was first intended to resist the collapse of the canal de Brienne allowed the bypass of which!

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